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Burger King To Pay For “Burger-King” Wedding



Whenever I think of God’s sense of humor, I think of things like a couple with the respective surnames of Burger and King coming together in matrimonial bliss. That’s exactly what happened when Illinois childhood sweethearts, Joel Burger and Ashley King’s engagement went viral. Shortly after, Burger King decided to get in on the fun and decided to foot the bill for the wedding, noting that this coupling was, “fate.”

Naturally, all I can think about is whether their children will be named Whopper and Chicken Fries.

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  • Stanley Q.

    The entries have mostly flopped lately, not garnering much turnout. Is this a first? No comments after an entire day of having been posted?

  • I’m just posting so I don’t get fined.
    And I’m glad they’re not black.

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