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Donald Trump Is Just A White Man Allowed And Encouraged To Be As White As He Wants To Be

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Even when considering the torrential stream of bullshit that drips and sprays and drips and sprays and drips and sprays from Donald Trump’s mouth, his tweets today calling for a ban of transgender people from the military were remarkable. Because there’s no fucking way he believes that even the dumbest of his supporters believe a word of his justification — which is that the medical care for transgender people is too expensive. And he knows we know it’s bullshit. (Especially since the cost of transgender medical care is so minimal that the military spends 10 times as much on freakin Viagra.) And he knows we know that he knows.

We also know that Trump likely gives zero fucks about what transgender people do, and probably thought until maybe 53 minutes ago that “transgender” was just the name of Optimus Prime’s wife. That said, Trump’s actual feelings and apathies don’t matter as much as what he actually does, and this was a clearly discriminatory act that does nothing but encourage more violence against a group of people who are already disproportionate victims of violent crime.

What Trump does give fucks about, however, is this Russia-related heat on him and his family; a fire that burns hotter every day. His tweets were a way to deflect attention off of Russia while blowing a dog whistle and throwing a dog bone at his base. It was him reminding his people of his commitment to making America great again, and everything that means. And him feeling backed into a corner, and reaching deep into his bag(s) of Whiteness and Maleness and White Maleness to throw a counterpunch. And him reminding us that this is all he is, all he’s ever been, all he’ll ever be, and all he aspires to be.

This recklessness, this shamelessness, this level of transcendent petty, this annoyance and anger with facts, this apathy with how his actions will affect vulnerable people as long as it excites his base and oranges his skin, this treatment of women and minorities (disposable) and “friends” (expendable) and the truth (erasable) — this is capital letter WHITENESS at its whitest. It’s Whiteness with unfettered access to unforeseen Whiteness rooms and hidden Whiteness portals. It’s Whiteness completely unencumbered with constraint; Whiteness encouraged to seek and find an even whiter White. Donald Trump exists as a concretized distillation of all the things the creation of Whiteness was meant to be. He’s a messy agglomeration of a thousand million trillion American Dreams; curated and congealed into a singular and sentient and terrifying reverie.

He’s the Whiteness we’ve known since there was Whiteness to be known. Which is why, for those schooled in detecting pervasive Whiteness, nothing he’s done or will do is a surprise. Still, seeing this destructive Whiteness unleashed is jarring; even for true believers, the violence of its language and the bruteness of its actions is unbelievable. The calamity it causes is unfathomable; its predilection for self-sabotage and self-destruction preposterous; its intentional obliviousness singular and total. And if we do not stop it, if we can’t at least find a way to stem its damage and cauterize the wounds it inflicts, it will kill us all.

Damon Young

Damon Young is the editor-in-chief of VSB. He is also a columnist for And he's working on a book of essays to be published by Ecco (HarperCollins). Damon is busy. He lives in Pittsburgh, and he really likes pancakes. Reach him at Or don't. Whatever.

  • Mary Burrell

    I was laughing listening to Angela Rye’s podcast as she was making fun of him at the Boy Scout Jamboree and he was rambling like some drunk uncle at a wedding reception. It was unbelievable he was talking to young kids and he was rambling incoherently. It’s always something new form of idiocy with this lunatic.

    • grownandsexy2

      Did you hear him, talking about has Obama ever been to a Jamboree? What is his obsession with Obama? He’s always trying to compare himself to Obama and coming up a day late and a dollar short.

      • Tam

        But he is being enabled by many butthurt persons. People willing to cut off their noses to spite their faces

        • grownandsexy2

          He is. And they deserve whatever they get.

      • Mary Burrell

        And he constantly lies on Obama. First he says Obama was tapping his phone and then he lies again about Obama not attending the Boy Scout Jamboree and that wasn’t true either. 45 is jealous of the class and elegance of the Obamas. He seems to be obsessed with the Obamas.

        • grownandsexy2

          Obama has more class and elegance than he could ever hope for.

          • Janelle Doe

            And might I add to your comment: in the tip of the nail of his (President Obama’s) pinky than 45

            • grownandsexy2

              You ain’t never lied.

          • Mary Burrell



          Trump is a habitual liar. Trump said that he could be more Presidential than any President in history except for Lincoln. That is another lie from him. He does have sick obsession with the Obamas. Trump is jealous of Barack Obama’s intellect, composure, and confidence.

        • DiamondIsMyRealName

          Obama didnt attend in person but did a video for the occasion (For atleast one of the two that were held while he was in office). But I’m curious to know what other presidents didn’t show up or even send a video and why weren’t they brought up?

      • Meeks

        Because people love Obama and he’s jealous. It’s like an obsession for him, this need to be better than Obama.

      • “M”
      • Michelle is my First Lady

        It irks Trump because he knows that Obama, a black man, is a better man than he ever will be. Obama is charismatic, popular, and charming, and Trump is just, well… Trump will do anything he can do try to outshine Obama.

        • JD_Challenger

          Too bad that the citizens of Libya or relatives of the victims of wrongful drone attacks in Yemen during Obama’s administration can’t agree with you.

    • SororSalsa

      He was talking politics at a boy scout event. Wtf???? Why was he talking to these kids about 1) the election (this idjit can’t deal with the fact that he lost the popular vote; I’m starting to think that the election is a stand-in for his inadequate feelings about his “hand” size); and 2) the story of someone buying a yacht to have chex parties on. Why no one stopped this I’ll never know.

      • Val

        He wasn’t just talking politics he lead them, the scouts, to boo President Obama.

        • Tam

          What goes around, comes around and time longer than twine. The level of disrespect that he will be heaped upon him before he passes will stain the family for generations.

      • Mary Burrell

        I still question his mental health

        • cedriclathan

          There are no questions. That fool aint right. I’m the crackhead whisperer and I know when someone aint right.

        • Yahmo Bethere

          Chiiiiile. On these FB streets I’ve seen many a medical professional and caretaker break down the stage of dementia he’s in.

      • ClaymoreParamore

        Distraction and Indoctrination. Taking it straight out of the Hitler and Goebbels playbook


      Trump is totally a bad role model cursing at a Boy Scout Jamboree too.

  • AsamiSato

    I love this piece, thank you for writing it!

  • Out of Patience

    White people so pressed about Obama the next white man they elected is the most useless and ignorant man in the country.

  • Mary Burrell

    Great post Damon

  • Marceline

    Everything we are dealing with now is revenge for the fact that we elected Obama not just once but twice.

    We showed up to the polls and put a black guy in office. Because of that they dismantled any aspect of society that made that possible (the Voting Rights Act) while turning against things they previously supported (the ACA/Merrick Garland) because those things were touched by a black hand.

    • King Beauregard

      I am still working through my outrage and contempt for Lefties who sat out 2010. I haven’t even touched my supply from 2014 and 2016.

      There are zero justifications for white Lefties sitting out any of the above elections, or for casting votes for joke candidates like Pinkie Pie or Jill Stein. Shtty spoiled children who really, really need to experience some adversity firsthand, and then they’ll never make Sarandon-like noises ever again.

      There are people of color who sat out those elections, and while I wish they had voted Democratic, I can’t be angry. I can respect the skepticism about the Democrats and the system in general; it doesn’t come from nowhere (now that’s an understatement). Nevertheless, even a disappointing Democrat would be vastly better than what we’ve got now, and that’s always the calculation for Election Day.

      • Mack Doggs

        So it’s ok for people of color to stay out of elections, but inexcusable for white people to do so? LOL

        can you even hear yourself?

        • PinkRose

          Can you read? He said “I can’t be angry”.

        • King Beauregard

          When white people sit out an election, it’s because they’re spoiled little children who are butthurt that the system is giving them only 90% of what they want. When people of color sit out an election, many of them do so because they feel they’re going to get screwed over no matter what, so it doesn’t much matter. I disagree with the latter, but I respect that it comes from feelings and experiences with more merit than “it’s not fair that I don’t have free tuition!”

        • “M”

          You don’t understand the concept of a false equivalence, do you?

      • ClaymoreParamore

        “Sarandon-like noises” bhahahahdsahahahahahaha

  • grownandsexy2

    Lordy, Damon gon have all the trolls up in here.

  • Hugh Akston

    Listening to some folks crying because the aca might be taken away

    And those were his voters saying they didn’t expect this

    Weren’t we all listening to the same guy?

    Calling him unethical because he’s doing what you elected him for? Let the repeal begin I wouldn’t fault dems right now to jump ship and just say “you know what? You’re right no more aca”

    • Tam

      So he is doing his utmost to keep his most dire promises. Those that will positively impact on the life of the populace – meh

    • Alessandro De Medici

      Really, Repubs crying because they gonna lose healthcare…

      I need to see some receipts lol

      • Hugh Akston

        Lol it was a radio show…and some folks were complaining about not know what to do if ocare is taken away as their kids were saved by it or are surviving because of it

        But there have been quite a few of those folks but they’re in the minority and even then I still think they would vote for him a second time around

        • Yahmo Bethere

          This dude was on CNN I think. He gets no sympathy from me.

  • Queen@

    I still haven’t reconnected with my [black, woman, educated, middle-class, former Obama supporter] since finding out she voted for Trump.

    Every time I contemplate it…

    He does something to remind me, nah.

    • DizzyLizzyGyal

      Aint that it? On occasion, I miss my Trump voting friend and think, well maybe I was wrong, I should call.

      But he’s always there, being a mess. That friendship is dead for good.

      • “M”

        It’s rough, right?

        Every time you want to pick up the phone, 45 does some other horribly bigoted, corrupt thing.

        And it’s not like they’re calling *us*.

    • cedriclathan

      I think I have one of those too. I know the feeling. I can’t say for sure that he voted for Durmpf but some of his anti Obama post on FB might have been a clue. I have a hard time bringing myself to call.

    • KB

      I had met this really pretty black woman and things were going well between us, until I found out she was a trump supporter. She actually compared him to Lincoln when I mentioned how divided the country was over him and thought he would go down as one of the greatest president’s in history. She is a fully gone republican and used the ‘republicans freed the slaves’ line that most black repubs like to trot out to defend their support of the party. Pretty or not I don’t want that type of negativity in my life so I had to cut her off.

    • Yahmo Bethere

      Where is she from? Is she religious?

      Ed. Military?

  • Val

    He’s just trying to change the subject. He’s always trying to change the subject. And the subject is Russia. He’s an evil person for using an unfavored minority, who already deal with enough crap from people, as a diversion from his criminal activities. Fortunately though his proposed ban on transgender folks in the military is unlikely to happen.

    • Love Heals

      You just reminded me. It’s another way he seems to fully be under Putin’s spell. Russia’s hateful to LGBTQIA , Africana/Black, other people of color, etc. His ill-gotten money is right in line with the oligarchs who got rich at the expense of the health and well-being of the people.

    • Yahmo Bethere

      I really hope the Dems don’t take the bait. Let the lawyers handle it.

  • Love Heals

    White Male Cis Hetero Rich “Christian”. White: the only legitimate standard for humanity. Male: A distinction based on presumed inferiority of the female/feminine person or principle. Cis: White Biological Maleness as the standard for the pinnacle of personhood. Hetero: The only “real”, “natural” orientation-with emphasis on male dominance as part of a “divine” order. “Christian”: Using Bible verses in hateful ways to marginalize everyone who disagrees (even self-identified members). Rich: What is viewed as the logically deserved result of being all of the above with an uncharitable description of their poor as “trash”. Prognosis: Consistent performance results in virulent forms of aspirational Whiteness marked by entitlement, apathy for “others” and a demands for genuflection worldwide. (Rinse and repeat for White skinned Arab “Muslim”.)

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