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Phylicia Rashad Defends Bill Cosby, And That Sound You Hear Is Shit Hitting The Fan

If you ever wanted to know exactly how “shit hitting the fan” sounds, it’s the noise Black America’s making this morning as news that everyone’s single favorite person ever, Phylicia Rashad, has come out in defense of Bill Cosby, vehemently disputing the claims that her former co-star sexually assaulted 20-something women.

Rashad said this was all an orchestrated campaign to keep the 77-year-old comedian off the air.

“Forget these women,” she said. “What you’re seeing is the destruction of a legacy. And I think it’s orchestrated. I don’t know why or who’s doing it, but it’s the legacy. And it’s a legacy that is so important to the culture … Someone is determined to keep Bill Cosby off TV, and it’s worked. All his contracts have been canceled.”

And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

Damon Young

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  • Tonja (aka Cheeks)

    “Forget about these women” in particular hit me super hard in the gut. I’m infuriated and deeply saddened.

    • That floored me, like Phylicia, ma’am, auntie, Miss, you are a black woman, you know how many times you’ve probably been reduced to a “them”, a “these”

      • MeridianBurst

        Exactly! Thiiiis. You know as a black woman. It’s been done to you so why — not even why. How, HOW could you then turn around and do it to other black women on a matter like this??

      • Jimmy

        You know how many time a black man has been lynched or imprisoned on false accusations?

        • false accusations from 30 complete strangers with the same story….not many.

          • Jimmy

            iDGAF how many people have accusations. Until they present actual evidence in an actual courtroom it is unproven hearsay.

            • Rachmo

              Statute. Of. Limitations.

              • Jimmy

                Why. Wait. Until. Now?

            • pls

              rape is very hard to prove, sir, hence why many women don’t come forward right away or at all.

              dead at people thinking nbc couldn’t just say no to whatever show or price bill supposedly offered to buy the network. you should be more upset that bill was allowed to get away with raping young women for so many years, not why they didn’t have the gumption to try to fight a beloved star as soon as they woke up from being drugged.

              • Jimmy

                How do you explain that a lot of these women that were “drugged” continued to date Cosby.

                • pls

                  how do you explain 20+ people coming forward with the same story for decades?

                  unless every one of his past accusers got paid off, I’m not seeing much incentive be known as “the woman who got raped by bill cosby?”

          • Carlius

            That should tell you something right there. All of the stories are the exact same. Orchestrated at it’s finest. Yet not one of them came forward, nor has evidence, nor sperm, proof? The crazy part is they have been trying to bring him down for years

            • JAC

              I hate hearing people say “It can’t be true because their stories are all the same.” The act of rape is a methodological thing; most rapists don’t rape in different ways. They don’t wake up and say to themselves, “Well I’m going to drug today, but tomorrow I’m going to do it at gunpoint.” That type of logic is crazy.
              What’s worse isn’t that someone has been trying “to bring him down” for years, it’s that he has been dodging these charges for so long. Bill Cosby has always settled these allegations out of court. ALWAYS. With rape culture and the fact that women are always blamed–ALWAYS–do you really think these women would purposely put themselves and their families at stake by going against Bill Cosby? Is it really hard to believe that this man could have raped women over the course of decades? Really?

              • Carlius

                What’s hard to believe is people actually going off just the media. Open up your eyes, ALWAYS using the same tactics, when bring down a black man with power. I don’t follow him as my ideal but he’s still my brother. I will not take part in this fake circus. As far as your judgment goes. They did this same crap with Michael Jackson when he got Sony. They striped and everyone believed them. After he died, the truth comes out as lies orchestrated to destroy him

    • camilleblu

      yeah…for her to be so completely dismissive like that…for a man that got mad when she got pregnant – by her husband??? girl, whet??

      • Tonja (aka Cheeks)

        Yo, I didn’t even realized he said that ’til it was quoted on my timeline. Effing disgusting.

    • Scarlet

      ESPECIALLY from a woman who herself was an (alleged) victim of spousal abuse–forget and dismiss them? Come on, Claire.

      • TinyTot

        So Ahmad boxing that head substantiates that Bill is guilty?

    • i still need to hear HOW she said it. like actual phonetics and which syllables were stressed.

  • cherring09

    I just…find it so hard to believe that she would have such a strong PUBLIC reaction to all of this. I love Phylicia Rashad, but I can’t rock with this perspective. Forget over a dozen women singing the same song? Nah bruh.

  • Vanity in Peril

    O damb, not Claire too. Why is it so hard for some folks to believe that in a country based on racism and misogyny that BOTH could be going on? Things can be TWO things! I wasn’t there for these eleventy billion allegations but it is quite possible the Cos WAS doing all of these horrible things to women (see: the misogynistic country we live in and an amplification of this in Hollywood where he was more than likely not the only one because producers and directors and photographers are still doing that crap) along with trying to establish a network later in life that he was smeared for cause duh racism. You can’t smear me if I never got dirty though.

    • “You can’t smear me if I never got dirty though.”

      ^^ True…kinda. People in hollywood make shit up all the time. That’s what they do for a living. They could do this to anybody at any time. The bigger they are (with their community), the harder they fall (in the court of public opinion).

  • NomadaNare


    Michelle Obama

    Toni Morrison

    Oprah Winfrey

    Bell Hooks

    Roxanne Gay

    Melissa Harris-Perry

    Erykah Badu

    Janelle Monae

    Jill Scott

    Phylicia Rashad

    • MeridianBurst

      Bye Phylicia.

    • Baltzell

      I had never heard of Roxanne Gay until now… she sounds like an interesting writer, I’ll check her out some time.

    • angellove24

      What did Jill Scott do? I missed that one…lol

  • MeridianBurst

    Geez. Keshia Knight-Pulliam’s statement was more appropriate imo. She basically said it wasn’t her experience of him but she didn’t discount anything the other women were saying. Just that it wasn’t something she saw or was privy to. She wasn’t defending him or trashing him and I think it was the perfect balance in addressing it. Phylicia Rashad has every right to be in her co-star’s corner but she’s dead wrong for being so dismissive of the claims. I can see wanting to. I can even understand how she would think that but I think there was a better way she could’ve went about it without basically calling the victims of s*xual assault liars. You don’t have to undermine them in order to disagree or be supportive of Cosby and it’s just crazy to me that Momdukes would do something like that. She’s everyone’s sweetheart. She’s like the classy version of the universal love people have for Amber Rose and this is how you handle it? It’s extremely disappointing. It doesn’t change my opinion of her or anything but I still think she was wrong in how she handled it.

    • BedRock Obama

      Agreed. She could have simply said that was not her experience with Bill and left it at that and basically sat on the fence.

  • How do you turn a blind eye to the egregious; distance yourself from the victim.

    In the same way white people have to make a black teen a thug, Americans make a muslim a radical, Cosby supporters continue to make “these women” fame hungry thirsty naive heauxs who had it coming because it helps them sleep at night.

    • Don Lenze

      End of the day, I don’t consider myself a Cosby supporter, I’m just hesitant to take an accusation too far when there is no substantive evidence outside of commentary. I don’t consider myself a slut-shamer or a victim blamer, and I empathize with and try to understand the pain of women who HAVE been assaulted and were marginalized/discredited unfairly.

      My beef with the Cosby situation is mostly that I don’t believe ALL of the accusers coming out of the woodwork. Most of them who have explicit, tangible, dated stories, I wouldn’t deny their accounts. But, I’ve also seen far too many false rape accusations being used to take away someone’s power and freedom. My best friend was sent to jail for 262 days after a false rape accusation from someone who had previously accused THREE other people of the same stuff. My friend, a smart, positive, incredibly intelligent and awkward black man, had his freedom taken away from him and had no means or recourse to fight it, he had to wait out the courts decision. And when she finally recanted (Due to lack of evidence or a coherent story), she got off scot-free without even a perjury charge. Homey had his whole life turned upside down, forever changed by the experience of imprisonment, because one bish lied. So yes, I’m hesitant to believe the stories of most of his accusers (though not all), because I have seen first hand the power that can be taken away by these kinds of accusations, and I wouldn’t find it hard to believe that some of these accusers are being paid/influenced to join the attack against Cosby. Stranger things have happened. Not saying they’re ALL liars, just that it’s a little too convenient that they all happen to come up at the same time and get access to media outlets to publish and promote each and every one of their stories. Like why are we even getting updates on this every week? How long did it take for the media to list, vet, and sweep under the rug all the women Tiger Woods had chex with before his wife whipped his a**?

      • PunchDrunkLove

        This is the sum of my overall opinion.

      • CourtneyrrR

        This is on point.

    • pretty girl

      Naw. Just asking for facts.

  • eddie

    It’s hard to believe that someone you know can be a Sexual Assualt Predator. People always defend the accuse. Its normal behavior

  • Lea Thrace


  • Pinks

    Bye, Phylicia.

    Like, gurl, just BYE.

    • MeridianBurst

      LOL. I legit think we typed that at the same time.

      • Pinks

        If this isn’t the most apropos use of that phrase, I don’t know what is.

        She could’ve gone a lot more middle-field with her statement, rather than be so dismissive of claims she can’t even verify. I recently read a statement Bill made, talking about how he was upset with Ahmad when Phylicia got pregnant, because he couldn’t touch her on set, which affected their chemistry or something like that.

        How SLEEZY of you. You’re mad at a man for getting his WIFE pregnant because you can’t put your grimy paws on her? What kind of trash?

        I’m looking at her like this right now:

        • MeridianBurst

          Bill Cosby has predator written all over him. It’s like when Ceelo said something to the effect of “it isn’t rape if they were too messed up or unconscious to say no”. They’re so gross. She absolutely should’ve gone the middle ground with her statements.

          • Elowwole

            Or she could have said nothing. That was always an option.

            There are MANY people who have careers on TV that shouldn’t for various reasons. Why would ANYBODY single HIM out to destroy IN THIS WAY? Is that something that could be done by boycotts and petitions???

            Ugh! #ByePhylicia

            • MeridianBurst

              That’s a good point. If someone wanted him off the air they could’ve done it another way. They wouldn’t need to orchestrate the assault thing.

            • heyheyno

              Exactly it goes back to this conspiracy theory people come with when they are in complete denial. Who is Bill Cosby to the point where some powerful group of people would take the time to fabricate this whole story just to stop the Cosby Show reruns on TV? Give me a break.

              • Carlius

                Reruns? He had a new show starting in the spring.

        • camilleblu

          something is just…wrong…i’m not even sure that i can articulate anything more than that. smh

        • T. M.

          He didn’t say it in that way. I saw the interview that he did when he said it. He was saying it in a playful way because he said that it made him work harder because he had to come up with ways for her to be on the show without making it known that she was expecting. He went on to talk about how so many people loved to seeing a black family on TV that actually showed love and compassion and how so many people would express how they made sure they watched the show with their children, just so they could see how a family is suppose to be. So he was not saying it in that manner.

          • Andrea

            That is interesting. The video I saw cut off before he got a chance to finish where he was going with that.

          • Pinks

            I don’t know what “manner” has to do with it, when his words – at least the ones I read – clearly stated that he was disappointed at not being able to touch a woman who was married to someone else. That isn’t playful – it’s questionable at best and highly disturbing at worst.

        • A very good part of me wants to believe this was taken out of context (forget these women like DON’T LISTEN TO THESE WOMEN, as opposed to forget these women like THE ISSUE GOES DEEPER THAN THESE WOMEN).
          Phylicia and Debbie Allen set a certain standard for women with their careers and sheer essence. It’s extremely difficult for me to envision her writing them off.
          W-2’s for everybody.

    • Megan Robinson

      Funniest thing I read all week.

    • Melvin D. Clayton

      HA! Leave Mama Huxtable alone.

  • Rachmo

    I’m going to take a break for a few hours and then properly articulate an opinion. *goes off to mentally remove Phylicia Rashad off of pedestal*

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