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Crooked Cop Kills Himself; Death Blamed On #BlackLivesMatter (Wait…What???)

Lake County Sheriffs Office via Getty Images


There aren’t many stories that articulate how absurd and ridiculous America’s relationship with race is better than this one. It is layers on layers on layers on layers on layers of ridiculous, dry rubbed with “What the fuck?” marinated in “This is some bullshit” and served with a generous helping of “You need more people” on a lightly toasted “No, seriously. Get the fuck outta here” kaiser roll.

Fox Lake Lt. Charles Joseph Gliniewicz was a crooked cop who staged his own death in September. And he wasn’t just run-of-the-mill crooked. He stole tens of thousands of dollars from a youth fund; using the cash on vacations, gym memberships, and porn. (Which, admittedly, aren’t the worst things in the world to use your embezzled cash on. You can say many things about Charles Joseph Gliniewicz, but at least he wasn’t boring.)

Sadly, this — an officer committing suicide — is not terribly uncommon or particularly newsworthy. As Shaun King pointed out earlier today, “cops are more likely to commit suicide than they are to die in an inner-city gun battle, by a targeted assassination or by a car crash from a high speed chase.” But this isn’t about Gliniewicz, who apparently was battling some serious demons. It’s about the reflexive need to blame his death — back when it was still thought to be a homicide — on BlackLivesMatter. Which is what many people did. And, this wasn’t just the usual pajama-clad neckbeards on Twitter and Fox News making this claim either. Ron Hosko, current president of the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund and a former assistant director of the FBI’s Criminal Investigative Division (yes, that FBI), wrote a piece in USA Today effectively blaming #BLM for creating the climate that led to Gliniewicz’s murder. Which, again, wasn’t a murder.

In summary, a movement created with the sole purpose of saying “Hey people in law enforcement and everyone else. We (Black people) don’t like being shot. So please stop shooting us. Because we don’t enjoy it” is considered so controversial, so subversive, and so offensive that a former director of the FBfuckingI named it — not a person or an entity or even a group of people in a shark suit, but a hashtag campaign — the prime suspect in a police officer’s death. Without apparently knowing anything about the case, other than “dead White cop.”

Layers on layers on layers on layers on layers.

Damon Young

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  • Maybe if somebody had just told him right before he killed himself that ALL lives matter it would have changed his thinking and he wouldn’t have done it? The world may never know. I do like that they’re letting that USA Today article just hang out there in space like a stale fart instead of adding any corrections or updates to the story. And do we get to call him a thug for his criminal activity or nah?

    • CheGueverraWitBlingOn

      I’m gonna go with nah, cause you know….25 20.

  • Courtney Wheeler

    He’s an “unfortunate soul who succumbed to his demons”….mind you..he is…he’s also guilty as sin. It had nothing to do with a movement..or race. it had everything to do with the choices he made.

    • Right? That BS reminds me of the white dermatologist mother of three who died in a cocaine apartment after a night of blowing off steam. FOH, lady was on a crack binge and died in a trap house. Stop it.

      • That they even called it a cocaine apartment in that one article made me roll my eyes so hard.

        She too good to have been down in the doorway of a crack house nah?

        • miss t-lee

          Yup. You know how this goes.

      • miss t-lee

        They had to invent a whole new term for that residence.

  • Val

    Some White folks seem to have some sort of psychopathic hate for BLM. It really makes them insane that Black folks are declaring our lives valuable. I guess Black people standing up against police brutality goes against those “American principles” regressive Whites are always going on about.

    • DNA(splicer)

      But u look white tho °_°

      • Freebird

        But she is right….and if she were white she would still be right. What is your point?

      • PDL – Cape Girl

        She looks black to me. I don’t understand.

        • DNA(splicer)

          She is wrong and its her bias opinion

          • PDL – Cape Girl

            I ain’t said a word. LOL

            • DNA(splicer)

              Yeah you did u wrote (…….)

              • PDL – Cape Girl

                STAPH IT!! Technically I didn’t write a word, I wrote dots!!!

      • PhlyyPhree

        What does that have to do with her very valid comment?

        • DNA(splicer)

          Why don’t u read my other comment

      • What does it matter? Does her very true, very real opinion/fact become invalid because she looks white?

        • DNA(splicer)

          They aren’t true. They are just her biased opinions that’s all. Opinions opinions opinions

          • Say they aren’t true to YOU. 30+ people agree with her and how many agree with you? Hmmm let that sink in!

            • DNA(splicer)

              That’s such fallacious thinking. Lol. That means that around the world there are a majority of people even entire nations who hate and want to kill Jews and eradicate them from the planet. So with ur fallacious thinking they are in the right since a vast majority would be okay with killing of the Jews.

              Juat like a majority of other races thinkbarficans are subhumans are they right I mean obviously if we use ur logic then yes they are right.

              You should learn that just because the majority agrees doesn’t mean it’s right or correct.

              In the end its all opinions and nothing more not even close to facts.

              • I see the inbred cave beast learned a new word. That would be you who is subhuman since you have Neanderthal genes and I don’t. Nice try troll.

                • DNA(splicer)

                  Lol why u hurting I never said I said it. Maybe my vocabulary confused u a bit I am a bit too smart for my own good lol.

                  The general consensus on intelligence on races goes Asian whites and then blacks.

                  Neanderthals were very smart.

                  Lol oh I get it ur trying to use ad hominems to win the argument yup too much truth being told and u know u can’t win ha typical woman and or black person playing that victim card real well.

                  • You can’t hurt me by any stretch of the imagination. You come in here with all these slick a$$ subliminol messages that we have all heard before because your inbred a$$ think you are pushing buttons when you really are just proving how intelligent you aren’t. I see you are still spouting the same racist rhetoric that all you low IQ having inbred’s spew. If Neanderthals’s were so smart, why then did it take the Moors to come rescue you from your caves smelling like dead dog a$$, eating each other and grunting? You a$$hats tickle me believing you are superior when even the sun hates your a$$. When you start speaking truth I will worry about losing to you cave beast. It must suck to know you are becoming extinct and the only salvation you see is spewing 1619 blather and bullchit.

                    • DNA(splicer)

                      Lol funny how u prove my point. Black people are indeed very racist even to other blacks even if they are mixed hahahahahaha.

                      I’m still smarter than you. Sure I may have white in me and black in me but at least I have the common sense to try and better myself than complain and ask for handouts. Keep begging and u will never get ahead why don’t you go out and make a difference instead of pointing fingers.

                      Oh and stop being a racist swine.

                    • Do you honestly think you hurt me by calling me racist? Newsflash dumb a$$, I probably am racist when it comes to white trash such as yourself. Your intelligence rivals that of dried spit. Tell me dummy, how can I be racist against other black people? How much are you paid to troll you coward? You wouldn’t dare say half the isht you’re saying online to a black persons face so as usual your coward a$$ come online and THINK you’re anonymous. You should know I’ve heard all that bullchit you are spewing before and the only buttons you push is my funny button because you lack the ability to think for yourself so you use the isht you learn from your “Racism For Dummies” manual. I am ahead, I could probably by and sell your meth smoking inbred trailer trash a$$ ten times over. It’s true what they say, white trash racist and double digit IQ’s walk hand in hand, YOU tail born inbred just proved my point. Don’t you have a bullet to swallow?

                    • Just Sayin’

                      Wow. The racism is strong in this one…

                    • You people are good at deflecting aren’t you? Do you honestly think calling me a racism makes you any less a racist?

                    • You have black in you? Awww your sister/mama forgot to swallow that night huh? Tell me, how did you dad or mom get over the smell of that dog smell white folks have? Why when you pasty devils get out the shower do you smell worse than when you got in? Does it bother you that you smell like an animal? If I were your parents I would have hung you from your neck with your umbilical cord. No black man screw your mother, that was a black German Shepard since you inbred either f**k family or animals. Don’t you have a child to molest, a body to hide or a school to shoot up inbred?

                    • Dennisdread_2000

                      Handouts don’t bother GE, Halliburton, Wall St, Chase Bank, Big Oil, any number of megachurches, Israel, politicians, any cop on trial for murdering a black citizen, the Bundy Family, Big Pharma, etc, etc, etc..

                      ..the notion that

                      1. black peole want handouts
                      2. ONLY black people want handouts

                      is racially biased and wrong, twice.

                      Physician, heal thyself.

  • QueLoQue

    So many layers. So dude committed suicide to get ahead of the fact that he would be found out for embezzling thousands from the youth program (I wouldn’t be surprised if some pedophilia allegations popped up eventually). Dude’s family stands to gain $700k from the life insurance policy, which most likely gets canceled if he commits suicide. So he stages his death as an attack by 3 people; that’s 3 random n*ggas who would’ve been hemmed up because a cop died and someone (anyone) had to pay.

    And no one is going to backtrack and recant their statements after finding out that this was a suicide, because f*ck Black people, they were just looking for another reason to hate on us.

    • They shut down an entire town looking for imaginary people. I just can’t…

  • mochazina

    this is the best in foolery on every layer. ain’t nobody out to get them, but they’re so ingrained in their warfare against us that everything is a trigger. they have collective ptsd-psychosis from their own foolery.

  • Dougie

    I skipped this one because.

    People make me chuckle.

  • I going to pretend I didn’t just read this. Morpheus, pass me that blue pill, real quick.

  • PhlyyPhree

    “In fact, there has been no evidence of the suspected murderer’s motivation to date, certainly none tying his motive to the anti-cop themes of Black Lives Matter.”

    Soooooooooooo….. This is a direct quote from the article.
    I’m gonna choose to laugh.

  • miss t-lee

    I read about this earlier.
    Kat had the sticky fingers straight embezzling, orchestrated an elaborate hoax, and then killed himself.

    *funny how they always try to have Black folks up in the mix. Every. Single. Time.

  • Two things–

    – I was a kid when it happened, but this reminds me of when Susan Smith drowned her son’s then blamed it on a Black man. Folks were all too eager to believe that story, too. I know that our Black is beautiful, so it baffles me that the rest of the world doesn’t see it and bask in its glory.

    – Secondly, this officer was using some of the funds to pay for pr0n? In the year of our Fiber Optics 2015, whyyyy?

    • miss t-lee

      Yup. Susan Smith, that chick who carved up her own face, etc…
      When it doubt, blame the Black folks!

    • Charles Johnson

      i rememeber that story too, that’s when i realized blame a negro was this country’s default modus operandi

    • Melissa

      Ohmygod, remember Charles Stuart?! I know everyone from Boston will.

      • I just looked up that story. It really is just same story, different year/different city, isn’t it?

        • Melissa

          Indeed! Like, the police took Stuart’s ludicrous story as plausible?! My sister was a teenager at the time and she and my parents remember her being like, “The husband did it. Duh.” when they saw it on the news. This is why I give other white people a massive side-eye when they do the “lock the car door”, because….ummmm….Charles Stuart and Scott Peterson.

    • fxd8424

      I remember the Susan Smith story and called it BS when I heard it. A black man with two white
      kids in South Carolina and no one has seen them? Please!!! Allow that to marinate for a
      minute. A black man in ANY state in the Union would have attracted all kinds of attention and a SWAT Team.

    • 909girl601world

      I was in high school when the Susan Smith story broke. My mama and I were watching the news and she said “Bullshit. No black man in these here United States kidnapped two little white boys. Bullshit.” First and last time I ever heard my mama curse.

    • Susan Smith is not the only white person who blamed black people for the isht they did. Google “The Black Guy Did It” and you will be amazed.

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