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DC: POP LIFE *NEW PARTY ALERT* | Saturday, January 18th

POPlife_011213Quick backstory: I’m not a promoter. Or at least I don’t fancy myself to be one. What had happened was though is that I realized at some point that there weren’t many parties I actually wanted to go to. Sure I could go to most clubs in DC and hear what I heard on the radio, but what about a party for people like myself who were perhaps overly nostalgic. So the idea for Reminisce was born out of this desire to attend a party where I wanted to hear the music I loved. Sometimes the best way to have the fun you want is to create it.

Similarly, that’s how this new party, Pop Life came to be. I LOVE me some 80s and 90s Top 40s music. So we decided to give this a go as well. Hence Pop Life.

Pop Life | Best of 80s Top 40s

DJ Dredd | DJ Eskimo

Free with RSVP Before MIDNIGHT | OPEN BAR 930-1030 (It’s literally cheaper to come out and party with us for a bit than staying at home)

LIV Nightclub | 2001 11th Street NW, Washington, DC 20001


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  • Sexy Cool

    I would so love this in Atlanta. And if any ATL folks know where I can experience this kind of party, let me know.

    I totally rock it out on SongPop with songs from the ’80s and ’90s.

  • kidvideo

    I hope one of these functions is poppin’ off when i come visit the city.

  • vanitaapplebum

    THIS—->Sometimes the best way to have the fun you want is to create it.

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