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Beating Dead Horses: An Honest Assessment About Why I Couldn’t Date A White Woman

"Wait, we can't even watch the movie together and you think I'm going to TAKE you down there? Ninja please."

Nearly every time anybody finds out that my mother is white, the conversation veers towards my dating preferences and if I’d ever date a white woman. And my answer is always no. I usually rifle off some statement about not being rejected by all of the beautiful Black women yet, and while that may be true, that really doesn’t speak at all to any sound, valid based god reasoning.

So one day, while eating things white people eat – like arugula and rosemary paremesan bread – I decided to really think about if there was any good reason aside from disappointing the million sistahs that don’t want me already. And that’s when it happened.


I’m finna tell you, be easy.

So that’s when it happened.

Rick James, b*tch. My iTunes media player randomly played one of my favorite songs ever.

And then the floodgates into my mind’s eye opened and the reasons flowed like champagne at a strip club featuring the talents of future Basketball Wives. Allons-y.

1. I couldn’t dedicate nearly any of my favorite songs to her.

“Ebony Eyes”? Out. Once we break up: “Pretty Brown Eyes (Breaking My Heart)”. Gone. While it’s wholly possible that I could date a white chick with brown eyes, with my luck she’d have green eyes and splicing every time Erick Sermon said “the green eyed-bandit” into a dope song is just not a good idea. So many songs about Black love mention a woman’s brown eyes, which must suck for our sistahs with hazel or green or Thriller eyes.

2. I like to go to exhibits about Black history.

Nearly all of these exhibits haarken back to a time of discord between our two races. And while I’d know beyond the shadow of a doubt that it wasn’t my girl’s fault that things went all the way wrong…maybe, just maybe…she ain’t do enough to prevent it!!!!! True story: I went to go see the America I Am Exhibit while it was here in DC and this man came with his white wife. They started out cool, but over the course of the exhibit they must have gotten into some racially charged argument because they kept arguing…HISTORY…while we were there. It’s almost like he was taking it all personal while she was just trying to see the exhibit. Poor white woman.

3. I’m bald.

This means that I don’t have a comb. But I do have a daugher. And I swear fo’ God and three white men that I’d be the most hairdressingest Black man in America before I let somebody who’s hair acumen is effectively “wet and go” do my daughter’s hair. I’ve seen that with my own two eyes before. It was no bueno.

4. I like to watch bad Black movies.

I like sequels to questionable Black movies like Belly 2, Why Did I Get Married To: That Guy Right Three. And movies with Vivica Fox. I’m only gonna explain front weaves once. Or what if we are watching Precious and she thinks its funny. I mean it is…but I’m Black. After laughter comes tears. SHE should want to go volunteer and make a difference after!

5. I could never own or watch Rosewood again.

I remember the first time I watched this movie. At the home of my white mother and my entire white family. And I was enraged for a solid fifteen minutes. At nobody and everybody. I mean…they kilt Aunt Sarah dead. How am I supposed to tell her that I can never watch a movie again without her WANTING to see why? And then we’d have to watch it…and then we’d be done and what then class??

I couldn’t dedicate any songs to her that I love cuz well, “Pretty Brown Eyes” is out remember? See what I did there?

6. I honestly feel like I’d be disappointing my community.

Why? No good reason. Ridiculous logic? Absolutely. Love is and should be bigger than all of that. But I feel how I feel and I hate pepper because it’s Black. Again, I’m a f*cking walking paradox. No I’m not.

7. Most importantly, I’d have to stop using the n-word. And my n*gga, that’s just too much to ask of one man.

Now, don’t take this as me saying nobody should date outside of their race. Frankly, my dear, I couldn’t give a f*ck less who anybody decides to date as long as it’s not some horse or an ocelot. But these are reasons I’d tell my momma…right before she told me I need to have more diverse dating tastes. Oh, parents.

Anyway, folks of the VSBpora, have you ever actually thought about why you could or couldn’t date outside of your race? Like actual reasons? Do share?

Just say, say, say, what you want.

Posse out.


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Panama Jackson

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  • Mo-VSS

    I was looking forward to posting tomorrow, but seeing as the topic is going to turn into a racial armageddon in about 15 minutes, I’m straight.

    I will come to view the fireworks later, but I have nothing solid to add that I feel strongly enough to debate about later.


  • I say stuff like cracka azz cracka… daily. hourly actually. I think that may get old after a while. In fact now that I think of it, I am pretty friggin’ racist, but not, but I am, so me and any other culture would just be bad. Even Africans.. I don’t know how my Liberian ex dealt with all my slurs. To my defense I kinda hate everybody, I don’t like Negroes either.

    this comment is kinda terrible. *walks away in shame… but not*

  • AfroPetite

    I agree with Mo-VSS I’m going to go ahead and rest up and view the comments in the AM. I shall keep my semi-racially charged thoughts to myself.

  • miss t-lee

    Pink meat is a huge turn off to me, so yeah, dating a 2520 kat is not gonna work. *snickers*

  • “Rick James, b*tch. My iTunes media player randomly played one of my favorite songs ever.”

    LOL, this dayum line is so you. You a mess. And I bet you didn’t know that, Ebony Eyes.

    “Anyway, folks of the VSBpora, have you ever actually thought about why you could or couldn’t date outside of your race? Like actual reasons? Do share?”

    Um… let’s see… because melanin is required to properly pinch my cheeks?

  • ShardeMarie

    Damn son. Well my ex and the father of my barely there son is white and I feel you because these issues did kind of come up. Although he was probably more pro black than I was due to the fact that he was raised by his black step dad and influenced by his huge black step family. But there are too many awkward moments and I mean, chocolate is just so damn delicious.

  • IsOurChildrenLearning?

    I don’t think I could date an Asian man because I’ve jokingly said “Engrish” instead of “English” so many times that I naturally say it that way. I’m sure he’d take offense. That’s a stupid reason but that’s all I got. I don’t have any real problems with dating interracially. I like people that like me and often times those people turn out to be something other than black. I don’t think it’s a big deal these days.

  • I can’t date outside the race. I never have and look to never will. I love my White people but not to date. I’m sorry. I don’t want to hear that, “Oh you shouldn’t limit yourself.” Well, I am.

    I feel the same way. If I hear about the person I’m dating liking White dudes, I get the feeling we won’t be great together either. I’m far from a White dude.

  • Nicole

    I’m only gonna explain lace fronts once. My favorite.

  • Dunno if I could date outside the race. Then again, my game with women of ANY race has been horrible across the board. So I really can’t say… Yet…

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