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Four Reasons Why Melanin Illustrated Is The Blackest And Best Thing That Ever Happened This Week

@Jacqhay via Instagram


1. Because I keep trying to find ways to articulate the myriad shades of beautiful and banging-ass brown found in this photo shoot — done in Costa Rica by 28 members of the Florida A&M chapter of Delta Sigma Theta, where they celebrated the 10 year anniversary of them crossing in 2007 — and I keep coming back to food. Candy bars, oatmeal, and chocolate cake, specifically. And since I love food, and since God is love, this very obviously must mean that Black women are God.

2. Because you know, since these were Deltas, that at least five of them wanted to take some pictures on an elephant. Like, there were probably email, Gchat, text, and Slack threads debating whether to use one, and at least one Yelp search for “elephant rental stores.”

No one fought about an elephant. But someone’s definitely not talking to someone this week about an elephant.

3. Because only a group of Black women can manage to outshine an entire freakin coast. That coast has been there for millions of years — and the sun for billions — but then they showed up and made it the Kyrie to their Lebron. That coast definitely requested a trade this week, so it can get its own team and shine again on its own.

4. Because of all of the exes of the women in this shoot, seeing the photos, and then sitting on a futon somewhere this week thinking “Damn. Jigga said ‘Never go Eric Benet.’ I went Eric Benet. I wish he would he said ‘Never go Eric Benet’ before I went Eric Benet.

Damon Young

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  • Would it be odd if I wonder what music was playing…?

    • LMNOP

      Hmm, there’s a lot of YouTube video potential there. Just random songs with is picture.

    • miss t-lee

      Something with a steel drum I hope.

      • You and Cy got me buggin. Im gonna try to set something up.

        • miss t-lee

          DO IT!

      • Not in Costa Rica, sis.

        • miss t-lee

          No?! I was just thinking vague tropical sounding music…lol

          • Steel drums is typically West Indian.. lol

            you’d most likely get salsa in CR.

            • miss t-lee


            • Genuinesol

              Costa Rica has a large black population along the coast, they are mainly the descendants of Jamaicans who came to work on the railroad. Hence, a person is likely to see and hear elements from the Caribbean such as steel drums, reggae, reggaeton, soca, calyspo, and more. A fascinating cultural mix indeed!

              • Indeed but that music isn’t indigenous to Costa Rica thigh..Jamaicans, in the grand scheme of time in the country, are fairly new.. arriving in roughly 1850.

                There was Cumbia, Guanacaste, Campera, Tambito, Son….

    • BrothasKeeper


    • Queen@
      • Zil Nabu

        You know that’s their song! LMAO!!

    • Michelle

      Have you ever heard BJ The Chicago Kid’s “Fly Girl Get ‘Em”? It’s off of his album “Pineapple Now Laters”.

    • Jardan Paige D

      the music was the water

      • Well now…
        Aren’t YOU creative.

        • Jardan Paige D

          lol i was there

          • Wait, what?!
            In the shot?

            • Jardan


              • How you gonna sit there in your beaitiful brown skin, say a simple “yes” and not point yourself out. I’m on my cell, squinting like shid.

                • Jardan

                  lol. i’m tagged in the pic on the official page. come check us out- @thisistite on IG

    • Michelle

      I like to think that anything by BJ The Chicago Kid would’ve been playing. Especially, this tune:

  • miss t-lee

    Gorgeous photo.
    And it’s definitely not helping my current I gotta get to a beach longings.

  • Love Heals

    Do your thing, Sisters!!

  • Man, I really need to get back in to the gym.

    • cysinblack

      Anything necessary to raise your testosterone levels.

      • Int nothing wrong with deez testosterone levels.

  • BrothasKeeper
    • Soooooooooooo.. now we are just using this gif for errbody, huh? lmao

      • BrothasKeeper

        Charge it to my scroll finger and not my heart ?

        • I’m sideeyeing you so hard right now. ?

          Oh.. and tomaste el chance de pedirme por una cita pero no llevabas a término.

          Quizás, estabas provocándome?

          • BrothasKeeper

            ¡Nunca haría eso a ti, mami! Te respeto demasiado. Tome la mano *bats eyelashes*

            • No dudo que tú me respetas pero Mi hermana de sororidad te daba un regalo y tú no lo usaste. ?

              • BrothasKeeper

                ¿Un regalo? ¿Cuál? ¿Lo perdí? Ayyyyyyyyyyyy…..

                • Sí….ella te dijo…”Mándala un correo pa’ hablar con ella.”

  • Black women are just splendor

  • TD

    Represent and slay, Sorors! Ooo-oop!! ??

  • This photo is all the things…. ?

  • Berline

    Thank you Damon for the love and this hilarious post! Thank you everyone showing us love. We appreciate it. For more follow our Instagram page @ThisIsTITE

    ??Berline ’56’

  • Val

    Lol First thing I thought of when I saw the photos was, is Damon gonna throw some shade.

    I like the photo but I really like that they took a trip to Costa Rica together. Good times.

    • when are we going

      • Val

        To Costa Rica?

        • yeah we can stay at the farm with the family

          • Val

            You have family there?

            • Most definitely. the rest are hiding in queens

              • Val

                What about Panama?

    • dmcmillian72

      Yes! With every new paragraph I was like, “He’s about to throw some shade…” Then it came! ELEPHANTS?! Lol!

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