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DC Happy Hour!

Hey VSBs and VSSs in the DMV area, we just wanted to give you a heads up about a Happy Hour we are co-hosting TOMORROW in DC in conjunction with The Usual Suspectz and Elevated Entertainment.

Details below. If you can make it, please come and rep for all the VSBs and VSSs who ask us where do we all hang out at. Panama Jackson (and Liz) will be there to meet and greet you all!


The Usual Suspectz and Elevated Entertainment present
‘Net Work’  A Blogger Meet & Greet Event

We use it everyday. Some often question “What did we do without it?”. Without a doubt the internet, or ‘the ‘net’ as commonly referred to, has changed our world in a myriad of ways. Over the past few years, blogs have been at the forefront of exposing personal thoughts, disseminating information and keeping the masses entertained. This Tuesday at Sutra Lounge, we gather a number of your favorite bloggers to ” ‘Net Work”, exchange ideas and meet their loyal readers.

Hosted by:

Panama Jackson –
CaShawn Thompson –
Christine Doelling –
Darryl “Quartermaine” Francis –
Jasmine Henderson –
Kimesha Mason, Kimberly Smith, & Fawn Renee –
Leon Scott –
Lisa Bee –
Melissa Rich –
Najeema Thompson –
Stone –

180º @ Sutra in Adams Morgan –A NEW Way of Looking at the PLEASURES in Life–

A NEW Tuesday Happy Hour for DC’s Movers and Shakers

PLEASURES defined: enjoyment or satisfaction derived from what is to one’s liking; gratification; delight.

Our Mantra: 180º @ Sutra has been orchestrated by The Usual Suspectz and Elevated Entertainment for the overachievers, trendsetters and tastemakers. It is sure to surpass your greatest expectations and give you an undeniable reason to LOVE 180º at Sutra Lounge.

Location: Sutra Lounge, 2406 18th Street Northwest
5:30pm – 10pm

Happy Hour Specials until 8:30pm:
Drinks – Imported & Domestic Beers – $4, Glass of Wine – $4, Mixed Cocktails – $5, Apple Martini – $5, Cosmopolitan -$5 Food- Bruschetta with Tomato and Basil – $4, Hot Chicken Wings – $4, Chicken Skewers with Mango Chutney Dip – $4.50, Calamari – $5, Spinach Artichoke Dip – $5, Appetizer Platter – $25, Jumbo Appetizer Platter – $50

About Sutra Lounge:

Sutra Lounge brings you stylish and entertaining blend of a lounge, high intensity club, wine bar, and restaurant. Enjoy a cocktail at one of the bars, a full-course meal of American Fare on the mezzanine, or cool out and mingle among the crowd as DJ Trav Bond provides the sounds for the evening.

The Parking Secret for Adams Morgan:

Parking is readily available at The Park in Adams Morgan, located at 1711 Florida Avenue. The walk from this garage to Sutra is about a block.

  • Lili



    I am unhappily working at happy hour. BLAH.

  • Nick_L_Odeon

    i was actually thinking of flying up for this.. because i’m just that impulsive.. but my money is funny, and my credit won’t get it..

    *insert sad face here..*

  • BmoreCreative

    Hmm..I’m working in Bethesda…I may slide thru after

  • #1Snowflake

    Should I come?????????

  • Sasha

    The changes they made to Sutra are cool. I liked all the wood….I said wood…anyway I saw the VSB t shirt on an energetic fella. I asked Leon which brotha is he? Leon said ‘Champ, I think the other one is based out of Philly’. Now I see it was Panama, either way I didn’t know what to say and didn’t have any witty banter…so I ate the 4 spicy wings on a too big plate and played the background. I respect what us guys do here and always laugh at the sarcasm. Maybe I shoulda said that?

    • Panama Jackson

      @Sasha, yeah, you should have just come to holler at me. i talked to everybody up in that place. lol. witty banter is unnecessary. we could have just taken some shots for the hell of it. lol

  • klysha

    Nice happy hour…& Sutra was a nice spot…..the blogger community should do those more often.

    You’re much friendlier and thinner (lol) in real life than I might have imagined.

    Did you ever figure out how to handle those two Heinekens? LOL

    • Panama Jackson

      @klysha, and sexxy. you seem to have forgotten sexxy. lol.

  • !i$@ bee

    Happy Hour was fun and I finally got to meet Leon & the illustrious Panama D. Jackson! Both y’all dudes were real chill and I think the event turned out great. I agree w. klysha, this would make an awesome monthly thing.

    • Panama Jackson

      @!i$@ bee, it was fun and it was nice to meet you as well.

      perhaps somebody can workon it being a monthly thing where a gang of cool as the f*ck bloggers just meet up in random locales throughout DC

  • Jeremy

    Thank ya’ll for coming out to that happy hour. We actually plan on doing one in another month or so. In addition to the host committee from the previous event, we’ll be reaching out to other local bloggers who are interested in interacting with their readership and networking with their peers. I’ll give you the heads up!

    Again, thank you all for coming out and I’m glad you had a good time. We do it every Tuesday, so..