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Five Post-Election Silver Linings For Those Contemplating Drinking An Entire Fifth Of Hennessy Today

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It’s Friday now. The election is over and the world is fucked. Shit, if President Trump is as volatile and impulsive and reckless and oblivious and cruel as Donald Trump has been for the first 70 years of his life, there might not even be a world this time next year. Which is definitely good reason to drink (or smoke or snort) whatever you have lying around in your house right now. Pull out all the shit you’ve been saving for a rainy day, because this week was a fucking tsunami.

But, before you drink yourself into oblivion — and if you do, you better save me a damn shot — I do want to say that there are actually some possible silver linings from this week. Things that’ll happen as a direct result of the election that won’t make you wish the premise of Interstellar was happening right now.

1. Donald Trump will be a complete and utter trainwreck as President, and there will be a perverse glee in watching him stumble, gaffe, slip, fail, and fucking fall repeatedly on his high fructose corn syrup fucking face

The job of the President of the United States might actually be the single worst job on Earth. There’s no job more demanding, no job more fatiguing, no job where you have to consider as many constituencies, no job that requires as much of you and gives so little. The President is also severely, almost laughably unpaid — Matthew Dellavedova will make 30 times more money than Barack Obama will this year — and regardless of how great of a job you do, (at least) half of the country will hate you and pour all of their resources into getting you fired after four years.

And now, stepping into this position will be Donald Trump, a man who has never actually had a job.

I think he’s beginning to realize this too. The look on Trump’s face in those pictures with President Obama are a look of a shell-shocked man. The look of a man who took the Wasabi Challenge and is just now starting to regret his decision. The look of a 6th grader dragged to “Take Your Child To Work” Day, and already begging his dad to take him home before lunch. The look of a person who’s wanted a wedding his entire life, got it, but just now realized the wedding means he’s married to this entire fucking country.

2. He will do absolutely nothing substantive for his base, and it will be somewhat amusing watching them attempt to pretend that he is

I would give the skin off of the top of the back of my left pinky finger to be in the room when one of the working-class Trump sycophants cheers so loudly when hearing Obamacare has been repealed that they can’t hear the rest of the press conference.

…oh, and we’re gonna drastically cut Welfare, Medicaid, farm aid, and Social Security too. Oh, and no taxes for anyone making over 250,000 a year. Trump out, bitches. Peaaaaace.

3. I think we’re officially done with the Clintons now

Maybe Bill and Hillary can finally go on that Royal Caribbean cruise they’ve always wanted to or something now. And if they choose to do that, I’d recommend them stopping at Twin Brothers when they get to Nassau. And they should probably order the conch fritters because they’re amazing.

4. We might see some kick-ass rap music

Look, I’m not one of those grouchy and grumpy mid-30s cats who bitches incessantly about how soft and wack today’s rap is. I mean, I am grouchy and grumpy, but I actually appreciate the (relative) diversity and freedom within hip-hop today. Shit, I’m one of the six people on Earth who prefers post-808s Kanye’s music to College Dropout-era Ye.

That said, rap music’s general ethos is inherently iconoclastic and disruptive. And I can imagine it being quite difficult to create furious music about The Man when America’s HNIC is an actual nigga. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the two biggest names in rap during Obama’s presidency were a guy who worked at The Gap and a guy who still rocks Gap sweaters. Not that there’s anything wrong with any of that. But it’s just a thing that happened for a reason.

Anyway, maybe the reaction to Trump’s term will usher in the type of rap music that’ll finally make your barber smile again.

5. Maybe, just maybe, the Democratic party will stop taking the Black vote for granted

While it’s definitely true that the election results are not on us at all — and that “good” White people are culpable too; and that Black women came through like always — it is also true that a more engaged Black vote could have swung the election. Of course, there are myriad very real reasons why we didn’t show up at the polls the same way we did in 2008 and 2012. Voter suppression is not a myth.

But even with the lengths the Republicans took to prevent us from voting, maybe we still would have shown up if the Democratic party actually paid attention to us instead of pandered when they needed some help. Maybe instead of pushing and promoting status quo candidates — and then having that candidate choose to run with the human equivalent of a Toyota Highlander (Seriously, Tim Kaine was so “eh” as a running mate that I literally just had to google “Hillary’s running mate” to remember this nigga’s name) — the Democrats will actually try to win hearts and elections instead of just hoping not to lose.

Anyway, happy hour is in a couple hours. So if you’re looking for me, I’ll be the one with the Honey Jack, the (water) gun, and the pack of sandwiches.

Damon Young

Damon Young is the editor-in-chief of VSB. He is also a columnist for And he's working on a book of essays to be published by Ecco (HarperCollins). Damon is busy. He lives in Pittsburgh, and he really likes pancakes. Reach him at Or don't. Whatever.

  • Stanley

    I been arguing with Trump supporters and Uncle Toms all week. I needed this laugh. Thanks

    • Scorpiogoddess??

      Why you wasting your energy?!?! Arguing about what? His orange color?

      • Stanley

        I don’t have a logical answer for you. But I won’t be doing it now.

        • Scorpiogoddess??

          I find it illogical to even argue in the first place with them.

  • hillarys_new_shoes

    A wildly unpopular President who took office by losing the popular vote will have us unified as one, rallying around the Homeland…soon.

    C’mon, we’ve all seen this movie before.

  • Hugh Akston

    welp for the time being the trade deals haven’t eroded yet

    you still an american passport which opens a lot of doors in different countries…gives you a little time to visit, and in many places you have a year where you can have a work visa…i think the Schengen visa is still easy to obtain despite brexit…

    but at the end of the day…as long as you’re breathing there will always be a silver lining…somewhere

  • Negro Libre

    #6. Democrats will realize Obama was a bubble, and as a political party, they’re weaker than they were under the second half of Dubya,

    – Since 2010, the Democrats have been getting killed every single 2-year election, and they didn’t really notice or take heed, because Barrack and Michelle were lifting the party on their shoulders. There’s been a ton of infighting between internal groups, based on conflicting priorities within the various interest groups that make up the party: economics vs. identity; youth vs. establishment. Anarchism is on the rise, and it’s not the Chomsky, coffee-hipster types, either.

    Democrats need to get their house in order and remember that coalitions are not permanent, and the hard work of uniting people and getting them to get over their myopic short term goals requires leadership and visionaries, which is why despite all the noise, the truth is they are currently very ill-prepared to deal with all the fire and brimstone the Republicans are going to throw at them in 2017.

    • Amber

      Dems have been terribly weak for years. The crazy thing about this presidential election is HRC and Obama as well as others going around talking about how if Trump is elected he’s going to restrict rights, tank the economy and gut Ocare but when you look at it state by state since most of these states are R controlled they already have done these things on the local level. Dems were too busy focusing on the top of the ticket and lost control of the local levels for a generation or more. Look at Indiana Pence has done what he’s going to attempt to do on the federal level in that state. Pence is going to be Cheney 2.0 and much worse.

  • GeeKayGee

    One of the most infuriating aspects of the aftermath is how the media is refusing to or minimizing (depending on who you’re reading/watching/listening to) the role white supremacy played in the election results. They’re insistence on the outcome being driven by economics rather than bigotry increases my concern about the damage Trump can do in the next 4 years. If they cannot call out bigotry as a reason for his win, they are in no position to challenge anything else he may do.

    • Hugh Akston

      why would they ever do that doh?

    • Moderate Democrat

      Jesus Christ, is everything a racist conspiracy? Hillary ignored the white working class and even told some of them flat out that she was going to shut down the industries they were working in. Where were they supposed to go?

      • HouseOfBonnets

        I mean more than a few of the incidents and comments from his supporters since he won support the racist argument but sure we’re just imagining things…….

        • Moderate Democrat
          • Diego Duarte
            • raul

              That’s the most illogical response like ever. Kinda tough to imagine that guy swaying the election.

              • Diego Duarte

                Raúl, callate antes que te meta de cabeza en un baúl.

                • raul

                  My Spanish isn’t that specular so I’m not following the threat but I’m sure it was a sick burn.

                  • Diego Duarte

                    It was taken from a common rhyme in Spanish (Baúl and Raúl). Essentially what it means is: “Shut up before I shove you headfirst into a trunk.”

                    • Jo ‘Mama’ Besser

                      Ah! I did a Google Translate (I know, but it’s all I had) because I’m from Canada, so we study French. I recognised a few of the words, but the translator gave me:

                      Raul, shut up before you head goal in a trunk.

                      And I laughed, but didn’t know why.

                    • LMNOP

                      Google translate picked the wrong meaning of “meta” which is kind of surprising because computers are very smart these days, with their complicated algorithms, but this is very basic. When you give google translate several words, presumably you are giving it a sentence, not just a random string of words and there are grammatical rules about sentences and clauses needing verbs, so when presented with the choice of meta meaning goal, which is a noun or put in, which is a verb, it probably should have been able to correctly identify that that clause needed a verb.

                      Google hire me! Seriously, you need to step up your translate feature to stay competitive in the global internet business, and you need people who know about grammar and how languages work to help get you to the next level, not just computer programmers. Probably actually they should hire someone with a degree in linguistics or something.

                  • LMNOP

                    I’m glad your English is specular though.

                    • Stefanie Kelly


            • Moderate Democrat

              “Police said the motive for the slaying is not yet clear.”

              So let’s jump straight to conclusions, right?

      • Janelle S

        No more than everything is NOT a racist conspiracy.

        • Moderate Democrat

          Has it ever occurred to you that in the dead cold machinations of the American political system that 13% of the population is nothing more than a metric? And that either party will treat it as such?

          • Janelle S

            Has it ever occurred to you that so many of the policies advanced have a disproportionate impact on that 13%? Or is that just magic?

            • Moderate Democrat

              Has it ever occurred to you that being such a small percentage of the population, living in urban settings that if there’s a consensus of that population to achieve certain goals then it could be advantageous?

              See: Asian American population.

              • Janelle S

                The “model minority” myth.

                Yeah, it’s too late on a beautiful day to engage with this. Have a great weekend.

                • Moderate Democrat

                  Methods are methods, and some of them work whether or not you think that they do.

                  • Janelle S

                    A) There’s no method.

                    B) African Americans shouldn’t *need* to be on their best behavior in order not to be disproportionately impacted by racist policies.

                    C) Dammit, I said I wasn’t going to reply. LOL

                    • Bwhy

                      I applaud you for trying. But in the future, you can just click that arrow in the right corner over the comment and hit “Block User.”

                      I blissfully don’t even know what you were responding to. Lolz. Let’s not feed the troll.

                    • Kas

                      Same. Like watching someone fight a ghost or listening to one side of a telephone conversation.

                    • Mochasister

                      Sometimes it truly is not worth it. Block these fools and keep going.

                    • Blueberry01

                      Sometimes I engage because I feel like my analytical reasoning (my weapon) is becoming dull.

                      The iron of their ignorance sharpens my iron of truth.

                    • justtwo post

                      EXACTLY! I don’t either! Just block them. Or ignore them! They say the same thing again and again.

                    • Jo ‘Mama’ Besser

                      It’s what I did. Can’t read what this ‘Moderate’ is saying and that’s dandy for me.

                    • Cleojonz

                      LOL Right? I have missed a whole side of a conversation because everytime this poster pops up all I see is “user blocked” It’s great lol.

                    • Moderate Democrat

                      What? What does that even mean? “Best behavior”? What?

                    • grownandsexy2

                      The trolls will pull you in everytime.

                      IMO, that we have to be on our best behavior is a racist sentiment. It’s a racist double standard. We should be allowed to be as ratchet as anyone else. A friend and I had a similar discussion earlier this week. In other words, we should be good little negroes and all will be well.

                    • Mochasister

                      We have to be good little Negros while they get to be human and are allowed human foibles.

                    • grownandsexy2

                      Exactly! Some black kids here were terrorizing the students of Temple Univ. a few weeks ago here in the city. The friend (BM) that I had the convo with stated that black people don’t help their plight as evidenced by the behavior of these kids. Now I’m not condoning their behavior by any stretch of the imagination but why do we have to be perfect? I wrote an article to the paper, which was subsequently published, when Trayvon Martin was killed and this same man and other black folks are still singing my praises. lol. I alluded to as much in the article,so it made me wonder what part of the article he liked.

                    • LMNOP

                      Happy Veteran’s Day! I wish our country could repay your service by being a better place, but…

                    • grownandsexy2

                      Thank you! I figured I’d represent today. These are bad times we’re living in. Bad times.

              • Blueberry01

                You do know that NOT all African Americans (and any other minority, for that matter) live in urban settings? Also, there may be varying goals within the population?

                See: the rest of the American poupulation

                • Moderate Democrat

                  So, in other words, you don’t need to move as one even in the face of perceived white supremacy?

                  Look, it’s become plainly obvious that nobody on the left is going to take responsibility for Hillary losing. Ever.

                  But it begs the question: Would it still be white supremacy if she had won?

                  • Blueberry01

                    “So, in other words, you don’t need to move as one even in the face of perceived white supremacy?”

                    Do White people move as “one” in the face of the increasing minority population? Also, can you give me an example of what “moving as one” mean?

                    Also, white surpremacy is VERY real. Every system and institution in the US supports this fact.

                    “Look, it’s become plainly obvious that nobody on the left is going to take responsibility for Hillary losing. Ever.”

                    Take responsibility as in admitting that she was defeated in an election? I think HRC and her voter base have already done this.

                    “But it begs the question: Would it still be white supremacy if she had won?”

                    I think you’re missing one important aspect of the argument. Simply put, white supremacy is the notion that whiteness is most superior in every facet of life – and participants will fight to preserve this notion. So, the issue with DT is that he not only was able to spew his hatred with no impunity, he could do so because he was a male. Unfortunately male privilege trumps white privilege when both participants are white.

                    See what I did there?

                    • Moderate Democrat

                      Have you ever even heard of the “Pied Piper Strategy”? Hillary created Trump, just like she created Sanders, with the intent of knocking them down as soon as the time was right. This NHS didn’t go according to plan.

                      And “White Supremacy” isn’t what you think it is, at all. It’s when whites are actually in a superior position because nobody else is afforded the same rights that they possess by law, in writing, affirmed by a supreme court or by a supreme Commander during war.

                      The notion of white supremacy has been expanded to describe statistics in which whites carry certain responsibilities or positions within the structure of the civilization that they inhabit to a majority degree, irrespective of demographic context. In other words, everyone has the same rights under the law, so what more is the law supposed to do? Other than attempt to enforce the law? Is it the duty of the law to expand the population via immigration to make whites a minority? What if they still maintain majority positions of power due to democratic election anyway?

                    • Blueberry01

                      So, who do you think wrote the law affording Whites their privileges?

                      Also, even though everyone has the same rights, why are certain group disproportionately affected by the law? Why was the affluenza teen in TX, who killed four people, not imprisioned? Why was Brock Turner only given 6 months and probation?

                      Is it the duty of the law to NOT make whites a minority? What if we accepted the popular vote instead of the Electoral College?

                      Don’t look now, but your biases are showing, MD.

                    • Moderate Democrat

                      You know what? I was going to give a measured response to your statement but I realized that this is you:


                      What’s the point when you’re dealing with somebody that myopic?

                    • Blueberry01

                      MD, you DO know that it is possible that other people can have an different opinions from you, right? Maybe you’re the myopic one since you can not accept – or at the very least, respect — my perspective.

                      Don’t look now, your white privilege is showing.

                      But in all honesty, I appreciate the conversation. Whether you agree with me or not, at least you’ve been exposed to alternate mindset. Be blessed, MD.

                    • Moderate Democrat

                      “Your white privilege is showing”.

                      Delusion is why Hillary lost. You take things as fact that are, in fact, delusions. Jim Webb is not delusional.


                      It’s a shame what happened to the party of FDR and JFK. A damn shame.

                    • Blueberry01

                      Just out of curiosity, MD, why do you think affirmative action came about? And who are the largest beneficiaries of the program today?

          • Gibbous

            But that 13% will lose a candidate an election. AA voters viote in higher numbers than any other demographic in the electorate, at every age, education level, income level and gender. We turn out, and if we think you’ll do us well, we’ll turn WAY out.

            • Moderate Democrat

              But black voters didn’t turn out for Hillary. It’s one of the primary reasons she lost.

              • Other_guy13


                • Moderate Democrat


              • Lilith Grace

                @Moderate Democrat: But black voters didn’t turn out for Hillary. It’s one of the primary reasons she lost.

                Actually, by Thursday, 11/10/16, aggregate data from a bunch of different sources indicated that between 80% to 90% of African American voters voted for Hillary. She did especially well among African-American women, but Black men also went for her in high numbers.

                Indeed, contrary to your erroneous statement that “[B]lack voters didn’t turn out for Hillary” and that this is “one of the primary reasons she lost,” the aforementioned aggregate data had made clear by as early as the morning of Wednesday 11/09/16 that if Hillary’s loss can be laid disproportionately at the feet of any group or groups that HRC’s camp expected her to win on election day, those two groups are as follows:

                (1) White women, who disproportionately broke Trump in every age bracket;
                (2) Latino men, a surprising — and, for the coalition that Clinton took for granted, fatal — number of whom went for Clinton.

                That Clinton lost white men — including, as you know, moderate Democrats — was taken for granted before the election and was etched on a stone grave-marker on election day.

                The aggregate data above has been further confirmed by week-after post-mortems published on Saturday 11/12/16 and Sunday 11/13/16, per coverage in the moderate Washington Post, the center-Left-leaning New York Times, the Guardian (UK), Roll Call, and literally hundreds of other sources.

                That said, I’ll leave you to do you in future and won’t post replies to more of your posts. Peace.

      • LMNOP

        The “surprise” Trump turnout wasn’t the white working class, many of whom had been pretty vocal about their support for Trump. It was higher income, middle income and professional whites, who were and are just fine. What motivated them to vote for a hateful bigot?

        • Moderate Democrat
          • justtwo post

            Yes. Affluent whites voted for him too.

            • Moderate Democrat

              So? So what? That’s to be expected but it doesn’t win elections. One man one vote wins elections.

              • jfenbauer

                sadly no. Hillary won the popular vote. what you’re referring to is the Electoral College. which fyi was designed to favor white men (and after the 19th) women.

                • Moderate Democrat

                  What a complete crock of sh#t.

          • Gibbous

            Trump beat out Clinton with voters at every income level bracket except those citizens who make under $49,999. The working class did not vote against its interests. The middle and upper class sold them out.

            • LMNOP

              Thank you for these actual facts.

              • Gibbous

                I try.

            • Moderate Democrat

              What? That’s supposed to mean what exactly? It was a 52% to 42% split. That’s a huge difference? $50,000 to $99,000 was even tighter at 50% to 46%. That’s “selling them out”? Give me a break. Trump won with an almost identical margin as Romney did back in 2012. Hillary lost because what was supposed to be her voting base didn’t show up for her.

        • DB. Just DB ™

          I had a coworker tell me he voted for Trump just because of Supreme Court appointments.

          • vanitaapplebum

            Same thing happened here. A female co-worker. I blinked twice and walked away. *sigh*

          • orchid921

            And that person is EVIL.

      • naughtycorner

        George Bush Ran the country’s economy into the ground. The Economy that Obama inherited was in far worse shape than the one he is handing over to Trump
        But Lets remain post factual shall we

        • Moderate Democrat

          And you’re telling me that Clinton’s free trade policies were going to help with that? TPP anybody?

          Give me a break. And you’re avoiding the real question: If they knew Clinton didn’t care about them then where were they supposed to go?

          • naughtycorner

            And Donald cares? The man born a millionaire that has been elitist and snobbish his entire life.The man who thinks nothing of stiffing hard working people for their goods and services, who give up rather than be buried in legal work or blackballed in the industry
            The Donald who thinks nothing of filing bankrupt multiple times and leaving small business owners holding the bag…….That Guy cares??

            Where is the critical thinking that says these words do not match up to what you have proven to be for over almost 50 yrs in business
            Time will Tell archive this page

            • raul

              Well he doesn’t really care but he was willing to at least pay lip service to them while Hillary openly mocked them. I half expected Hillary to campaign in those areas while drinking from a glass with “white tears” written on it.

              At the of the day false hope is going to beat out open mockery 100% of the time.

              • naughtycorner

                You do realize that Hilary is white right? and when was this mocking taking place cuz i musta missed it and truth be told she didnt really court the black vote either as much as she took them it for granted, Black people were more scolded than courted of you ask me
                And another thing Black people work they make up a part of the ” working class ” as well just so you know

                • raul

                  I do and she also claimed to carry hot sauce with her everywhere so she wasn’t really going too high on the pandering to black folks thing. And rather then question why folks were supporting Trump she called them names.

                  She calculated (correctly) that black folks were voting for her no matter her BS. Black folks want their issues put front and center and if necessary at the exclusion of all others, see BLM protesters screaming at Sanders. While that’s understandable, it ain’t a winning strategy when you’re 13% of the population.


                  • naughtycorner

                    In a dirty campaign , Hilary made one comment “deplorables ” for which she quickly apologized . Are you really going to compare that to the litany of vile things that Donald Trump said,(none of which he has apologized for ) quite frankly people who think its OK to mock the disabled, veterans , POW, threaten the media, beat up people in rallies, brag about grabbing womens puzzys , call women pigs, stereotype certain races and religion and the list goes on are deplorable

                    You are correct black people make up 13 % of the pop. Were the election results 13% all black for Dem and the the other 87%o for the GOP ???. Why then are you focusing your issues here since we are so minuscule?. Is it Black people only salty that Trump won ?
                    And please tell me when were black issues actually dealt with front and center in exclusion of all others LOL ( you typed that with a straight face ) cuz last time I heard cops are still killing unarmed black folks in the street like dogs and not being held accountable for it

                  • Comeonsense

                    “She also CLAIMED to carry hot sauce”

                    This is true. Since 2008, the 1990s:

                    I have to side eye you since you seem to have bought the “Hillary is a pandering panderer” thing pretty wholesale without even fact-checking.

          • Gibbous

            They weren’t supposed to vote for a racist, mysogynist, xenophobic, troll!!! This is not about politics! If DT did not have white supremacists running his campaign, this would have been the equivelent to a Bush or Reagan win. Dissapointing, but we’ve lived through that before. This was about a man who basically ran on the platform that black and brown people have kept this country from being great and he was going to fix that.

            So, what is it I’m supposed to reconcile? That his rhetoric, not to mention his retweeting white supremacist tweets and memes 75 times during the campaign, did not bring out the wackobirds? That I am actually more fearful for my life and that of my family’s, not only due to his policies, but because he actually encouraged violence against black people during his rallies, EVEN WHEN THEY CAME TO SUPPORT HIM?

            I live in NC, and the KKK has decided to hold a rally to celebrate his election. I don’t think they’ve held one for any other Republican candidate. This is NOT about politics.

            • Moderate Democrat

              The Klan and fringe white supremacist groups have virtually no real power and next to no membership base. I’m not defending Trump here, I’m saying that this paranoid hysteria has to stop. Nazis aren’t coming in black helicopters to go after dark skinned people. The more hysteria is whipped up the more actually violence there will be. I’m trying to tell people to put the brakes on before this gets completely out of hand.

              • RedBeansandNice

                What you’re not going to do is lecture black people on how we should feel about the Klan and its ilk rising up to become a significant topic of conversation in this election. It’s wholly apparent you’ve never had to worry a moment in your life about being on the receiving end of violent white supremacy, so you really need to take your privilege elsewhere.

                In reference to “having power”, Dylann Roof had no power, yet that didn’t stop him from walking into a black church and murdering 9 people simply for the color of their skin. If you can’t at least acknowledge the fact that this election has emboldened the Dylann Roofs out there, then YOU are part of the problem.

                • Moderate Democrat

                  If never having “to worry a moment in your life about being on the receiving end of violent white supremacy” means not getting beat up by a bunch of white guys then you’re wrong, I’ve been jumped and beaten bloody by a bunch of white guys.

                  I’ve also been at the receiving end of racist black criminality, as my family has. So get off your high horse, I’m not some hick from the backwoods.

                  • Blueberry01

                    I’m sorry to hear about this, MD. :Hugs: I’m glad that you survived.

                    Do you feel that you were assaulted because they did not believe that you agreed with their position of white power?

                    Also, what’s racist black criminality? (Or, are you referring to “reverse racism”?) Or, are you saying that the perpetrators of the crime against you and your family were black?

                    • Moderate Democrat

                      What do you do for a living?

                    • Blueberry01

                      Usually a man compliments me first before inquiring about my occupation. MD, you need to work on your game. ?

                • Blueberry01

                  “In reference to “having power”, Dylann Roof had no power, yet that didn’t stop him from walking into a black church and murdering 9 people simply for the color of their skin.”

                  …and being taken to get something to eat afterwards…

                  Has there been any other instance when a murderer at-large got a burger done his way immediately after his capture?

            • PeoplePlease7

              Exit polls (which tend to be more accurate) estimate DT received approximately 9% of the Black vote and 27% of Hispanic votes. Why do you think that is?

              • Blueberry01

                There are some ethnic Hispanics who would consider themselves White – or at the very least, “White Hispanics”. Thus, they could be operating within that white supremacist realm.

                • PeoplePlease7

                  For all his rhetoric, Trump did better amongst Black and Hispanic voters than Romney. With all the white rage, Trump drew approximately equal to less votes then Romney or McCain in past elections. Many non-Trump voters simply did not come out and the media and polls misled HRC supporters into believing otherwise. Yes there are some white power extremist who support him, however these media outlets are doing readers a disservice by stereotyping and typecasting those who voted for him.

                  • Blueberry01

                    “For all his rhetoric, Trump did better amongst Black and Hispanic voters than Romney.”

                    There are people of all races who wish to align themselves with white privilege and its benefits. So, I’m not surprised.

                    “With all the white rage, Trump drew approximately equal to less votes then Romney or McCain in past elections.”

                    So, you’re rejoicing because he got close or tied the amount of votes of the losers of previous elections? Or maybe you’re surprised at the amount of rage that our nation truly possesses, also.

                    “Many non-Trump voters simply did not come out…”

                    Many voters period did not come out. I don’t know the exact figures, but wasn’t the overall turn out for this election lower than ’08 and ’12? Considering this point, you can’t compare any other election to this one if the voter turnout wasn’t remotely close.

                    “Yes there are some white power extremist who support him, however these media outlets are doing readers a disservice by stereotyping and typecasting those who voted for him.”

                    Actually, I’ve witnessed the opposite from the media. They’ve been very clear with representing his voter base. However, I am aware of those silent Trump voters. The Bradley effect is VERY real.

              • Gibbous

                Internalized oppression: Internalized oppression (also called “self-hate”) is when a member of an oppressed group believes and acts out the stereotypes created about their group.

                • PeoplePlease7

                  I’d wager (based of anecdotal evidence) that a healthy percentage of those internally oppressed Black Trump voters were more concerned with economics, taxes, crime rates, and ending support for career politicians and the democratic treadmill. Since it can’t be scientifically proven, it’s speculation at this point.

      • GeeKayGee

        I do not suffer fools.

        • Moderate Democrat

          Must be hard living with yourself then right?

      • raul

        With this crowd the answer to every question is racism, 100% and absolutely nothing else. When you’re a hammer everything looks like a nail.

        • Adrienne_in_MTown

          You come here, antagonize and then try educate us on what it’s like to be us. You can’t do that because you haven’t got a whole clue how we have to navigate the world and how all of this effects how we will go about doing that. The comments under Breitbart are more like your SAFE SPACE, and please, don’t come back.

      • FeeFee

        How does Hilary ignoring those white voters negate the fact that many voted from Trump due to his inflamitory racially offensive rhetorics? GTFOH with this denial s*it that people like you like to play. We know not ALL voted for him because of that, but we also know that MANY did vote for him because of this and thensome. Do not come here with this BS because you want to keep living in a delusional land because it makes you feel better.

        “is everything a racist conspiracy?”–YES. YOU HAVE NO RIGHT, NO PLACE AND NO AUTHORITY to dictate to us to view the world through your lens when you have NO F*UCKING IDEA of what it’s like to walk in our shoes.


        • Moderate Democrat

          Whatever. It’s you against the world.

          • FeeFee

            Shocked!! We had no idea.

            • Moderate Democrat

              Whatever fantasy you care to indulge. When’s the last time someone white did something bad to you?

              I been robbed at gunpoint twice, and my mother was put in the hospital by a mugger. In all three cases the perp was black. So you tell me when the last time somebody white wronged you.

              • FeeFee

                “Whatever fantasy you care to indulge. When’s the last time someone white did something bad to you?”–This is HILARIOUS!!! Your actually a white person DOING IT NOW. Wow!!!

                “I been robbed at gunpoint twice, and my mother was put in the hospital by a mugger. In all three cases the perp was black.”–Awww, my heart aches for you. Might have been better if the perps were white. Such a shame.

                ” So you tell me when the last time somebody white wronged you.”–The funny thing is, I don’t have to. Because I actually don’t care about a black person having wronged you. Funny.

                But you can keep these questions coming though. They’re quite interesting to say the least.

              • jfenbauer

                Mod. Dem. shut up. you’re embarrassing yourself. maybe you need to listen for a change instead of putting words in the mouths that white people have made a living keeping shut. just STFU and listen for a change. you do NOT GET IT!

                • Moderate Democrat

                  You’re right, I don’t, and I never will. Because it’s a fantasy that I don’t care to indulge in. But have at it.

                  I’m simply not that myopic. People are going effing bananas about a Presidential election? Rioting and threatening suicide? Grow up already. Stop acting like Hillary was some kind of saint. She lost because nobody trusts or likes her.

                  • FeeFee

                    “Because it’s a fantasy that I don’t care to indulge in.”–THEN WHY ARE YOU HERE!?!?

                    “But have at it.”–That’s PRECISELY what we’re doing, and you keep coming back. Makes no effing sense at all.

                    • Moderate Democrat

                      Because Oakland, Baltimore, etc…

                      Your deranged fantasies have consequences.

                    • FeeFee

                      Black Wall Streets, Rosewood, Atlanta, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Knoxville, Tennessee , New York City, The East St. Louis and ect..

                      Your deranged fantasies had consequences too.

                    • Moderate Democrat

                      Don’t lump me in with rednecks.

                    • FeeFee

                      Lol! Is that why you lumped the black people on this site here with rioters? Hilarious!

                      The lack of self-awareness is simply amazing.

                    • Moderate Democrat

                      No, I’m saying that Damon pushing his little “Evil white supremacy took away our precious Presidential candidate” meme is what you call throwing gas on the fire.

                    • FeeFee

                      What you’re saying is that you lack reading comprehension. This is the most light-hearted satiricle article on this site since he’s been elected. Just because you don’t get how the people here are choosing to deal with it, doesn’t mean you get to tell us how. Trust, the rioters do not need Damon’s meme about the “Evil” white supremacy taking away their precious Presidential candidate to gas them up, Trump’s getting elected is enough.

                    • jfenbauer

                      what he’s saying is that he is Alt-Right and they always think they get to/ have to/ are entitled to the last word.

                    • FeeFee

                      Pretty much. Stop talking about the racist he’s brought out of the woodwork, just focus on the aspects of the election that I want to talk about.

                      It’s fascinating to watch a white person dictate to black what & how they should feel about this election in so many different ways. It’s simply fascinating.

                    • Lilith Grace

                      @Modern Democratic: Having read each of your many (I counted 11)
                      posts to this comment thread since the article above was posted, I gotta ask: Why are you here? I ask this
                      question seriously. Most of VSB‘s readership consists
                      of Black folks who live, work, and were educated or are being educated
                      in majority-white environments. In other words, your viewpoint is one
                      that African Americans hear every day. (Trust me on this.) Your posting
                      here thus represents not a vital opportunity to share a middle-right,
                      white-American viewpoint with African Americans who otherwise wouldn’t
                      be exposed to it, but instead a near-troll-like disruption — esp. given
                      your tone and language — of a conversation that was not intended for
                      you and that speaks to an experience that you can neither understand nor
                      reliably disprove.

                      Moreover, since the majority of your
                      contributions here mention your preoccupation with riposting rhetorical
                      election responses that you believe risk fomenting violence in the
                      current wave of anti-Trump protests (e.g. Portland, etc.) — and since
                      the vast majority of the folks participating in said protests (again,
                      e.g. Portland, etc.) aren’t Black (i.e. per fairly systematic municipal
                      headcounts and notwithstanding skewed and flat-out-wrong press coverage
                      like this) — then
                      wouldn’t your
                      time be better spent at one of the many white progressive websites that
                      cater to the folk who actually comprise the bulk of the protesters?
                      Call me overly pragmatic, but I don’t get it.

                      If you do decide to maximize your time as I’ve suggested,
                      you might want to augment your comment contributions to the
                      aforementioned websites with links to the pre-election body of cyber
                      comments in which you called for deescalating the rampant
                      anti-immigrant, pro-natalist rhetoric that was fomenting “out of hand”
                      violence and hate speech even before the election. After all, given your
                      raison d’etre for making comments — and for doing so
                      in a bracing tone — one can only assume that you spent long hours in
                      the heady months
                      before the election posting at white
                      politico-cultural analogs to VSB. Heck, Trump dropped
                      so much hateful, racially-tinged rhetorical napalm in his [ultimately
                      successful] attempts to lure white Independents, disaffected Democrats,
                      and swing voters that you doubtless had your hands full in your
                      comment-based attempts to head off the psychic and physical violence
                      that, while turbo-charged since
                      the election
                      , was bubbling over months
                      before 11/08/16 — often with the miscreants involved citing Trump’s
                      political discourse as their inspiration
                      . You
                      do have such an internet comment posting history to
                      cite, right?)

                    • Moderate Democrat

                      “Why am I here”? Because I haven’t been kicked off yet, that’s why. At least this site has got that going for it. I’ve been banned almost instantly from other liberal/leftist blogs for speaking my mind. The left loves to silence opposition now while preaching tolerance, which I find alarming. Why wouldn’t you allow someone to speak? If their stance is so incorrect or flawed, wouldn’t you simply refute it with facts? The problem is that I’ve been right all along, and ice been trying to warn people all along. You can go back and look if you want. I knew that if it came down to Hillary and Trump then Trump would win. Period. I wasn’t cheerleading Trump. But I was continuously accused of doing so because the Left has become so myopic that any notion counter to their ideological stance is now construed as an attack.

                      And as for the rest of your statement: You’ve got me wrong, as usual. I’m from a poor to middle class neighborhood in the rust belt that became majority black. My parents still live there. You can draw whatever conclusions you want from that but the bottom line is don’t treat me like I’m some kind of chump. I’ve taken plenty if losses, and given my own experience, the ideological stance that I see projected here doesn’t really coincide with the reality that I’ve seen on the ground, with my own two eyes.

                      What I see is an aura of two dimensional intellectual superiority. Not in all cases in any way, but it’s the dominating groupthink here.

                      But if I knew what was going to happen, it does beg the question: How did I figure it out?

                    • Lilith Grace

                      (1) Alas, my comment contained plenty of ‘facts’ — including links — which you’ve chosen to ignore. Strange.

                      (2) Luckily, a reasonable query about why you’ve chosen to perch here — instead of a venue more in line with your stated objectives — is neither a prelude to trying to get you booted nor stifling you with “groupthink.” (BTW, your answer tells me why you’ve stayed here — i.e. “[b]ecause I haven’t been kicked off yet” — not why you came.)

                      (3) Again luckily, neither the article above nor the aggregate comments engage in “two-dimensional intellectual superiority,” so you’re safe there, too. (An aside: If one’s posts are uniformly strident, dismissive, and disrespectful, any accusations of affronting superiority that one might level at others would carry little weight — another reason to be glad that we’ve avoided that pitfall, no?)

                      (4) Michael Moore, Dave Chappelle, my older sister, my ex-boyfriend, my dad, my uncle, my stepmom, both my aunts, my best friend and her wife, my landlady, half my fellow volunteers in a 16-woman local SAT and GED tutoring group, and several other folks in my immediate circle also guessed the outcome of the election correctly — worrying aloud about it months in advance and warning that we Black folks needed to brace for impact. I’ll have to ask them if they, too, live in your family’s neighborhood — with its osmotic knowledge-transmission — or even if they’re you. (Apparently, you get around.)

                      Given both your tone and your tendency to answer questions that weren’t asked — e.g. assumptions/statements about your socio-economic status and region that I never made, etc. — it appears that the answer to my original question is that you’re here to entertain yourself, throwing sparks to torch not illuminate. I’ll stop my unwitting contributions to the floor show and leave you to it. Peace.

                    • orchid921

                      You did that yourself. Goodbye.

                    • Moderate Democrat

                      Bullsh1t. Bye.

                    • frenchieNYC

                      Dude. Brother. I say this, as a fellow white man: shut the fuck up.

                      This is neither the time, nor the place, to work through your latent racism. (You might be in denial about it, but trust me: it’s obvious to everybody else).

                      You’re just embarrassing yourself.

                      Oh, and go look up the actual exit polls, while you’re at it. Poor whites broke for Hillary; it’s middle-class and rich whites who broke for trump.

                    • Moderate Democrat

                      Kiss my a$$. “Latent racism”? I’m not some kind of f@cking chump. So if I say it then it’s “latent racism”, but if he says it then it’s not:

                      “Everyone must stop saying they are “stunned” and “shocked”. What you mean to say is that you were in a bubble and weren’t paying attention to your fellow Americans and their despair. YEARS of being neglected by both parties, the anger and the need for revenge against the system only grew. Along came a TV star they liked whose plan was to destroy both parties and tell them all “You’re fired!” Trump’s victory is no surprise. He was never a joke. Treating him as one only strengthened him. He is both a creature and a creation of the media and the media will never own that. ”


                      And as for your “poor whites broke for Hillary” crap:


                      So when is the time to discuss this? After everybody here creates this bullsh1t false narrative of white supremacy that gets more people hurt and sets off more riots?

                    • FeeFee

                      Again, the lack of self-awareness is simply amazing.

                    • Moderate Democrat

                      What’s the difference between what he’s saying and what i’m saying? Is he blaming the whole thing on “White supremacy”? Back to Earth, the space flight is over.

                    • FeeFee

                      “What’s the difference between what he’s saying and what i’m saying?”–The difference is that he’s doing what you should be doing–LISTENING instead of DISMISSING.

                      “Is he blaming the whole thing on “White supremacy”? “–Your lack of reading comprehension is quite glaring.

                      “Back to Earth, the space flight is over.”–Back to reality, we don’t give a f*ck.

                    • Moderate Democrat

                      “Back to reality, we don’t give a f*ck.”

                      Bingo. Neither did the electorate that Hillary thought she had in the bag. Michigan flipped for Christ’s sake. I can’t believe how in denial the left wing is right now.

                    • FeeFee

                      “Bingo. Neither did the electorate that Hillary thought she had in the bag.”–Yet and still, this changes nothing about what’s being discussed here in this article.

                      “Michigan flipped for Christ’s sake.”–There were racist people living there too? Shocked!!!

                      “I can’t believe how in denial the left wing is right now.”–Lol! They’re not the only one sweetheart. Hilarious!!

                    • Moderate Democrat

                      You’ve got to be joking.

                      See: “Pied Piper Strategy”.

                    • FeeFee

                      “You’ve got to be joking.”–I know you’re a joke.

                      “See: “Pied Piper Strategy”.”–See all of your comments.

                      Your lack of self-awareness is simply AMAZING.

                    • Moderate Democrat

                      Riiiiight. That’s why I correctly predicted the election.

                      Hillary created Trump, just remember that.

                    • FeeFee

                      “Riiiiight. That’s why I correctly predicted the election.”–And you & you alone made that prediction. Just like Trump; he and he alone can fix America.

                      “Hillary created Trump, just remember that.”–In your no racist voted for Trump world, how can I forget?

                      Again, your lack of self-awareness is simply AMAZING.

                    • Moderate Democrat

                      How old are you? I’m not lacking any “self awareness” at all, you’re just being naive. Maybe this will validate what I’m speaking of:


                      Since it comes from a leftist source it might hold more weight with you. But probably not considering that your sole objective at this point is to silence any dissent against your racism narrative. Hillary didn’t lose because of racism, she lost because of her own Hubris and the Hubris of partisans such as yourself.

                    • FeeFee

                      “How old are you? I’m not lacking any “self awareness” at all,”–My age does not negate the fact that your lack of self-awareness is GLARING. Not only that, but you are obscenely self-centered, but don’t know it–hence your lack of self-awareness.

                      ” you’re just being naive. Maybe this will validate what I’m speaking of:”–What I’m being is observant of how deep your lack of self-awareness goes, so deep that it’s highlighting how amazingly self-centered you are at the same time. No amount of liberal media you post to “validate” your position will change this. Sorry.

                      “Since it comes from a leftist source it might hold more weight with you. “–What holds weight with me is not the “leftist source” themselves, but the fact that you think the “leftist source” does is what holds weight with me. So again, no amount of leftist source you post, will absolve your abysmal lack of self-awareness.

                      “But probably not considering that your sole objective at this point is to silence any dissent against your racism narrative. “–On the contrary, I have no need to silence you Moderate Democrat. You are fascinating to watch here, simply fascinating. Dissenting our racist narrative be damn. That’s why you’re still here posting. It’s fascinating.

                      “Hillary didn’t lose because of racism, she lost because of her own Hubris and the Hubris of partisans such as yourself.”–Since you and you alone have concluded this, therefore all here at VSB should ignore the rabbid amount of people who’s vote did align with his racist, xenophobic and sexist rhetoric. No partisan on your end at all. Simply fascinating.

                      Your lack of self-awareness is AMAZING!!!

                    • Moderate Democrat

                      Just because you repeat something over and over again doesn’t make it true.

                    • FeeFee

                      Just because you can’t comprehend something over and over again does not make it false.

                    • Moderate Democrat

                      You’re projecting and I no longer care. Adios.

                    • FeeFee

                      “You’re projecting”–Coming from someone who lacks self-awareness, shocked!!!

                      “I no longer care”–translation: I have nothing left to stand on.

                      “Adios.”–Until you decide it’s a fantasy that you don’t care to indulge in of course.

                      Your lack of self-awareness is simply amazing. Adios indeed.

                    • Moderate Democrat

                      I’m pretty sure that this is you:


                      Indulging in fantasies is your favorite past time.

                    • FeeFee

                      “I’m pretty sure that this is you:”–Awwww…poor poor white people indeed.

                      “Indulging in fantasies is your favorite past time.”–And clearly yours as well.

                      As you’ve proven several times over now–Your lack of self-awareness is AMAZING!!!!


                    • Moderate Democrat

                      No, I get it. Everything is crystal clear now.

                    • FeeFee

                      “No, I get it.”–Congratulations! I got it from your very first comment.

                      “Everything is crystal clear now.”–Finally! Too bad it took you this many comments later. Better late than never I guess.

                      Your lack of self-awareness is AMAZING!!!


                    • frenchieNYC

                      She got less poor whites than dems usually do – true enough – but she still got more of them than Donald did.


                      The point you’re doing a really good job pretending isn’t there, is that Hillary had solid policy proposals (taken, admittedly, from Bernie’s platform) to address those concerns. Yet Trump managed to counter that with the most vague bullshit imaginable(often contradicting whatever he’d said 10 seconds earlier). Not by appealing to their economic concerns, in rational terms. But by appealing to their emotional concerns, in emotional terms.

                      I wouldn’t necessarily have a problem with that, Obama did much the same in ’08. The problem is *which* emotions. You called it: “anger and the need for revenge”. He wasn’t encouraging their hopes and dreams, he was riling up their fears and hatreds. Any wonder that brown, black, gay, liberal, muslim, female, etc… folks are more than a little bit nervous about what happens next?

                      (the latent racism bit, BTW, was not only in reference to your rationalizing away this side of what just happened; it was also in reference to your bit about rioters, and muggers, as if that applied to all or most black people).

                    • Moderate Democrat

                      I hate to break it to you but Hillary lost because she’s corrupt as he11. Any real Democratic candidate would have wiped the floor with Trump. Why do you think she was supposed to be handed the Presidency? You’re talking about the same electorate that voted President Obama in twice, do you realize that? Are you that far into your own world?

                    • Lilith Grace

                      @Moderate Democrat: “You’re talking about the same electorate that voted President Obama in twice, do you realize that? Are you that far into your own world?”

                      Let me preface my comments by pointing out to you that it never hurts to take a pause before you post to consider that folks who disagree with you might be doing so neither because they’re stupid (i.e. per your, “[D]o you realize that?”), nor because they lack a wide frame of reference (i.e. per your, “Are you that far into your own world?”), but instead because they’re either privy to data that you aren’t or interpret commonly-held data differently than you do.

                      For example, while you disagree, the points that you’ve railed against above are bolstered quite nicely in this recent Slate piece on white Obama voters — some of them two-time Obama voters — who broke Trump in 2016.

                      BTW, neither the original article above nor most of the comments responding to it have implied that the 2016 election can’t have had “two trains running,” to crib an expression from author James Baldwin and the Blues men of old. That is, Hillary Clinton’s shortcomings — shortcomings that did not preclude her 1.8 million vote popular vote lead — can co-exist quite nicely alongside the indisputable truth that naked racism and pro-natalism played a huge role in Trump’s win.

                      At this point, even (especially?) white Trump voters themselves have cited this as a factor — with a key distinction being that their exit-poll comments indicate that they don’t see their support of Trump campaign goals/comments that meet the dictionary definition of racist or pro-natalist as being racist or pro-natalist.

                      Acknowledging the outsized role that racism and pro-natalism played in this election is not to argue that economics and the nation’s uneven recovery from the Great Recession that Obama inherited — and both failed to and was prevented from assuaging using the FDR/New Deal-style methods that would have worked — did not also play a role. Again, “‘two trains running.” The same was true when many GOP politicians studied and harnessed the George Wallace/Dixiecrat playbook — to very successful effect — in the 1970s and 1980s. Fears of job-snatching immigrants and entitlement-gorging minorities and fears of continued economic hardship are the political equivalent of vanilla ice cream and hot apple pie — an enduring combo that Trump and company combined masterfully.

                      That said, please allow me to make a final observation, @Moderate Democrat. The disrespect, snark, and confrontational stance that characterizes each of the 11 or so posts you’ve made to this comment thread does your ideas no favors. You’ve given every indication that you’re aware of this and just don’t care, but I thought that I’d do you a solid by pointing out the obvious regardless, if only as a lagniappe from one Democrat to another.

                      (As Sterling Archer himself observes: “Phrasing!” Just sayin’.)

                    • jfenbauer

                      or all or most protesters

                    • jfenbauer

                      no because in Iowa i’ve had 3 friends who have been physically threatened and told to get out thee US because now that Trump is president they aren’t wanted anymore. this is a town of 65,000 people in the most liberal county in the state. you don’t get it because YOU are protected from it if you are a white christian. no one *I* know thinks HRC is a saint. but i and the rest of the people that are not white and/or not christian are scared. scared because we have been threatened. to our faces.

                    • Moderate Democrat

                      I’ve been robbed at gunpoint twice, jumped, and my mother was mugged and put in the hospital, all by black males.

                      Your excuse for them is?

                    • jfenbauer

                      that didn’t happen because you are white. nor because you are a man or because of your religion and lack of it. that’s just timing. and if that means you think that all black people are criminals A: look at the stats, a majority of crimes are committed by white men, B: that has nothing to do with Trump inciting racist attacks through out the country.

                    • Moderate Democrat

                      You’re delusional. It completely happened because I was white. It also happened to a friend’s father right out in front of his house in broad daylight because he was white.

                      You keep telling yourself whatever you need to, ok? But I’ve had enough. You think your emotions, and your perspective are unique but they aren’t, at all. You’re just as capable if racism as anybody else, but you’ve convinced yourself that you’re not. This is the excuse you use to practice it. You and most of the othet people that habit this site it seems.

                    • jfenbauer

                      i didn’t say i wasn’t racist. i didn’t say i wasn’t capable of being racist. i didn’t say i was black. i didn’t say i was white. i didn’t say if i was a man or a woman. so your assumptions are just silly. and if the people who “habit this site” are like that, why are you here spouting hate? there are other places you can go to do that. you can *believe* you were mugged because you are white – that’s your privilege. (see what i did there?) but to go ahead and paint an entire race with the same brush? that is textbook racism.

                    • FeeFee

                      Sweetheart, white racist don’t exist to him, see his comments to others talking about the racist that voted for Trump. You’re not allowed to dismiss his claims of racism, but he can dismiss yours.

                      His lack of self-awareness is amazing.

                    • Moderate Democrat

                      Ok, you’re an a$$hole.

                      “you can *believe* you were mugged because you are white – that’s your privilege.”

                      I didn’t paint an entire race with the same brush you idiot. Whatever. Have fun in your echo chamber, where nobody will challenge your phony intellectual superiority and reverse racism.

            • FeeFee

              “Whatever fantasy you care to indulge. When’s the last time someone white did something bad to you?”–Now. this. is. HILARIOUS!!! Your actually a white person DOING IT NOW. Hilarious!!!

              “I been robbed at gunpoint twice, and my mother was put in the hospital by a mugger. In all three cases the perp was black.”–Aww how sad, maybe it would have been better if these perps were white.

              ” So you tell me when the last time somebody white wronged you.”–The funny thing is, I don’t have to and I don’t care about a black person/people having wronged you. You see unlike you, I don’t need YOUR validation.

              Why do you keep putting this in spam??? No cursing, banned words, nothing. I’ve sent it too many times, but pleas stop taking it down. Ughhhh, it’s ticking me off.

        • raul

          And yet you have no problem telling us what’s in the hearts and minds of folks who’s shoes you’ve never been in?

          This election has certainly brought out worst in people. White folks are clearly not as color blind as they claim and black folks be repping the hypocrisy game like nobody’s business.

          • FeeFee

            “And yet you have no problem telling us what’s in the hearts and minds of folks who’s shoes you’ve never been in?”–Lol! I’m not the one doing the telling sweetheart, they did themselves. If you want to blatantly ignore that the KKK, Nationalist and the likes supported Trump and got the vote out for him, don’t care, but I will not.

            “This election has certainly brought out worst in people.”–Along with the deniers. Don’t forget this election has brought them out too.

            “White folks are clearly not as color blind as they claim “–SHOCKED!!!

            “and black folks be repping the hypocrisy game like nobody’s business.”–Lol! This litteraly makes no sense. You might wanna brush up on your black venacular. The game you be “repping”, is weak as f*ck.

        • PinkRose

          Alright now, Buzz Lightyear, lol!!

        • Brother Mouzone


    • justtwo post

      affluent whites voted for him too

      • Haleyjesposito

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  • Moderate Democrat

    Do I get to say anything about this or I am going to get run off again?

    • nillalatte

      *Walks to the door* Don’t let it hit you in the azz on the way out.

      • Moderate Democrat

        Gee thanks.

  • Mr. Mooggyy

    Let me be real here for a second. While we can hope he does a horrible job, crumbles and runs back to Trump Tower and curls up in the fetal position, it doesn’t help our country as a whole. Now that’s the scary part for me! His failure could mean dire consequences for all of us! So I pray that doesn’t happen

    Narcissism is a dangerous trait! DT is definitely a narcissist! But, I hope (a sliver of hope) that his wanting and yearning to be the best president of all time, he picks some intelligent people to aid him! It’s wishful thinking, I know!

    • GeeKayGee

      I wouldn’t assume that he wants to be the best POTUS of all time. In fact, narcissist often believe they are “the best” regardless of evidence. He could throw us into a depression that no society has ever experienced or disrespect a foreign leader so badly that results in a bombing in the US AND still believe he is the best POTUS to ever step foot in the Oval Office. Narcissists do not think like normal people because they are not normal people.

    • Janelle S

      Well, he’s already taking meetings with lobbyists and Heritage, so who knows.

      • Mr. Mooggyy

        Christie is no longer is transition Chair anymore! It’s now Mike Pence!

        ………Actually, not sure if that’s a good thing or bad thing yet

        • Hugh Akston

          that’s what i keep thinking

          drumpf might be impeached before his term is up…that lives pence…oh jeez

        • Janelle S


    • Negro Libre

      I actually think he’s going to be bored.

      • raul

        Couldn’t agree more. He’s going to pull a Jesse Ventura and find that running for office is a lot more fun than actually governing.

    • Negro Libre
      • Tam

        Good one. The post election one was great too.

    • Kae

      The only reservation I have about him failing is that no matter how much they suffer, the “white is right” crowd that got him here will never concede that they fucked up. This whole circus show just reinforced my conviction that a white supremacist will give up their lives and souls before treating someone they deem inferior with mutual respect.

  • MDreamer



    • nillalatte

      No, actually you’ve lost. You’re just too ignorant to know that.

  • Trump has the look of a man who just realized who real it’s about to get for him. Dude barely looked Honolulu Slim in the eye.

    • A.G.

      He didn’t expect this outcome, and now he has to actually govern and unify.

  • kingpinenut

    I’m going to watch Red Dawn this weekend.

    • You could at least watch a good movie about things falling apart.

      • kingpinenut

        sh!d maybe Planet of the Apes will do


      • brothaskeeper

        I like a nice Dystopian tale:

        Children of Men
        The Road
        The Day After

    • Adrienne_in_MTown

      I’m good with the Walking Dead. At least I’m getting some good instruction on how to kill zombies and interact (or not) with the uncivilized undead.

      • kingpinenut

        Never watched Walking Dead. Russian might come is hand in the next 20 yrs.

        Trump don’t know shid and Putin is gonna run game on him.

        • Russia is out here trolling other countries like 50 Cent trying to stay important.

    • Val

      Well at least watch the original. The remake actually took itself seriously.

      • kingpinenut

        I didn’t even know there was remake. Thanks for the tip!

      • The original was pure sh*t too.

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