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Can’t Truss It?

Notice that it's all men in this picture. White and Black men. All the women stayed home because they didn't trust anybody present.

(And yes, I intentionally spelled “trust” like that. Word to Public Enemy.)

In the past two days, I’ve had some fairly interesting conversations with some women I know about situations that their men might find themselves in. Yesterday’s post was one, but another one came up on Sunday that I found most gripping. Kind of like the defeat of the Packers of Green Bay at the hands of the Giants of New York.

But first, let me start with a simple premise: Women don’t trust men and women don’t trust other women. Women don’t trust anybody.

I’m finding this to be fact. Ask about me.

I find this theory most interesting since men are quick to say that all we have is our balls and our word, but we always believe in our boys. I’m curious what women fall back on? Their ovaries and their hair products? Their thong and their loofa?

Stupid? Probably. Let’s move on.

I’ve never heard a woman say that she trusted her girls beyond the shadow of a doubt. In fact, at least once a day throughout America and probably somewhere in the Carribbean, a chorus of, “I don’t trust that b*tch” can be heard from rooftops, back seats of jeeps, and text messages being read aloud by robotic white women. Seriously, why does anybody use the text to landline function? Creepy. But the message is always the same, and it could be their sister, friend, or stranger; women are quick to say that they “know women”. Apparently women are quick to attempt to get what they want at the hands of some unsuspecting at best or naive at worst man who is not smart enough to fend of the power of the box. Box power if you will. Don’t block the box.

Quick aside here. I’ve always found it troubling when women would tell me that “they know how women are.” It’s pretty much an admission of being universally f*cked up right? Individual women (such as the woman doing the talking) aren’t f*cked up, but the instituation of womanhood is conniving and trifling. It’s like white people and racism. I’m not saying that’s a personal belief, but that’s the implication that comes from so many women with that “I know how women are” comment. And if my woman is a woman, why should I trust her if she’s telling me that her institution is one rife with trife? What makes her so different?

Like it or not, that’s deep sh*t.

So women can’t trust men because we are apparently unable to resist temptation as a species which is why we get married and move to the suburbs. Or Iceland. Brazil is off limits. (Post coming.) Or because we give you all daily reminders of why we aren’t to be trusted via lying, stupidity, or downright ignorance. But women also aren’t to be trusted because women (again, these are words from women) are trifling and if they want something they are going to get it. Or make every attempt to get it, which would of course render the helplessly idiotic man helpless thus resulting in him cheating on his girl with “that b*tch” or at the very least getting caught up in some inappropriate behavior whether he intended it or not. And “that b*tch” could be any woman. She could be a chicks good friend or a total stranger. She could be a liger. Or a pair of Chinese thinking balls.

Point is, when it comes to her man, there’s no woman that she can trust because she desires him so other women must want and desire him as well. And she can’t trust her man because other women want and covet him too and we’re stupid. Unless, of course, she ensures that he doesn’t place himself in sticky situations – like driving in a car to work together, Yugo’s are way more romantic than previously thought by the Commies – since he’s likely to cheat because he’s not to be trusted or not smart enough to say no or overcome his humanity.

Or maybe, he can only be trusted to “be a man.”

So ladies, who in the hell do you actually trust?? You can’t fully trust your man. You definitely can’t trust your girls. Who in the hell do you trust?

Jesus????? Is that it?

Inquiring minds would like to know.


PS: Peep Panama‘s post over at Sister2Sister, “Must he love you more for it to work?” on whether or not a man should love his woman more than she loves him. Interesting take if he does say so himself when he speaks in third person.

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Panama Jackson

Panama Jackson is pretty fly (and gorgeous) for a light guy. He used to ship his frito to Tito in the District, but shipping prices increased so he moved there to save money. He refuses to eat cocaine chicken. When he's not saving humanity with his words or making music with his mouth, you can find him at your mama's mama's house drinking her fine liquors. Most importantly, he believes the children are our future. You can hit him on his hitter at

  • nillalatte

    “who in the hell do you actually trust?? You can’t fully trust your man. You definitely can’t trust your girls. Who in the hell do you trust?”

    There are degrees of trust PJ. To what degree do I trust you is to what degree you SHOW me you can be trusted.

  • I don’t have an issue trusting women if they’ve shown themselves trustworthy.

  • Before I post my real response: I want a sweater! I want one now but I live overseas. Is shipping limited to the States? :'(

  • That Ugly Kid

    Oooh be careful PJ. You haven’t read yesterday’s comments? Apparently when women make negative comments about men, it’s the truth. Yet if a man makes negative comments about a woman, prepare to hear the words “sexist” or “misogyny”. You’ve been warned.

    That aside, I’d have to say from personally experience, I agree with this post. My ex would often tell me that although she loves her bffs, she doesn’t trust them when it comes to me. Though I’d love to see women come here with the whole “Men act the same” noise they were spewing yesterday. It seems they missed the part where you stated that all three of you were FRIENDS. That alone would make our reaction to the situation wholly different.

    Men put the utmost trust in their close friends. Just recently I was at a friend’s and he had to leave to go pick up his cousin from work. He left me in the house, alone, with his big bootied, semi-naked, half-asian, half-black girlfriend. For about 45 minutes. And he thought nothing of it.

  • Mdanielle

    I trust my best friends with everything but we have also been friends for 10+ years and through it all we have had each others bullshit..but like someone said there are degrees of trust as well some people I trust them to do fucked up shit because that’s what they have shown me they are capable of. With me everyone starts off with a blank slate and through our friendship or relationship we build trust with one another, some people I can build a beautiful mansion with while others I can’t put nail and wood together. You just have to choose you friends, boyfriends/girlfriends, associates, etc wisely!

  • SoSincere

    God, because he can’t lie and then after that, generally speaking, I would trust men over women just because women sometimes allow their emotions to cloud logical thinking ability. And yes men do this sometimes as well but honestly, we women do it more. Also you can pretty much count on men to act the same way most of the time (unless they’re overly emotional as well or you are dealing with an immature guy) whereas some women tend to have very inconsistent behavior patterns. There are those of us women who try to be consistent and trustworthy and I have a couple of best friends who are women and who I trust but honestly they are few and far between. I think this is because women are quick to be jealous of other women and you just can’t fully trust someone who has a jealous or envious spirit even if it’s not directed towards you.


    I don’t really trust people.
    Honestly, I don’t even really trust friendly seeming dogs. I always figured that was something wrong with me though, not ALL women… Personally, I trust women more than men. I do try to trust people though, to at least have some trust in some people.

    The problem with trusting people is it makes you really vulnerable and puts you in situations where people can hurt you or fck you over and you didn’t even see it coming, because you trusted them.

  • Not Your Friend

    Not trusting in men or other women is not because of their gender, for me.

  • I give any and errrone the side eye. I’m a naturally distrustful person. I’m the chick who will win $1 billion MegaMillions and be like ‘Sir, Ma’am – I know you raised me and whatnot how do I know you’re my REAL parents?’

  • Medium Meech

    We fear what we don’t understand, fear is the antithesis of trust, and women are such tragically complicated creatures that they barely understand themselves, let alone other women, so it makes perfect sense.

    Either that or women are very self-aware and have it on good authority not to trust anyone that thinks like them.

    I guess it really doesn’t matter what road you take to get their because the take away I get from all of my conversations with the women folk is that their lack of trust is pretty much my fault.

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