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Beware The Straight Agenda (To Oppress The Queer Community)

Is there really a gay agenda? Are queer folks conspiring to present the world with media and propaganda centered around their experiences in order hypnotize us until we forget that we like the opposite sex? Is the LGBTQIA community holding secret meetings with Missy Armitage where she teaches the latest tea cup stirring techniques? Are all straight people subject to losing their sexual preference simply because they’ve been exposed to images of people who don’t fit on a linear heteronormative binary?

The answer to these questions is, of course, an emphatic HELL NAW.

So why do some of our ain’t shit cousins — who still owe us gas money from when Amoco was a one stop shop for petroleum and gut bubbling gas station snacks — believe this trash to be true? Because they’re dedicated to a toxic straight agenda that mirrors the hateful rhetoric of white supremacy.

The truth is, there is no gay agenda except for the desire to be free. But there are fellow straight folks in the black delegation (and commissions of other hues) who believe they’re at risk of losing their straightness through queer conversion. As if the gay community is coming for our sexual preference like the three million illegal immigrants who came for our ballots on election day and our jobs thereafter. That’s not how any of this works, because none of those things are true, but say that to a toxic straight person or a racist person and they’ll disagree with facts by brandishing lies with a violent commitment to stupidity.

Stalwarts of homophobic and transphobic rhetoric bare a striking resemblance to bigots who want to make America great again at the expense of black and brown lives. Both are hell-bent on denying the humanity of queer people and people of color on the basis of their natural dispositions. When homophobes try to “pray the gay away,” or when transphobes block transpeople from accessing public bathrooms, or when racists criminalize a dead black child after a state sanctioned murder, they manage to do the work of the oppressor in unison.

These illogical views are usually packaged with a misguided commitment to patriarchy as a badge of social honor.

It’s foolish to parrot the will of the oppressor when their motive is entirely dedicated to our collective demise. People threatened by an increase of queer visibility are as daft as racists who refuse to acknowledge black and brown folks as normal human beings who simply wish to live on this planet. Whether one is queer, trans, gender-nonconforming, or straight, we all struggle in the midst of a specific form of oppression. Oppressed straight folks who marginalize queer folks are stuck in a trance provided by the white supremacist gaze, but that doesn’t stop us from being oppressed, no matter how high up we may feel on the social totem pole. A queer agenda to proselytize straight people is, in-effect, nonexistent, but the straight agenda to persecute queer people on the basis of their inherent nature needs to be stopped by us posthaste.

The way we take white folks to task for ordering us to cure racism, we should be relying on straight folks to unlearn hatred and push back against the persecution of the LGQTQIA community. If all black lives truly do matter, this should come as no problem at all. Right?

Dante Clark

Dante Clark is a Bronx-raised southpaw scribe who will gladly write for a Chopped Cheese Sandwich and a monthly unlimited MetroCard.

  • HouseOfBonnets

    *Pulls over said chair and mac from previous post*

    Because I can hear the hotep whispers in my dreams.

    • Sweet Potato Kai ?

      You are so silly and always make me giggle!

      • HouseOfBonnets

        It’s my coping method lol

  • miss t-lee

    The straight agenda. I live!!!!

  • YouNITeeWhy

    *grabs popcorn*
    this comment section is about to be LIT

    • Word. I say the 75 comment mark is when the homophobia is going to get popping. What say ye?

      • 85.

      • YouNITeeWhy


      • HouseOfBonnets

        I give it 95….it’s monday and snow.

      • ~*V. von Schweetz*~

        I’m waiting for it. Wait for the hoteps to start hoteppin

      • PhlyyPhree

        I think I saw one at the 103 mark. Something about “black males being depicted as gay in movies. Like Moonlight!!!”

        • I dunno. That’s relatively neutral, as the movie is about Black gay men.

          • PhlyyPhree

            Oh no, it was a follow up response to an original statement about how the black male image is in jeopardy

  • Jennifer

    “Stalwarts of homophobic and transphobic rhetoric bare a striking resemblance to bigots who want to make America great again at the expense of black and brown lives.”

    But, let them tell it, these things are not the same. Tuh.

  • I adore this.

    A friend came over the other night and said he refuses to see Moonlight because it’s pushing the gay agenda. I almost snatched my spliff back.

    • HouseOfBonnets

      Anytime this is brought up I automatically want to punch the person because no.

      • He also the same dude who said we should stop paying our bills and just live off the grid and the government would have no choice but to leave us alone. Ight bruh.

        • HouseOfBonnets

          Get caught up with the IRS if he want’s to lol

          • Def told him to try it out and let me know from his cell how it’s working. FOH bruh

          • Kas loves Jamaican Breakfast

            He should go have a chat with Wesley.

            • Blueberry01

              …and Lauryn…

          • Kas loves Jamaican Breakfast

            All the way caught up

        • miss t-lee

          Oh dear.

        • Kas loves Jamaican Breakfast

          How do you know this guy?

          • He’s a friend of hubby’s.

            • Kas loves Jamaican Breakfast

              Then a cross you have to bare.

              • Exactly. We get into verbal sparrings all of the time though – he’s an alpha West Indian male and I’m a loudmouth black feminist soooooo…

                • Kas loves Jamaican Breakfast

                  Oh that must get entertaining

                • lkeke35

                  Oh I bet he’s got a lot to say about feminism?

                  • Not as a whole it particularly black women’s role in feminizing our mens

            • MaiB

              Do I have an alternate personality that types on
              Because I can relate.

        • TheUnsungStoryteller

          I’m afraid that’s not how it works, sir. That’s not any of it works.

          • Nah, credit only has power because we give it power.

        • lkeke35

          “Live off the grid” is just another way to say “homeless” and “squatting”, or “inmate”.

        • Blueberry01

          Girl, is he BK? He sounds like someone I know from Canarsie…

    • YouNITeeWhy

      he would have been sober and outside

      • I be trying to let other viewpoints have a place in my home, but not no more. Tired of listening to fuckshit at the sake of being “understanding.”

        • YouNITeeWhy
        • Diego Duarte

          And then people dare call you “intolerant”. As if there was such a thing as intolerance towards intolerance…

          • “don’t you care about viewpoints besides your own?”

            not really. lol..I’ve gotten rid of all pro-trump, pro-blue lives matter people on my social media timelines and i’m trying to do the same with the hoteps and too-hood hoodrats (I have my limits.)

            There’s tolerance and then there’s allowing people to rent space in your head with their nonsense, and I’m not about to suffer through the latter to appear open and tolerant. FOH.

            • Mary Burrell



              Great points. Many people want us to be open minded to racism and police brutality. We will not. We have every right to be intolerant of racism and bigotry in any manifestation.

              • Mary Burrell

                That’s right brother.


                  Good Afternoon Sister. We have been victims of oppression. I will advocate oppression against another human being based on that person’s sexuality.

                • Beauty In Truth

                  Truth seeker is a woman I believe


                    I’m a man. Enjoy your day.

            • Gibbous

              ” and then there’s allowing people to rent space in your head with their nonsense,”

              YASSS!! This! Just NO!

            • I_AmU

              “and too-hood hoodrats (I have my limits.)”.
              Gurl u make me cackle out loud all the time with your truth!

            • lkeke35

              I understand having a low tolerance for willful stupidity. I happily suffer from that.

            • Blueberry01

              “There’s tolerance and then there’s allowing people to rent space in your head with their nonsense…”


        • lkeke35

          Yeah, you can’t let f*cksh*t get a foothold in you life. You gotta nip it soon as you hear it!

      • miss t-lee


    • That’s when you gotta get the F out of my face. Don’t get with that mess.

      • We didn’t even get into the full discussion because he knew I was about to go the F AWF.

    • Trill Mickelson

      A bunch of people I know were talking about Moonlight and several people said the same thing; one dude actually said that being gay was introduced to us by Dwights during slavery and I was like… wut.

      It was my first actual encounter with the ankh-right.

      • I’ve heard that also – that buck-breaking camps are the reason for homosexuality and male-male relationships never happened on the continent (Africa) before slavery. *long, slow blinks from Pinks*

        • Let them tell it menstrual cycles didn’t happen on the continent either.

          • I heard that one – some popular hotep on FB talmbout there is no need to have a period, so women in Africa didn’t have them. SO HOW DID THEY GET BABIES? THE STORK?

            • Reproductive science is of the Caucasus Mountains.

              • LilMissSideEye


            • Sweet Potato Kai ?


                • Roz

                  *cringe* I have so many questions…

                • Me

                  I never made it through the full video, but can someone tell me if I go full orthodox hotep, will it shave a few days off my cycle? These days I spend 25% of the year bleeding out, so I’m open to non-pill popping ideas.

                  • TheUnsungStoryteller

                    I’m willing, if the hotep spirit inside of the mens in hotep-nation are able. Without touching me.

                    It would be so nice to not have to go through this every month.

                  • lkeke35

                    If I ever go hotep, it will be a sign of my full on dementia, and I’d like to be euthanized!

                • Sweet Potato Kai ?

                  I’m afraid…

                  • Roz

                    Chile don’t don’t do it…the sheer stupidity smh

              • It’s the craziest waste of time you’ll never want to read Kai lmao

            • miss t-lee

              Yup. The stork was working overtime.

            • Diego Duarte

              Women in Africa don’t have periods? Should’ve whacked him over the head and given him a “comma” instead.

              • And the worst part is the hotep womb-men who believe this nonsense like Yassssss I started following Dr. Sebi and now I don’t get a period either!


                • cakes_and_pies

                  The #pickme girls of the Hotep nation are insufferable.

                  • ahem.. #pickme QUEENS

                • TheUnsungStoryteller

                  Nope. You’re just taking birth control and you decided to leave out that piece of information.

                  • TUH!

                    Or be talmbout the evils of mass consumption and social media being a distraction FROM THEIR FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS. Like, you can’t be that stupid.

                    • Cheech

                      This made me chuckle.

                • Because they’re starving themselves in the name of “alkaline.”

          • BrothasKeeper

            It was a tool to keep the Black man from partaking in a diverse array of vadge.

          • Mary Burrell

            It is criminal how such idiocy is put on social media and how ignorant people swallow this foolishness. Dr. Sebi indeed. Massive eye rolling and heavy sighs.

            • lkeke35

              It’s funny how they’re always doctors. Everything Yt is bad for a n***a, except apparently those letters after their name, I guess. Those are okay.

          • Nik White

            So poor girls miss school because its fun in some of those countries? Sheesh!

      • But…there’s some sort of same $ex and transgenderism in pretty much any human society that ain’t broke. Heck, gay dudes seem to be the Universal Sign of We Ain’t Starving Motherf*ckers in human history. LOL

        • Marywdodge

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    • miss t-lee

      You should have…lol

    • It’s a great movie. He’s missing the point of the film.

    • BrothasKeeper

      Don’t fuck up the rotation, please.

      • Especially when you bringing the mids to the cypher! he lucky we even let that trash hit the rotation

        • Kullervo

          I’ve given a lot of people the “Oh that’s fine, I don’t mind putting up more of my own” when they pull out their bag of musty oregano.

          I’ve done the same when they bring over the 7 eleven wine….I’m not trying to be a d*ck but I’m also not drinking that shyt. If I invite you over I’m inviting you to share my intoxicants.

    • NonyaB?

      Shoulda asked him if he was afraid he’d be gay by the time he finished the movie.

      • Kas loves Jamaican Breakfast

        Gay before he started the movie?

        • NonyaB?

          Hahaaa! Well, by his watch, it must be the evil movie!

      • I asked what his fear was and he said he didn’t want to get into it. I left that joke door wide open lol

      • 1Whitewater1

        the movie forces one to face his or her own humanity alone, face to face without materialist trinkets distractions, no comfort zones allowed.

    • Beauty In Truth

      Well there sure as hl isn’t a “treat black people with the humanity and love they deserve now” agenda is there?

    • Lamar Latrell


    • ElephantInTheRoom

      I’ve had a lot of coworkers say this. I’ve always thought that if someone can be ‘turned out’ by a movie, they were at least a lil’ gay to begin with. There’s nothing wrong with that but don’t blame the movie tho lol.

      • art is powerful, but like really?

    • Objection

      My older brother has been out of the closet since the 80s. I love him dearly, but the gay agenda is real. Black people who don’t agree with homosexuality are being shamed into accepting homosexuality. We are being ridiculed for our moral believes. The white liberals and the talented tenth are lying through their teeth by saying there is no gay agenda. Your response to your friend’s comment is a perfect example of not accepting other people’s believes.

      • I don’t subscribe to the idea that there is a gay agenda because that would imply that I were small Minded enough to believe homosexuality is a catching disease and not a natural part of human life. I am neither white nor liberal nor do I think morality and sexuality need to be inextricably tied to any issues of interpersonal relationships besides brought the lense of consent. In other words, there is no moral violation unless someone’s being made to do something they don’t want to. That said, I dont expect my friends to mirror my beliefs, but they will be told when I think theirs are asinine, damaging and downright laughable, but that’s just me.

        • Objection

          I don’t subscribe to the idea that there is a gay agenda because that would imply that I were small Minded enough to believe homosexuality is a catching disease and not a natural part of human life.

          The “gay agenda” is to stop anyone from disagreeing with homosexuality. I wouldn’t be surprise if disagreeing with homosexuality will be a hate crime soon. I could be wrong, but 95% of what I say is right 95% of the time.

      • Peezy

        Yes, that is actually the point. ACCEPTANCE. Just like the “Black agenda” is stop killing us. The “female agenda” is stop harassing us. If you feel anything closely related to “shame” when asked to view others as equals, then maybe you’re really just shameful. You say this like someone asking for mere acceptance is a bad thing. Next time you want to be accepted by your white co-workers (or whatever space in which you are an “other”), I hope those people don’t feel shamed into treating you equally. And, btw, you don’t love your brother dearly. Or else you wouldn’t feel so shamed into accepting him.

        • Objection

          And, btw, you don’t love your brother dearly. Or else you wouldn’t feel so shamed into accepting him.

          Your comment is exactly what I’m talking about. If a person doesn’t agree with homosexuality, then the person must be full of hate. Thank God my gay brother is not an idiot like you. Some people know how to live and let live.

          • MaiB

            But what does agreeing with “homosexuality” even mean? I mean you say live and let live but moral beliefs. Please explain.

      • 1Whitewater1

        what you are saying is blacks are too weak to have a BLACK AGENDA so they sit around criticizing agendas of others. You ‘seem’ to know the gay agenda but what is the BLACK AGENDA? Don’t be jealous because others are succeeding and you are not but wallowing in the mud of self pity indecision and boredom, raining on another’s parade.

        • Objection

          Your comment makes zero sense.

      • Blueberry01

        I don’t think anyone is asking you to compromise your morals. I think that some feel that because they disagree, they are entitled to be hateful (or hurtful) to another person.

    • I keep seeing this across social media and I wonder where all of that comes from. “Kids don’t need to see all that” but you let them watch All My Negros on VH1 (the power block of Love and Hip Hop Westeros and the tattoo show).

    • 1Whitewater1

      he trying to keep white supremacy in place without knowing why.

    • MarthaLewis11

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  • You misspelled LGBTQIA the last time. Also, I’m not sure the Missy Armitage tea cup thing would be too popular in Queer communities. Something about her reads new school Anita Bryant for some reason. Lastly, chopped cheese? I dunno man. *shruglife*

    As someone who runs in circles that are generally queer friendly, I don’t get the proselytizing rhetoric. Like you’d think a gay dude got the magic stick or something. Granted, there are LGBTQIA @ssholes, but that’s because @assholes have the best diversity program there is. Normalize for that, and the seductiveness of teh gay seems a bit odd. A simple “no thanks” saves a lot of drama if it comes to that.

    I do know the MSM community is real, and I don’t mean mainstream media. Dudes will stay hating on a gay dudes or a transwoman, but where that head at doe? *smh* Last I checked, you can still be gay and be pitching instead or catching. Le sigh.

  • Sweet Potato Kai ?

    I JUST was saying this yesterday in response to certain ppl on my time line that were sooo turned off by Moonlight. They didn’t know it was about the “gay agenda”. If you so secure in your masculinity surely a little ole indie movie won’t “turn you” gay. Stop it. They want to live free like everyone else.

    • miss t-lee

      Seriously though.
      Are you that insecure?

      • Never underestimate how insecure people can be. NEVER.

        • miss t-lee


      • Sweet Potato Kai ?

        Like if you touch a gay person you’ll get some gay on you, which will transfer to your kids by gay osmosis. People are ridiculous.

  • Other_guy13

    Yup….staying out of this one….have fun Comments section

    • MsCee

      My sentiments exactly. I’m just hear to glean knowledge but I know my opinion on this one won’t be popular and I’m not in the mood to argue (today).

      • Other_guy13

        I don’t really have an opinion on this one. I don’t know nor care if there is an agenda. I’m living my best life and want others to do the same.

  • Kat

    But we had a meeting…. I was there.

    • HouseOfBonnets

      why are you like this lol

      • BrothasKeeper

        Good food is good food, tho.

      • Other_guy13

        Man’s gotta eat

    • Was there any good food there? I’ll go to just about anything with free food. LOL

      • Jennifer

        I bet they only served over-sauced drums. Only a evil cabal could commit such a dastardly deed.

      • Kat

        That’s why I went…pretty decorations and food. The lesian/fat chick in me couldn’t resist.

  • Val

    Great post. Common sense and smarts get thrown out of the window so often when the discussion is about LGBT folks. Cognitive dissonance rules. And try to make them see how much they sound like racist Whites and you have a fight on your hands.



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