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Black Woman, You’re Single and You Ugly! Yeah, Yeah, You Ugly!

Looks like heaven.

Boy, Black women are having the worst.two.years.ever.

They’re all single, married to gay men, on the way to a cat-ful existence and That’s My Mama re-runs, can’t handle the truth, and can’t find bras that fit. It’s hard out here for a pimp, but that’s nothing compared to how hard it is for a Black woman.

Between all of the media attention the potential dusty drawerd cat ladies are getting via national outlets, the ascension of Madea, and blatant disrespect for tinted ovaries here at VSB, it just seems like Black woman cannot win. Nope, there is no Amber Rose’n going on anywhere but at the White House. Ironic, isn’t it.

Well just in case you lovely ladies of the diaspora weren’t feeling poo-poo’d on enough, Psychology Today released an article yesterday written by a Satoshi Kanazawa entitled, Why Are Black Women Less Physically Attractive Than Other Women. Which is actually an interesting and poignant observation. Because, speaking for myself, personally, I was just telling somebody yesterday that when I compare all of the woman I’ve see and their physical attractiveness, Black women with their supple bodies, curves so sinister that geometry gets jealous, beautiful faces and lovely locs are definitely the LAST place I’m looking when I’m thinking of banging women. So this article is right on time.


I’ve always found studies like this intriguing. For one, it’s supposed to be scientifically objective, but you’re asking PEOPLE to rate people. People suck. I have no idea how many people they used, but what if the morning before I got interviewed I got robbed by a gang of midget Asian little boygirls. Chances are that might affect my position. Or what about the actual panel of people doing the ratings? What if it looks like the people who vote for the GRAMMYs, and they were all forced to listen to Fantasia albums beforehand. They might be inclined to view Black women negatively. And the thing is, I have no idea, and this isn’t to say that Black women have to be considered the MOST physically attractive but somehow they’re the only ones who the respondents considered close to average compared to respondents and definitely LESS physically attractive than the rest. Da hell? Sounds like some bias is going on there. Basically, they hate Beyonce and are voting with their feet, so to speak.

Recall that women on average are more physically attractive than men.  So women of all races are on average more physically attractive than the “average” Add Health respondent, except for black women.  As the following graph shows, black women are statistically no different from the “average” Add Health respondent, and far less attractive than white, Asian, and Native American women.

This sex difference in the race differences in physical attractiveness – where physical attractiveness varies significantly by race among women, but not among men – is replicated at each Add Health wave (except that the race differences among men are statistically significant, albeit substantively very small, in Wave III).  In each wave, black women are significantly less physically attractive than women of other races.

The only thing I can think of that might potentially explain the lower average level of physical attractiveness among black women is testosterone.  Africans on average have higher levels of testosterone than other races, and testosterone, being an androgen (male hormone), affects the physical attractiveness of men and women differently.  Men with higher levels of testosterone have more masculine features and are therefore more physically attractive.  In contrast, women with higher levels of testosterone also have more masculine features and are therefore less physically attractive.  The race differences in the level of testosterone can therefore potentially explain why black women are less physically attractive than women of other races, while (net of intelligence) black men are more physically attractive than men of other races.

Color me cynical here, but I’m going to assume that this panel is mostly filled with white people. I have nothing to base this upon, but let’s just assume that the panel is fairly representative of the population of the American people. Outside of urban areas, I really do think that white people have a fairly limited ability to deal with Black folks. Sure there are some of us everywhere, but chances are that the most interaction most of them have with Black Americans and women is the media….where some of our most attractive of attractive are. So how would that even make any sense? If you’re entire view of Black beauty is Beyonce, Halle Berry, and Michelle Obama (jury’s out) then chances are you’re full of sh*t and hating if somehow Black women’s attractiveness is only on par with yours and far less than that of other races. I may be reaching there, but it just sounds a bit like hateration. Which means that we can only blame the results of this study on one thing…

…President Obama.

Nevermind that this study has been done over a time period before he was President. Back in 2004 people started talking about him for the White House. So yes, a bunch of respondents who hate Obama voted Black women into the least attractive woman category, which is just patently not true. I’m trying my damndest not to offend anybody here so I won’t, but let’s just say…ain’t nobody messing with a Black woman’s dougie. Even exe’s I hate now I have to give props to.

My favorite part of the article is this though:

It is very interesting to note that, even though black women are objectively less physically attractive than other women, black women (and men) subjectively consider themselves to be far more physically attractive than others.

What I loved about this is that no matter what, you are not going to break a Black person’s self-confidence when it comes to comparisons with others. We know that we’re styling on folks. Hell, have you ever met a Black woman who didn’t think she looked good? Or a dude who didn’t think that he was the best thing since sliced bread. I just looked at my license in my wallet. Do you know what it says?

Bad Motherf*cker. My mirror hates on me because it ain’t the real deal.

We love us some us. And apparently enough of us participated in this study (hell, let’s not front, if it was just three we would have submitted 100 votes on that, “we banging” tip) to ensure that we been hitting our daddy stroke like none other.

Got to take an odd look here though. How is it that enough Black folks thought that we personally looked better, but when asked about others, Black women rated below. Self hate going on? I’m curious as to how that little calculus works. Crabs in a barrel? Something ain’t right there. We might hate on each other publicly, but we ain’t about to sell out other folks anonymously, that doesn’t benefit us. I’m calling foul on those grounds alone.

Anyway, point blank, this science is fugazi. Perhaps some people feel this way but at the end of the day, my beautiful Black sisters, don’t sweat the small stuff because this has no bearing on reality. I mean, if you ain’t betta than Big, you the closest one. I’ll personally do my part to tell you that you’re all beautiful though not face to face…I can’t tell a chick who looks like the combo of who shot John and John Henry’s left thigh she’s beautiful and I won’t. But you’re my soul sistas. And you know you look good. And so does everybody else.

Don’t let one article f*ck up your day, and if you need somebody to validate your beauty, we’ll be accepting all forms of pictures of your bangingness at the VSB email account all day.

What y’all did at the bayou? did you think of this article?

And my people…can you feel it?


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Damon Young

Panama Jackson is pretty fly for a light guy. He used to ship his frito to Tito in the District, but shipping prices increased so he moved there to save money. When he's not saving humanity with his words or making music with his mouth, you can find him at your mama's mama's house drinking her fine liquors. Most importantly, he believes the children are our future.

  • http://iamyourpeople.com I Am Your People

    Satoshi Kanazawa made the …what ever the Arab equivalent of the ninjanets are…for saying Arabs need to be profiled when boarding planes. Goole him – He’s a total fraud

    • http://thatswhatgemsaid.wordpress.com Gem Jones

      yeah man. his work has been son’d by many more respected psychologists and statisticians. *smh* dude posted his “scientific findings” in a damn blog post. #FOH

      • ThisIshRightHereNinja

        I just need to know whoTF provided a grant for this chicanery.

      • Willie Lynch

        Its so funny cause its true, Black women, (if you can call em that) are ugly as fuck and by the time they reach 16 they are already giving nature a notice that they are headed for the 200 pound marker on the old bathroom scale. If that isn’t enough then get a load of that filthy saucy potty mouth tongue of theirs, They talk that would embarrass a logger truck driver. No manners, no ethics, no standards and no shame whatsoever. If that were so then they would blush , wouldnt they? Its impossible for a groid to blush. So we have ugly, we have fat, we have filthy mouths, whats next? Oh yes Lies flow like shit after a KFC chowdown on Sunday. Lies like nubian princesses, black queens of egypt but at the same time another groidal group is claiming they are isreaelites too, But, the lies dont stop there do they? Nooooo, they dont, Hannibal was raped next by blacks, and even Beethoven himself, as if a black could ever read english properly let alone read or write the most beautiful songs and orchestral masterpieces on the earth. These lies are perpetuated by other liars who have an agenda to push and it is crucial to their income that others follow their lead . Now it is mindful in their lying eyes that it is racist to say otherwise , so now our first ammendment is under attack by the king nigger Communist and his dark minions of marxism. Problem is they don’t know they are being used but that doesnt matter because Obongo has them down for cannon fodder when the SHTF.

        • Person

          You have serious issues.. like wth is wrong with you

        • Person

          You have serious issues.. like wth is wrong with you

    • Yoles

      yes he is a fraud. he also does “research” allegedly proving why blacks are less intelligent… i say he’s an asian with a chip on his shoulder or maybe he is just chipping away at everyone until only asians are left to be considered smart, beautiful and so on and so forth CONspiracy

      • http://iamyourpeople.com I Am Your People

        Goole #doe? *sits in the corner next to Tyrese*

        • DQ

          Naw IAYP… you at least KNOW that you spelled it wrong

      • Sav

        Yoles…. Your hair is cute! Nice pic.

        • Yoles

          thx so much Sav!!!

    • http://twitter.com/SmartFoxGirl SmartFoxGirl

      Thanks for putting the facts out there! I love these types of bigots (no I don’t) who try to give “reasons” as to why everything is…according to them. That’s the thing about perception. Look at all of these moronic speakers who can convince thousands of people to do things like drink poison. All you have to be is an effective speaker. Scary.

      • http://twitter.com/TheHumanSp1d3r The Human Spider

        “Look at all of these moronic speakers who can convince thousands of people to do things like drink poison. All you have to be is an effective speaker. Scary.”

        It’s amazing what you can pull off if you’re articulate. History has proven this time and time again. Hell, look at the job Squealer pulled off in “Animal Farm”.

    • Kimmy

      The equivalent would be ‘sand ninjanets’!!

      • AshTheScienceChick


        • DQ

          She shoots, she scores

  • http://iamyourpeople.com I Am Your People

    To quote @Huny I refuse to read even one more “article” that starts with “why are black women…” unless the rest is “so awesome”

    • Chocolit_Miss


      That article was taken down rather quickly.
      ….. And “they” say black people don’t read
      0_o!!!! LOL!!!

      • http://www.thefriendraiser.com jenifer daniels


      • http://www.alovelydai.com Alovelydai

        After the title was changed THREE times!!!

    • http://twitter.com/SmartFoxGirl SmartFoxGirl

      I saw her tweet. Cosign! I didn’t even read the article. I got things to do today like be beautiful, make money, then go home and take care of a little Black beauty. If it’s not about Black women WINNING more today than ever before, then I’m good.

      • NinaFontaine

        ALL OF IT!

        • mayfontaine

          By any chance do you come from Dominica with a surname like Fontaine

          • NinaFontaine

            no ma’am not my real surname :o)

      • nickalee

        co-signing all of this!

      • http://thecurvyfashionista.mariedenee.com Marie Denee


        BTW, new to the commenting but I really enjoy your thoughts and words…

    • http://twitter.com/#!/NewYork2VA NY2VA


    • http://www.greenafrodiva.com Green Afro Diva

      Exactly. The media makes us the butt of their jokes and it’s not funny. And some of us play right into it

    • KBBN

      I;m female, single and black.. hold up



      • http://www.pinchmycheekie.wordpress.com Cheekie

        *dies ten thousand deafs*

        I am SO finding a way to work this into my life. And by “work this into my life” I mean “perform it for kids.”

      • KeeKee


  • http://www.shardemarie.tumblr.com ShardeMarie

    *standing ovation* I knew you wouldn’t let us down. I been waiting all day for this here post.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5FR1LGsT7E TheAnti-Cool

    The article is complete bullshyt. And here’s why:

    If we (black women) are so ugly, why do other races strive so hard to get azz, lips, skin, etc. like ours?

    Like I said. Complete. Bull. Shyt.

    (gets comfortable cause this post is gonna get real interesting real fast)

    • Mo-VSS

      Exactly. And beauty is subjective. What I like will not be the same thing that someone else likes. And so who I rate as attractive will vary from the next person as well. So, the point of his “study” is what exactly?

      We have people who need clean water, a working gov’t infrastructure and access to decent healthcare, but somehow this man thinks a study about the attractiveness (or lack thereof, in his eyes) of black women? I’m sorry, but when has the opinion of others ever mattered much in the eyes of black folks? If we waited for the mainstream to “validate” our attractiveness, then we’d be waiting forever.

      Who gives a fcuk about what he’s talking about?

      • Yoles

        “Who gives a fcuk about what he’s talking about?”

        not i said yoles… sheeeiiit i was up in this joint yesterday with my new avi turning this mother out like mc hammer in the 90s… this man can’t tell me a damn thing…hmpf

        • http://twitter.com/SmartFoxGirl SmartFoxGirl

          S.exy avi girl…show ‘em!

        • MsEvaHoney!

          I say Heeeyyy Yoles, looking all chexy in the avi.

        • Kema

          *whistles* $exy!!

          I blushed a bit when you spoke of your lack of a tube top in the pic. lol!

        • Yeah…So

          Wait… Yoles don’t got no shirt on? O_O YOWZER! lol, work it!!!

        • Yoles

          thx so much ladies… i decided to kick it up a notch ;)

      • Jhane Sez

        “And beauty is subjective. What I like will not be the same thing that someone else likes. And so who I rate as attractive will vary from the next person as well. So, the point of his “study” is what exactly?”

        I think that there has always been a desire to quantify beauty because it has value, and we want to be able to replicate and understand its power.

        There have been a series of studies on facial symmetry, waist to hip ratio, facial estrogen and testosterone markers and most of these conclude that regardless of race or nationality that the same features in general categories are considered universally attractive.

        From most of what I have read race isn’t as much of a factor when you look at the numbers the real culprit in this study seems to be the perception of black femininity.

        In other words… I think sistas are suffering from bad PR.

        Which is why I am sometimes uncomfortable with the ethnically ambiguous beauty standard. It is not about whether you can authentically play the role of guess my race, its more about the real or implied stigma of just being a black woman with no additives.

        I think that it was interesting that the study pointed out that while their researchers rated black women least attractive sistas rated themselves much higher on the scale…

        Maybe his point was trying to understand a black woman’s beauty wiithout mainstream validation ~JS

        • Deeds

          Maybe his point was trying to understand a black woman’s beauty wiithout mainstream validation

          No, I highly doubt that was the point, since apparently he has talked about blacks being inferior intelligently before. I just think he doesn’t like black people and is trying to “prove” our inferiority with pseudo-science.

        • http://twitter.com/SmartFoxGirl SmartFoxGirl

          Exactly. It’s all a domino effect. Like the popular kid in highschool. All it takes is a few people to say she’s pretty/nice then everyone thinks so.

          • Squeak

            Exactly. It’s all B.S. propaganda.

        • http://twitter.com/#!/NewYork2VA NY2VA

          From most of what I have read race isn’t as much of a factor when you look at the numbers the real culprit in this study seems to be the perception of black femininity.

          “The perception of black femininity” is EXACTLY what makes this all about race. Race is a social construct. Its all about what thoughts and ideas are conjured when I see a person with a particular skin color. We are talking about less than favorable thoughts and ideas being conjured when presented with images of black women. If that ain’t about race, I don’t know what is, Sis.

        • Jhane Sez


          I know who dude is and what he was trying to prove.

          I think that it is a point of fascination for this mentality that even amidst all the finger pointing and degrading language that black women have been subjected to we still manage to hold our heads high with our self-esteem intactt.

          @Smart Fox Girl…

          It’s EXACTLY like high school, written by John Hughes, and scored with an 80’s soundtrack…

          “So you think SHE’S pretty???” (hissing and eye roll) “I guess if you go for the exotic thing”

          Which I always find interesting, the way they emulate features naturally occurring to black women without giving credit to black women.


          To clarify I meant that other studies didn’t focus on race but measurements to quantify beauty, but this study used social basis and perceptions to say who is more attractive

          I think black women are frequently viewed as an easy target because our looks aren’t easily replicated, and there is some much diversity among us.

          Not to mention that natural anti-aging thing… ~JS

          • http://twitter.com/#!/NewYork2VA NY2VA

            Thanks for the clarification. And as far as our anti-aging goes, Cicely Tyson, Lena Horne, and my Great-Aunt Honey are PROOF that Black does NOT crack. I’m gonna need some brilliant scientific minds to get to work on that right there lol!

        • http://kineticculture.com NubianEmpress

          so that means we need to launch a pr campaign for black women!!!

          Who’s with me????

      • http://thirtythoughts.wordpress.com thirtythoughts

        “Beauty is subjective.”

        This is so true. Otherwise, how would Ryan Reynolds EVER be voted “Sexiest Man Alive??!!”

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5FR1LGsT7E TheAnti-Cool

      I don’t give a fraction of a f*ck what this person or people like him think of me or MY people.

      But when I see/read bullshyt; I gotta call bullshyt.

      • LuvRain

        I think the important thing is not what WE (as VSS/VSB) think/feel in response to this type of BS, but what our daughters will think/feel about it and what they’ll be told and convinced of by those who are, or are pretending to be, ignorant enough to believe in this “research”, how they’ll be affected by it and what WE do to counter the blows. Many are already struggling. The only reason this is important is that it was put out there for processing and interpretation and not all are at the point where they are equipped to do so intelligently.

    • Tentpole

      Since ANTI has said it all I can just sit back and enjoy the show.

    • Freeze

      I don’t know about specifics cause you all vary so much. But in general Black women are the best…and i’ve been considering widening my scope of potential keepers, but I just can’t leave my sisters alone… sh*t I can’t even watch internet porn with other races… wait TMI. Sorry.

    • http://www.greenafrodiva.com Green Afro Diva

      And don’t forget, other races are getting tans and darker by the minute..yet we’re the ugly ones smh…

    • http://www.twitter.com/ChristiKennedy Christi

      Like someone said earlier, the dude is a total fraud and a racist perhaps. For one, asians are some of the most dually racist and insecure people ever. Should see how they’re getting their eyelids snipped or their legs lengthened (extremely painful surgery) in an attempt to adopt a more western style of ‘beauty’.

      • Goatbeno

        u can really get ur legs lenghtend?!?

        It mite to reach my 6’5 mark…but i like my woman to be kinda tall(5’6-5’10) and dark
        Thers no way ever(Neva Eva) gonna date an asian…of any sort


      &&&& WHY DO THEY LOVE TALKING ABOUT US BLACK WOMEN….I am sooooo glad that we all know WHO we are. LADIES…ITS 2013 AND I DO HOPE WE ARE UPLIFTING EVERY OTHER BLACK MAN&WOMAN. They love to talk about us…so lets give them something to talk about. BLACKLOVE2013!!

  • Shay

    Satoshi Kanazawa is an a*s and twists evolutionary psychology to his own purposes. He sucks as a writer (granted, most of the PsychToday writers suck) and is undeserving of his PhD.

  • http://brotherjamesthetastemaker.tumblr.com ChaoticDiva

    They just mad that Oprah stylin on their bank accounts and ‘Chelle got the arms that make Kate Moss look like she got turkey “wangs”.

    Talk all they want, but those attractive white women sure do alot to look like us. Nothing like when a caucasian female approaches me to show me how she’s darker than me with her new spray tan. And how her booty looks big in those jeans. Yes, I work with these women who love calling me pale, despite me being clearly minority brown.

    My point? They only call us ugly because they think the imitation is better than the real thing. Moving on…

    • True…but

      I feel you, and the article in question is obviously bullshit, but I do get a little annoyed at folks who seem to think that black ppl have a monopology on certain characteristics and that, in turn, everyone really wants to be like black ppl. Many other races and ethnicities have naturally brown skin of all shades (including many europeans), thick/curly hair, curves and full lips. I understand your point, but I’m not sure ppl are seeking said characteristics to emulate black folks, but perhaps because certain features and characteristics come in and out of style and society responds. Is it ridiculous and arbitrary, absolutely…i just don’t quite buy the “they wanna be like us” things as much as i hear folks use it to deflect criticism. Obviously, some ppl who die their hair blond or straighten it are appealing to a less afrocentric standard, but some ppl are all black love and simply like said style for a time.

      For example, white and even light complected ppl of color sometimes desire a tan, but not *usually* for racial reasons. Many ppl feel that a tan hides blemishes, cellulite, scars etc and that because dark colored clothing has a sliming effect, so does a tan. Additionally, a tan has come to look “healthy” though it’s terrible for your skin, but I digress.

      At any rate, as other ppl have mentioned I think the problem lies with perceptions of masculinity and femininity versus anything we could actually quantify. Obviously there are ppl of all races that most would consider beautiful and those most would not. I societal constructions of blackness as masculine and “asianess” as feminine has benefitted black men and asian women (in the dating game) and disadvantaged black women and asian men. The again, i don’t buy most racial and gender constructions. Just wanted add some context to your argument.

      • True…but

        Rather, monopoly :) Honestly, i think all women are beautiful cause we endure so damn much!

      • http://brotherjamesthetastemaker.tumblr.com ChaoticDiva

        The response was meant to be whimsical and rhetorical, and not to be taken seriously. Simply because me wasting my time to write out a thoughtful answer to an obviously biased post would give the bigoted author more power, I chose to retort in a comical manner that would typically be one that sufficed if a person were to say something like this in a bar to me.

        Yeah, moving on…

      • bubbles

        um to a certain extent maybe ur right, but lets leave hair out becoz white people also change hair colour put extentions or even locks sometimes. Was it not the belief from white people that skinny is better that a big bum was a ‘fat ass!’ even the lips thing. they thought our curves were excess fat and they were perfectly fine with being ironing boards. Now all of them are getting curves, ass, tans thicker lips. They do want to resemble us nd i thnk sometimes its cz ey wna d8 black men, snce ey find em mst attractv. I lv n england wen ma frnds chat up wyt girls evrythin is ok until i join them. Wen i come its like the girls lose their confidence nd its almost like they feel threatened, even if i buy them drinks its like the mood changes. i think ey want the best of both worlds nd i dnt thnk its fair. its the same reason why black women fix their noses to resemble white ones or even worse bleach:)

  • http://naturallyalise.com/blog/2011/05/17/artists-and-relationships/ Naturally Alise

    When I saw the title of this article earlier, I just ActuaLOLed and kept it moving. Not only at the “unscientificness” of it, but I didn’t see the point of the whole pseudo-study and because I knew if I read it and happened to take it with more than a grain of salt that I would be in the following article at why Black women are so angry. (Right before the article on why I write run on sentences with reckless abandon) I also hate getting in the attractiveness debate anyway. There is no formula to what make someone beautiful, no one will ever agree, so why even go there?

    • http://thatswhatgemsaid.wordpress.com Gem Jones

      I didn’t see the point of the whole pseudo-study and because I knew if I read it and happened to take it with more than a grain of salt that I would be in the following article at why Black women are so angry. (Right before the article on why I write run on sentences with reckless abandon)

      LOL oh alise how i love thee

  • http://www.shardemarie.tumblr.com ShardeMarie

    I posted this earlier after reading the article (and before realizing it was written by an Asian guy)

    “5 reasons why that article was laughable:

    We have Cicely Tyson. They have Joan Rivers.

    We have Angela Basset. They have Sigorney Weaver.

    We have Michelle Obama. They have Hillary Clinton.

    We have Beyonce. They have Britney.

    We have Willow Smith. They have Dakota Fanning.

    Need I say more?”

    • AfroPetite

      not the children though! lmao

      • http://www.shardemarie.tumblr.com ShardeMarie

        I’m just saying. Dakota is a teenager now and that is one ugly little girl…lol

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5FR1LGsT7E TheAnti-Cool

      Other than Joan and Hillary, I don’t see what’s wrong with the other three or why they even made this list.

      • http://www.shardemarie.tumblr.com ShardeMarie

        They’re all ugly IMO at least much less attractive than the Black women I named.

    • Manny

      Dakota Fanning used to look like an alien baby and always looks anemic. ..or is that just me?

      • Yoles

        hey!!! i’m anemic…

        yoles, making anemic look se.xy everyday*

        • http://www.shardemarie.tumblr.com ShardeMarie


        • Manny

          You don’t look anemic though. There’s a difference. She always has bruised eyes, like she NEVER sleeps.

          • http://www.shardemarie.tumblr.com ShardeMarie

            So true. lol

      • http://www.shardemarie.tumblr.com ShardeMarie

        LMAO She looks odd. I think she was the least attractive person in the movie Secret Life of Bees. Even the guy who played her daddy was more attractive…lol

        • MPM

          True. true.

          • http://lizburr.com Liz

            vsb glitter

      • IET

        This is what happens, hatred begets hate. This pseudo”scientist”, rationalizing racist is leading us all down the road of snarky, hatin’ a$$ blog posts and responses. We don’t need to look down on others. We don’t need to list all the reasons WE’RE better or more attractive.

        As a people, do we really need to lower ourselves to the similar Bull that they do. Everyone is beautiful in there own way-yeah that’s corny as f#<& but its a reality that insecure people often don't grasp. Which inevitably leads those very same insecure people to justify, rationalize, ponder theories as to why BLACK women just aren't as "objectively" attractive. Give me a break. If you can't smell the insecurity, self loathing, and hate from a mile away with studies like this and feel the need to engage and similar trash (ie, no they're ugly) then we need to help you rise up and help you see your true value.

        Girlfriend you are beautiful…

        • Around the Way Girl

          I agree with you. The answer is not to start hating on everyone else in response. There are some gorgeous white women out here walking around who would put Halle Berry and all of them to shame. Same for Asians, Latinos, etc. Black women too. Beauty comes in all colors; let’s not make it a contest.

        • resIpsa

          well said.

        • http://www.shardemarie.tumblr.com ShardeMarie

          Whether this article was written or not, I would have said those women are ugly. I don’t find them attractive at all. And it’s not because they’re white, it’s because they’re ugly. Simple as that. I was making a joke in response to the article, but I”m not hating or stooping to any level because on any given day if I was asked if those women were attractive, I’d say hell no.

    • http://thatdamnafrican.wordpress.com/ That Damn African

      I’m saying though, I wonder who will live longer: Cicely Tyson or Joan Rivers’ face.

      • Yoles

        joan rivers face is made from materials stolen from nasa… i don’t know about this one TDA

        • http://thatdamnafrican.wordpress.com/ That Damn African

          Cicely Tyson was out grabbing some milk when Adam & Eve ate from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil though. She could probably live forever. It’s a close call.

          • http://www.shardemarie.tumblr.com ShardeMarie


          • http://twitter.com/#!/NewYork2VA NY2VA

            The told them to “gon’ and get ‘way from ’round that tree.” She told them that they were gon make the Lord “powerful mad.” She was right.

      • http://www.shardemarie.tumblr.com ShardeMarie

        Who knows, Joan Rivers face doesn’t stay the same for more than 90 days.

      • http://iamyourpeople.com I Am Your People

        Cicely Tyson knows she stays segzy. She’s been getting it in since she was a Negro League groupie *sits in the corner next to Luvvie*

        • naturalista88


          You ain’t even right *lmao*.

        • Deeds

          Bwahahaha…not since the Negro League

    • http://verysmartbrothas.com The Champ

      “5 reasons why that article was laughable:

      We have Cicely Tyson. They have Joan Rivers.

      We have Angela Basset. They have Sigorney Weaver.

      We have Michelle Obama. They have Hillary Clinton.

      We have Beyonce. They have Britney.

      We have Willow Smith. They have Dakota Fanning.

      Need I say more?”

      i get the point you’re trying to convey, but i dont think it’s necessary to shit on white women to extol the virtues of sistas.

      • http://www.shardemarie.tumblr.com ShardeMarie

        I wasn’t shttin on them. I mean I didn’t have to say anything at all for that to be known. I posted this because when I was talking earlier (on other social networks) some folks were making smart comments. I give credit where credit is due. However since some people needed further convincing that the article was BS, I gave them proof. There are beautiful women of ever color, but when folks want to agree with such nonsense, I find it hilarious to shut the up swiftly. And in case you didn’t notice, I aint a full-breed myself. My grandmother is one of the most beautiful women I know (white or black.) I get my good looks from her so I can’t possibly think all white women are ugly. I was just making a joke to ruffle feathers.

        • Around the Way Girl

          Yeah, let’s ruffle more feathers. Good idea. ;)

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5FR1LGsT7E TheAnti-Cool

    And as for any “black folks” that may have participated in this nonsense, they are self-hating re-vitaligo having n*ggas that should have their Colored cards revoked asapedly.

    • http://www.shardemarie.tumblr.com ShardeMarie

      I highly doubt they had many participating. They probably had 3 black folks who grew up in the suburbs with white adoptive parents rating 3 black folks who look like Flava Flav.

      • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5FR1LGsT7E TheAnti-Cool


        But I really wouldn’t be surprised.

    • bumilla

      lol and praise you, for this. i had a kneejerk reaction. but you helped me.


      very necessary. thank you.

    • Deeds

      Maybe they did have a few black people in the study but we were such a low amount in the study that our remarks wasn’t enough to increase our overall attractiveness.

    • Dee

      Question is, how did those Black people rate the attractiveness of Black women?

  • http://noirberi.tumblr.com Angelica

    Thank you!