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Characters Who Need Spin-Offs

(Today we have a guestposter, Morgan Collins, who I came across via Twitter amid a conversation/debate we were having about Black movies. Please welcome her to the podium with a soul clap.)

tyrone-biggums1Every now and then, a movie or TV show will have a supporting character that keeps our attention as much as the lead does. Here are a few characters I wish we could see more of in their own spin-off or sequel.

Roger from Sister Sister

After Tia and Tamera got boyfriends, went to GA Southern, and turned into some freaks, I still wonder what happened to annoying next-door neighbor Roger Evans? Yes, Marques Houston, the real-life Roger and Jaleel White’s half-brother, if you believe the Internet, went on to work on a solo music career with mild success, but what I still need the type of closure that a singing cameo on the show’s finale episode couldn’t provide. The first revamp of the Roger character that comes to mind is a show in which he helps police catch criminals using the advanced stalking techniques he groomed while living next to the twins, but more lighthearted fare would be better. No, Roger’s show would revolve around his relationship consulting business. Grown-up Roger, after trying to forget has mackless past, now helps other unlucky lovers–with the occasional slip-up. Har-dee-har-har!!!

Gerald from Hey Arnold!

Though Arnold was the coolest 4th grader, Gerald Martin Johansen was a close second, and even the second coolest 4th grader deserves his own show. Why? In addition to being a confidant and wing-man to Arnold, Gerald was the glue to kid culture in his role as the Keeper of the Tale (maybe a tribute to Are You Afraid of the Dark?). Just a little bit of bongo playing and Gerald would recite all of the legends of the hood with a flair deserving of a half-hour show. Imagine a mystery-adventure show in which the legends come to life as crimes. Gerald, the only person who knows the legends like the back of his hand, is forced to solve them and the save the day without messing up his (super) high-top fade.

Tyrone Biggums from Chappelle’s Show

It’s been 10 years since Chappelle’s Show and seven years since the show abruptly ended after host Dave Chappelle’s received a fame reality check. And yet dudes still dress up as Tyrone Biggums for Halloween and sometimes just for an ultra casual Casual Friday. Though Chappelle had many great skits, a few I would argue that are better than the Tyrone series, this loveable crackhead still resonates with us, which is why Tyrone deserves his own feature-length movie. It may seem hard to imagine Tyrone being able to have the desire to do anything that lasts up to 90 minutes other than smoking rock, but as many an episode has shown us, if you give a crackhead the possibility of some rock, he’ll ask you for some hot sauce. Tyrone’s Excellent Adventure would be in the vein of National Treasure, only instead of money, there’s a giant, mythical crack rock hidden in an exotic locale. A repentant fellow crack addict passes on the Legend of the Golden Rock to Tyrone, who sets out on an adventure around the world to find this elusive treasure. Before he can reach it, he has to battle the toughest crackheads in the world and his own inner demons, brought out by his would-be Narcotics Anonymous sponsor played by Andre Royo, AKA Bubbles from The Wire, in an amazing cameo.

Daughter of a Son of a Gunfighter from Django Unchained

Most of the conversation surrounding Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained was about whether it was too racist, too long, or too anachronistic. This thought-provoking dialogue surely made for dozens of well-written pieces of film criticism. But with all this heavy analysis most people skipped over Amber Tamblyn’s brief cameo as the Daughter of a Son of a Gunfighter AKA That Girl In the Bandana. You probably missed this too if you took a quick nap around the time Django was having a good ol’ country shopping spree. Her character’s name is a little long-winded but not the product of a Tarantino cocaine-induced writing binge. Tamblyn’s father, actor Russ Tamblyn, made several westerns for MGM, including Son of a Gunfighter, in which Tamblyn Sr. seeks revenge for his mother’s death. Supposedly intended as an inside joke for Western fans, this was a failed opportunity for an interesting character. It’s not surprising in a movie where all attempts at developing complex female characters were as half-hearted as throwing a tampon into a flood. To make up for this, and to give a job to an actress whose talents are severely underrated, Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants notwithstanding, Tarantino could develop a Daughter of a Son of a Gunfighter TV show. The setup? Think Deadwood meets Xena. The Son of a Gunfighter is on his deathbed, and he needs his daughter to settle some unfinished business, and of course the Daughter will be able to fill his gun holster.

So, what other characters do you think should have a spin-off?


A graduate of The University of Florida, Morgan Collins writes about TV and film at Soon she’ll learn how to write movies and TV shows as a graduate student at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts. She currently lives in Brooklyn. Follow her on Twitter as @mashclash.

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  • nillalatte

    I always thought Carlton from Fresh Prince should have his own show. Or Jazz. Maybe Jazz and Carlton together?

    • Latonya

      Jazz was funny. Carlton was boring with Will.

    • Val

      Yeah, Carlton would have been funny. Jazz could have stopped by occasionally.

      • Latonya

        You think Carlton would be funny?

        • Val

          Heck yeah, a grown-up Carlton would be hilarious!

          • Val

            And, if he played against type and had some really buster type job and was poor it would be even funnier. Don’t you think?

            • Latonya

              Ok yeah that would be funny!

        • Carlton was essentially cast on In The House with LL. He wasn’t as dense, but he was still corny and like minded. He did a great job on the show. Carlton would have been a good fit because he could have been successful relatively easily but his street sense and dating stories would be epic.

          • Latonya

            Didn’t he get married?

            • that cornball could EASILY be divorced by the time the spinoff started lol.

          • That Ugly Kid

            Oh sh*t, I didn’t know Saule Wright read VSB!

    • I honestly thought Fresh Prince should’ve stuck with Will AND Carlton getting into Princeton

    • I think a show where Carlton and Jazz are forced to be roommates after Carlton fails out of Princeton and moves back to Cali – but since his family is gone and Will moved back to live with his momma in Philly after he dropped out of ULA b/c Jackie broke his heart – and moves to Compton with Jazz would be hilarious.

  • Val

    – Brian the Dog from Family Guy
    – The Middle should have a duplicate spin-off with a Black cast
    – Joan from Girlfriends
    – Bette Porter from the L Word
    – Bubbles from The Wire
    – Angela (Trina McGee) from Boy Meets World
    – Mouse from Devil in a Blue Dress

    • There is a Girl Meets World coming on this fall about Corey and Topanga’s 11 year old daughter. Also, Boy Meets World went off the air in 1998 so this daughter could have happened in real time. #ImOld

      • Val

        Yeah, I heard about the new show. I wonder if Angela will be on it?

        • I’m not sure. Rider Strong (Shawn) said he hadn’t planned to be on it, since the show was about the daughter, and Corey and Topanga were secondary characters. After all, the original parents friends’ weren’t on the show.

          But Angela’s spinoff would be dope

          • If the show doesn’t do well, I’m sure Uncle Shawn will make appearances just for nostalgia views

        • Think2Inspire

          I’ve seen some recent pictures of Angela and she looked… interesting. I liked her character back in the day but don’t remember anyhting about her family on the show. Does anyone else?

      • Can we please have a chronic break for Danielle Fishell aka bad ass Topanga. lawdhafmercyshebad.

        • IcePrincess3

          Waka flaka tried to get at her on twitter lmfao

          • BriA

            Yeah, that exchange between them was funny! lol Especially when she tweeted #powpowpow.

        • She’s on the April cover of Maxim Magazine…yes Lawd…

        • Asiyah

          What’s wrong with Topanga? What did she do?

          • Aly

            *whispers to Asiyah* I think he’s saying he LIKES her… bad as in good.

            • mena

              She’s naturally pretty. Very attractive.

            • Asiyah

              ah! I totally missed that! long week. she’s very pretty!

              • Rewind

                Any sensible man who was from the age of 13-21 when Boy Meets World was on has fantasized about bending Danielle Fisher over a computer desk AT LEAST ONCE and saying “Topanga!” really loud.

    • Joan is an interesting choice. I would have said Lynn because she would put herself in more curious positions.

      Brian should have happened instead of Cleveland for sure.

      • Latonya

        Lynn or Toni would be good for a spin off!

      • Val

        I just think Joan was the most likeable character on the show.

        Yep, the Cleveland Show is a travesty. I can’t even watch 5 minutes of it. Too much hipster racism from Seth McFarland.

        • Latonya

          I love Joan but I alway thought girlfriends was basically about her.

          • Val

            I always thought Joan was the star of Girlfriends?!

        • Where’s the damn like button!

      • I agree with Lynn. She would have done what HBO Girls is doing now.

    • Latonya

      Do you watch American Dad? I think Roger should have a spin off.
      – Nene for ATL Housewives I love
      – k michelle
      – Sheneneh Jenkins,Hustle Man and Bruh-Man
      – Dwight Schrute from Office

      • Val

        Nah, just Family Guy and I used to watch King of the Hill. I can only take so much of Seth McFarland’s humor.

        Just say no to Nene! Please!

        Lol. Dwight would be weird but funny.

        • I think Mike Judge is the creator behind “King Of The Hill”, not Seth MacFarlane.

      • Royale W. Cheese

        Roger is the show.

        • After the first season, they pretty much gave the show to Roger, Jeff and Haley could work

          • IcePrincess3

            Looooove American Dad!! The daughter reminds me of Angela from “my so called life.”

      • Dwight from RHOA was shopping a reality show about his salon a while ago. Chicagolicious stole his juice. Plus he had some contract issues with Bravo

      • WIP

        “Dwight Schrute from Office”

        I would watch this. It seems like they kind of set him up for a spin-off with that farm situation. It may be coming.

        • Aly

          A spin-off was in the works but they cancelled it.

      • If K. Michelle had a show it should be called “Shakin’ Tables With K. Michelle”

        • IcePrincess3

          “Flaring nostrils with K Michelle”

        • Rewind

          Or Domestic Abuse Squad f/ K. Michelle

          • IcePrincess3


  • * The original “Ghostwriter.” Perhaps you’ve seen the story floating around the internets that Ghostwriter was the soul of an escaped slave who was lynched for teaching slaves to read. Jamal found his soul in an old book, and released him.

    * Dr. and Mrs. Huxtable – where are they now? This could have been a TV Land series had Bill Cosby not messed stuff up with “Cosby”

    * They never said the ROTC leader’s son was gay on “A Different World” but him bumping heads with pops over DADT

    * Raven Symone twice – The Cosby Show and Hanging with Mr. Cooper

    • Val

      How about Sinbad from A Different World?

      • If they made a sequel to A Different World, I think Kimberly Reese would be president of Hilman, as far as character development goes, but for ratings purposes, it would be Jada Pinkett

        • Val

          I could see Jada as a professor.

      • Latonya

        Sinbad was not funny! I thought Fredd would be a good spin off

        • Val

          Sinbad not funny?! I think he’s hilarious. Freddy would have been funny if they let her be the hippie that she was.

        • Man, let me tell you. I’d have married the SH*T out of Freddie. Hell, I ended up dating a woman that my friends refer to as Freddie. They still refer to her as such.

    • Morgan

      -I did hear about the “Ghostwriter” story and almost used it, but then I thought it would be lazy research.

      -I hated “Cosby.” Doug E Doug was the original Jar Jar Binks.

    • RuthlessWonder

      Why not give A Different World the girls meets world treatment with Dwayne and Whitley’s daughter going off to Hillman? I’d watch that. Or just a straight up homecoming Reunion special.

    • Ghostwriter was my show and the recent revelation made me respect it even more. Man, those were good times. I couldn’t wait to get home from school to watch that and TMNT.

      *cues “Memories by Joell Ortiz*

    • Asiyah

      I would totally watch Jamal from “Ghostwriter.” That show was and is still amazing, and Jamal was the man.


    I think Pam from Martin should have had a legit spinoff. Now they tried basically with the terrible season 5, but I think they were out of ideas that season. Best eps were when she had that job working with the label.

    Freddy from A Different World should have had a spinoff. Her life and eccentricities were made for that, so were Ron’s.

    Quick from Harlem Nights…and I’d watch a movie or series based on him right now in 2013. We’re dying for a black Bond/Hero type of guy and he fits the bill. I’m actually working on a script for that.

    It’s only a matter of time before Michonne from The Walking Dead has her own empire. She’s a beast and should be highlighted and elevated.

    Semi, from Coming To America. He was naive, single, and brainless. What more could you want from a spinoff?

    O-Dogg from Menace II Society. Everyone else died but him and Shariff. Shariff was boring, but O-Dogg? That bamma would have a great show/movie. Now it may be short because he was destined for bullets, but yeah.

    Q from Boyz In The Hood. C’mon, he lost his best friend and basically killed another. He had to have some mental issue and problems adjusting with being known as “the man” for offing his boy, not finishing school, losing the DJ competition and his girls old a$$ ex husband.

    Set it Off 2 should have happened. I’m chill on the happy ending. No way you get into the life of robbing banks and become a call center worker. Too much trauma…and she ain’t get off with THAT much money and become that sensible.

    Bunz from Booty Call. Look man, Bunz was an idiot…but the game worked. I guess you could argue that he and Pootie Tang were related…but c’mon, GOTTA see how Bunz mack game was affected when he cut them Immature braids.

    Ashy Larry….nothing else to say.

    • Morgan

      Thanks! There SHOULD be a Set it Off 2, with Jada being the godmother or aunty to a new pack of female thugs.

      I’m not to sure about Ron and Freddie. They’re both a little too annoying to carry a series.

    • kid video

      Q from Boyz In The Hood.

      No….It’s Q from Juice.

      Sumbody need their Black Film Card revoked.

      • eh, mistake. I listed 30 movies. You knew what I meant. lol. All the details were right aside from the movie title.

        • kid video

          No shots…

      • Aly

        Lol, yeah I was confused about that one.

      • Brother Mouzone

        +1000 on that! Had me all confused and sh*t!

      • Brother Mouzone

        Q from Boyz In The Hood.

        No….It’s Q from Juice.

        Sumbody need their Black Film Card revoked.

        +1000 on that! Had me all confused and sh*t!

        • lol made me miss when this site had the time to edit option. lol. my bad folks.

      • Nei Jae

        i was like, HUH??? lol

    • Val

      A Set if Off 2 with Jada’s character living on the money in Mexico and then being tracked down and having to escape again would be good. Too bad they killed off Cleo though.

      • MAN, forreal. They could even have it so where Cleo’s girlfriend is after Stoney too. We need to write this lol.

    • O-Dogg is still in jail…he got arrested at the end of Menace.

      • when? it ended at the shootout when they were moving to KC.

  • * Pacey and Joey from “Dawson’s Creek”

    * I just want “Passions” back in its entirety

    * Waldo Geraldo Faldo from “Family Matters”

    * Uncle Joey’s twins as their characters from from “Full House” on “Girls”

    • Lmao Waldo would have still seemed like a secondary character. Like, he was TOO stupid to live on his own in a spinoff. I would say Urkel but it could be argued that by the last few seasons, that was his own show anyway.

    • Latonya

      Did you hear Waldo got a job he was on girlfriends. He was the hairstylist.
      I think Myra Monkhouse would have been better.

      • kid video

        Myra Monkhouse (RIP)

        Wasnt she also Theo’s GF on Cosby Show?

        • Yes. Her dad is in Kool & the Gang #FunFactOfTheDay

        • Val

          Wait a minute, she died? How?

          • kid video

            Cancer…in 1998

            • Val

              That’s sad.

        • Speaking of Theo, I just read about Malcolm Jamal Warner and Regina King breaking upo after two years of dating.

          It wasn’t the fact they broke up, but how it happened. He basically tolde her that he wasn’t feeling her anymore and put her and her child out of the house.


    • Sweet GA Brown

      Girl, Passions was the show. I was a teenager so the original setting of them going to prom really had me believing it wasnt a soap opera. It was good tho and Teresa and Ethan gave me life. When Tiny Tim died I got emotional. Teresa should get a spinoff with her crazy arse.

      • I don’t know what people saw in that show. They lost me with the witchcraft storyline. From then on, every episode had something to do with spitis and witches, LMAO!

        • IcePrincess3

          Agreed. I used to watch DOOL like a mug, but I couldn’t do passions.

          • And then there was that midget on the show…

            • camilleblue

              *random info here* – i have a friend that has a real phobia of midgets…

              • I wonder how they feel about Bushwick Bill…

                • camilleblue

                  lol…she tenses up when one gets near her…it’s kind of strange…like instead of strange addictions…strange phobia

              • Rewind


                at least I know what kind of stripper to get you for your birthday now.

                • Camilleblu

                  Ha! Be my guest! I ain’t scurred!

  • Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve always wanted to see a spin-off of Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories.

    If both Prince and Eddie Murphy confirmed Charlie’s stories to be true (as outrageous as they sounded coming from him), I could only imagine what else he has in store…

    • Val

      Hiya, PA!



      • Hey Val. I’m trying to be in the best of spirits today- especially in light of certain events that happened recently.

        Hopefully, I’ll feel better soon.

        • Val

          I hope things are looking up for you very soon, PA. Hang in there!

        • mena

          Missed you around these parts. :-)

          Keep your head up.

          • Thanks, Mena. I’ll try to.

            • IcePrincess3

              Omg what’s wrong PA? What happend yo?

              • I don’t really like to talk about it, but I found out my father passed away after I got off from work two days ago.

                • mena

                  I’m so sorry PA.

                • My condolences.

                  And Charlie Murphy would be a great spin-off idea from a great P.O.V.

                • IcePrincess3

                  Dang. Condolences bro. Did he die suddenly, or did you kno he was sick? After this, I’ll drop the subject. Hold ya head homie.

                  • You know how there’s people that know they are in poor health but refuse to get medical help? That kind of thing.

                • camilleblue

                  Hey PA – really sorry for your loss. My sincere condolences.

                • WIP

                  I’m so sorry.

                • Aly

                  Sorry for your loss, PA.

                • Asiyah

                  I’m sorry for your loss, PA. Truly heartbreaking.

                • Rewind

                  Condolences PA. We might not all know you here in person, but we still got you whenever you need us.

                • Charcoal Burnt Brother Lover

                  Sooo sorry. Peace be unto you, yours, and fam.

                • Hang in there, man.

                • esa


                • Dignan

                  Condolences, PA. Let us know if you need anything.

    • msdebbs

      +1milli…I died laughing at all his skits

    • Royale W. Cheese


    • Aly

      Yes! Charlie Murphy would have been great. Good to see you, PA!

      • Good to see you, Aly.

        I think a Charlie Murphy series would work, honestly. Look at it like this:

        He knew a lot of people in the film and music industry, because of his family ties. There’s a chance he may have pissed off a lot of people due to his mouth, so the encounters alone would be straight comedy, LOL!

    • Asiyah

      “Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve always wanted to see a spin-off of Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories.”

      That’s a great idea! Hey there!

      • He could have the show narrarated by Bill Kurtis- the same guy that did the voiceovers for the criminal shows on A&E in the late 90’s.

    • Rewind

      Good one.

      It would be awesome if he had a few rapper stories.

      I’d love to hear jacked up stories with people like Kool G Rap.

      • I wanna hear about Charlie and Snoop, being that both of them were in the film “Murder Was The Case”.

        Charlie also used to be involved in music for a brief period back in the late 80’s, so I know he and Kool G. Rap had to cross paths at least once.

        • Rewind

          Man, that Snoop story has to be awesome. And I just want to know if he met Kool G Rap cause I know G used to thug the shyte out of people back in the day.

  • Royale W. Cheese

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed how prominent bandana chick was in Django…only to get blasted away like the rest of the body extras.

    Sawyer from Lost. The show could be called “Well, Son of a B***”.

    Kahn from King of the Hill.

    Elaine’s boyfriend Puddy from Seinfeld.

    Mr. Garrison from South Park.

    • Wild Cougar

      No Kahn. Boomhauer. We want Boomhauer!

      • Hell yes, Boomhauer! Bill’s gay cousin Gilbert would be funny too.

      • Royale W. Cheese

        Oh yeah, Boomhauer was dope.

    • WIP

      Sawyer from Lost. The show could be called “$exy Country Bad-boy”

      • camilleblue

        praise be!!

    • thE Woman

      Yes. To this entire list. Just yes.

    • Asiyah

      Puddy! That would be funny.

  • Dignan

    Completely off-topic question:

    Do any of you have any experience obtaining a tourist visa for Ghana?

    I need some help and I don’t know where to turn. The Ghanaian Consulate isn’t exactly helpful.

    • Em.

      Have you visited this page already:

      • Dignan

        I had not visited that page, no, but there are similar companies that do similar things. I have no idea which companies are reputable and which aren’t.

        Have you used that company before? Do you find them reputable?

        • Em.

          I’ve never used it. I’ve been to Senegal and didn’t need a visa–you get a 90 day tourist stamp. While there, I met several tourist traveling overland who had gone to Ghana and got their visas upon entry. But I think you have to work that out with immigration before your arrival.

          • Dignan

            Did you like Senegal? I’m a little wary about going there because I don’t speak any French. Of course, not speaking French rules out quite a bit of West Africa…

            • Em.

              I loved Senegal. My French was not that great but I managed. I made arrangements with guest houses via email. I didn’t have to pay anything in advance. I showed up and they honored my reservations. The flight is ridiculous but traveling around and accommodations in Senegal are really inexpensive. I met an English girl who had no prior knowledge of French but picked up enough to survive. Of course in touristy areas everyone speaks English.

  • mena

    I honestly can’t think of any show that is on/off the air now where one character was so amazing that I would watch their spinoff. Hmmm…

    If Parenthood starts to follow the kids as adults and the now parents as grandparents, I would be down but they would have to continue to have the whole cast. Parenthood is one of the best shows on TV now.

    • Aly

      I can’t think of anything either, mena. Maybe something will come to me later.

      • camilleblue

        me three…..i gots nothing on this one..

      • “Maybe something will come to me later” was the original name of First 48

    • Mena, help me. Why do think Parenthood is the best show. I have seen every episode and don’t see what you see.

      • mena

        Dialogue. Family dynamic. Character development. I cry almost every episode.

        You have no soul. J/k. Not really.

        • IcePrincess3

          Zaria was always sooooo pretty to me!! She went on to do a couple things, rite? She was in “love don’t cost a thing,” one of my fave movies of all time :)

    • Malik

      If Parenthood was on HBO people would be lauding it as the brilliant meditative real life drama involving family. It’s on NBC so people brush it aside though.

      • IcePrincess3

        Oh snap I was talkin bout the old azz Robert Townsend show from the 90’s! Oops rotflmao embarrassing!

      • mena

        God yes. That show along with Friday Night Lights are the BEST shows in the past 20 yrs on regular network TV.

        Speaking of Friday Night Lights, They could have totally done a spinoff when they moved to PA.

        • We agree on Friday Night Lights. Southland is the only other show that matters.

          • Southland is my 1a show but Justified is just flat out amazing.

            • Your’e right. Justified is do good it makes me want to be a Redneck.

            • mena

              Justified you say? I might check it out.

        • Joanna

          Coming out of lurking to say
          +100000000 to FNL continuing in PA.

          • mena

            Comment more!

            The Tammi and Coach could have adopted me. Though I had a crush on Kyle Chandler with his sexy southern self.

            • Joanna

              FNL did no wrong in my eyes. I traded off being in love with Matt, Riggins and Vince. But Coach was always my main boo.

  • Um…I got nothing. *kanyeshrug* Hey, since I helped out some VSBers a couple of weeks ago with wine selections, anyone wanna help out here? Anyone? Bueller?

    • Tee Tee from the Game is all I can give you

      • IcePrincess3

        Love Tee tee! His character had more sense than all if them on the low.

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