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Cuffing While Celibate: Homie For The Holidays?

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In conjunction with TVOne in support of the show, Born Again Virgin, we’re taking a look at the idea of cuffing while celibate during this “Cuffing Season”. Find out more about Born Again Virgin here! New episodes of Born Again Virgin premiere December 8 on TVOne!

You know, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that cuffing season tends to occur during the most holiday, family filled times of the year. Every month brings a new test of where you are – or aren’t – in your situation with the person you’re cuffing.

Such as?

Such as.

Thanksgiving and Christmas.

What a nerve-wracking time; turkey gizzards and jingle bells indeed. I mean, do you get this new person a Christmas present? Probably.  It’s no sweat off your back to get somebody a small token of your appreciation or affection. Plus, it’s the thought that counts, says the fortune cookie. So, while you may be losing sleep over gifts you know you’re going to get them something so it’s a self-imposed hell that cools down once you hit “submit order” on Amazon. Chill out. That’s a pun.

The real stress comes in the form of this question: what are “we” doing for the holidays?



Are we going to spend any of that time together? With one another’s family? ZOMG! AM I GONNA MEET YOUR MOTHER?

Pump your brakes. Maybe you are. Maybe you aren’t. Maybe it’s still too soon. And in the world of Logic Over Emotion, you may realize that while you do like this person, it really isn’t the right time yet. It’s been all of a month and they’re cool but walking into who they really are with the family stories and picture albums and relatives asking for the babies you two haven’t even talked about if you’re interested in having might be a bit much.

To read the rest of this article, head to TVOne to read more about how to deal with this time of year when you’re mid cuffing season.

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  • Sahel


  • Kat

    I wouldn’t even purse my lips together to consider asking a cuddle buddy to meet my family or to even drop by on Turkey or Xmas day. I’ll bring you a plate after everyone departs and I’ll drop your gift off (spending limit of $25) before breakfast. Just stand on the porch, I’m throw it as I drive by.

  • Shanice.Conner

    Sheeeeet nobody gots time fo dat….It’s black Friday and I’z gots to shoplifts my Christmas presents for my 4 babies since der daddies won’t do sheeeeeet

  • Darren Wilson

    This is how a niq is properly cuffed.

  • Unkle Rukus

    Moolies take note: FUCK YOU

  • Noir Merde

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