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Do You Know What Today Is?

It's our Anniversary Bitches

That’s right, folks. Today, March 31, 2010 is our Anniversary. The day that marketh the conclusion of the second year of’s birth.

A few words from the VSB Leadership

Panama Jackson: I, Panama Dontavious Jackson, just want to thank you, heavenly father, for shining your light on me. You make me happy, so very ha…waitaminute. Oh. Right. VSB. We just want everybody to know how much we appreciate you all coming thru over the past 2 years. There have been ups and downs. Tears and fears. Sometimes we traded tears for fears but at the end of the day, the fact that I’m a 3 never railroaded me. And since no trains were run during the making of this accomplishment, today was a good day. It is definitely hard to say goodbye to yesterday, but tomorrow will bring, a better you, a better me. To all of you folks who come here everyday and read and comment, or just read, thanks for sleepwalking. We’ve got some bigger and better things on deck and hopefully you all will come along for the ride. We’re going from a 4.0 to a 4.6. And you know the difference between those two. And if you don’t, I’m sure somebody here will tell you. Peace to the Gods, the Earths, and the Seeds. Your friendly neighborhood 3. Thanks for real. For I am nothing, nothing, nothing…if I (we) don’t…haaaaaaaaaaaave yoooooooooooooooou…Word. Life.

The Champ: in the last two years we’ve seen a black president bring back light-skinned black male points, the dumbest thing out of alaska since the last season of “northern exposure”, the births of twitter, facebook lesbians, kanyes shag, and the overuse of the word “vet” as well as the deaths of the king of pop, hip-hop, autotune, gatorade, corey haim, john edwards’ career and kat stacks’ vag1na.

still, all of this pales in comparison to the rise of, the modern day continuance of riley and springers lonely shanty nights, a deadly culmination of panama jackson, liz burr, liz burr’s boobs, and an eggheaded cat from pittsburgh, and I graciously thank you for allowing us to be the most important thing any of you have ever had in your lives.

Liz: If I went by  our email inbox, half of ya’ll don’t know who I am or that I help keep VSB afloat, but that’s alright. I still love you anyway. Thanks for making these past two years freaking awesome, and for putting up with us PJ and the Champ. It’s been fun working on such a large site with such an awesome community. I have enjoyed seeing the site grow and blossom to some wonderful wonderfullness, and I hope you’ll like the cool stuff we have planned in the near future.


Some of you may remember for our Centennial post we gave out (virtual) Commenter Awards. To celebrate our Second Birthday, we wanted to give a special thanks to the 10 most commenting-est commenters on VSB for the last two years. That’s right, we’re GIVING AWAY FREE VSB T-SHIRTS to these special folks. And not just any shirt, we have some new shirts coming down the pipeline (designed by a real designer!), and these Chosen Few will be the first to receive our brand spanking new exclusive design. Without further adieu …*drumroll*

The Top 10 Most Commentingest VSB Commenters of ALL TIME!

  1. miss t-lee
  2. Me fail english?
  3. Cheekie
  4. Luvvie
  5. blackberry molasses
  6. shatani
  7. WuDaMan
  8. pgh muse
  9. Gem of the Ocean
  10. Deviant

These super VSBs and VSSs have comment counts into the several thousands. Impressive. We appreciate their time and dedication to never shutting the f*ck up moving conversation here on VSB and would like for everyone to give them a nice VSB soul clap and throw a lil VSB glitter in the air. (If your name is on this list, we will be e-mailing you shortly about t-shirt options and delivery.)

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Time for a group hug

Thanks again for taking the time to visit VSB everyday. This is the part where all the lurkers take the time to de-lurk, and leave their first comment on VSB. Everybody else? You know what to do…

  • Peter Parker

    Congrats and sh*t

  • Tyroc

    Happy Anniversary y’all

    • The Champ


      welcome and shit

  • Selah


    You guys have gotten me through many a boring class, and now that I’ve graduated, you’ve gotten me through many a boring morning. I hardly ever comment, but I def stay up on the latest :)

    and Liz, you know you my dawg right? You gotta come visit Chanelle again so I can roll through and we can talk about people LOL

    Love yall!

    • Liz

      @Selah, Hahah! Yes, I shall return to LA for some shenanigans sometime this summer :)

      • Selah


        Sweet! lol

  • sanen85

    SWell damn, I hope I’m the first to say Happy Birthday! Gifts in the mail.

    • sanen85

      @sanen85, I don’t know where that extra S came from, typing on the phone gets on my nerves. Anyways, thanks to Selah’s quickness I didn’t get to be the first. Thank you guys for occupying (distracting) me while I’m supposed to be working, although I’m not 100% sure I should be thanking you.

  • shay-d-lady

    What I ont get no shirt? F!ck this!
    And who the hell is katt stacks?
    Naw fo real congrats! I love the site! Keep up the good work!
    But for real…who the hell is katt stacks?

    • AliLaine4



      What??? No shirt for Shay-d-lady?!?!?!?!? #ChildPlease!!

      • Liz

        @AliLaine4, LOL. For real, I tallied the numbers. Shay-d-lady was close, but not in the top 10.

        • Cheekie


          I’m genuinely shocked and appalled. O_O

    • Deeds

      @shay-d-lady, kat stacks is apparently the new superhead. She has a website and put out a youtube video talking about how she was chexing up youngmoney and tried to put them on blast about them being broke. I guess she talks about the other D-lists guys she chexes on her website.

    • Miss Patterson
    • Sula


      I co-sign this here statement! Shay-d-lady needs a motherf*ck’n tee-shirt!! :)

  • AliLaine4

    Congrats to VSB!!!

    I’ve enjoyed this blog ever since I heard about it through Essence!! You all definitely crack me up on the daily…Keep up the good work!!

  • MzKang

    Congrats VSB! I love coming here daily and reading your blog. I haven’t been able to comment regularly as when I first came (pretty much because when I read the blog now everyone has commented and moved on), but I keep coming back for the comic relief, yet thoughtful topics. And I love reading everyone’s comments. Happy Birthday!

    …and when are we going to get more podcasts???

    • Liz

      @MzKang, podcasts should be coming within the week! i think…

      • Panama Jackson

        @Liz, yeah, i think we got one planned for right after the VSB BBQ

        • Cheekie

          @Panama Jackson,


  • sexywinergirl

    yeah congrats and sh*t!!!

  • Naomi

    Snaps for the kids! The kids being Liz, Panama and Champ. yea

    Like most have said, I love this site for real. Ya’ll don’t know how many ppl I’ve schooled by dropping some knowledge I learned from here. Keep on keepin on

  • P.

    *throws confetti and shit*

    • Cheekie


      This is a manly way to throw confetti, if there ever was one…

    • IJstDntUnderstand

      @P., Co-Sign!
      Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy BDay VSB (Doing a little jig while throwing confetti and giving spirit fingers)…I’m a multitasking type of gal!
      Birthdays are my fave!!!!

      Tis All!