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Dear Michelle Obama, We Will Miss You.

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Like most folks that I know who took the time to actually watch the Republican National Convention in Cleveland (I was one of them), I similarly decided to watch this week’s Democratic National Convention taking place in Philadelphia. Full disclosure, I’m not a fan of Hillary Clinton and pretty much hate Donald Trump, but I’m not one of those people who is threatening to sit this election out. There are some greater goods to protect here and since I’m not from Bompton, I pretty much have a blue flag hanging from my backside, only on the left side, yeah that’s the…well, you know how that goes. Unlike rapper, The Game, who is from Bompton, who didn’t really like blue that much growing up. But I’d put my money on the fact that when he does vote, he’s voting blue, too.

Well, last night’s convention opened up with some heavy hitters. Cory Booker, the Senator from New Jersey, got up there and got really presidential with his speech. While he went on a bit too long for my tastes, it was a very good speech. Bernie Sanders got up there and told his supporters to vote for Hillary after what seemed like he was really considering saying, “fuck this, I want the job, I’m not quitting.” While we all know he wasn’t going to do that, it really seemed like he might since it took him a solid ten minutes to get to the point where he actively endorsed Hillary. But once he started down that road, he stayed true and doubled, and tripled down on his pledge to support her and charged his supporters to do so as well. But if you know like I know (and you don’t want to step to this), I’ll bet that very long ovation he got before opening up made him think that, maybe just for a split second, “this should be my convention.”

Sarah Silverman and Al Franken and Elizabeth Warren (I somehow missed 99 percent of her speech and I’m not sure how), etc.

But then there was the highlight and show-stealer in your first lady and my first lady, Michelle Obama.

I’ll be the first to admit that I was never as high on the Obamas as everybody else. I liked them, but I felt like everybody else liked them way more than I did and I didn’t quite understand why. I got a bit annoyed by all of the fawning over them as a couple and turning them into, what felt like, our only role models, professionally and romantically. But it was probably just having every woman I know tell me they want that Obama kind of love when none of us really knew them that bothered me. It was artificial hating on my part because the truth is, I really liked the way he looks at her and was happy to see these two folks who seemed to complement one another perfectly in the White House.

I’m a fan of the Obamas. I have a picture of Obama up in my house and I have Barack and Michelle bobbleheads that stand next to each other on my bookshelf. Truth is, they do matter, and seeing them as a unit does matter to me personally, and for our community. I’m going to miss the hell out of Obama in the White House. I wrote about that before because I live in DC, a city that seems to have been effected positively by having a Black man in the white house, and specifically one like Obama.

But Michelle.

I’m really going to miss Michelle. I’m sure she’s going to still be available and accessible and we’ll be able to keep up through social medias and the Twitters and the Snappychats. But that woman is something special. Watching her give that speech last night nearly brought a tear to my eye because I realize that in a few short months, she and her energy and her realness and epic side-eyes will be leaving. Something about her is so regal. She’s like Cristal, and not that White Star! She not only looks the part but is the part and that’s difficult. One thing that is clear during these conventions is that some people are probably great politicians, but a significant many of them SUUUUUUUUUUUCK at giving speeches. Even Cory Booker, as good as his speech was, I felt like he just didn’t have the charm to truly deliver a speech that galvanizes everybody. Luckily the speech was good enough by itself.

Michelle on the other hand, she got up there looking great, sounding great, and making every body in the room connect with her words. Maybe that’s come with practice as being the wife of a President and being as active as she’s been, her speech game has to be on a hundred, thousand, trillion, at this point. But the ability to connect with people and make them believe in what you’re saying is a mark of greatness. And she does it with class and flair.

I won’t get into specifics about what she said – I think most of these folks mustering up their belief in Hillary is an act of true resilience – because how I felt watching one of these significant last moments on the farewell tour for Barack and Michelle was what affected me most.

I’m really going to miss them like they’re family. Maybe they are my family. Politics and policy aside, she feels like a family member who made it that you actually like and WANTED to make it. She took that role and made it hers. She never let it change her into a person she isn’t. She’s Michelle, a Black woman from Chicago all day long. She’s just managed to make those folks who don’t know better think that she left that behind. But we know. We look at her and see her and see how great she is and how great she’s been and realize that, likely, we’ll never see this ever again in our lifetimes. Maybe our kid’s kids will, but it won’t be the same.

Despite my early and misguided protestations, Michelle is exactly the role model she should be and I’m going to miss seeing her make Barack look good, and seeing her speak to kids and connect with people in a way that only she can. And I’m mostly going to miss knowing she’s in there at 1600 Pennyslvania Avenue, NW, being her best, most awesome self, flawlessly. Her presence is a gift.

Thanks, Michelle. I will miss you. And we will miss you.

Panama Jackson

Panama Jackson is pretty fly (and gorgeous) for a light guy. He used to ship his frito to Tito in the District, but shipping prices increased so he moved there to save money. He refuses to eat cocaine chicken. When he's not saving humanity with his words or making music with his mouth, you can find him at your mama's mama's house drinking her fine liquors. Most importantly, he believes the children are our future. You can hit him on his hitter at

  • Hammster

    My wish was granted. Thanks, Panama

  • Tatiana

    I wish our FLOTUS could be our POTUS

    • Trill Mickelson

      I didn’t watch the speech, but I told my brother that if Michelle said right now that she was running, I’d vote for her in a second, no questions asked.

    • Epsilonicus

      She is not going to run. She hates politics. She really did not want Barack to run the 1st time.

      • Tatiana

        Yeah. It seems like everyone who should be our president has no interest in being the president. It’s easy to see why though because politics are a mess.

      • NonyaB

        ‘Cause uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.

    • Freebird

      She’s real. They would not let her live.

    • She’s definitely ambassador material though.

  • Glo

    We don’t deserve her.

    • Jacqueline

      We do! They don’t! LOL

    • Val

      Welp, Jacqueline said it for me. Lol

      • NonyaB

        Come on Val, with that lemonade flayvah troof today!

      • Jacqueline

        I think we agree on most things so I had your back on this one!!

  • A black woman- the most put upon First Lady in history, Ivy League educated, and who I consider the true brains and heart of the Obama clan- elevates the political discourse to its highest level. When will American acknowledge that it owes most of what’s good in its soul to black women?

    • LeeLee

      “When will American acknowledge that it owes most of what’s good in its soul to black women?”

      I just wanted to separate this sentence for the 72 characters of gold that it is!

      • Spread it far and wide!

      • Janelle Doe

        for real, that should win VSB

        • Marycherron

          <<o. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????:::::::!!br150p:….,.

    • Read your blog. Good shyt. Where’s your subscribe button?

      I love supporting fellow bloggers and writers. ?

      • If you’re using Chrome, look at the lower right corner. Click the blue “Follow” and place your e-mail to subscribe; you’ll get an e-mail with every new post, which I do at least twice a week.

        And stop on by and comment! And if you’re too busy to comment, share!

    • NonyaB

      One more time for the cheap seats:

    • Blueberry01

      Preach, black man….

  • Jennifer

    “Maybe that’s come with practice as being the wife of a President and being as active as she’s been, her speech game has to be on a hundred, thousand, trillion, at this point. But the ability to connect with people and make them believe in what you’re saying is a mark of greatness. And she does it with class and flair.”

    I think that’s Michelle being Michelle. I still remember during the first campaign when their law school prof Dr. Charles Ogletree said that Michelle was really the smart and charismatic one in the relationship. He thought that if one of them was going to run for office, it would be her.

  • Finally!!! Patience is my greatest virtue! (Scrolls back up to read)

  • Mika

    Because I just love her so much and actually wish she was a presidential candidate and not Hil.

  • MALynn

    “Maybe that’s come with practice as being the wife of a President and being as active as she’s been, her speech game has to be on a hundred, thousand, trillion, at this point. But the ability to connect with people and make them believe in what you’re saying is a mark of greatness. And she does it with class and flair.”

    Her speech writer says she practices the whole speeches weeks ahead of time so that she doesnt use the teleprompter and just lets the words flow thru her…I loved that!

    • Dee

      I just read an article on Medium about her speech writer Sarah Hurwitz, who use to write for Hillary before she dropped out of the election race in 2008. For her to write the speeches she writes, kudos to her gift of being able to write them, and the FLOUS being able to convey and work with her on how she wants to be recognised and what she stands for.

      I may not agree with the actions of Obama as president, but they are they best family we have had in a while, it is nice seeing their girls Malia and Natasha grow up to be lovely, mature young ladies.

      • Jennifer

        Ummm…Sasha and Malia, honey. I don’t want you to get cut up in this piece. :-)

        • Dee

          Sorry for the mistake, Thank you! :)

          • Junegirl627

            That’s why there’s an edit button boo……… Use it

            Before someone shanks you as you walk down the shady side of this internet block.
            Not me…. i’m looking out for you but somebody. ;)

            • Junegirl627

              sorry i have been corrected.

          • Aly

            You’re actually right, though. Her full name is Natasha. They just call her Sasha for short. :)

            • Buster Cannon

              Her full name is Natasha. They just call her Sasha for short.


              • Aly

                I just found out recently myself!

              • Jennifer

                *MIND BLOWN* I stand corrected. This is like the day I found out my Cousin Dump’s name wasn’t Dump…at her funeral.

                • Aly

                  Lmao!! I think everyone has a family member like that.

                • Quirlygirly

                  I don’t want to laugh but Dump couldn’t been her name.. Her parents cared to much for that

                  • Jennifer

                    Wish our family had cared enough to not call her DUMP all her life. I knew the woman for 25 years and never knew her actual name.

            • LMNOP

              Wow, I had no idea. Yay learning!

            • NonyaB

              In parts of Europe like Russia, Sasha is common short form for Natasha and Alexandra. I assume it came from there.

              • Aly

                It’s a beautiful name.

          • RaeRae

            You are correct. Her name is Natasha

        • Quirlygirly

          Jennifer with the assist!

  • PinkRose

    I left all my FLOTUS comments on the previous thread, this one is about 12 hours too late IMHO. And I gotta’ get some work done today!

    • panamajackson

      The same way you feel about work today is how I felt about sleep last night.

      • PinkRose

        A female guest writer woulda’ been a good move for a multitude of reasons. ;) And while I certainly understand the need for sleep, I’ve been known miss some to catch moments that will never happen again..

        • panamajackson

          I mean…was the moment missed though? lol. Her speech is still a big part of the news cycle. I mean I hear you. But Facebook and Twitter is what immediacy is for.

      • LMNOP

        A man who’s got his priorities straight.

        When I heard Michelle Obama was coming on at 10 I thought “well, I can’t wait to see that online tomorrow.”

        Random tangent- my mom had a series of dreams where she was best friends with Michelle Obama, she loved those dreams so much lol

  • Ari

    The moment the Obamas leave the White House – I never really forced myself to think about what that will be like, and I still don’t want to envision what that will look like. My 11-year old doesn’t even have a mental picture of a world where the Obamas are not the Presidential family. I’m pretty sure I’m going to take all of this pretty hard no matter who wins in November, tears and all.

    • elle

      That’s true. There are humans in America who don’t know a country without the Obamas in the White House. I don’t know whether to envy or pity that.

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