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Cage That Tiger, Tiger.

tiger-woods.400x450If you’re anything like me, you’re amazed that this Tiger Woods story still has legs. I figured it it would be over and done with before we hit December but nope. Apparently Tiger has more hoez than Vegas.

As of today, there are AT LEAST 10 women who’ve come forward as Tiger’s concubines.  We’ve got cocktail waitresses, Hooters girls, a porn star.

Not to mention he was running raw in at least two of them AND sending nasty text messages. Tiger is a perv.

Quite honeslty, I didn’t think he had it in him. I’ve often views Tiger as that uber-goofy doofball who you’d point and laugh at who managed to make a billion dollars just so he could swallow his opponents and all that stuff.  Now I think a lot of news sources and blogs are erroneously taking a race angle with the media coverage of his myriad cockups. I mean, its Tiger Woods and short of Afghanistan and health care reform (two constant and never-ending problems) news is really slow lately. Plus, most folks are probably like me and can’t believe that Tiger is a ho.

So I don’t think race is a factor in the coverage. However, far be it from me to think about the racial angle in this whole thing.


I know that’s an odd angle to take with this, but really, it lends me to believe that he really doesn’t f*ck with Black people at all. Odd considering how Black people take every opportunity to claim him as a Black dude even if he doesn’t know it. See, what we do know is that Tiger loves him some new p*ssy. He loves it so much that he clearly can’t say no.  Hell, in my office pool, I’ve got him with at least 5 more chicks who haven’t come forward. I almost think that his wife knows this but her whole thing was keeping it on the low. Don’t let it go public or I’m out and you’re gonna owe me LOOOOOOOOOONG dough.

And so it was.

No wonder Buick dropped him. They probably couldn’t afford to keep paying Tiger’s pals.

But back to the Black thing. I have this odd theory that if you don’t appreciate Black women, you just cannot appreciate Black people. I know it’s weird, but even my own mother is white and she raised me, largely by herself, for the first six years of my life in some of the whitest parts of the country. Yet today, you can’t tell me Black women aren’t the most beautiful, wonderful beings on the planet.

I understand people have preferences and its likely that Black women aren’t even paying attention to Tiger (that wouldn’t surprise me, I’ve yet to meet a Black  woman who ever thought Tiger was hot), but still, it seems odd to me that with all the thick thighs and banging Serena style bodies running the globe, he’d always choose a white woman.  That just seems odd to me since if you’re gong to cheat you MIGHT AS WELL cheat on something thats gonna provide a fantasy or something at some point.  He basically kept banging his wife with wigs on.

I know Oprah was at his wedding, hell that might be the only Black woman he even deals with. But who would hit that?

I suppose what I find most interesting harkens back to this problem we have in the Black community of supporting our own even thru foolishness (see Kelly, Robert Sylvester or Simpson, Orenthal James). We find a way to support people thru some of the most ridiculous of circumstances even if we know they did wrong because they belong to us.  Perhaps its one of those situations where nobody will beat our kids but us.  But what the hell do you do when you’ve supported somebody for so long who’s made it clear that they really don’t want no parts of you?

While I think that Tiger just likes white p*ssy, I think that it goes deeper than that.  Perhaps its because his daddy is Black and he didn’t have a Grandma Nana to show him positive Black women.  I don’t know.

I’ll throw it to you all, do you think there’s a deeper issue that’s materializing with all the women that are showing up? Does Tiger really just prefer white women?

Does Tiger really think that he ain’t Black which is why all his womens aren’t either??

Did you even think Tiger had it in him??



BTW, I’m fully aware that its a good thing that no Black women got caught up in this non-sense (thus far), but I still think its odd.  Everybody knows that if you start plucking everything in sight you start to experiment with different flavors. Except Tiger, he’s all white wine.

Damon Young

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  • http://thebeautifulstuggler.com Sister Toldja

    Tiger made his lack of interest in Black people very clear a decade ago. I think I find it almost more surprising that there was not an Asian woman, a mixed race woman or anyone who wasn’t White. This confirms my belief that his “Cablinasian” idenity was less of him saying “Look, mom’s Asian, Dad’s Black, I’m mixed” and more “I’m NOT Black”. I think this dude actually feels ethnically White and doesn’t seem to relate to the world as a POC. Well, sadly, the media is here to remind him of otherwise.

    • Me fail english?

      @Sister Toldja,

      c/s the whole post

      Not even a Latina? A vietnamese girl? ONLY dating what you’re not. To be real though, I’d find it more odd if he did date a black girl. Like Pan Pan said, I’ve never met a black woman (at least not in real life) who thought Tiger was hot.

      “He basically kept banging his wife with wigs on.”


      • http://www.sistersoundoff.blogspot.com Cheekie

        @Me fail english?,

        lmfao @ “basically kept banging his wife with wigs on”. It’s like, Tiger’s Woods life is that TV show Alias, or some ish.

  • Persona

    There’s not even an Asian or Cablanasian in the bunch!

    • Just X

      @Persona, Hell no —“Tiger Woods is the king of the white girls” and we all have known that the only color he sees is White eventhough White is the absence of color!!!

  • http://nianaturally.blogspot.com N.I.A. lovesthekids….

    I’m not surprised by the fact Tiger cheated on his wife. I am surprised by the number of women, and I’m surprised by how basic some of these chicks are. Have you seen the pic of the Perkins waitress? Perkins? Really, Tiger? You just gonna walk up in Perkins, have a seat at your table, and order the Pancake Platter w/basic Pu**y on the side? Seriously, Tiger!! o_O

    All jokes aside, anytime any man or woman systematically excludes their own race from their dating pool screams of their being a deeper issue… at least it does for me. I really don’t understand how anybody cannot prefer themselves. But then again, Tiger’s mother wasn’t black, and perhaps his father purposely isolated him away from certain (see, people of color)people. I find it surprising that he hasn’t been linked with some hot, westernized Asian chick.

    • Lili

      @N.I.A. lovesthekids….,

      I’m sure a combination of factors (i.e. neighborhood, racial make up of HS and university, etc.) effected his dating choices and, ultimately, dating preferences, but………honestly, I think his dad probably had a lot to do with it.

      I’ve known full black kids whose parents responded more favorably when they brought white girls/guys home, so it wouldn’t be too far-fetched in this situation.

    • An Island

      @N.I.A. lovesthekids

      “You just gonna walk up in Perkins, have a seat at your table, and order the Pancake Platter w/basic Pu**y on the side?”


      • The One & True GEM… of the Ocean

        @An Island,

        that statement made me lmbao too!!

        • sisanda

          @The One & True GEM… of the Ocean,

          YEs indeed…..(Though imagine if that really were an side-order….)

    • cam1ll3

      @N.I.A. lovesthekids….,

      so mad at you for the pancakes and the side of p*ssy. lmao!!

    • Madame Zenobia

      @N.I.A. lovesthekids….,
      You just gonna walk up in Perkins, have a seat at your table, and order the Pancake Platter w/basic Pu**y on the side? Seriously, Tiger!!

      I’m gonna go out on a limb and say this will be the funniest comment of the night. This one’s the winner!

    • http://youngbelizeanlady.blogspot.com/ YoungBelizeanLady

      @N.I.A. lovesthekids….,
      “You just gonna walk up in Perkins, have a seat at your table, and order the Pancake Platter w/basic Pu**y on the side? Seriously, Tiger”

      LMAO buwahahaa..

    • Me fail english?

      @N.I.A. lovesthekids….,

      “anytime any man or woman systematically excludes their own race from their dating pool screams of their being a deeper issue…”

      Especially when they’re like eight different races. But c/s on the number of women. And the fact that they’re all coming out. So not only did you cheat (get caught) at least 10 times, but all these hoes want a book deal? Why do I feel like I’m being punk’d? Tiger is the king of picking the wrong jump-offs.

    • http://www.shay-d-lady.com shay-d-lady

      I also think Tiger’s father purposefully made the decision to instill the white is right mentality in tiger. I think thats where it starts…. however I don’t find it surprising about him not dating an asian chick.. hell asians have similar complexes and try to assimilate by dating “white” in my experience…..so he got it from both sides he wasnt going to do anything but every white chick that was going…and them h*s were going like 240 goes north…LMAO

    • http://verysmartbrothas.com The Champ

      @N.I.A. lovesthekids….,

      You just gonna walk up in Perkins, have a seat at your table, and order the Pancake Platter w/basic Pu**y on the side?

      lol, sounds like a typical friday night in college

  • http://www.shay-d-lady.com shay_d_lady

    I think he has issues with being black. I mean the fact that he made sure to tell us he was part caucasion and not just black and asian let me know from jump he had some issues with his minority, minority status.
    He messes with girls that makes him feel like he is one of them, to be included.
    thats my dr phill angle.
    My real thoughts are that tiger is a uppity blasian that wants to pass and therefore only concerns himself with the things and people that will help him acheive his goal.
    He aint shyt and dont come running to black america to save you but I doubt he would even think about it.
    However I agree that the media coverage isnt biased. Adultery sells whenever its done. Arod-madonna, was it roger clements and the young chick? I mean its always big business regardless of race and not to mention he is one of, if not the, bggest athelete in the world.

    I started my blog.
    check it out!

    • CoCoPuffs


      I had to cover my mouth to keep from laughing out loud at my desk about your sister! Twista’s “overnight celebrity”? In her library it was named “play something these h*es will like”

      I was ROLLING!!!! Good stuff!!

      • Me fail english?


        lol@ them long ass song titles. Got a scrolling marquee across the screen for EVERY song.

    • miss t-lee


      LMAO!!! That post about your sis is hilarious. You have been bookmarked ma’am…lol

  • http://www.shay-d-lady.com shay_d_lady

    p.s. why the f!ck is my comment in moderation?
    I call racism

    • Manny

      @shay_d_lady, I think it’s because you’re so ….INFAMOUS. They’re worried.

    • Madame Zenobia

      racism, sexism, eroticism, all types of isms!!!!

    • http://verysmartbrothas.com The Champ


      moderate deez

      • shay_d_lady

        @The Champ,
        yo momma

  • Lili

    “Perhaps its because his daddy is Black and he didn’t have a Grandma Nana to show him positive Black women. I don’t know.”

    ? Tiger isn’t Black.
    He’s “Caublanasian”….hello.

    LOL…It’s bad enough we rally around Black celebs who are caught committing heinous crimes (like “R-uh” and OJ), but to rush to the aid of a man who seems to have done everything to disassociate himself with Black folk? NAW, that’s cool. He can keep it just the way he wanted it.*

    That said, while I am not making excuses for Tiger, it seems that he truly has an issue with race that runs deeper than not liking Blacks. Tiger is Black, Asian and White. His wife and mistresses are all white- Black women were omitted from the pool, yes- but so were Asian women! Tiger just might have a complex (which we all guessed a long time ago)- he doesn’t seem to want to deal with any minority women.

    *This does make me think about Vanessa Williams though. She has discussed how Black folk supported her when she fell from grace (Miss America scandal), even though she always separated herself from Blacks.

    • http://verysmartbrothas.com The Champ


      do you think its a complex or that he just ended up screwing what was easy and available to him?

      • Lili

        @The Champ,

        You think he’s never come in contact with an attractive Black or Asian woman? Especially if he was searching for groupies. Groupies of all races are pretty hot (they have to be- they’re…groupies).

  • sexywinergirl

    I don’t think T. Woods wants to be associated with black people at all. I mean he didn’t even have a mixed chick up in the mix. I must say I was hoping that at least one of his many hoes would be a lil on the chocolate side but nah. He really was just banging his wife with wigs on.

    I also don’t think T. Woods considers himself black. He did make up that word to describe himself…” Cablinasian”

    I never thought the dude had it in him though. I guess he had to find some way to release all that pent up energy from his golf playing games; cus let’s face it that sport is boring.

    • http://verysmartbrothas.com The Champ


      “I must say I was hoping that at least one of his many hoes would be a lil on the chocolate side”

      ***filed under “sh*t you’ll only hear on vsb.com”***

  • Manny

    I was listening to the radio on the way home from work and someone called in to confess that they also had an affair with Tiger Woods. This is local radio in CT btw, not XM. She said, “I’m number 11,” sounded sad and sincerely apologized. It’s sort of crazy. I don’t care about Tiger or pay attention to him so I don’t know about a complex, though it is a strange coincidence. Do you know anyone who Says they’re open to dating other races, but date one exclusively?

    • Snowbunnyintx


      I am a white female and I will only date black men end of story. It is what I am attracted to and what I have known all of my life. I am 41 yrs old now and have 3 biracial children and funny part is my 14 yr old he only likes mexican girls but that is because where we live there is a plethera of mexican girls. When I was 5 yrs old the first black family moved in across the street from us and that was it for me they were my best friends they were my family. We didn’t see color I loved them and they loved me.

      Tiger’s preference is because that is what he knows that is all he knows and it is obviously good to him so that is his preference. I am sure he has probably dabbled maybe before he got married but he knows what he likes no doubt about that.

      All these women I think are full of sh*t. Some maybe true but how do we know that him and his wife’s relationship was not already on the outs and they were just staying together for his image hahaha well isn’t that ironic his image is definetly shot to hell now! hahaha

      • http://musicmakesmehigh.wordpress.com Reecie

        @Snowbunnyintx, #nevertrust a person that says “I don’t see color”. just saying.

        I understand being attracted to what you are always around though–in the case of your son, and you too if you were always surrounded with black people.

      • http://verysmartbrothas.com The Champ


        are you the same snowbunny that was hear last week? if not, welcome and sh*t

        • Snowbunnyintx

          @The Champ,

          I think I posted something last week hell I slept since then! haha

          Thanks and sh*t :)

  • An Island

    “He basically kept banging his wife with wigs on.” HA!

    (I just looked up the women . . . thank you google.) Wow, those are some dime a dozen chicks. I guess there are tons of men in the world who can now claim they have “billionaire game” because it seems you just need to get any frumpy @ss hooters waitress to qualify (and it’s even sadder that at least one of them looks like she just got cosmetic surgery to get “blacker” lips). If I were Tiger, my 10 woman cheating crew would have at least 5 Chanta Patton types on it, not women who look like stuff I passed up in middle school. Weak.

    Oh yeah, and it will be incredibly strange if Tiger didn’t give it to at least one black or asian chick. That’s some real self-hate, color issues stuff there in my ridiculously amateur psychiatric opinion.

    • http://www.sandhillsfilmfestival.com Ericka

      @An Island, yes there is one sister… saw it on tv last night…her 2520 roommate told the press..

      • An Island


        Really? I’m interested in her story. $20 says she’s got hazel or green eyes.

      • http://verysmartbrothas.com The Champ


        welcome and sh*t

  • Leila

    10 women and counting! No wonder his wife went after him with the golf club…Tiger has gone out of his way to separate himself from black people and seeing that all of these women are white shows a deeper issue. I feel bad for him cuz I can’t imagine excluding my race from the dating pool.

    • http://verysmartbrothas.com The Champ


      I feel bad for him cuz I can’t imagine excluding my race from the dating pool

      i feel bad for him because i can’t imagine being a billionaire and excluding hot chicks from my dating pool

      • michaboa

        @The Champ, lol