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Can White Folks Also Be N*ggas In Paris?

You know she's Jay's n*gga!

[**PJ 754am EDIT: Seeing as I wrote this post waiting for the site to get back up, I just let it ride without really thinking much of it, which makes me feel extremely bad for NOT coming back to write that TODAY IS LIZ’S BIRTHDAY!!! Everybody please with the 1st Lady of VSB a Very Happy Birthday today!!! **]

By now, most of the Ninjerati is aware that Gwyneth Paltrow tweeted that it’s “N***as in paris for real” from the Watch The Throne concernt in Paris over the past weekend. The-Dream, owner of the most unnecessary m-dash in history, attempted to stem the tide by claiming that he tweeted from Gwyneth’s phone.

As if!

However, apparently some colored got their panties in a bunch. Or at least that’s what I suppose happened. I honestly couldn’t care less. In fact, that story is such a non-starter to me because it doesn’t mean anything in the grand scheme of things. It doesn’t mean anything grand for society and it for damn sure didn’t set the Black community back hundreds of years. Naw, we do that plenty by ourselves every day on Twitter. But while being chided by a commenter on Monday’s post for wasting space on issues like zombies (a very real issue in my mind, up there with the re-election) and Champ’s “most embarassing moments ever” post, as opposed to issues like Paltrow’s misguided use of the loaded n-word I got to thinking. By the way, if in any way, shape, or form, you truly believe that Gwyneth using the n-word constitutes a black issue worthy of full discourse…

…stop it.

Moving on. Celebrities and white folks use of the n-word is a curious one enough by itself. Granted, we’ve had issues with television personalities (perhaps rightly) using irony as a weapon against us by wondering aloud why we can refer to ourselves with such language but the second a white person does it becomes an issue. And that’s actually a fair point. Hell, be honest here, that’s what Gwyneth was doing. There’s no doubt in my mind that she tweeted during their umpteenth rendition of “N*ggas In Paris” the song named by Kanye West as his was of not giving a f*ck. Jay apparently wanted to call it “Ball So Hard” but Kanye wanted the song to truly be on that n*gga sh*t. If that’s his wish. It’s what he got. Anyway her tweet leads me to my thoughts…are there any times where it is actually okay for white folks to use the n-word.

The answer is “yes”. It’s just not…suggested. Or recommended. But what are those times?

1. When it’s in the title of a song or album

See, “N*ggas in Paris”. Sure they could call the song “Paris” like radio stations were doing, but it sounds stupid. The song is called “N*ggas In Paris” and it should be respected as such. Calling it “N-Words In Paris” doesn’t sound right, nor does “Paris”. I’ve long contended that N.W.A. created the most ingenious album title ever with EFIL4ZAGGIN by spelling N*GGAZ4LIFE backwards, ensuring that white people could say the name of the album without feeling guilt. That’s why Dr. Dre is a gazillionaire and you are not.

2. In a court of law in reference to a quote

Hey white folks, if you’re on the stand and are asked to repeat what you heard, and the n-word is part of what you heard, you. better. work. Say it. Hell, it may be the ONLY time in your life you get to know what it feels like to be Paul Mooney. Take advantage. (Okay, so I am suggesting AND recommending it in this case). Granted, everybody is going to be listening extra hard to see how excited you are to use the phrase but still. For sympathy points you may want to cry a little to makes the joy. Nobody likes a show off.

3. In a quote from a rap lyric

Hmm, this is just like #1. I’m slow. I don’t reed gud. However, if we believe that rap is art and that artists don’t like their work being altered or deconstrcuted improperly, it stands to reason that you should respect and mimic such art in its true unaltered form. Therefore, when reciting said lyrics, you should recite the words verbatim. Unless, you are in an urban area or the Blacks outnumber you. Not sure what would happen if a white person did this in front of a bunch of white Latinos who will unironically use the n-word as well. My head hurts. Let’s move on.

4. When doing a public reading of a Black literature book

Why this would ever happen is beyond me. But let’s say that it did happen. If the reader DIDN’T read the words out loud or skipped them or changed them it would be like watcing Friday on USA or TNT. You know how words like “motherf*cker” turn into “mothertrucker” or something equally stupid. Well, yeah, that would suck. Much like Black literature books. But should a white person ever find themselves reading one, they’d have my blessing to read it as it is. Outloud.

Hmm. It seems like the only time its ever okay is while performing some sort of mimicry.

That sounds hypocritical. But hey, I didn’t make the rules.

So, what say you? Are these okay times for a white person to use the n-word? What are others? Let’s help them out (which would totally NOT be helping them out, irony thy name is bittersweet…actually its irony).

(And actually “yes” truly means no. There’s never a time where it’s truly okay. Bet that up.)


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  • Eric McD

    I don’t mind a white person saying it as a quote or something but don’t call me (personally) no ni66a. I will threaten you physically.

    • GypsyCurl

      #1,2&4 yes
      #3 no

      Just recently my boyfriend was reading to me, aloud, passages from a book called Black Like Me. Whenever there was the N-word he would say “N-word” in lieu of the N-word. It made the reading awkward but I would rather that type of awkwardness than the awkwardness of him saying the actual word. When I read the book aloud, I said the full word because it was in the context of literature.

      I am against the recreational use of the word by anyone regardless of ethnicity. Gwenyth’s use was recreational and therefore wrong. She did not simply quote the song.

      No one should use the word, especially black people. Seriously people need to have some type of integrity.

      • rhenewal

        “It made the reading awkward but I would rather that type of awkwardness than the awkwardness of him saying the actual word. When I read the book aloud, I said the full word because it was in the context of literature.”

        So… When you read it in the context of literature, it’s fine to say the full word. When he reads it in the context of literature you prefer that he doesn’t say the actual word because it would be too awkward? Color me confused by your logic.

        • GypsyCurl

          You totally missed the point of the story which is (and has nothing to do with what I prefer):
          I read the word, which is not in my everyday vocab, bc I saw it as literature. He didn’t read the actual word bc of his respect for me and he would have felt extremely awkward if he said the word. He figured it was better not to say the word to avoid potential conflict, although there would not have been conflict. He made a choice to err on the side of caution; I didn’t force him to say one word or the other.

    • alex shay

      Girl giving HEAD at HOT97 Summer Jam 2012 (Raw Footage) video



    • GypsyCurl

      Where’s the I’m first police? Be careful Mami before they give you a ticket.

      • girrrrrl, I really thought I was. but oh well!

      • Liz is too busy to worry about that anymore

    • Breezy


      *body rolls and hi-five Mami*

      • Breezy Baby,

        back @ ya!!!! Oh mi gossssssh, I was hollering, screaming, fainting I was just maaaaaad extra last night. If they didn’t win, I was going to be done watching basketball as a sport for life.

    • you are so not first.

      • @ Jammy Jams,


    • Damn the Celtics, LMAO!!!!

      • Breezy

        PA…do you want peace in OUR home?!?!? If so you better chillax on that mess!

        • No problem. However, you do realize that I’m the same guy who lives in Auburn and loves to toment Alabama fans?

          Side note: For those of you who happen to support the Crimson Tide, remember this if you don’t remember anything else…

          Roll Tide will get rolled over this year- mark my words!!!!!

          • i’m pretty sure you were saying that last year too.

          • Aloysius

            Almost time for 2 a days, betting lines for SEC out yesterday, give Durant a comb and the trophy and let’s get down to the business of SEC Football.

            Down here, it trumps everything race, creed, religion, sexual orientation, party affiliation – everything.

      • I take that as a congratulatory message! Thanks much!!!!! :)

  • LuvKaya


    Good grief. She tweeted the name of a hip hop track.

    • LuvKaya

      Ill take third since I dont play #2.

  • I think The-Dream is the one who ended up looking worse in this situation. When did he become Gwyn’s personal apologist n*gga, tho?

    • Krisoh


      Nothing I hate more than a mouthpiece

    • @ IAYP,

      Girl you seem to understand these thangs more, how is that mongrel tied to this situation?———->THE NIGHTMARE?!

    • Beautifullyhuman



    • Sweet GA Brown

      How he gonna take up for Gwyneth but then got a whole album doggin Christina Milian?

      • It’s simple: Coldplay’s “A Rush Of Blood To The Head”>>>>>Christina Milian’s entire career!

        • Lmao! “See me crumble and fall to my face…”

    • Breezy

      He is totally trying to find a way to remain relevant and have folks believe he is rolling with the “IN” crowd. Ninja go back to your seat in the GENERAL admissions section.

      • whostolethesoul1


    • *facepalm* First the struggle blond beard, now this mess. More like The Nightmare.


  • 2 terms that I can’t stand, being said by ANYONE of any color: “white folks” & “niggas” So over this topic. It’s a song title. That a black man chose to use. Enough said.

    • Thank you. It’s the name of the song. So long as it remains in that context, IDGAF

      • whostolethesoul1

        as long as “certain” people can’t use ANY version nothing has changed-AND its make “us” look dumb for trying to use to sound cool-sh*tz stoooopid.

  • PetiteKayBee

    This is part of the reason I didn’t like that song; it give people who aren’t necessarily malicious the feeling that they can say the n-word and not offend people. Granted, you don’t have the right to be in offended and this is a non….factor. All that being said, I’ve told my 2520 friends I don’t care who gave them a pass, not to use it around me.

  • 2 and 3.

    Although I have to say that I’ve seen some comedy specials (from comedians who insult everyone regardless of color or ethnicity) and I didn’t cringe or want to become Tommy “the Hitman” Hearns after hearing them say that word.

  • TheAnti-Cool

    Like I said earlier the “N” word is not a word I like or use much except to describe an ignorant person regardless of color. And I usually hate to see/hear other people use it. I basically treat it like a swear word. A really bad one.

    My feeling on 2520s using it? “We” can’t really get mad when “we” have made “them” comfortable to use the word casually in conversation. That’s hypocritical bullsht imo. Don’t like being called a nigg@? Stop calling yourself one first. Stop saying it around people “unworthy” of using it themselves. It’s a start, no?

    • “Don’t like being called a nigg@? Stop calling yourself one first. Stop saying it around people “unworthy” of using it themselves. It’s a start, no?”

      Church! Choir! Tabernacle…and all that other sh*t…

      • GirlSixx

        Imma just leave my cosign right here!!!

        *shakestambourine* #NoEve

      • A Woman’s Eyes

        + Yep!

    • Meisarebel

      Erm… I’m guessing 2520 means white? But… How exactly? I don’t get it.

      • 25th letter of alphabet: Y

        20th letter of alphabet: T

        Say those letters together. What it sound like? ;)

        • Meisarebel

          Wow… And we gettin caught up on some actress (who, let’s be honest, outside Ironman, isn’t really THAT relevant anymore) and we got code words for white people?

          That’s rather amusing.

          • nillalatte

            LOL… what ‘code word’ we gonna use for us boo? ;)

  • A Woman’s Eyes


    Have you ever been to Paris? And I don’t mean in Las Vegas.

  • Jammy Jams,


    On to matters of lesser importance, as it pertains to my giddy state right now:

    A white person using the n-word, which I detest, will be SHUT ALL THE WAY DOWN! Yes, I do NOT play with the use of that word! It has been used against me, not just historically BUT in person and I cannot tell you, how degraded I felt! Oh mi gosh! Tears STUNG me! First incident, I was crossing a street, when a bunch of fellow white students slowed their car down and called me the n-word! My God! My blood curled, but there was nothing, absolutely NOTHING I could do BUT take it all in, and hold my head high. They sped off……after the fact!! I was left to taste the visceral candor, and bile with which they spewed and hurled that term at me! Clearly, I’m still yet to recover.

    Second incident, my college (don’t ask for the name, neither location!) had to be shut down for an entire day, and state police had to monitor the situation for quite some time, thereafter because we were under the threat of KKK! There were text messages circulating talking about how if any, [insert THAT word-ya’ll liberally use] student stepped on campus, we were going to be eliminated. This was NOT a joke. Shit hit the roof! For a good one month, we held town hall style meetings to diffuse the situation, because we were going to go public with what was happening at the time.

    Third incident, I was helping this old white man at a nursing home that I was volunteering at, when he called me the n-word. It stung. It really hurt. There is nothing really, I could do. He had alzehemeir. He forgot EVERYTHING else in his life but the n-word, and yet it is a term that continues to be used liberally.

    Lastly, when I was in the motherland last year, a friend of mine jokingly used the n-word, I CRINGED! He thinks that all African Americans are insert THAT word. And no, it is not a good look.

    In sum, the continual use of the n-word and the normalization of this process is completely befuddling to me. The “intellectualization” of it, through debasing the age old argument of its place in history and encouraging folks, especially the white folks to use it by stating that so long as they don’t call me a “ger”, instead they call me a “ga”, is CRAZY! Personally, it is unbecoming and irresponsible. That term was not originally used to praise the essence of your existence, it was used to desecrate and emotionally butcher your very being.

    This is a sensitive issue to me….the day my daughter uses that term, is the day my hand and her face will become one, and she will be shipped with promptness to the motherland! No questions asked.

    No person should use that word. PERIOD.————->in my humble opinion!

    • “Third incident, I was helping this old white man at a nursing home that I was volunteering at, when he called me the n-word. It stung. It really hurt. There is nothing really, I could do.”

      Yes it was- you should have whipped his ass!

      “He had alzehemeir. He forgot EVERYTHING else in his life but the n-word, and yet it is a term that continues to be used liberally.”

      You’re making excuses, African Mami. I don’t care if he had Alzheimer’s or not, you still could have smacked him one good time.

      • @ boo,

        I take it you are joking……

        • Yeah…you sounded a little emo and I felt you needed some kind of laugh. Cheer up, woman, damn LOL!

          • sounded….I AM emo over it, and I don’t feel one bit shamed. it is what it is!

    • WIP

      I’ve encountered the KKK a couple times. Once as a kid. They held some type of rally in the middle of town in full costume. Again recently when I went to a festival (some country sh*t in the middle of nowhere) as a vendor. The vendor next to me was not only selling merchandise adorned with confederate flags, but had some of his friends dressed in all white come visit him (all white everything). I can’t tell you what they called me behind my back but they were, surprisingly, cordial and helpful the whole time.

      I would have given that old make the scratchiest blanket I could find.

    • demondog06

      @ mami- you know i worked with people with traumatic brain injuries. i’d get white clients that would call me nigga at the drop of a dime. i’d usually comment that ” black people call each other nigga so that doesn’t bother me, do better!”

      i would then proceed to tell him ” at least i can walk and don’t shit myself mutha fugga!” oh and the reaction i would get from them would make my nipples hard just a little.

      you see a**holes like to use that word to hurt us because they know that it can.
      i’ve had dudes call me a nigga, but instead of getting bent outta shape i would smile and make some derogatory comment about defiling their mothers which would piss them off far more than them callin me a nigga.

      i understand the history, but we must understand, that no matter how many times the NAACP holds mock funerals the word is not going anywhere. when the day comes where that word no longer bothers us. 2520’s will no longer long to use it

      • demondog06

        man maybe we need a less sensitive topic, ya’ll killin me with this moderation

        • DQ

          It ain’t just you. My comments been trying to make bail for the last 20 minutes.

      • whostolethesoul1

        a mock funeral won’t kill what we continue to perpetuate: black on black crime, seeding multitudes of children w/o a care and various other things that make us appear to have lost-links, literally. Many in the community continue hurting our cycle of generations to come and when asking pointedly WTF?! the answer is always the Kanye-shrug. For some damn reason we are our own, and most effective, genocide-have been for years…i have seen parents work harder for a handout than they will for their child’s education and then proceed to get a $400 weave

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