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Shit Bougie Black People Love: 16. Day Parties

Bougie Black People (BBP) are alcoholics. Obviously, they are highly-functioning alcoholics. They hold government jobs, they have good credit, and they even buy special garbage cans just for recycling. But don’t let their professional demeanors fool you. The only difference between them and your regular Black drunk uncle Tommy is that BBP blackout in rent controlled lofts instead of Greyhound Station newspaper stands.

Since BBP are alcoholics, much of their mental energy is spent thinking of new ways to drink alcohol with other BBP. This is why “Bottomless brunch” is the BBP’s 3rd favorite word combination, right behind “Lupita Nyong’o” and “Zimmerman died?”

Sadly, Bougie Black People were faced with a dilemma some years back. Although they can’t drink during work, they found ways to drink directly after work (happy hours and professional mixers), at home (wine with every meal), Friday and Saturday nights (game nights and nightclubs), and Saturday and Sunday late morning/early afternoon (brunch). But, there remained a giant chasm Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

They initially tried experimenting with things such as “Black Girls Run,” “mentorship,” and “going to museums and shit” to fill those voids, but none of those things involved alcohol. Which Bougie Black People needed. Because Bougie Black People are alcoholics.

Underdeterred, they stayed resilient and eventually just decided to drink alcohol all day long. They even created a name for it: The day party.

The day party is the Bougie Black Person’s shrewdest invention. Although created as an excuse to enable their alcoholism, they’ve actually become preferable to night parties because…

1.  The daylight allows them a better opportunity to detect other Bougie Black People and distinguish themselves as a Bougie Black Person — often done by wearing Bougie-identifying t-shirts purchased from Teespring campaigns.

2. The daylight gives them a better opportunity to chronicle their Bougie and their alcoholism through Instagram.

3. Bougie Black People love putting “new” spins on old shit, even if that “new” spin is just some older shit. (Hence the 90s party.) It makes them feel cool and irreverent. Which matters, because coolness and irreverence are just as important to BBP as Olivia Pope and alcoholism are.

Attending a “day party” (a party taking place during the day) as opposed to a “party” (a party taking place at night) gives them that feeling.


Damon Young

Damon Young is the editor-in-chief of VSB. He is also a columnist for And he's working on a book of essays to be published by Ecco (HarperCollins). Damon is busy. He lives in Pittsburgh, and he really likes pancakes. Reach him at Or don't. Whatever.

  • This is the truthiest post that ever truthed in the history of truthland. You get me.

    • kidvideo

      Word to Colbert.

    • But you don’t even drink! LOLOL But I will concur!

    • Damon Young

      we got each other. like the roots and sh*t

    • Sarah

      Truth be told, this is quietly an appropriation of the standard Immigrant Party. Our birth/death/weekend always was the same, turnt, indoor/outdoor/open door fest. One yr old birthday party and your great aunt funeral reception barely distinguishable. Specially in the summahtime. Bumpin tho, eitha way.

  • Erin Ashley

    LMAO, I now think I’m a BBP – Bottomless brunch, with lots of mimosas and bellinis are my favorite things lol.

    • Damon Young

      it’s easier once you admit it.

  • CamCamtheGreat

    We don’t have day parties in South Florida…unless you count the random hotel parties on South Beach that require you to know someone who knows someone and/or sell your first born to afford the cover charge. Or maybe I’m just out of the loop and everyone else is day-drinking without me. Me no know.

    • CrayolaGirl

      I’m out of the loop for Atlanta but I don’t think day parties are big here.
      My DC friends are the only reason I know this exist. Day party? Do you mean a barbeque? No, clubbing during the day time? They shut me down quickly. Day parties are great and I would know this if I live in the area.

      • Aly

        Apparently there’s lots of day parties here:

        • I had no idea. buuuuuut then again I don’t qualify as bougie AT. ALL. What am I even doing in here? lol

          • Aly

            Girl, me either! I say we go crash one though for the he!l of it. Or you could just come over round 2 and we can crack open a bottle of wine. Your choice lol.

        • CrayolaGirl

          Thanks for link.
          I haven’t heard a word about any of these events. That makes sense because I’m not out and about here. I saved up going out energy for when I visit friends out of town.

      • IcePrincess

        They have day parties at buckhead bottle bar, but I heard the crowd is ratchet

        • CrayolaGirl

          Let me look into this.

      • atl day parties are my steez

        They also have day parties at opera, prive and the W hotels…

        • LesliePPlunkett

          There is a Day Party every weekend in Atlanta.

    • cakes_and_pies

      The only day parties we have in N. Florida are for Bougie Black People trying to get elected to local/state office or during Homecoming weekend.

  • Epsilonicus

    Here is the thing about day parties: most of the time I am still hung over from the night before. I ain’t tryna drink when I gotta get right for the evening

  • “Which matters, because coolness and irreverence are just as important to BBP as Olivia Pope and alcoholism are.”


  • the fact that i know exactly where that picture took place (ozios). i also love day parties.

    • Rachmo

      I love day parties more than I love most family members.

    • PhlyyPhree

      I’m felt some kind of way because I also looked at this picture and was like “I KNOW that place, hell I might be in the background somewhere”. I don’t know what type of way, but some type of way, indeed was felt.

  • Kozy


  • Rachmo

    Day parties make me so happy. I can get up, work out, clean, do groceries, get wasted AND be home by 8 with pizza? Yeah day parties are my jam.

    • GemmieBoo

      i dont think ive ever gotten home before 10p from a day party. and then im only home to freshen up, change clothes, and hit the club after.

      that said, i like the OPTION of being home early enough after a full day’s worth of productivity and twerking if i so chose.

      • Rachmo

        I can’t even hang like that anymore. It’s sad. But when I get drunk during the day I’m usually wrapped up in a blanket by 10 at the latest.

        • GemmieBoo

          oh i dont party like that regularly anymore. but when i DO party, i go all in. if i keep going, im fine. but once im stationary for too long? im donzo.

      • panamajackson

        Yeah…even the day party that Damon was at in this picture was SUPPOSED to be an in between stop.

        Liquor won out.

        • Damon Young

          it was a TKO

          • Don Almighty

            That is exactly what happened to me this past weekend…. and at the place pictured above, too. Go figure.

      • You always think ur gonna be home early but its a trap….cuz after the party is game night, dinner or a club

  • “Step, step, step in the name of love…”
    -R. Kelly

    Well, hello Champ and congrats on the wedding,

    Great topic, and gives me a chance to kinda sorta pickup on where I left off on Panama’s recent Relationship Panel post.

    As you know, my focus is on the Blue Collar end of things, which to be frank, is rarely discussed from the inside out. My “hero” for discussion is Tyrone, the smart, Blue Collar Brotha who finds himself in something of a relationship quandary, because of the odd place he findself in with regard to the Black American SMP (s*xual marketplace).

    As I said to Panam the other day, all of these things – relationship panels, daytime “bottomless brunches”, professional socials and mixers, “flow dating” events – they’re all geared to what could be termed “Black professionals” – NOT Tyrone. Sure, he could in effect crash the party, or in some other way shoehorn his way in, but let’s not fool ourselves here – these events, and many others like them, are NOT with Tyrone in mind. In fact, quite a few of the ladies in particular – remember, Female Mat Choice drives all mammalian mating – are quite keen to let the powers that be know this.

    So, that brings us to today’s Burning Question:

    Where do the Tyrones go?

    Well, aside from the dive bars and the like, I suppose they could do – they could hit up cabaret “old school party” events. Philly’s shot through with these – in fact, I attended such an “Oldies Night” yesterday evening – and there is much meat on the bone in terms of discussion. After all, it’s always fun to see how the other half lives, right?

    OK, so, first off – we’re talking about events that are, by definition, a bit older – say, at the very least, latter 30s and up, and more like solid 40s in the mean. Lots of straight ahead AARP members, nothing inherently wrong with that. I’m a huge 70s/80s music fan. Motown, The Jacksons, Bohannan, Stephanie Mills, Chic, Brick, Heatwave, The Brothers Johnson, the GAP Band…you get the idea. And I love “steppin'” – so it’s not so bad, right?

    Well…that’s the thing – when one assesses the talent in the venue you run up on something that is actually a lot more common but cannot be uttered out loud, lest you risk getting the Stephen A. Smith Treatment:

    A LOT of the Sistas in attendance have, to put it mildly, seen better days. The majority of them are seriously overweight, if not outright obese, and quite a few have attitudes that aren’t particularly stellar either. Yes, there are a number of older Brothas who could stand to get a blood transfusion themselves, but the simple truth of the matter is that, it isn’t a neat one to one comparison – you’re more likely to see more well preserved Brothas than Sistas. Again, I’m talking late 30s on up here. Not politically correct, but there, I said it anyway.

    Now, there IS a caveat of sorts here – you see, thanks to the College Sorting Machine, a term I took from Charles Murray’s excellent read “Coming Apart” – the Sistas that makeup your cohort Champ, as a rule, do tend to be a sight more attractive, than Tyrone’s putative assortative mating equals. Which explains Tyrone’s desire to punch above his weight, at least in part anyway.

    You see, many of the venues that supposedly serve as de facto mating grounds for the Tyrones of the world, basically s*uck in terms of the quality of ladies that frequent them – being high functioning alcoholics, while no doubt an issue, would also be rather tame in comparison. By the time these “Tamikas” hit theit latter 30s, they’ve already got kids (and I know the ladies don’t want to hear this, but it’s the truth, it’s a demerit as far as the fellas are concerned – even if they say otherwise) and all that comes with it (weight, bodies being a bit out of sorts, psychological scarring from previous relationships/marriages, getting burned by Mr. Big, etc.). And it shows. Very dramatically.

    Put that together with the current zeitgeist of the times – that of “harassment” in its varius forms and iterations – and, well, it makes matters all that much more, shall we say, interesting, for the Tyrones. Given that the success rate of things such as more straight ahead speed dating events and online dating and the like is about 20%, at best, and the liabilities mount up, while the bennies seem to diminish with each passing minute.

    There is one other thing that I’ve personally noticed while at outings like these – the older Bougie Gals will start to attend as well, and for a not insignificant number of them, the years have not been very kind.

    But, because the Thirst Is Real, many of them and the Tamikas too, can and will find quite a few willing Brothas to mate them up, even wife them up. Yea, weird as all get out to me too, but go figure. In the American mating marketplace, Brothas on a whole don’t have a heck of a lot to bargain with, and so many of them have to take whatever they can get, or fly solo.




    • LadyIbaka

      Funny how you find a way of putting black men on a pedestal as if they too don’t have faults. I need balance. So this blue collar brothas, what does their 401k look like? How engaging are they? Are they conversant with global issues, can they hold down these sorts of conversations, since it’s already established Tameka, can’t. How many of Tameka’s children does Tyrone claim? Should I wait for sway?

      O, balance! It can’t always be that black women are the devil. Jesus, give us a break. I just came across a YouTube account of someone you share similar views win. YouTube TNN news or tsotomayor or some variation of that.

      • @Lady:
        Actually, I’ve written about this in some detail; I’ll post up the link in a followup comment. I pull no punches with “the other side” either.

        But, let’s be honest, shall we – soo very often “relationship/mating” discussions and questions are done from the perspective and interests of the ladies. I mean, take a look at Panama’s relationship panel post, he even says it. I think the time has come to examine things from the perspective of Tyrone – beacause he doesn’t get the mic, and becuase it’s fun.

        You are talking to a disease free, Baby Mama drama free, debt free(!) Blue Collar Brotha, who has demonstrated on numerous occasions to be at least as well read, and often moreso, than those who ask such queries as yours; you are talking to a Brotha who is fit, is told is not hard to look at, and was catcalled at the aforementioned event last night.

        We aren’t the rare birds many Sistas want to make us out to be. Although I know how and why so many of you do; how else can you explain you tough row to hoe, hmm?

        Moreover, I note that you did not address what I actually said above; since many of you here highly value the opinion and view of Whites, let me hip you tosomething:

        They see the exact same things I’ve noted above – they’re just very, very good ant not mentioning it outloud, and pretending they didn’t see what they saw, lest they run afoul of the Stephen A. Smith Treatment. I continue to be amazed by how Black Women honestly think they can just do whatever and no one is supposed to notice. Hmm.

        Now, with that out of the way, we return to the Burning Question:

        We know that Bougie Blacks have venues specifically tailored for them to soocialize and yes, find mates.

        Where does Tyrone go?

        You were saying?




          @Ms. Lady:
          As promised, the link above lays out my views on the matter of the “balance” you seek. I have no problem in the least discussing the foiables and shortcomings of the Brothas. Doesn’t bother me in the least.

          I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.



          • @Ms. Lady:
            Thanks for the mention of Sotomayor, because as he often points out, his detractors and interlocutors never actually address his arguments, only personally attacking him, and/or setting up strawmen to knock down. In many ways, you and others here, have done the exact same thing to me. None of you have actually addressed what I’ve actually said.

            For example, is what I’ve said about the laides in such venues true or not? If it is indeed true, what’s the big deal in merely pointing that out? Why the need to get so very defensive about it? Why can’t I merely pioint that out without everyone losing their coookies over it? If it’s true, well, it’s true. It is what it is. That shouldn’t upset anyone.


    • Kozy

      Enough is enough, man.

      “Where do the Tyrones go?” FOH with that nonsense.

      Want a seat at the table? sit down. No one at that table wants to trade PB & J’s with you? too bad. Accept the reality of the conclusion that you so often lament:

      There are, in fact, as well as in theory, levels to this sh*t.

      You act like black people are this wholly inclusive monolith where everyone, regardless of any socioeconomic factors, is viewed the same. To that I say this:

      Where they do that at?

      What you’ve done in life weighs heavily on what’s available to you and where you’ll end up. Occupationally, socially, Financially etc etc etc. I really don’t get why that’s a hard concept to understand.

      This isn’t a black kid being denied membership into an ivy league campus club because [any number of reasons]. This is you, crying about not attending events completely open to the public that no one is keeping you out of.

      Grow up.

      • Hello Mr. Kozy,
        Well now, struck a raw nerve, haven’t we? Good! Let’s really bury the needle, shall we?

        I find it interesting that you can be so ferocious in your response, but ONLY when someone like myself deigns to speak. You don’t seem so moved to do the same thing when the Tyrones are constantly stereotyped and lampooned, or when the Bougie crowd incessantly navel gazes to the point of mind-numbing inanity. Only when one of my ownn says something, do you want to raise the bass in your voice in some faux-righteous indignation.

        My queestions are legitmate – so too are my observations – and the only thing your defensiveness will do is fuel my questioning.

        More, please!



        • Kozy

          …..sooo, in essence, no response? cool.

          • ….soo, you’re not going to address what I’ve actually said? cool.


            • Kozy

              no. seeing as how you side-stepped the points I raised, I don’t feel overly compelled to chase whatever clay pigeon of an argument you’ve sent hurtling out into the wilderness.

              • @Mr. Kozy:
                The pleasure of being the cause of so much of your butthurt, is all mine.



                • Kozy

                  *reads O’s post*
                  *reads my response*
                  *comparatively analyzes for hurt butts*
                  I’M butthurt? interesting conclusion. noted.

                  • References available upon request.

                    Look, Kozy – we can keep on insulting each other if you want – or – and this is what I’d really prefer – we can have a more productive conversation. If you’re not up for that I can dig it, but I’ve asked a number of legitimate questions and gave my take on things from my particular point of view. I can respect that if you don’t agree with it or anything like that. But why you woould get so very upset over my point of view, was just very striking to me.

                    Anyway, here’s hoping we can have a more dispassionate discussion from here.


                    • Kozy

                      I can’t be upset at internet strangers. it ain’t in me.

                    • OK. Here’s hoping we can have a more civil conversation anyway.


                • I want to thank Mr. Kozy for his emotive outburst, because in so doing, it really underscores many of the issues my comment above points to.

                  For starters, note that the underlying premise of his comment, is that I, nor anyone like me, is not to say anything; we are to silently accept our supposed lot in life. Only those a “cut above” have the privilege (heh) of being able to speak and opine on such things – and to recieve support and commiseration for same, no less. This is often the case with inter-class relationships within Black America, and it is truly patronizing.

                  Second, and following up on the above – note again the implicit premise of Mr. Kozy’s remarks – I should jump up and down for joy at the ladies on offer at such outings. No, I have NO right to have any ideas, much less actually give voice to them, as to what I or others like me, would like to have in a mate or even a date – no – I am to merely accept what’s there, and to do it nwith a smile no less! Yassa, bawse, weeza gets right on it!

                  And, I really thought the gent was smart enough to catch the joke, but since that doesn’t seem to be the case, I’ll go on ahea and spell it out:

                  As a reader of my writings has said elsewhere, implicit in all of Obsidian’s writings is a wry critique of the world around him, one that is fairly rare to see. So yes, I can and often will take aim at the blatant and flagrant hypocrisies and contradictions of many in this crowd. Why? Well, because for better and for worse, you guys have the mic in ways that guys like me don’t. Ain’t no fun when the rabbit’s got the gun, hmm?

                  So, I like looking at ways so many you hold out “diversity” like the baby in Roots – but only a certain KIND of “diversity”. Champ does this too to be fair, but I admittedly do it with a much harder edge. Just a stylistic difference.

                  And finally, the questions I raise are ones that really haven’t been explored by any “Black relationship experts” and so forth. I mean, just from a sociological perspective it merits a look, and oddly enough I have to turn to White academics at the like who find it more interesting than Black Folk Who Claim To Be Interested In Black Folk(TM).




                  • Kozy

                    I like how you responded to yourself here. Implicitly passive-aggressive.

                    and, on the note of implication, insinuations, undertones, underlying premises, notions and assumptions: I’m not sure how you implied, interpreted, deduced, reasoned, concluded or surmised any of those Stretch Armstrong-y reaches you alleged above.

                    All I said was, in short:

                    1. Include yourself if you somehow manage to feel left out of undeniably open, available and conveniently accessible public events. stop whining about not being included in (non-exclusive)things you don’t show up to. no one else got a hand-delivered invite. why do you need one?

                    2. Quit b*tching when women at said event aren’t checking for you. Guess what? a good number of them aren’t checking for me either. and some aren’t checking for anyone at all. put your shades on and deal with it. but you can’t. because you didn’t show up.

                    3. Take ownership of where the decisions you’ve made in life have landed you. Commit a crime —> go to jail. Fail to finish schooling —> accept the possibility of lower career earning potential. Get married —> understand how your decisions now affect someone else. so on and so forth.

                    But you know what? i’ll just leave it alone from here. it seems you’d rather complain, which is totally your right. If no one else wants to call you on this exclusionary, woe-is-me BS, fine.

                    • @Mr. Kozy:
                      Again, I find your statements to be little more than attempts at shaming tactics designed to shutdown the discussion and keep it from happening at all. Why? And why only single me out? IO mean, as Panama made clear in his relationship panel post, Black Women have had a chokehold on the discuourse – AND the narrative – on these matters now, for DECADES – why are you only coming after me? Why aren’t you meting out the “tough love” on them with equal gusto?

                      Also, I’ve responded to your point # 1 above with Mc. Camille. Looking forward to your response.

                      Finally – I don’t know where you’re getting this idea that I can’t deal with ladies not checking for me – whre have I said this? Please point it out to me? I think you may be projecting a bit here.

                      I do not accept the idea that, because of what I do, that then means that I must accept a sub-par romantic life. Such thinking is not the American Way, but that of the Old World. And more and more, those who deign themselves a cut above, seem to want the world to revert back to feudal lords and serfs.

                      No wonder Game of Thrones is so hugely popular these days.



                    • Kozy

                      You’re the only complaining about not being included. And since it seems that no one is physically barring you from inclusion, it strikes me as disingenuous to make such a claim. that’s all. if black women were upset about being left out of the discussion, i’d have similar words for them as well.

                    • @Mr. Kozy:
                      Actually, I said nothing about inclusion above; I was asking, and then giveng my own take on the answer, to the question of “Where does Tyrone go?” I mean, we’ve both agreed that Class exists, and that Black Americans are no more or less accepting of corssing class boundary lines, yes? If that is the case, then my question becomes legitimate.

                      Champ has done countless types of posts about the social and mating life of “Bougies” – why is it so wrong for me to ask just ONE question as the one I’ve posed above?

                      Finally – Black Women talk about being excluded all the time, it’s to the point that it is the white noise of our lives. Again, I don’t see you going after them for any of that – Dark Girls, Lupita Nyong’o, you name it. Why single me out in the light of that? What is up with that?


      • Didn’t expect that response.

        • @Mr. Ricky:
          I fully expected someone to get so defensive; just didn’t think it would be Mr. Kozy. Ah, surprises…


        • CrayolaGirl

          Unexpected but I understand. It’s like you ignore someone all the time because you know exactly what they’re going to say. They say it all the time. Until the day, you’re in a certain mood and that person says/writes something and you can’t ignore/let it pass.

          • @Ms. CrayolaGirl:
            Only I’ve never discussed this topic before – only today. And to date, no one, not Mr. Kozy or you included, have actually addressed what I’ve actually said, TODAY. It would really, really be cool, if SOMEONE did.

            You know?


            • CrayolaGirl


      • camilleblu

        right…aren’t most day parties promoted on the radio, on the internet, etc? like, i love me a good day party, and i have yet to see one that says no tyrones allowed. maybe tyrones listen to a tyrone-only radio station, or peruse the tyrone-only world wide web.

        • Kozy

          i’m sayin….
          Let ol boy tell it, you’d think he’s getting stopped at the door.

          • @Mr. Kozy, Ms. Camille:
            OK, now both of you are just being flatout obtuse and disingenuous. We all know what the topic of Champ’s post was. It was clearly marked as a class-specific event, invented by and catering to, them – just like all the other events he’s written about, Panama, too. My query was actually in response to those who, upon hearing my thoughts regarding the Tyrones, to “stay in his lane!” – alright then, fair enough.

            What would “staying in his lane” actually loook like, then? I thought a good place to start, is to see where the Tyrones go iin terms of social outings and the like. I then gave my personal observations of a numberof outings I’ve been to, and described my experiences, as well as that of others I’ve observed.

            Moreover, are we really saying that Class doesn’t exist here? And, are we really saying that the implicit, also doesn’t exist? Are we really saying that there are indeed events where people are made to feel not welcome? Come on, folks.

            Now look, I can get if none of this is something that interests you. or indeed upsets you – such is to be expected when breaking new ground – but to attempt to misrepresent what I’ve said, is really a new low.

            Both of you can do better than that.




            • Kozy

              Class exists. No one is saying it doesn’t. But it isn’t the Berlin Wall you make it out to be.

              • @Mr. Kozy:
                It has been said that he who first resorts to Godwin’s Law, has tacitly admitted that they have lost the argument.

                If I follow your line of argument in response to me over the course of this discussion, it is for me and mine, to shutup. Yay!



                • Kozy

                  lol wow. totally not where that was headed and you know it. but i’ll take you shutting up just the same.

                  • N, I don’t know it. Remember, we don’t know each other like that. But yea, at bottom, your argument is to basically shutup. Got it. Thanks again – I think?


        • Rachmo

          “maybe tyrones listen to a tyrone-only radio station, or peruse the tyrone-only world wide web.” BWAHAHAHAHA

          • MsSula

            I cracked up so hard reading this!!! Bwahahahahaha!

    • h.h.h.

      Where do the Tyrones go?

      Grits & Biscuits?

      • @Triple H:
        I beg your pardon? I don’t follow. Please explain?


        • Guest

          it’s a party. google can fill in the details.

        • h.h.h.

          its a somewhat large social gathering of 21 to 30-somethings where dancing (to music performed by southern rappers from the late 1990s-2000s) is the primary activity, followed by drinking, acquiring numbers, and watching members of the opposite gender grind seductively in a north/south fashion (i believe the term is ‘twerking’, i’m not sure, i’m not one of the cool kids)

          said social gathering happens at random times during the year, in select cities where there are an abundance of males and females that enjoyed said music during their younger years or college years.

          • Rachmo
          • @Triple H:
            Yes, thank you! I just dailed up the website. Interesting!

            Alas, I’m afraid I’m not much of a “Dirty South” Hip Hop fan, and in any event, I’m afraid the demographic is a bit young(er) for yours truly; besides, as I said above, my musical tastes tend toward the more…seasoned.

            Nevertheless, I thank you for actually answering my question – it’s always nice to get the message addressed, rather than the messenger getting shotdown.



            • h.h.h.

              as i understand that you do speak for all the “Tyrones”, perhaps not all Tyrones may be as seasoned as you are, w/r/t age or musical taste…

              G&B may be a suitable place for ‘those Tyrones’; i wouldn’t know, i’m not a Tyrone, i’m a Dexter.

              • So if we have Tyrone, Dexter, and Brian…what’s the bougie Black man’s name? Inquiring minds and allat.

                • h.h.h.


                  *smirks in the back of his mind while keeping a straight face*

                  • @Triple H:
                    Actually, I would agree with your response; I think both Champ and Panama are exemplars of a kind of “Bougie Brotha” Game – we know for a fact that Champ employs elements of straightahead Pickup in his, and Panama is aI suspect a Natural to some extent, based on my observation over the past few years.


                  • I THOUGHT THE SAME THING. lol

              • @Triple H:
                By all means, I am more than willing to step aside when more “union reps” hit the field and step up. Until then, Imma have to do.

                And I have no problem in the least with anyone else – be that Tyrone, Dexter, whatsoever – attending the Grits & Biscuits affair. I was speaking for myself on that score. Nothing more.

                Thanks again!


      • did you say biscuits?

        • h.h.h.

          i did…unfortunately i did not have biscuits at said grits and biscuits. nor did i try any of the legs, thighs that i saw either.

          i did find a cool diner for waffles afterward tho

          • That’s almost as acceptable. I’m a sucker for a fluffy pair of biscuits.


            • h.h.h.

              i like how you built your double entendre on top of my double entendre, like this is UNO.

              well played ma’am

              • Hey, why come with a draw 2 when you can draw 4?

    • This just in:

      So, while contemplating Champ’s post and my Burning Question, I decided to see what Googl Almighty had to say about the matter, putting the following search terms into its magic engine:

      “blue collar guy social events”

      This is the very first result that I got back:

      Headline: “Why Baby Boomer Women Should Look For Lasting Love With Blue Collar Men”

      Did you get that? Why *Baby Boomer Women* (read: old) should “look for love” with Blue Collar Men.

      Oh, joy!

      For the love of Pete, please read the article. You just cannot make this stuff up. Please notice the wording, notice the stereotyping; only with such guys, would such a thing be allowable in our Stephen A. Smith Treatment-world.

      And some people here are honestly attempting to fix their mouths to say that I don’t have a real there, there?




    • MysteryMeat

      I just made up a song in my head called “Where do the Tyrones go” to the tune of Whitney Houstons “Where do broken hearts go”… In a rat voice replacing “the” with “da”.

      • Hi SocialChronic,
        Not terribly original, but catchy and succinct.

        Grade: B

        Feel free to address the argument/question anytime you’re ready!



        • MysteryMeat

          What @Kozy said

          • What I said to what @Kozy said

            Look, SC, we can go back and forth all night if you want – but, as I said to Mr. Kozy, I’m hoping we can have a civil discussion about these issues because they are important.

            Your choice. Make it a good one.


            • MysteryMeat

              oh no im done bruh

  • Question: do married people with children attend day parties? Or is it just people with unlimited access to babysitters, single people, or childless folk? Help me out, here.

    • Rachmo

      I have seen quite a few gentleman at day parties with rings and infants. I am 99.9% sure they were on a “playdate.” I wasn’t mad at them #doe.

      • IJS! My night party life is nil with a toddler lol. I’ve never been to a day party that ain’t a wedding. Bean likes the TurnUp, too!

        • Rachmo

          Hahaha omg my turnup with kids is the best. It usually happens at bbqs and as long as they don’t mind that Aunt Rachmo is tipsily playing tag then I guess it’s fine?

          • LMNOP

            It’s fine.

      • WTF? Why, WHY must you make baby Jesus cry? I wouldn’t drink with my child!

        • (shrinks very small) I had a small cup of sorrel at a Jamaican wedding with Bean in tow. Is that bad? lol. I dunno the alcoholic content of sorrel…

          • Rachmo

            Girl please. You’re a mom not a Mom Robot. You can have beer in front of Bean.

            • lol! I consider myself too easily tipsy to drink in public when the kid’s awake. I can’t hold my liquor at all, so I don’t even try.

              • Rachmo

                Raising kids is a stressful task. If wine gets you through it I say go and let God

                • LMNOP

                  just what all the people in AA say, let go and let God.

            • LMNOP

              Shoot, you can get drunk around her from time to time, and unless you’re a mean drunk she’ll probably love it because she can getaway with more.

          • Kozy

            the alcoholic content in a batch of sorrel is inversely proportional to how long the maker has been stateside. it’s all science.

            • i love this. I felt that rum cake, though. Auntie B LAID that cake out.

        • Rachmo

          My parents drank and their friends drank around me when I was a kid. I was fine.

          • IcePrincess

            My 5 year old is quite the alcohol afficianado. He knows the difference between beer, wine, & liquor, and refers to each by name. Not my fault he’s so smart. Fight me.

            • Rachmo

              Madam EYE am turning a blind eye. It can’t be helped that he’s brainy.

            • LMNOP

              They’re all “grown up beverages” at my house.

        • Epsilonicus

          Dudes come watch rugby at a local bar and will straight have a baby strapped to their chest. Thats how imma rock.

      • panamajackson

        When did you see a person at an actual day party with an infant. I need details. I’ve seen dudes at extended brunch with kids. But actual day parties…naw. I ain’t seent that. You have to show ID to get in the door at day parties. And infants ain’t got no ID.

        • Rachmo

          Haha I was day drinking at a beer garden. I look to my right and there are two gentleman with babies in strollers having a beer. They were like strapped up with EVERY possible baby accouterments in those strollers too.

          • hey. don’t nobody want to leave the function early because they forgot the binky at home. If you’re going to be so bold as to day drink with the mini, you BETTER come packing. And I mean that in every. sense. of the word.

            • Rachmo

              I AM DYING! Bc they really had EVERYTHANG! Like “What we WON’T do is slip up and have to go home for that weird toy that makes him smile. Nah fam”

    • Guest 007

      Yes, my wife and I attend day parties while our son kicks it with grandma or his cousins.

    • Mid day play dates……its like babysitting but they don’t realize it

    • Sigma_Since 93

      The latter. D, you haven’t been to the play dates with unlimited wine and the father’s act as the DD’s?

    • Wild Cougar

      I went to a day party at the Essence Festival and had to leave early to put together a last minute presentation. This is my life now. I would love to go to day parties, but weekends are for work. Was at a happy hour last night, but that was definitely for work. Even if I head over to Ozio’s tomorrow, guess what I’ll be doing. Pretending not to be pitching my business to people. *sigh*

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