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Everything Makes Sense If You Accept That White People Just Want Everyone And Everything Dead

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Although the best and most memorable part of The Usual Suspects occurs in the last five minutes, when Agent Kujan puts the pieces on the bulletin board together and slowly realizes that Verbal Kint is in fact Keyser Soze, my favorite part comes a half hour or so before that scene.

Dean Keaton and the rest of the crew ambush and prepare to murder Kobayashi, but stop mid-murdering when Kobayashi tells and shows Keaton that he brought Edie Finneran (Keaton’s lawyer girlfriend) in town for a legal matter — a thinly-veiled way of informing Keaton that she’ll totally, definitely die if they go through with the murder.

Kobayashi then completely takes the veil away and makes things plain:

Get your rest, Gentlemen. The boat will be ready for you on Friday. If I see you or any of your friends before then, Miss. Finneran will find herself the victim of a most gruesome violation before she dies. As will your father, Mr. Hockney. and your Uncle Randall in Arizona, Mr. Kint. I might only castrate Mr. McManus’s nephew, David. Do I make myself clear?

I don’t really have a particularly insightful reason for this being my favorite scene. I just think it’s a really bad-ass thing to say to a group of dudes who were a second away from blowing your brains out 60 seconds ago.

Anyway, I’m thinking about this movie today because it helps to put the last three months of American politics in a certain context. Of course, we all know that White people went full capital letter White People and elected Donald Trump President; an act that seemed not to make any sense until you realize that it actually made perfect sense. Today, however, I had an Agent Kujan at the bulletin board epiphany. I even dropped my milkshake in slow motion on the floor.

Capital Letter White People want everyone dead. Not just us (Black people) or Muslims or Mexicans or Colin Kaepernick. But everyone. 

Before you dismiss this, consider the following:

1. They elected a man who A) is literally a tweet away from starting a series of events that would culminate in a nuclear war and who B) apparently gives no fucks about the fact that he’s literally a tweet away from starting a series of events that would culminate in a nuclear war

2. They voted for an incoming administration that A) considers the scientifically proven reality of global warming a debatable opinion the same way someone might say that Kyle Lowry might be better than John Wall and B) will do every in its power to halt and reverse whatever progress the country and the planet has made with climate change

3. They desperately want to repeal Obamacare and defund Planned Parenthood; ultimately snatching health benefits and free and/or reduced cost health care away from millions of Americans — which will totally, definitely result in more dead Americans

When you add the disturbing and kinda, sorta sexual obsession with retaining and stockpiling firearms, there’s really no other conclusion left to be made. At least not one that makes more sense.

Verbal Kint is Keyser Soze. White people want everyone dead. I need another milkshake.

Damon Young

Damon Young is the editor-in-chief of VSB. He is also a columnist for GQ.com And he's working on a book of essays to be published by Ecco (HarperCollins). Damon is busy. He lives in Pittsburgh, and he really likes pancakes. Reach him at damon@verysmartbrothas.com. Or don't. Whatever.

  • Lisss

    Like C.K. Louis said, are they even human? If so, why are they so hellbent on destroying this planet? (paraphrasing)

    • tinycurls

      Real talk…I stumbled upon this little blog post which blatanly suggests that they are not human. Not man, but “man-kind.” Far-fetched, I know, but I did find it interesting that the only diseases the world has to be inoculated against are white people diseases. The only real disease the rest of the world had was poverty and even that wasn’t an issue until they made us love their wealth. We were happy running around with everything jiggling living in mud huts and existing on the fruits of the earth.


      • Msmoss

        i get why you’d wish this to be true, but this is totally bonkers, on par with white people inventing periods.

      • Msmoss

        “White people often fall over cruise ship railings because they cannot perceive the Power of the Ocean.” This blog is one big run-on sentence of hilarious insanity and bad photoshop. Love it.
        Thank you for sharing!

    • MsSula

      Y’all need to watch Brain Dead. They have all been infected. Loll.

  • RaeNBow

    This Shi**y announcement form the *hit face Paul Ryan has burned my biscuits today. PISSED. I took my niece to PP for a general well woman check up last year because her mother had let her insurance lapse. smh

    ^^^isht like that is why MOST people go to PP. That and STI testing. so WHYYYYYYYYYY would that not be encouraged?!?! like, TF wrong with these people? They just won’t accept facts. abortion is such a small percentage of the services utilized at PP. But now poor/ working class people everywhere won’t get mammograms or well woman visits??? Paul Ryan should be castrated. He wanna EFF up a woman’s reproductive well-being so bad? he shouldn’t have the luxury. effing jerk

    • miss t-lee

      This is the sh*t that p*sses me off. All they can see is abortion when it comes to PP when they do so, so much for women and men.

    • Cleojonz

      They have been lied to with statistics so much they really believe that PP is the abortion clinic and that’s it. Hello if people can get birth control that means less abortions!!! But we’re not really suppose to have that either. Plus they serve in so many other important ways its really frustrating trying to understand the thought process.

      • MsCee

        Why can’t they ever just leave. People. The. Fawk. alone.

      • rikyrah

        They don’t believe it.
        They don’t care.
        Even though abortion is only 3% of the overall services that PP provides.
        And, because of the Hyde Amendment, no federal monies go for abortion.
        Which meant that 97% of the services that PP provide are about healthcare.
        Even though PP is the place where millions of women, especially working class and poor go to get quality healthcare where they are treated with respect and dignity..

        I am telling you-they.do.not.care.
        Nothing matters except for abortion. Look at the lies they tell, especially when they try and pretend that the services PP provide are irrelevant. Remember, when they tried to take away the funding for PP in Louisiana, the judge actually had staff call around the list of PP alternative places, and found dentist offices on there.The list off acceptable alternatives went from 2000 to 50- for the entire state!

        Happened again a couple of weeks ago with another state. They had grammar schools on the list.

        • miss t-lee

          I truly believe they’ve seen the stats and still don’t care.

          • Tam

            After all stats lie.

            • miss t-lee

              According to some…lol

          • ladyfresh

            Theyre looking for affirmation not information.

            • miss t-lee

              Gotta be.

        • Brother Mouzone

          Whether conciously or unconsciously, they operate with the thought of white genetic anihilation. We are seen as the biggest threat to their “purity” because of our dominant genes, and therefore they do any and everything they can to rid the planet of us…murder, disease, mass incarceration, etc…anything that’s perceived as lowering their numbers even more than they’re already lowering(abortion) is met with an almost war-like resistance.

    • Tam

      Hoteps coming too about PP being designed for black genocide. Remember this https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/584a9d1d5b73232316492f16c323e16290fced094af0ba608f59c112bd8ab96a.jpg

      • Mary Burrell


      • IAmMikeBrown

        Because it’s perfectly safe and carefree on the outside.

        • Blackberry02

          I know right!

      • TheUnsungStoryteller

        Wow…that’s deep. I don’t think I agree with that sign and it doesn’t sound like an African American had a voice in that matter (the matter of what is the most dangerous place for an African American woman). Talk to her and I’m sure she’ll give you some answers. Ugh…

      • LMNOP

        The current organization does a lot of positive things to keep people safe and healthy, BUT the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, was a big proponent of eugenics and her efforts to spread birth control were definitely a part of that. So there’s a seed of truth there.

        Like all hotep viewpoints lol, a seed of truth that grows into a tree of crazy.

        • Duff Soviet Union

          Read this from Imani Gandy about Margaret Sanger and the bull&&*( that surrounds this “planned parenthood is Black genocide” nonsense.


          • LMNOP

            That article acknowledges that she supported eugenics though.

            • Duff Soviet Union

              It does. It also says that she supported eugenics among white people too and that she was probably more of an ableist than a racist.

              She had her problematic thoughts like pretty much every white woman from that era, but she was probably more progressive than most and most of the “Sanger hates Black people and wants to exterminate them” is simply lies / exaggerations from the anti abortion (I refuse to call them pro life) crowd to shame Black women. And too many Black men have fallen for this propaganda.

              • sophiepeaches

                Uh, she called black people ‘weeds’ but by all means, venerate Sanger Harris.

                • Duff Soviet Union

                  Again, I’d suggest reading the article I linked too.

                  Sanger has also been dead for 50 years now, so even if she was the devil, I don’t really see how that’s relevant to the services PP offers today.

                  Pretty much literally every institution in America was founded on racism. Disavowing PP because of it’s history would require Black people to disavow the entire USA.

        • Like all hotep viewpoints lol, a seed of truth that grows into a tree of crazy.


      • RaeNBow


      • Brother Mouzone

        Hoteps can fall victim to the propaganda too, especially when it’s packaged to look like there is “concern” for Black babies.

        • RagesAgainstMachines

          And usually, that’s where their concern for black babies stop. They’re against abortion, but they’re also against child support, welfare, monogamy and marriage.

    • Tam

      What will be interesting is to have an accurate picture of the number of these people who are so anti Planned Parenthood/abortions ( because we know both are synonymous, sigh statistics about actual number of abortions performed does not really count) have allowed/taken their wives/daughters/sisters to have an abortion.

    • kingpinenut

      You know…i been thinkin about this a lot lately…why does pu$$y have to be an insult??

      I loves pu$$y….
      Ain’t no bad about pu$$y
      I’d wallow in pu$$y
      Swim in pu$$y ( backstroke, breaststroke AND longstroke )

      Let us find another term….like SHIIIIIIDDDDD


      • NonyaB?

        You’re right. My preferred alternatives:
        Fxcking c*cksplats
        Congress/Legion of c*ckwombles
        CC: @disqus_gMwRbBuMzS:disqus

      • Because cuss words are based on the physical (Being an a$$hole or a di@k.) Curses deal with the spiritual.

    • Mary Burrell

      The government needs to stay out of women’s lady bits.

  • Duncan Frame

    True. They don’t mind dying. They just don’t want to do it alone. It’s kind of the ultimate it in nihilistic fetishism.

    • cyanic

      Murder-suicide is the only logical conclusion for insanity.

      • kingpinenut

        Nah…it’s justice….you take somebody else’s life….you need to take yourself out too…

        • cyanic

          They’re not killing themselves as punishment.

          • kingpinenut

            Unjust is their first, middle and last name

      • Blackberry02

        Hey, Cy! Happy New Year, cuh!

        Who’s that in your avi?

        • cyanic

          Spitta Andretti

          • Strawberry03

            Oh…I never really checked Curren$y like that. What are some good songs that you like?

            • cyanic

              I don’t know his music. Saw his image and got happy for something new.

              • Strawberry03


  • ?? KortAlmighty??

    Iont know if they want everyone dead, but they do want power & *financial* control over everyone. Maybe death is the natural conclusion to their pathology?

    I *almost* feel bad for them.

    • Duff Soviet Union

      I too don’t know if they *want* everyone dead, but I think they want complete unchecked power and don’t especially *care* if everyone else dies in the process.

      • TheUnsungStoryteller

        Sounds about right.

    • Jay
  • J.E. Pierson

    You still dancing with the devil (drinking milkshakes)? I thought you were lactose intolerant? Lol.

  • Val

    Four things…

    – If I ever have children, not likely, I’m naming one of them Keyser Soze.
    – No Kappa shade on their Founder’s Day?
    – Lee Daniels thinks he’s found the answer to this problem, he want’s ‘White people to feel good about being White’. He thinks they deserve it. http://thegrio.com/2017/01/05/lee-daniels-wants-white-people-to-feel-good-about-being-white/
    – This may be the most troll baitiest post in the history of VSB.

    • Duff Soviet Union

      “Lee Daniels thinks he’s found the answer to this problem, he want’s ‘White people to feel good about being White’. He thinks they deserve it”

      LOL. The election was literally entirely about white people feeling good about being white.

      • Diego Duarte

        Nah, it went beyond that. The entire election (and by extension the Trump presidency) is about white people feeling okay about being racist. It is also about them being poor, persecuted and demonized minorities (white males).

        • Kellyjpoisson

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        • Estellenneal

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        • Brambles

          Racism had nothing to do with it, but maybe white folks are figuring out that voting as a block, as blacks have done for years and years, can be an effective way to get what they want. Thanks for teaching us how to vote like minorities, Hispanics and blacks! Now maybe we’ll move on to street protests, marching, pillaging, rioting, and burning some of this sh*t down to get our way. Yiiipppeee!!!

          • Diego Duarte

            Haven’t white people been marching, pillaging and rioting since the foundation of this country? #justsaying

          • disqusisdangpoo

            never post again.

          • Aria Whitaker

            Lol…some blacks do all of the above when police shoot us in the street and get off with a paid vacation… Your ilk does all of the above when your hockey team loses the playoffs.

            But that is “different”, right?

    • Word- I expect trolls in full force soon. Remember, VSBs and VSSs, don’t feed them.

    • Asiyah

      Lee Daniels is crazy. As if there’s any White person other than Rachel Dolezal who feels bad about being White.

      • HoneyRose

        Nah, I know some white people who feel bad about being white. There was a whole rack of them at my workplace after the election. And once I had to tell a white friend of mine that maybe they should step away from the fray for a minute because they were feeling so bad about being white it was making them sad and angry.

        • Catfish Jenkins

          But did they feel bad due to being lumped in with a significant number of voters who we know would string a ninja up in a heartbeat, and that offended them, or did they feel bad because an epiphany suddenly hit and they realized that YTs are really up to some shady ish in the USA?

          • Colin Young

            Little of column A, little of column B.

        • La Bandita

          Thats fake. My White friends were also slobbering crying on me too. I used it as an opportunity to make them apologize for past racist or kinda racist comments.

          • Strawberry03

            Lol. Way to capitalize on someone’s vulnerabilities, LB!

            • La Bandita

              I was like remember when you said I got my academic scholarship that I worked so hard for, only because of my race?

              Nodding thru tears.

              I didnt say any thing at the time, but that was racist….

    • Furious Styles

      I feel bathed in fleas after reading or hearing anything Lee Daniels says.

      • Val

        Fleas though. Lol

      • lkeke35

        Okay, now I’m itchin’ for no feckin’ reason!

      • Cleojonz

        Yeah fuck forgiveness.

        • Val

          Yeah, I was kind of upset with some of the family members because they were so quick to forgive this guy.

          • grownandsexy2

            Black bodies barely have a chance to hit the ground before the press is lined up asking the bereaved if they forgive. You never see this when the deceased are white. The black church is central to this ritual and commands them to forgive and I believe it hurts us. And we stoically swallow our anger under the disguise of “we’re a strong people.” No wonder they think we’re superhuman and devoid of pain. You can’t make me believe that they really feel forgive. Especially, in their private moments when the press isn’t around. Michael Brown mother felt differently though. She said she would “never forgive” Darren Wilson. That’s real.

            • Brother Mouzone

              The media and the press do that for a REASON. It’s designed to program that forgiveness mentality into us by pounding that narrative into our subconscious. 99 times out of 100 the Black person falls right in line and forgives publicly. Heck, Coretta and one of her sons got on TV years ago talmbout they forgive James Earl Ray. Ask the Browns and Goldmans if they forgive Orenthal.

              • grownandsexy2

                Forgiveness was programmed into us long before the present day media and press. Historically, forgiveness was used as a tool by the colonizers/oppressors to teach passivity and weakness to the slaves in the face of injustice because some reward allegedly awaited them in heaven and we will go to our graves believing that. That lesson was passed down through the ages like a cold. Maybe it’s necessary to preserve our sanity in the face of white supremacy and the violence that continues to be a part of everyday life for us in the land of the free. If we can forgive the cruelty and violence that is visited on us all too frequently, is it any wonder that whites think we are magical negroes, with super human strength?

                The Browns, Goldmans and others of their ilk won’t forgive the OJ’s of the world because they don’t have to. They are, in their minds, innocent victims of black violence.

                • Blackberry02

                  “If we can forgive the cruelty and violence that is visited on us all too frequently, is it any wonder that whites think we are magical negroes, with super human strength?”

                  I think that White people created the stereotype of super human strength to ingrain in our psyche to never show pain and/or never retaliate against their bullsh*t.

                  I personally believe that White people deal with the guilt of non-retaliation over all these years.

                  • grownandsexy2

                    Yeah, they created it alright. Again, historically, projecting images of super human strength and pain tolerance date back to slavery. And there is a long history that persists to this day. Projections that produce the social myth of black athletic prowess/superiority. Sportscasters described Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Mike Tyson (Iron Mike) as possessing superhuman abilities. From doctors in the late 1800s and early 1900s characterizing black folks as being able to withstand pain and surgical procedures to present day, the media portrays blacks as super-human.

                    I remember closing my eyes when sports games were televised and I could literally tell the race of the person who made the play by the description used by the sportscaster.
                    We have movies depicting black folks as “magical.” Michael Duncan (Green Mile), Morgan Freeman as God (Bruce Almighty) so it’s all around us.

                    Darren Wilson described Michael Brown as almost superhuman in strength. Maybe that’s why our kids are viewed as adults, less innocent, even as children. This racist dehumanization can lead to violence, unjust treatment and loss of life which is occurring quite frequently these days. (RIP Tamir Rice)

                    And then you have black women talking about “I’m a strong black woman.” We wear this like a badge of honor, something we should aspire to. Able to leap tall buildings with a single bound. Small wonder whites think we’re superhuman.

                    I don’t believe whites deal with any guilt. They go on with their privileged lives without nary a thought.

                    • Strawberry03

                      Yup, exactly. The dehumanization has always been the strategy. Either it’s our lack of sentience, we’re animals, we have supernatural strength, athletic prowess…anything to remove us from being seen as a human. Because if we are, then we are afforded the same rights – and sympathy – that white people receive.

                      “I don’t believe whites deal with any guilt. They go on with their privileged lives without nary a thought.”

                      Umm, I think some do. Did you see the reaction of white people when they saw that the SI police officers weren’t indicted after choking Eric Gardner to death? Or, the white journalists after Trump was elected (when they realized that a large segment of white America was racist)?

                      They know their privilege exists, and when they are forced to acknowledge it, the guilt sets in.

                    • lkeke35

                      I agree. I do think they feel some level of guilt. I think it festers deep inside them, occasionally some event will push it to the surface and they scramble madly to push it back down. They have to dehumanize us in order to live with themselves. In order to push away that guilt. If we’re less human, than anything done to us is okay.

                    • sophiepeaches

                      News Flash. Nobody thinks about you at all. Everyone s just trying to make ends meet and raise their families. I guess you have been brainwashed into thinking that you are ‘oppressed.’ You are not oppressed. Nobody thinks about any of this. Get busy, raise your family, you are not our problem, get over yourself. I have never seen such “poor me” in my life.

                    • La Bandita

                      But here you are thinking of us, obsessing about us, trying to tell us how to feel. Get over yourself. We cant breath – you’re every where.

                    • lkeke35

                      Actually you are scared of PoC. It permeates everything ywhite people do and is the foundation of most of your decisions towards PoC.

                      But hey! Thanx for playing!

                    • Strawberry03


                  • Yes to almost all… I don’t think white folks feel guilt at all.

                    • Strawberry03

                      I think they do, but not to the point where they’re motivated to change or make the playing field more fair.

                      From the non-indictment of Eric Gardner, watching Walter Scott be shot in the back, to Trump’s election by a large segment of white people, I believe they recognize that white privilege exists.

                      But, are they lobbying for the independent police review boards? Are they stopping gentrification from disproportionately affecting miniorities? Are they even trying to rectify Flint’s situation?

                      Girl, we know the answer is a resounding h*ll no.

                    • lkeke35

                      I think it’s like someone who has a great seat at a ballgame. They will sit there and complacently s***t on themselves, but that won’t motivate them to move from that good seat. They don’t wanna lose it, see?
                      They KNOW they’re sitting in a mess they made but they’re unwilling to even try to fix it.

                    • Strawberry03

                      True, because if they get up, then everyone will see and smell their ish.

                    • sophiepeaches

                      Guilt for WHAT?

                    • La Bandita

                      for your birth

                    • Strawberry03

                      Please re-read my comment again for your answer.

                  • lkeke35

                    That’s an interesting idea and I think you may have something there. I just did a post about the white obsession in movies with the rebellious slave narratives, from Westworld to The Matrix, where white people are being persecuted by some sentience they used to abuse with impunity. They relive this narrative over and over in pop culture.

                    One of their hugest fears is that one day, we will retaliate for the isht they did. They longer we don’t do it, the worse they seem to feel. Not only is that their greatest fear, they seem to want it. They need it! Why do you think so many of them long for that big “race war”?

                    Us retaliating against them wil absolve them of the tremendous weight of guilt they live under. They can’t ever get from under it as long as we keep forgiving them.

                    • Strawberry03

                      I totally agree with this. It’s almost like they want us to fight back, so their stereotypes of these “bIg, black brutes” can FINALLY be proven.

                  • sophiepeaches


                    • Strawberry03

                      Would you like to expound upon what you disagree with?

                • Brother Mouzone

                  I agree, this was programmed centuries ago, the methods are just more advanced now.

                • Brother Mouzone

                  And we SHOULDN’T forgive.

              • Clearly, they don’t.. and THEY STILL TAKE SHOTS.

            • Blackberry02

              “You can’t make me believe that they really forgive.”

              It’s probably not instant, but at least they’re trying to heal. I still don’t believe that forgiveness means forgetting. When you’ve truly forgiven (at whatever point it may occur), it just allows you to not be vindictive towards the perpetrator.

              • grownandsexy2

                The immediate families of Dylan Roof had the glaring spotlight of cameras and microphones pushed in their faces BARELY A DAY after their loved ones were gunned down, while they were likely still trying to process what happened, the initial stages of grief – denial, anger. I’m not saying it’s instant either but barely a day? Trust and believe those family members learned, through their Christian teachings at church that they MUST forgive. Meanwhile, they’re dying slowly inside. I’m not saying carry that anger around because that’s detrimental to your health in the long run. But BARELY A DAY!

                Forgiving may be the Christian thing to do but it hurts black people in the long run as it demands no accountability and change on the part of whites. Christianity was the religion of the oppressor/enslaver. Christianity justified our bondage and we continue to worship a white Jesus to this day, believing our reward beyond the pearly gates.

                • Strawberry03

                  Yes, I don’t agree with how MSM obtains our reactions hastily after a traumatic incident.

                  “Forgiving may be the Christian thing to do but it hurts black people in the long run as it demands no accountability and change on the part of whites.”

                  Forgiveness and accountability (or lack thereof) are not synonymous. Forgiveness is for you, as a person, so you don’t have to be bound to your anger and resentment forever.

                  A person will receive their consequences – whether here or in heaven – for all of their actions.

                  “Christianity was the religion of the oppressor/enslaver.”

                  That wasn’t true intent of Christianity, though. It was perverted once man decided to impose his own selfish and abusive ways onto others. This is the main reason why Jesus HAD to perform the ultimate sacrifice: He died for mankind. He had to come in the form of the people who distorted Christianity’s intent (e.g. a human being), take on all of the sins of the world, even though He didn’t commit any. Then, He died for it.

                  But, since He is God, He resurrected Himself, declaring He has all power – including that over death.

                  “Christianity justified our bondage and we continue to worship a white Jesus to this day, believing our reward beyond the pearly gates.”

                  Yeah, so, real Christians don’t justify bondage. If anything, we know that when people deviate from something’s intent or purpose, abuse is possible. This includes when humans treat other humans in a fashion that is disrespectful or abusive.

                  As for “white Jesus”, that has always been a Eurocentric view and representation of Him that has permeated history to align white people to look more like God.

                  When Jesus was on Earth, there is evidence that He had more stereotypical African traits. But since religious historians were mainly documented by white people, His image was distorted (e.g. paintings, media, books). Even today, Jesus is almost always played by a white person.

                  God is actually a triune being, expressed in three entities: Father (God), Son (Jesus) and Holy Spirit. So, you’re not worshipping a figure (like Buddha), but you understand that God can be (and has been) represented in these three ways.

                  • grownandsexy2

                    Imma leave this all the way alone since I’m agnostic/aetheist. lol

            • lkeke35

              I saw that interview in real time. Brown’s mother kept it 100!

      • Val

        Not surprised.

      • Diego Duarte

        Notice how low-key this thing is in the media? I swear, if a black person went into a white church and massacred everybody we wouldn’t hear the end of it. EVER!

        It would be a rallying cry for white people every election, every day, at any and every event. There would be commemorative souvenirs, flags, and a day declared for the victims. And any and every time somebody tried to discuss racism it would be thrown up as a shield in order to deflect any and every issue regarding racism.

      • Blackberry02

        This white boy…?

    • Mochasister

      It’s official. Lee Daniels has completely and totally gone mad. Like white people have ever needed help to feel good about being white.

      • Tarik

        He hasn’t gone mad. He’s just staying in his place behind his massa…I mean, white husband.

        • Mochasister

          So you think he’s just trying to appease his white partner? I have heard about how some Black people “change” when they become involved with white significant others.

          • FarbissinaPunim

            Maybe this is true with men, but I swear, every black woman I know who is married to a white man is very unapologetically black and vocally so.

            • Blackberry02

              I agree…

            • You can’t be unapologetically black and married to a white anything.

              • FarbissinaPunim

                I wholeheartedly disagree. Just because you fall in love with someone non-black, doesn’t mean you’re ashamed of or apologetic about your blackness. For a time, the only women I knew who rocked their natural 4c hair or locs were women married to white (mostly foreign born) men. One of these women teaches African-American studies and I wouldn’t ever question any of their dedication to the cause.

                • *Meh* Wearing natural hair doesn’t mean you are unapologetically black. And foreign born blacks are more likely to marry whites than American black are. There is something that speaks out loud as he11 if you are “proud” of your blackness but you marry the contrary… I get it “love is love” and that’s fine…I just don’t need to be fed the marrying white and still loving your black self rhetoric.

                  • FarbissinaPunim

                    The women weren’t foreign born, the men were. And the hair was merely an example. Again, I’ve talked to and have been educated by these women. And they love their blackness and yours. I’m curious about your opinion of black people who marry Asians or non-black Hispanics?

                    • Sorry… I’m not moved. Asians and non -black hispanics are typically anti-black as fukk too..so there’s that…

                    • FarbissinaPunim

                      I’m certainly not trying to move you. I just disagree. I don’t think those who marry others are inherently self-loathing, but whatever you want to believe, you shall.

                    • You read a lot into what I said. I didn’t say anybody was self-loathing… I just said they weren’t unapologetically black.

                    • Camille

                      I agree with you Farbi. It took a white Greek boyfriend for me to go natural. I was very comfortable in my blackness in a way I wasn’t with previous bf (black). Granted it took a while as I had some hangups and white-hating stuff happening.

                    • Mary

                      I gotta say I’m with Negra on this one.
                      99.9%of the sisters with locs and natural hair in my small city, are married to non-black men. My observations, which are , just mine, but I’mma share them anyway, with are that y’all are so expressively black as a way of avoiding that inevitable slide into dominant culture thinking. Cultural suicide. Your husband’s people and culture are much more yours than yours are his. Over the years you’re gonna think more like him and his.

                      The non-black hubbies like all that “blackness”is because it proves how cool they are to be with a real, true black woman. The same thing with non-black women who gravitate to dark skinned brothers…99.9% of the tinme , ’cause, proof of blackness. Fits the stereotype for some.
                      Easy to be black with a non-black ’cause you don’t have to deal with any of our complicated in-house issues; you can pick and choose how to be black without any relevant critique. And you get to be an authority.
                      You’re still black but there are areas that are closed to you now that you’re married into another culture ( dominant culture if he’s white or a successful minority). Can’t say nothing about black love or relationships. You’re somewhat protected from some of the racial strife because you’re not as much of a threat to white folks anymore.
                      All that’s cool, if that’s your boy, go for it, but you give up cultural clout. It’s a fact. I respect your union, but, no I don’t take much of what you say about race as seriously because you’re culturally compromised now. The likelihood is that your kids will be even more white in outlook and your grandkids won’t even identify, let alone,marry black. And that’s cool as long as all of us don’t go that route. There are a very few exceptions, and even they’re closed out of some discussions, but not many and th likelihood is that you’re not one of them. Not to be mean, but the statistics are just so low.

                    • How did I miss this??? OHMYGAWD!!!!

                    • THIS! NWT I for one am -here- with everything you said here, Black people who love being Black want to have Black children.

                    • Basically…

                  • Yahmo Bethere

                    Black men did not like natural hair when I was growing up. My Latin mestizo BF did. Two black people does not make for unapologetic blackness.

                    These were Morehouse and Clark students that scrunched their nose at my haircut.

                    • I get it… and I didn’t say that it did. Going to an HBCU doesn’t necessarily mean that a person is conscious… That goes without saying,

              • AOM

                Are you speaking from experience or just making judgmentally assumptive conclusions based on minimal evidence? (Kind of like what America does to black folks every day.)

                This comment is no better than white people calling someone a “traitor to their race” for marrying or being friends with a black person. I get the bitterness in some of your comments and I ain’t mad, but I can’t get on board with dismissing black people just for associating with white people, especially if the are down for the cause.

                There are women I know who are married to white men and are unapologetically black, while some black women I know married to black men are not. I have several theories as to why. But your claim that someone can’t be married to a white person and be unapologetically black make me chuckle at its inaccuracy until it bothered me with its destructiveness.

                • http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/epicrapbattlesofhistory/images/4/4d/Tony_Stark_rolling_eyes.gif/revision/latest/window-crop/width/200/x-offset/0/y-offset/24/window-width/320/window-height/160?cb=20141124004453

                  Two things…

                  If you’ve read my posts, you couldn’t possibly think I care about how white folks sound… Long as they stay in their lane and not fukk with myfamily or my money.. THEY WON’T HAVE A PROBLEM FROM ME.

                  I didn’t call anybody a traitor nor say they were self-loathing, I said they weren’t unapologetically black. punto. fin. period… You were bothered and seemingly still are and I’m going about my day still with my opinion intact. You will be alright. *shrugs*

                  • AOM

                    Nope, just disagreeing with your comment and pointing out to other VSBers who read this thread some concerns I had with what you wrote. I think anyone who knows your posts doesn’t post a reply to your comments to change your mind! :-)

                  • Sirx

                    Fortunately, my pride in/of my blackness doesn’t require your validation any more than it requires White folks’. You can keep your definition of what you consider the right kind of Black.

                    You know what: What is this “unapologetically Black” that you keep going on about, anyway? Throughout this whole comment chain, you haven’t defined it once, while others have described people they know who definitely seem to fit the description. If they have not been describing an “unapologetically Black” lifestyle according to your definition, then please enlighten us to your definition? ‘Cause it sounds like you’re just parroting stuff.

                    • Sirx, clearly you need something because you went out your way to tell me that you didn’t need MY validation. I had no idea and still have no idea who you are.. so carry on.

                      And there’s nothing to enlighten you to, since you seem to be aware of the things I’ve said.. I have CLEARLY listed a lot of details about MY unapologetically black life. I, actually, write about it too.

                      I’m a whole bunch of shyt …a parrot isn’t one of them.

              • IJS… You perpetuate what you love. Whether its drama, violence, joy! or Blackness.

            • La Bandita

              Yes, Black women make their White partners better human beings.

          • Blackberry02

            Or, maybe they were like that the entire time…?

            • Mochasister

              Good point.

      • Another Man’s Rhubarb

        It’s been official since forever. Lee Daniels hates us – black women in particular. I will never understand how/why the Orpah’s of the world cape for that truly destructive human-esque person.

        • Overtymem Usicradio

          He does not have much love for black men either. Just look we are portrayed in his movies and tv shows. Especially if you are dark skinned.

    • La Bandita

      Lee Daniels hates Black girls and women. He probably hates puppies too. grrrrr He put the worse image of a Black girl to the world. I still have not seen Precious.

  • Cleojonz

    I was just saying to my husband recently that it seems like evil villains in cartoons and movies seem to forget that if their evil plan succeeds like blowing up the earth, that means that’s their a** too! WTF?!! These people continually go against their own best interests. I love how Rand Paul was the only Republican against the measures to defund Obamacare because his Kentucky constituents enrolled in huge numbers.

  • Question

    Do the people at the top of the GOP really deny climate change or do they just deny because its in their financial interest (right now) to do so? They’re trying to buy themselves time (and prevent federally sponsored competition) until they figure out what to do about it, at which point they’ll quietly direct funds in the direction of their benefits before folks in coal country realize what’s happening. And the sheeple who follow them a) don’t realize that there’s a difference and b) don’t realize that they won’t reap any of the benefits of climate change denial.

    Not that I have any sympathy. Fuck’ em.

    I just finally realized what’s going on.

    Its like my my Mom’s husband’s sister-in-law (yea, you read that right) said casually over dinner during the holidays cuz somehow we go to talking about “white trash” (they’re white): I don’t really care whether those [poor white kids] get a decent education or not – I just don’t want them in school with my kids, and I don’t want them in my kids’ way.

    • Otherjen

      It’s financially expedient for them to act like they believe it. Some of them may actually believe it or may not be intelligent enough to distinguish fact from fiction (which is maybe even scarier).

      • Question

        Exactly. The one’s out there with Make America Great Again hats, and protesting and talking about ‘murica don’t realize they’re about to be left behind by their own people (the ones for whom this has always been about $$$).

  • MoBell

    One of your absolute best posts!

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