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Black America’s 10 Most Favorite White Women Ever

Alyson Stoner — and her tasteful Missy tribute after the Superbowl brought the Virginia native back into the spotlight — gives me hope for America. Because along with being everyone’s favorite random dancing White girl in early aughts rap videos, I appreciate it when someone has a genuine appreciation for something that we hold dear. It makes me feel good because someone who doesn’t necessarily have to know something about or love my culture does…voluntarily. Typically, in our schools and workplaces, minorities have to dance around cultural references and touchstones we know nothing about. EVERY DAY

So, thinking of Stoner, I thought it would be interesting if I compiled a list of Black America’s favorite White women. Not the favorite White women of retired Black athletes, but women who we love for being genuine a part of the culture…and I found it was a much more difficult question to answer than I initially thought.

An informal text message poll yielded a wide range of results from: “Wow, that’s a tough one I’ll get back to you” (They never did) to “ I’d have to think long and hard about that one” to, and I quote: “I don’t really like White women as people.” (This person also likes Big Sean, so I took that with a grain of salt.)

But, many of us do actually like White women as people, and this list of White women people we like includes…

10. The aforementioned and explained Alyson Stoner (and her Adidas tracksuit)

9. JoJo

Do ya’ll remember Black Pink? Shoulder shimmy, left over TLC beat Pink? As soon as she could escape LA Reid’s clutches she became her true self. Nothing against Pink, but Jojo ain’t never lied. She grew up right outside of Boston (The Mecca of hood White people), and sang R&B as child. Her well documented label situation has held her back over the years, but during her brief period of teenage success she stayed true and had a Bow Wow feature (a prerequisite for the Early 00’s). This is who Miley and Bieber should have taken notes from. Her “Marvin’s Room Remix is also fire.

8. Detective Olivia Benson – Law and Order: SVU

For 16 years, Detective Benson has solved the grittiest crimes on the streets of New York, and lot of those special victims and their families were brown folks. More importantly, her never ending pursuit of justice has kept us entertained us for countless hours. Benson held it down even after Stabler’s departure. When there’s nothing on TV, SVU is always on somewhere. (TNT)

7. Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani is bad. She’s also cool. Cool enough to make this list even after “Hollaback Girl.”

6. Elizabeth Taylor

Liz was one of the few celebrities to hold down Michael Jackson after his child molestation charges, she championed liberal causes (including HIV/AIDS during the 80s when it wasn’t trendy yet), and most importantly, White Diamonds has been chilling on your grandmother’s perfume shelf for 55 years. This is almost enough to forgive her for Cleopatra. 

5. Ellen DeGeneres

First and foremost, everybody loves Ellen. Ellen stays true to herself, which is one of the qualities Black people appreciate the most in anyone. Also, she dances. While we only deem her dancing serviceable, it’s solid for a 50-something year old White woman.

4. Marilyn Monroe

The definition of curvy has morphed a lot through the years but Miss Monroe’s figure obviously did not conform to the rail thin standard of beauty. In 1955, she helped book Ella Fitzgerald at the Mocambo club in Hollywood, personally making a call to the club’s owner. She also was sleeping with JFK, which people appreciate in a way I do not totally understand.

3. Mellie from Scandal

We all want Mellie to win on the low. While fictional Hilary has done her dirt, we can appreciate her struggle. And her blue work dress game is unparalleled.

2. Eleanor Roosevelt

The original ‘modern’ first lady, who actually genuinely cared for the struggle. (Cough, Hilary) In addition to starting her school for girls, Eleanor struck up a friendship with Mary McCloud Bethune, appointing her Director of the Negro Affairs or the National Youth Administration. She also arranged for Marian Anderson to perform at the Lincoln Memorial after the famed gospel singer was denied from appearing at Constitution hall in 1939. Oh, and she held down her man through Polio. Once again, we appreciate holding it down.

1. Teena Marie

Teena has been Black america’s favorite White woman for the past 30 years. Basically, if you don’t like Teena Marie we don’t like you!

Brandon Harrison

Brandon lives in LA and has Hollywood stories that rival those of Rick James. He prides himself on staying righteous and knowing more about basketball than you.

  • “Typically, in our schools and workplaces, minorities have to dance around cultural references and touchstones we know nothing about. EVERY DAY”

    Singing my life with these words. In an office of eight people, I am literally the only Black person. From time to time, conversation erupts where someone will ask something like, “What’s your favorite Blind Melon song?” Me: Uhhh. What are my choices?…OK. Yeah that one.”

    In any case, Mellie is my girl! I didn’t like her at first, but Fitz’s smug ass done made me understand Mellie a whole lot.

  • TD

    Additions: Taylor Dayne and Jenna Van Oy (‘Blossom’ and ‘The Parkers’)

    Oh, and Fergie!! She’s been down since Kids Incorporated and Wild Orchid.

    • LadyIbaka

      Been loving these three since fah-eva, like oh mi god (valley girl voice, inc)

    • Nicholas Peters

      Vintage Jenna Van Oy

    • She said Wild Orchid (AKA the White version of Jade, LOL!)

      • TD

        Sure did. Still have their CD. LOL

    • I love me some Taylor Dayne! And Jenna Von Oy is yummy!

      • Ever notice that most of the Black community’s favorite White women are all short? LOL!

        • Well, it seems like short White women are the only ones allowed to have any curves without being forced into anorexia. Once you’re above 5’3″, you’re not allowed to have a BMI north of 21 or else you’re an OUT OF CONTROL MONSTER™ WHO WILL EAT EVERYTHING IN SIGHT, NEGLECT THEIR KIDS AND FOCUS ON NOTHING BUT THEMSELVES AND THEIR NEEDS!!!!!11111

      • Epsilonicus

        I was gonna say I aint seeing it for Jenna but then I saw that she had some lil Debbie cakes.

    • miss t-lee

      Taylor Dayne was /is my girl!

      • Even if her birth name is Leslie Wunderman (Yikes!)

        • miss t-lee

          Thou carest not.

  • iamnotakata

    “I don’t really like White women as people.” (This person also likes Big Sean, so I took that with a grain of salt.) ” This cracked me up.

    But 10 -7, 5, 1 I get but the rest of them are kind of questionable for me, Marilyn Monroe…see I don’t support home wreckers (millennial translation: side chicks)…I don’t watch scandal so I don’t know who Mellie is, so that’s an automatic naw, Elizabeth Taylor, her perfume stank and naw.

    I generally don’t stan for white people so I have no one new to add to the list.

    • Marilyn had them quotes for days tho..maybe that’s what Kim needs to do to get loved in 50 years

      • Amazonian Midget

        Maybe her “You don’t put a bumper sticker on a Bentley” quote will lead the way in future generations being tattoo-less.

        I can see the meme now…

    • PunchDrunkLove

      “I generally don’t stan for white people”

      I don’t either….so um yeah, not really feeling the list. I’ll give a nod to Ellen and Eleanor, but naw. Yes, we’re all God’s children but……

  • I don’t have any issues with the people on this list. I would add the women from The Golden Girls and the grandmother from The Nanny.

    • Blanche and Rose for the win!

      • KMN

        Blanch and Rose?? It was all about Sophia Patrillo and Dorothy Zbornak…
        Picture it…SIcily 1922….

        • You have to give it to Rose though. She had Ghostface and Cappadonna beat with her endless string of non-sequitirs, LMAO!

          • Thank you for putting Ghostface’s verse in Wu Banga in my head. Grrr…

    • Val

      How about Fran Drescher?

      • MsSula

        I absolutely love me some Fran. As cheesy as it is, I stay watching reruns of The Nanny. Lol.

        • Lea Thrace

          That show was allll the way funny!

      • That’s a good person to add to the list.

      • Her role in the film “The Hollywood Knights”? Yes! (By the way Val, you HAVE to see this movie!)

    • PunchDrunkLove


      • I am partial to Rose with Blanche coming in a close second. Rose was the most adventurous in the bedroom out of the group and threw some of the best shade all with a smile.

        • PunchDrunkLove

          I was always cool with Rose. Yes, she was always throwing shade, but Blanche was the one that made slutdom feel okay. Lolol. I liked both of ’em

    • HeyBooHey

      Golden Girls is my ish!!! And Blanche taught me that hoes have no age restriction. Salute

  • celinad6

    As someone obsessed with Law & Order: SVU (it’s the only show I DVR besides Jeopardy!), I have to correct you. SVU comes on USA (in cute themed marathons). TNT has regular L&O. But yes, Olivia Benson is badass.

    • “But yes, Olivia Benson is bad***”

      This is true.

    • LMNOP

      Olivia Benson is easily the least irritating white woman on television.

      • Its amazing how she’s still carrying that otherwise terrible show

        • LMNOP

          I mean this sounds messed up, but I think the subject matter of the show helps it stay watched too.

        • Cula J.

          I watch it, waiting to see if she and Fin Tutuola run off together to solve crimes in Miami, with John Munch as their wacky neighbor.

          • I swear Munch has been on or has been mentioned on every cop show in the history of cops shows. Probably was in Gunsmoke but no one noticed.

          • Val

            I bet there are tons of cops who hate that Ice-T plays a cop on TV. Lol

            • mssporadic

              Not really hate but it proves that he’s the hypocrit they always thought he was.

        • celinad6

          ‘…otherwise terrible show’

          How dare you!!

        • Asiyah

          It has jumped the shark a lot, but she’s so likeable that people continue to watch it just because of her

      • CrayolaGirl

        I find the “You did it!” for every suspect in an episode very irritating.

    • Shout out to Jayne Masnfield’s daughter holding it down! (What? You didn’t know she was spawn of someone famous?)

      • miss t-lee

        Who doesn’t know?! LOL

        • You’d be surprised that not many people know about that- she hardly brings it up.

          • esa

            i can’t say i blame her. that’s such a devastating story.

            • Yeah really. It’s so sad that she had to witness that when she was very young.

          • miss t-lee

            I mean, she doesn’t have to, since we already know…lol

  • nillalatte

    You do realize that 4 of the 10 white women you listed are dead, right? Humm… subliminal inference perhaps? I would think that Madonna would be a contender at least. Too old? Nah, you got dead people on your list, soooooo…. lol

    Speaking of which, not to bring y’all down on fun Friday, but I learned about a week ago or so that one of my girls from my late teens/early 20’s passed in 2013. After I married, we lost touch. It was kind of a thought that got me to Google her to see if I could find her and up popped an obituary. Her obituary was short and strange. About a week after this she appeared to me in a dream. She was clearly aged and had what appeared to be a cataract in her left eye. She said to me, “You’re the only one that looked for me.” Then she turned away as if she was crying and then she was gone. I wanna know more, but I’m reluctant to dig further.

    Why did Madonna not make the list? She was clearly apart of culture back in the day. Maybe out of the age range, but then again, you got dead people on yo’ list! :P

    • LadyIbaka

      Yo! That’s sooo sad about your friend telling you, you were the only one looking for her.

      • nillalatte

        Yeah, it was quite the experience. I felt sad for her. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a spirit encounter. But, I’m sure she’s at peace now. :)

    • MeridianBurst

      “You do realize that 4 of the 10 white women you listed are dead, right? Humm… subliminal inference perhaps?”

      That’s pretty paranoid of you. What would your husband think?

      “Why did Madonna not make the list?”

      If we’re talking about favorite white women here, some lost old bat probably isn’t going to make the cut. For one, she’s still trying to do the same stuff that fooled everyone into believing she was cool not realizing that her welcome was overstayed and her popularity is non-existent. No one actually likes her anymore. She’s nowhere near being a favorite. No one wants to see an old white woman trying too hard to hang on to her former glory. Madonna is tragic.

      Maybe if she dies it’ll bump up her standings. LOL.

      • nillalatte

        Grasshopper… go read a book. Educate yourself. Then come back and we’ll talk. Arrogance will get you no where. Bi Salama.

        • MeridianBurst

          rofl. You don’t wanna talk with me grannie? Fine. I’ll let you chew your gums in peace.

          • nillalatte

            Enti majnoona. Yella, roulhey deashi.

            • MeridianBurst

              Your deadline for a response was 10 a.m. I’m shrugging and laughing at you at this point.

    • Madonna hates and has fetishized Black people her entire career.

    • LMNOP

      That dream gave me the chills.

      Also, A LOT of people are dead, it happens to everyone.

      • nillalatte

        *whispers* I see dead people. :P LOL

    • Muck Fadonna.

    • “Why did Madonna not make the list? She was clearly apart of culture back in the day.”

      The first couple of albums, yes. After that? Give or take. A lot of people don’t seem to remember that once upon a time, Madonna used to get played on Black radio and BET- long before she became a pop culture icon.

      • This is very true. Thanks for the reminder. :)

      • Yeh, she’s been in decline since Evita.

        • KMN

          I LOVED her in Evita…by far my favorite Madonna movie ever…whenever it comes on AMC i watch it…but i have a thing for Antonio Banderas too so there’s that lmao…but whoever her voice coach was did the damn thang with her in this movie

          • nillalatte

            Antonio Banderas, yes! He’s single now I hear. ;)

            • KMN

              I’ve always wanted him and Selma Hayek to get together…she’s my girl crush. The pretty they would have together mhmm mmm mmm lol

              • Lea Thrace

                Selma Hayek is sitting on Billionaire money. Challenged in the face billionaire money did give her a pretty daughter though.

                I want to be that woman…

                • KMN

                  That’s true…her daughter is adorable. I WISH I had Selma’s shape tho…coke bottle all day long at 97 years old and ish lol

        • That’s mostly because she decided to ride the electronica train and refused to get off- even when steam was coming out of the engine.

      • nillalatte

        I guess I’m just showing my age again, huh? It’s okay. I used to party in the streets with her and Lionel Richie. Wasn’t nothing like having a Holiday All Night Long. LOL :P Glad you here on this one PA. :)

        • Cleojonz

          great, thanks for sticking THAT song in my head for all the day long.

    • Brandon Allen

      I know her resume but she called her son “dis nigga” on instagram last year, and the whole african children thing is a little…odd.

  • LadyIbaka

    1.) Mariska H is BAE dot com. Harvey’s secretary from Suits the red head is I think my all time fave. I’d wife her, and she’d wife me too if we met in this lifetime.

    I understand this is about likeability not baesim, but I don’t see why we shouldn’t baeout.

  • MeridianBurst

    Igloo Areola abandoned her post after getting clowned relentlessly on twitter and then a couple cyclones hit Australia. Jesus apparently wanted me to smile more so God himself reached down from the heavens and got her out of here. It makes her instantly more likeable when she’s gone.

    • KMN

      Did you see the tweet when she was on Sway’s radio show and she freestyled and a caller called in and said yo that was wack get the eff offa the radio.
      I called for my black dress and wrote in my will to tell my baby and my momma that i loved them lmao

      • MeridianBurst

        LOL, no. And I got through maybe 2 lines of that verse before I turned it off. That was terrible, she couldn’t even say it over a beat because of how it was written.

        • KMN

          Lookit hurn…that is was HORRIBLE. I was like my 6 y.o. can freestyle better than that. And she was moving and bopping like she was really doing somthing. James from Brooklyn told her the truth lmao

          • MeridianBurst

            I was boppin and stopping, paparazzi watching, wocka was flocking. Album sales is droppin. *cuts eyes and feigns chemistry*

            No. Just…no.

            • KMN

              Just READING that is like…heffa stop. Just go to the outback get you a steak and go saddown somewhere

              • MeridianBurst

                She does too much. She tries too hard to be “the white girl” in a black culture and it’s like, stop being imposing. Irritating behind.

                • KMN

                  i know! I remember when i first saw her on the scene…it was right before work came out and i actually kind of liked her but was like something bout her just aint right…her and all her extra proved my feelings right. i just love it when Miss A Banks goes in on her everytime on twitter…and now that shes off twitter…ugh no more entertainment for me lmao…

                  • MeridianBurst

                    I feel that way about most white women. They’re almost cool until they do too much thinking they’re actually black, or the way they actually feel about black people seeps out and they still try to have this whole MO that “I’m down”. Then they have to do the “I’ll prove how black I am and that’ll get me in the club” thing which is excessively offensive. Just completely extra for no reason.

                    • KMN

                      The Madonna sydrome lmao…reminds me of that episode of SATC when Samatha was dating that black cat and his sister was not having that and she thought she was tough enough with her JLo suit to take her and she was about to mollywop herass lmao

                    • MeridianBurst

                      White women who date black man are thee most irritating people ever in life. If a woman is cool than she’s cool. It never even registers to me as anything other than, is she a good person? Does she slay? No problem with it. It’s when she tries to get all big and bad because a black dude is f*cking her that it gets ridiculous. It’s the mentality and subsequent hyper-aggression towards black people that starts tickling the nerves.

        • Nicholas Peters

          I didn’t even get 2 the freestyle I heard her complaining about having to freestyle and knew it would be wack

          • MeridianBurst


  • Nicholas Peters

    I feel like there should be a spot reserved for every white woman (especially famous) who has let a black dude inside of her…Also Jen Selter? and a honorable mention spot for Italian and Jewish woman

    • Ah Italian women. They’ve been my leading source of White women all my life. *looks wistfully off into the distance*

      • Epsilonicus

        When I was in Italy at 16… I almost never came back to the USA

      • Nicholas Peters

        If I ever move to NYC….

        • Yep! Heck, the Tri-State Area is the world’s leading source of Italian women outside of Italy itself. Not every Italian woman is hot, but when they are, it’s very nice. :)

  • eyecande

    ::drops mic::

    • heyheyno


      • eyecande

        Lol. She wouldn’t be on my top ten (I only know like four songs) but I submitted her based on my research of the black bougie (female) populous.

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