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We All Know That Black Girls Do That Right?

Now that's some good dome.

One of the most common myths in the Black community (yes, the whole entire Black community) is that Black women aren’t brain surgeons. And I don’t mean the types with M.D. after their names either, though I’m sure for the women with M.D. after their name the double entendre has to be hilarious. I’ve heard for years that oral sex was a white woman sport, even being immortalized by poet laureate Plies in his now famous song, “Becky”.

By the way, please don’t ever listen to Plies. Listen to me now; believe me later on.

Well, the myth, along with the devil, is a lie. On “Braxton Family Values”, WEtv’s show about the lives of Toni Braxton and her sisters, Trina admitted that she gave some dome to a band mate of hers causing Tamar, the loud-mouthed, often wrong, and absolutely most extra woman on the planet, to claim that Black women didn’t do that.


Say what? Oh no she didn’t. I can personally say that I’ve only known two Black women ever who “claimed” to have never “done that.” And honestly, I don’t believe them. At all. Both of them protest that the act itself is too nasty to do with anybody outside of their husbands, of which neither has one. Coincidentally, neither is engaged or married OR opposed to any man giving her special kisses where the “sun don’t shine”. And to complete the murder, they’re not smart enough, fine enough, or funny enough to NOT do it. And yes, I wrote that out loud.

I can honestly say that aside from those two women, every other woman I know not only engages in the act, they actually enjoy it. Hell, some women are to the point where they enjoy it so much that they offer tips to their wayward friends who either don’t know, don’t show, or just don’t care to learn what’s going on in Mr. Roger’s neighborhood. At this point in our collective sexual histories, very little is taboo or even off limits. Sex is everywhere you want to be. It’s like Visa. Not to say that anybody should be acting reckless with their sexual exploits and yes, you should use protection and preventative measures if you’re going to casually engage in any type of sex.

But real talk, a Black woman – or any woman for that matter – giving a man head is so not a big deal. Trina was right to say that. It’s a part of the sexual experience that most men and women share with one another. And very few men are really going to look at a woman with disgust after she’s dropped down and got her seagull on. If she’s any good at it, he just might propose. Take note.

Now of course, as a man you can’t go expecting every woman to top you off just because. And maybe that’s where it all gets lost in translation because a lot of men view it as an entitlement as opposed to a privilege, like we do with sex. And yes, that is a problem. So maybe Black women just like to teach their men a lesson about entitlements and I suppose that’s fair.

But that has NOTHING to do with the fact that women actually enjoy the act of giving some of that good ole kneepad love.

So Tamar is again, as with so many other things in life, wrong. Plus she’s married. You can’t convince me that she’s not topping off Vince. She’s WAY too annoying to stay married to if you aren’t being satisfied in the bedroom.


Anyway, the larger point is, where the hell did this myth even come from? And why does it persist? Does it even persist? Are there any women out there who really believe this to be true?

Inquiring minds would like to know.

Civil rights, y’all. Civil rights.


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  • i don’t know where this myth came from. i personally have never had a conversation with a woman who said she didn’t bop. even the most uptight, seemingly shrewd women claim they only do that with their man. i can respect that. even if you just don’t want me to know just don’t say anything. don’t tell me that you don’t give head. that’s along the lines of a woman telling me she doesn’t masturbate ever. you need more people.

  • Well played, good sir. You threw out the bait but I doubt I’ll bite. Pun so not intended. I like that one tall tale out there that goes; black women are like people who do things and don’t do things just like errrybody else. It tickles me.

    The entire Braxton Family Values Attention clan owes me a reparations check. Just because.

  • nillalatte

    I don’t believe it because all the black women I know make sure they have the full experience of sexual contact with their dude. They enjoy making pleasuring him and he enjoys making them pleasured. I thought for the longest that black men didn’t go down because they played like they didn’t do that. Ha.ha Such liars. Now it’s like every freaking man I know loves taco Tuesdays! LOL

  • Iceprincess

    My homeboi said he wuz f*ckn wit this chick & she doesnt giv head. We talkn bout a grown azz 27 yr old woman. She prolly thinks that makes her all high & mighty, if only she knew how bad we used to jone her behind her back. Its 2012, not 1812 lmao. GTFOHWTBS

  • kenyamcqueen

    Tamar is absolutely thee most extra woman on the planet!!!!! I don’t see how/why Vince puts up with her smh

  • D

    What about Khia’s anthem: “My Neck, My Back (Lick It)”?

  • I really truly to my core don’t know why its so hard to believe that *gasp* there are some womenfolk that ain’t interested and that 9 times outta 10 it has nothing to do with how we think a man will view us. And lowkey..just cuz people give service with a smile (see what i did there) doesn’t mean they like it. Maybe they just like YOU.

  • Where the hell did this myth even come from?
    Black church going women made it up as part of a PR campaign to desexualize the perception of Black women.

    And why does it persist?
    1. Black women claim not to in an effort to combat the culturally entrenched Jezebel image that men have for them.

    2. Black women are hyper-religious.

    Does it even persist?
    Very much so. I mean they still SAY they don’t. I don’t know how many actually follow through with that though. A lot still feel shame afterwards.

  • “I can personally say that I’ve only known two Black women ever who “claimed” to have never “done that.””

    Three. But, I haven’t done that other thing, either. LOL Oh, and I guess I am exempt because I’ve said that I would. The guy that gets the box shall also receive blessings for his gift… which also happens to be in a box. It’s like Christmas! Somethin’ special…

    But yeah, I have NO idea why that “Becky” thing is so popular because most Black chicks I know definitely do it. Just not for airbody. And yeah, I think that’s where the discrepancy comes in. Those mofos who got turned down by a sista then turned it around to mean, “All ya’ll sistas don’t like giving head!” instead of what it really meant: he probably turned her off by having breath that smelt like the deepest corner of a wild boar’s a-hole. Or something like that…

  • Mo-VSS

    If I’m not in a relationship I don’t do it. I knew girls in college just giving lip service to any dude they let hit the box. Random hook-ups, one night stands, and all that jazz. Uhm, yeah, not this one.

    But, I don’t know why people think that it doesn’t go down (pun all the way intended) in the black female community. It so does.

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