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Dear White People Who Believe They’re Victims Of Racial Oppression: You Are Wrong, You Are Dumb, And I Hate You

Do y’all remember that time some Africans sailed across the Atlantic Ocean and found a bunch of people living on some continents and got friendly with them and then decided, “Oh, y’all cool but do you mind, we’re going to kill you now and steal your land. Ok thanks?” But then they were like, “well now we need people to work this land  cuz I got damn sure ain’t gonna do it?”

And so on their way to Iceland to probably steal more shit, they landed in Europe and were like “we’ll kidnap these strapping British and Scottish people they seem jovial they won’t care.” And then some greedy ass Africans decided to make a whole trade thing out of it with a few trifling ass Europeans. So Africans sold Europeans some guns and rice so they could make hella jollof and fight amongst themselves and, in exchange, got a shit ton of European people in the deal. And then Africans forced those Europeans to work for free in the stolen New World and they set up a whole economic system based on brutalizing millions of European people. And then they made shit up–we’ll call it black supremacy– to justify the whole ordeal.

And then after a war that freed these Europeans, Africans just couldn’t relinquish a fraction of the overwhelming amount of power they accumulated. So they segregated the shit out of everything to keep anything good to themselves and make Europeans’ lives as inconvenient as possible.

And then a brave little white girl, named Ruby Bridges, chose to fight against said segregation. So her trill ass showed up at a school full of African kids and soldiered through crowds of their dusty ass moms who tried to make her life a living hell. But lil trill Ruby showed up every day like a boss.


In yet another example of White people’s fauxpression, after super rich evil lady Betsy DeVos was blocked from entering a public school that she likely wants to destroy, some basic White dude was inspired to recreate Norman Rockwell’s iconic painting of Ruby Bridges desegregating her Louisiana elementary school and came up with this fuckery:

And I have questions. First of all, when did Betsy DeVos become a dwarf?

Ok. I really don’t have any other questions, because when it comes to backwards as fuck White people, I already know the answers.

This artist’s stunt is just another in a long line of White people’s beliefs they are victims of big, bad, brown people while brutalizing said brown people. It’s how we end up with aggressive, deadly police officers consistently convincing grand juries and judges that they were justified in killing unarmed Black men and women. It’s the creation of the KKK during Reconstruction. It’s Trump’s presidency, bolstered almost entirely by White people who benefited from Barack Obama believing they were victimized by Barack Obama. It’s the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, a man deeply rooted in love and nonviolence yet targeted as a threat by the federal government. It’s Abigail Fisher and the scores of White conservatives rallying behind her mediocrity to protest imaginary Black people stealing her unearned spot at UT Austin. It’s how studies can show that white Americans, when faced with evidence of their privilege, dig even deeper into the myth that they are mistreated.

A fundamental requirement of being a racist person is to be as delusional as possible. You cannot believe an entire group of people has negative qualities unless you’re detached from reality. White people’s perpetuation of victimization would be laughable if it didn’t have such extreme consequences for those who live in a real world in which White supremacy and White delusion regularly oppress the lives of Black and brown people .

And many of us know their delusion exists, and we just stopped giving any fucks about them. Like Rihanna at the Grammys, we’ve been relishing in our fuck deficiency and sipping brown likka from our diamond encrusted flask, but keeping one eye open in case something pops off.

But between White conservatives getting real buck with their explicit racism over the last few months and the televised robbery of Beyoncé, my fucks have been reupped. My fuck cup has runneth over, and it will nourish me for at least the next six months, if not all 2017.

So I’m giving y’all a heads up now, if one of these headass, fauxpressed white people as much as says hi in my general direction, I will ATL stomp all over one of their raw Trump steaks, milly rock on the steak mash, and throw the steak mash at their head while reciting the Black Panther Party 10 Point Program. In a country that spreads White victimhood in our faces with as much force as it spreads white supremacy, this is the least I could do.

Malaika Jabali

Malaika Jabali is an attorney, writer, and activist with a J.D. and M.S. from Columbia University. When she's not getting a superfluous amount of degrees, she is defending A.I.'s practice rant, knucking if you bucking, and reviewing the meme calendar to ensure its accuracy. You can follow her on the twitter at @MalaikaJabali.

  • black-a-rican

    Thank you.

  • Strange cartoon, but meh. De Vos kind of sucks even at the policies she wants to implement. But I’m not exactly worried.

    • Tam

      The dude that does this. Said he because of the toxicity in politics he wanted to open conversation. I deeply doubt because his work proves otherwise

      • My question is that what would expect from a Conservative? They’ve made their views plain.

        • Tam

          Nothing at all. But do not try to BS when you are called out.

          • Janelle Doe


      • Janelle Doe

        If this is the only way he can think to open a conversation then he should … [redacted]

  • Mary Burrell

    I am sure that Lara troll will be on this thread crying her tears. And the other 2520 trolls will chime in as well. Boo Effing Hoo!

    • HouseOfBonnets

      and once again I’m more than willing to turn on the location so she can catch a fresh chi-town uppercut with a side of stomp because she’s draining and I’m weary.

    • Lara

      I am not going to bother reading this article. The author obviously does not like people like me. One thing I’ve learned as I’ve gotten older is that not everyone is going to like you, That’s just life.

      • Mary Burrell

        So now that we got that cleared up be banished to your cave.

    • Brown Rose

      The sad part is that I can’t block them. Disqus won’t allow it.

      • vanessa197676

        Try KillFile. You can still Hush them.

        • Brown Rose

          I’ll try. It Obvious trolls are annoying.

      • Marceline

        Why can’t they be blocked?

        • Brown Rose

          Their name is grayed out and when I hit the block button I get an error message.

          • Cheech

            Which is how you know it’s a professional troll. Flag, downvote, don’t feed.

  • UrbanNortheast

    I saw that on Twitter the other day. A wave of fury washed over me and I had to sit still – like, sit in my hands – until I calmed down.

  • Hugh Akston

    You know it would be interesting to see a movie describing the first part

    I mean imagine the scene with Denzel from glory but instead have Denzel holding the whip and have brad Pitt’s pale back being naked in the sun and Denzel lashing at him and he’s like “what’s your name?” “Brad” whip “it’s Onoloulou Bagaloulou, b*tch” 20 times over lol

  • I saw the painting as a tacit approval that black people are on the right side of the history. So much of the last 50 years since the Civil Rights Movement has been naked, inexcusable power used to hold black people- and other peoples who aren’t white, male, and straight- down.

    The CRM exposed their claims to power as morally bankrupt. Now they steal the imagery of our morality and claim it as their own. They know they have nothing over us now except power. And as Baldwin says, nobody holds on to power forever.

    • HoneyRose

      Meh. I think all but the most extremist white person can give tacit approval to the Ruby Bridges-style racism from the 1950s, as that’s super overt and obvious. What they can’t connect the dots on is how policies like DeVos’s are still racist and still hold back children of color.

  • “A fundamental requirement of being a racist person is to be as delusional as possible. You cannot believe an entire group of people has negative qualities unless you’re detached from reality.”

    Milly rock on their steak mash!!! You gone take my favorite dance and waste on some seasonless ayus steak? lol

  • Irked Wind & Tired (Hooba)

    Here’s what I cannot wrap my mind around: This woman is a billionaire. Colt, (This is what I call him now) is a billionaire. It would not have taken them running for office to help people if that is what they truly wanted to do. People talking about save Melonia… You know what? Punch me in my mouth on the day that my non-rich a s s ever feels sorry for a BILLIONAIRE.

    • Glo

      I don’t even know why she wanted this job.

      • Irked Wind & Tired (Hooba)


      • Cleojonz

        I said the exact same thing on the other thread. Why does she want this job? She certainly doesn’t need a paycheck.

      • Wizznilliam

        Because there are trillions to be made over the years from privatizing public schools. Same with privatizing social security and privatizing Medicare. This is all conservatism is about. Just pushing public money into private hands. That’s how they plan to keep and grow their billions. They give a few million away to politicians so that they can make billions.

        • Me

          The funny thing is that they’re basically asking the people to VOTE for the US to become third world. That way they’re hoping the oligarchs avoid the guillotine. Like poor folks are too stupid to know they’re getting poorer. Some are, but that’s why it’s so important for middle class folks to realize how close they really are to the poverty line because they’re the ones getting snuffed out to make room for the megarich. It’s A LOT EASIER to become poor than to become rich in this country.

        • HoneyRose

          Exactly. If she can get in there for 4-8 years and do as much damage to the public school system as possible, perhaps push through some legislation that allows the funnelling of public dollars to private schools through vouchers and school choice programs, loosening up regulations on school accreditation and assessment, and requiring more and more standardized tests – that’s all $$$$. Money for private and for-profit schools, money for for-profit “educational consultants” and money for standardized testing companies that now “have to” step in and make tests.

      • TheUnsungStoryteller


        Whenever morals and ethics don’t make sense to the actions of white people, I just subscribe to the idea that all they want is more POWER and WEALTH. The good book does say that the LOVE of money is the root of all evil.

      • splashy79

        She wants to turn the US into a theocracy, with her beliefs as the only religion allowed. The premise is that if they can indoctrinate the children into it, then they can take over and get everything for themselves.

        To start with, they want to segregate all kids by race, class, gender, religion and ability. That way they won’t be exposed to anyone that is different from them, so will be more easily indoctrinated into right wing thinking, hating everyone that is not like them.

        It’s a long term plan, pushed by the Dominionists. They are a dangerous lot.

        • Doug Chu

          I’m from Betsy DeVos’ hometown of Grand Rapids and I’m no stranger to her and her family’s business. She is very interested in power but it’s from a paternalistic elite standpoint than a crazy fundamentalist Dominionist angle. If you’re interested I’ll explain more.

          • HoneyRose

            It seems like it’s a little bit of both. She’s been open about her Christian motivations behind her education agenda.

            • “M”

              I’m not even really trying to split those hairs since it all ends up in the same place.

              Rumor has it Death Darth Bannon and KellyAnn ConArtist have some similar undisclosed Dominionist leanings.

              Dominionist, paternalistic elite — not really seeing a whole lot of difference there.

              And has the same outcome for me & mine & those who resemble us.

    • Janelle Doe

      I too am not here for the Saving of that lady.
      I have real causes to support.

    • Tam

      Because they are the most misrepresented and oppressed persons in the world

    • Duncan Frame

      People with that level of wealth don’t look at how much they have. They look at how much is left to take.

      • Irked Wind & Tired (Hooba)

        Ah. Thank you for clearing that up. Well, their greed will cost us many lives, and possibly the loss of America. But hey, at least they will come out unscathed.

      • Brooklyn_Bruin

        Ouch, that truth hurts

    • Val

      Melonia was out there campaigning. She’s a willing participant. I get tired of people acting like she’s a victim.

      • Tam

        Not only that she said some pretty wretched things too

        • Val

          And she’s a plagiarist.

      • Irked Wind & Tired (Hooba)

        Thank you! And she’s not as stupid and weak as she lets on. I see right through that. She prolly goes home and speaks perfect English. ?

        • Tam

          I doubt that part, but she is as racist as he is. Eastern European and all

          • Irked Wind & Tired (Hooba)

            Ha! sorry. I guess I’m being on my dramatic stuff today. But in all seriousness. I see her. Or through her as the case may be. And I haven’t a lick of sympathy for her. Once again, I’m not rich, let alone wealthy. I can’t feel sorry for a billionaire. It’s just illogical.

            • Negro Libre

              Lol, y’all must have some eyes, cause outside of her copying Michelle’s speech, I don’t think I’ve seen her at all. She might as well be a Mannequin that Trump carries around when he’s attending family events or something.

              • pls

                death at “mannequin”

        • Kas loves Jamaican Breakfast

          East Europeans are a lot of things, but weak is not one of them

      • Brown Rose

        And she was on TV singing the Birther song, loud and proud. There is nothing weak about her. She had complete agency over what she said and did. Including stealing Michele’s speech.

        • Mary Burrell

          And questioning Barack’s birth certificate. I saw Michelle give her the side eye when she gave her that blue Tiffany box.

          • Brown Rose

            How can she not. The big awkward blue box after all that crap that she said and did.

            • Mary Burrell

              Oh i agree i thought how awkward.

            • PinkRose

              That the THE most classless and ostentatious thing I’ve ever seen. As if Mrs. Obama gives a flyin’ flip about Tiffany box!

      • I have said it since the inauguration and will continue to say it – EFF HER AND HER SIX LANGUAGES.

        • Janelle Doe

          And her m eff n crew!

      • Mochasister

        I agree. That chick knew what she was getting into when she married that human version of a Dorito. Money is NOT everything.

    • Wizznilliam

      Is that “Hollywood Colt”? Or is this some other reference that I’m missing?

      • Irked Wind & Tired (Hooba)

        … 45… Malt liquor… Bottom of the barrel, trash liquor. What is Hollywood Colt? I’d google but you brought up. School me.

        • Furious Styles

          He appears at 3:17. We all know him but don’t want to meet him.

          • Irked Wind & Tired (Hooba)

            LMAO!!! Yep. I mad I knew this but didn’t know it off hand. Preciate the lesson Friend.

          • Wizznilliam

            LOL.. This is my s***! Them horns though!

            • Cleojonz

              Yesss to the horns!!! And that one break with the drums towards the end. Wooo!

          • cedriclathan

            Sounds like “cole” to me.

          • Cleojonz

            I always thought they said “Cole” And this is my jam btw. Favorite Outkast album.

          • Sweet Ga Brown

            Lawd Hamucy. It’s Hollywood Court. Some projects that’s on Hollywood Road right next to Holly Ridge. Ppl always rep where they from in the mist of a altercation in a club.
            Hollywood Court, everyone. Court!

            • Sweet Ga Brown

              Mind you I am from Atlanta and lived on Hollywood Road and been up and thru those parts.

              • Hammster

                Not from ATL but from the south and knew it was court b/c I speak country

              • Wizznilliam

                Yea… You gotta give us a pass on that one. Not being from Atlanta, Court sounds WAY too similar to Colt… At least we did not go with coat, which would have been much worse. All these years until yesterday, in my mind Hollywood Colt was the baddest MFer on the planet.

            • Furious Styles

              Thanks! No way would I have known that. I’ve been walking around for years thinking it was some dude.

        • Wizznilliam

          Actually that is my bad.. I know now after Googling myself.. I always thought Andre 3000 always said, “Now who else wanna f*** with Hollywood Colt?” in SpottieOttieDopalicious.. Apparently it is “Court”. That was a Midwestern kid’s bad interpretation. So I’ve actually learned something new today. Hollywood Court is a place.

          • BT

            I’m confused as to why this happens, as I clearly hear the word “court.” but again, I also note that i’m an Atlana native so it would be obvious to me.

            • Wizznilliam

              I guess that was just my bad interpretation… of the situation.

              I spent some time in Dallas as a kid, and usually can pick up most southern dialect.. But that completely flew by me. Maybe if I knew of the place before hand I would have caught it. It STILL sounds like “Colt” to me today as I just listened to it.

              • Kas loves Jamaican Breakfast

                In my family, Colt and Court sound basically the same (Arkansas roots).

            • pls

              I’m from NC and thought he was saying Hollywood Cove

          • It’s Hollywood Cole.

            • Wizznilliam

              Nah.. The original is Hollywood Court. So says my Google Sleuthing.
              J. Cole says Hollywood Cole.

          • Irked Wind & Tired (Hooba)

            I appreciate this all the more being that it’s BHM.

            I always thought he said court too!

            I also thought Bobby Brown was saying: No matter what your french fries tell ya, we were made to fall in love. So imagine my surprise reading the captions during the NE story. I did my googles because we all know that close captioning is only a good 65% accurate as it pertains to black stuff sooooo yeah. Tangent.

            • Wizznilliam

              “… what your french fries tell ya”.. LOL. It took me a minute to figure out what song you were talking about.

              • Irked Wind & Tired (Hooba)

                Apparently the man was saying, “No matter what your friends try and tell ya”.


                *Snickles* I’m so sleepy. Let me get back to the seriousness of the real world.

          • T&J’s Pops

            It’s for sure Hollywood Court. J. Cole effed up the game with that one, 3-stacks was talking about the projects.

            • Wizznilliam

              I had it messed up way before J. Cole. Though I’m sure he has made it worse. I think many people, not from Atlanta did not know that unless they eventually looked it up.

            • Mochasister

              I like your avi. Martin looks like how I feel right about now.

              • T&J’s Pops

                It’s top three black history side-eye. I’d say number one except that Gloria Richardson exists and I feel like Fred and Ida B. Wells weren’t for play-play neither.

    • Brown Rose

      Its goes back to a historical and cultural artifact that may have started with chivalry that White women, especially high born white woman are there to be saved.

      • pls

        Racism was created to protect the white man’s money and his women. Often times white women are more racist than white men as they actually believe they are physically threatened by the mere presence of nonwhite humans. Sick way to live.

  • Glo

    I said this somewhere else yesterday: studies have shown that black children are often seen as adults and impervious to pain. When black children are bullied, beaten, or harmed in any way, the system is less forgiving because there is a perception that black children can handle it. The parallel drawn between this grown woman and a 6 year old black child further demonstrates that the child is being seen (and treated) as an adult.

    Saying that DeVos (who is going to further ruin our school system) deserves the same sympathy as a child (who was simply trying to go to school) is so unbelievably, incredibly offensive. DeVos’s life was never in danger (she was being protested by teachers, ffs), but Ruby’s life was.

    • Brown Rose

      Exactly this.It angers me how often people can’t even see Black children as children. Also, Black women are also seen as less than women and are often treated worse then men. .

      • Marthacyoung

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      • Monicajkoon

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      • Shawnardavis

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      • Etheljhein

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      • Vladimir
        • Brown Rose

          You sick f*ck. Reported and flagged you filthy son of a bitch.

          • Vladimir

            What’s so sick Rosie; showing how niqqers actually are in real life, and not the BS way you’re presented on TV? TNB is in your DNA. Does this bug you too?


            • Duncan Frame

              You’re a fool.

          • Jerome Dye

            U a hoe u cant face the factz THE BLACK MAM IS GOD AND THE BLACK WOMAN IS HIS HEAVEN

            • Brown Rose

              Anothervsick f*ck. Flagged and blocked

              • Jane Shetterly

                thank you!

            • Jane Shetterly

              women are not anyone’s “heaven.” we are people.

      • Vladimir


        • Brown Rose

          You sick f*ck. Reported and flagged you filthy son of a bitch..

    • PinkRose

      Y’all will get a REAL view of how Black kids aren’t always seen as kids when you’re looking for a pediatrician.

      • Glo

        Oh no. :(

      • Question

        I’m afraid to ask, but what do you mean?

        • PinkRose

          A couple ways. If you have girls, most will assume they’ll be s*xually active at age 10. And they’ll insist in birth control in middle and high school just because their Black. Pain management is my BIGGEST issue both for Peds and adults. You’ll have to educate yourself/talk to a trusted professional to make sure your kid gets the standard of care in pain management, since most will assume YOUR kid “can take it”.

          I could probably write a book on this bull$hit! ?

          • George Romaka

            Fucking fuck this is one of the saddest things I’ve had the displeasure of learning. Fuck. That fucking sucks. I hadn’t even though that far down the way yet (I’m still white-hand wringing over whether or not to tell my 10yo white son and the *all of his friends who are black* not to run around playing with toy guns because I’m afraid someone’s son, not mine, is going to get shot for “being a kid while black” and I love them all so much but I also don’t want to scare them or deprive them of a normal childhood but…).

            Thank you for sharing that. Fuck.

            • JennyJazzhands

              I saw Hispanic and black preteens playing with a be be gun outside not too long ago and I asked them to play with that in their yard and not out in the open. And when I explained why, they understood and went inside.
              Then, I was even more sad that two 12 year Olds fully understood that they could be murdered for shooting at cans with a be be gun.

              • Mochasister

                It was good that you talked to them. You just might have saved their lives.

            • ZioFascist


          • Glo

            This is so ridiculously sad. Our babies can never just be babies.

          • HoneyRose

            There’s research showing that black patients are less likely to be offered pain meds, because doctors believe they experience less pain on average and also assume they are more likely to be faking in order to seek recreational drugs.

            • PinkRose

              I’ve seen studies saying that and while i agree that many health professionals assume we’re looking for an easy “fix”, the rest are just uncaring a$$holes plain and simple.

            • Yahmo Bethere


            • Blueberry01

              You mean how white children do? :sips tea:

            • Lunam_Kardas

              What?! WHY?! They’re human beings just like anyone else! What the fuck does darker skin have to do with pain tolerance?!

          • LMNOP

            I took my daughter for her 10 year old check up last year and the doctor asked if she smoked or used drugs or alcohol. I get that this is just a question they have to ask, so I kind of laughed and said something like “no, she’s 10.” And then the doctor started going on and on about how he sees a lot of 5 year olds who smoke and drink “around here.” I work with kids and can say for sure that our community does not actually have an early childhood substance abuse problem.

            • PinkRose

              Honey, I WENT IN on a Pediatrician who told me that my kid would certainly be s*xually active in high school, just ’cause. So I fixed that by getting a Black Pediatrician, and I personally think that’s extremely important for us.

            • renae30590

              I’m white and they ask me those same questions. They ask you in private and stuff.

          • My mami is an APNM and she did her thesis on pain management and the disproportionate ways blacks are NOT given pain medication even though it’s proven that managing pain promotes faster healing.

            When I was in labor with my daughter… the doctor and the midwife agreed I could have Demerol for the pain…. I asked the nurse 2x times for it.. She blew me off with an, “In a minute, Sweetie!” Both times…. she wasn’t doing anything that warranted me waiting…. In fact, my mother was watching the monitor and my IV. Mami told me to stay cool both times and if I had to ask a third time- GO OFF!!

            First, I am not you “Sweetie”.. I’m a grown ayus woman .

            Second…. That third time I didn’t ask… as tired and dehydrated as I was at this point from being stuck at 7 for 19 hours, in a birthing suite full of staff and my family… I said, “BYTCH, I’m not asking. GET MY DEMEROL NOW!”

            Guess who’s scrambled? it took all the strength to me to yell that and then my mother went to Clinical Manager and filed a complaint… My mother worked for the same health system… they didn’t know.

            She brought her sorry ayus back over to me to apologize after ZI had my baby… She sat there looking for me to accept it.. and I told her… you can guess the rest.

            Do your job!!

    • Diego Duarte

      What I find most offensive is that they continue to act as if they were being demonized or discriminated against.

      No. Absolutely not. Not Having it. When you, as a collective, are so lacking in actual issues that you base an entire political movement and a “counter-revolution” based almost exclusively on the notion that you have the right to be shtty and offensive to women and minorities, then you might be beyond fcking privileged, my friend.

    • HoneyRose

      And comparing a child being kept out of school because of the simple color of her skin to a white woman who has actively spent her entire life trying to destroy the public school system is just despicable. Glenn McCoy’s defense after people criticize him makes it clear he doesn’t get it: he whined about how “after all these years,” people are still being “denied the right to speak freely…or enter public buildings because others disagree with who they are or how they think.”

      “How you think” (and “what you do”) is in no way comparable to “who you are.” Actually, his statement was unintentionally super racist, because it lumps race in with a way of being. Also, who is preventing DeVos from speaking? She’s doing a whole lot of speaking right now!

      • Theresa Otto

        Conservative white people believe they have the right to speak without anyone calling them on their words. They’re special, you know.

    • James Wentz

      Most of them will end up dead in the gutter or in prison, anyway! We should start sterilizing all welfare whores!

  • Joshua G. Thomas

    Ya’ll gotta publish stuff like this with a bucket for white tears.

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