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Babies and Boobs In The Classroom

This is one of the most SFW pictures I could find by googling "breastfeeding". No seriously, google it, there's all types of titties out there.

So let’s talk about breastfeeding and professionalism, mmkay?

Yesterday, the Washington Post dropped an article about an assistant professor teaching a class on feminist anthropology at American University, here in DC, who ran out of child care options for her sick child, and instead of calling out sick decided to bring her to class, let her crawl around the classroom and then breastfeed her. All while lecturing to her “Sex, Gender, and Culture” class.

To wit:

One day late last month at American University, Adrienne Pine was in a jam. The assistant anthropology professor was scheduled to begin her course “Sex, Gender & Culture.” But her baby daughter woke up with a fever, and the single mother worried that she had no good child-care options.

So Pine brought her sick baby to class.

The baby, in a blue onesie, crawled on the floor when she wasn’t strapped onto Pine’s back. The mother extracted a paper clip from the girl’s mouth at one point and shooed her away from an electrical outlet. When the baby grew restless during the 75-minute afternoon session with 40 students, according to the professor’s account, Pine breast-fed her while continuing to lecture and review the syllabus. A teaching assistant also held and rocked the child.

Now, let me be upfront about my opinion on all of this. This teacher is ridiculous. Absolutely. Keep your sick ass home. The school has a leave policy. If you know your child is sick, make other arrangements. There is absolutely no need to expose a sick child OR your students to one another. And to let your child crawl around on the floor in your class? That’s distracting as hell. And unprofessional.

But obviously the sticking point for most people is the fact that she breastfed her child in class. Granted, its not a “Intro to Politics” class but a class probably populated by women, and still, there’s something that just seems inappropriate to me about breastfeeding while lecturing to your class – you know, when you’re not chasing your child around the room. But I can see this being considered a “win” for the crowd of women who strongly believe that open breastfeeding in whatever forum is perfectly natural and okay and no matter the circumstance shouldn’t be considered news or inappropriate.

I’m all for breastfeeding when and where you need to do it. Babies need to eat and it’s as natural an occurrence as breathing. But there’s something that’s out of place as hell about whipping a boob out while teaching a class and expecting any of your students to learn or gain anything out of your lecture or pretend like it’s a regular day in the class.

Here’s why: while a class full of women is likely to understand, or at least be empathetic to your struggle, open boobs are distracting. They just are. Sure all women have seen them and likely couldn’t care less about anybody else’s, even women seem to be divided on the breastfeeding in public issue. Or maybe on the privacy of it all. There are women who feel no need to cover up in public while breastfeeding and other women who feel a need to do so. But while teaching a class? Something just seems wrong about that.

Maybe it’s because professionally, it seems to be the most unprofessional thing possible and the result of a string of bad decisions that starts with not taking sick leave when you have a baby with a fever in the first place.

Ms. Pine was surprised at the reaction from students and the university and fired back:

Now the campus community and others who have been following Pine’s story are debating whether the professor did the right thing by bringing her sick baby to the Aug. 28 class and breast-feeding her. They also are questioning her response, when she publicly upbraided student journalists and asserted that the tone of a reporter’s questions implied an “anti-woman” view.

In her essay, on, Pine summed up her view: “So here’s the story, internet: I fed my sick baby during feminist anthropology class without disrupting the lecture so as to not have to cancel the first day of class. I doubt anyone saw my nipple, because I’m pretty good at covering it. But if they did, they now know that I too, a university professor, like them, have nipples. Or at least that I have one.”

Ms. Pine thinks this story should have not been newsworthy. And maybe she’s right. But she does have to realize that breastfeeding a child while teaching is going get all types of folks talking about the inappropriateness involved. It has nothing to do with folks not being tolerant and understanding. Naw, it’s about the fact that you brought a sick baby to school, let the baby run free in class, and then breastfed the child while you were supposed to be teaching.

Anyway, in your professional opinion was this teacher doing what she needed to do or being unprofessional? Reading some of the comments involved, there’s somewhat of a split in folks perception. Some folks are proud of her for breastfeeding while teaching because they believe in the woman’s right to breastfeed in public, etc. Others think it’s just inappropriate.

Where do you stand on this?


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  • Aaron

    Unprofessional for sure, just because you’re at work.

    WORK. (a command, not a reiteration)

    Now, does the sight of boobs give me the unholy, creeping willies the way it seems to give all these other folks (who probably also have conservative, boring, uptight sex in their darkened bedroom, in the bed, with the man on top,as THE GOOD LORD INTENDED!)?

    Hell nah. Half the population has ’em and if you seen one, you seen ’em all… more or less.

    • while half the population does have them, seeing one is not like seeing them all. if that was the case, the boobless half of the population would not lose their sh*t when a set became unleashed.

      • LMNOP

        Thank you!!!!

        As the proud owner of two amazing tits, I was kind of offended by that…

        They are all uniquely wonderful.

        Also, that doesn’t even make sense… like I once had cheesecake, it was great, but I’m never going to try it again because I ate one, so I’ve had them all.

        • demondog06

          ” As the proud owner of two amazing tits,”

          Nuh uuh! i don’t believe you….show me….

          • Justmetheguy

            @ Demondog- Right! I got no further than that statement lol

        • *Sliding soapbox in*
          I spot-checked the comments and will be what seems to be the lone voice pointing out how foul the condition underlying this post is…

          It’s the same root that makes every discussion about women and their bodies nowadays turn into a firestorm, whether it’s rape, abortion or anything else. Yep, I’m going there.

          There’s a twisted perception of women and our bodies (in particular wobbly bits) being here for sex and sex alone. And the more men and women view women as such, the more the sinister and misguided arguments will abound: Policy and laws relating to rape, abortion, healthcare, medical benefits, are all examples of the why this ain’t just about sucking tits or blue onesies.

          It’s oppression. It’s the structural attack driven by the same kind of mindset that accepts strippers, pornography, prostitutes, child sex slaves here and around the world. And as you’re thinking, strippers and child sex slaves ain’t got nothing to do with each other, just stop. The glitter groupies aren’t checking ID’s and emotional health, nor thinking pure thoughts in the strip club anymore than a John is.

          It’s sad that we’ve become so accepting of violence masquerading as sexual pleasure… We actually feel self-righteous about hurting ourselves and everyone else.

          I won’t get into it fully because this seems like a lone voice in the crowd moment.

          So maybe, a good old-fashioned race comparison will help: Pretending the central issue in this article is about a baby crawling on the floor and potential boob exposure is like saying a black man being called “Boy,” or ending up in jail has nothing to do with racism.

          It’s much bigger than that.
          *Sliding soapbox out*

          • *scrawls PREACH on your soapbox*

            • Yoles


          • mellow.

            i hear you. i have boobs. but No.

          • Best post today.

          • LMNOP

            Wait, is this a response to my comment, or just a comment on the entire topic?

            Because I am very very very very very anti-sexual violence, and if anything in my comment makes you think otherwise I honestly want to know, because I am kind of confused (maybe I am just slow today), and it really bothers me that I could have said something condoning sexual violence.

            • @LMNOP: My reply was misaligned under yours: General statement.
              @Those who agree, thank goodness.

              • @LMNOP: I take that back, my reply wasn’t misaligned under yours it was intentional… I just went off all over. :) The part that overlaps is in the wobbly bits area.

          • Wicked Bish

            *Stomps and Shouts* Praise Ya!!!

        • The Law

          I’m from Missouri: Show Me.

    • You ssid it perfectly. Children (with a slight exception for the savant-level, “*This* is what I want to do when I grow up.”-types), should be kept as far away from any type of worksite as possible. They’re a distraction and a threat to productivity, because everyone’s eyes will stay on the baby or kid when he or she is around (if only to make sure that a random penny or *paperclip* doesn’t get stuck in its throat.)

  • Sounds like something a white lady could get away with. I can’t imagine the department letting me do it.

    • WIP

      LOL, and there it is.

    • well, based on the story, they didnt let her get away with it. she did that without any “permission” to so speak. in fact, the university frowned upon that and was not approving of her decision. is it a fireable offense? not at all. so yeah, in taht sense, you’d probably get away with it too if “getting away” with it means not getting fired.

      • Sweet GA Brown

        If she didnt get fired she got away with it.

        • whostolethesoul1

          +1, and people are trying to justify that ish….

  • O.k. I couldn’t get passed the first paragraph! She whipped out her tit in class? RIDICULOUS! Ever heard of a little gadget called a pump? I’m done!

    • I had a coworker who pumped in a closet during break and was even given her own little mini fridge so she wouldn’t have her milk mingling with folks lunches.

      I don’t blame American University for giving the side-eye because this makes them look like an unsympathetic employer who won’t give her a day off

      • I used to have a customer who would visit another office (bankers) and while she was sitting at my friends desk, she would just pop out her tit. You know, I get it’s “for the baby” but be respectful of how others may feel. I vividly remember my mother putting a burping rag/blanket over her when she nursed my brother, that takes care of everyone and I got two kids and always managed to make it to the restroom. It’s a baby…it won’t die if not fed on demand!

        • i think what you mention is where a lot of the discussion divides. some people feel like “its for the baby” trumps all and it shouldn’t be a big deal for a “tit” to be poppedout at all. hell, breasts are natural and they’re only taboo b/c we’re oversexualized and yet largely puritanical in terms of the woman’s body and its exposure.

          • Britico Chick

            first, when i read the post, i wondered if the story was made up because i couldn’t understand that a teacher would think it’s ok to breastfeed her baby during a lecture! fact is stranger than fiction – for real. but in essence, i agree – the breast is highly sexualized; this is why people are offended by the sight of it and that is a darn shame. anyways, i’m on your side panama: it’s unprofessional in a work environment like this. go home and look after your sick pikin (slang Nigerian pidgin for baby). when it comes to breastfeeding in public i.e. parks, cafes, i have different emotions. we have to get over this twisted notion that breasts are just about sexual pleasure – they are natural and a source of life for a hungry babe! but yes, you have to take in mind who is around u….why does it all have to be so complicated? kai!

      • Kidsister

        See, I’m all about her pumping and having her own private fridge to store the milk. +2 for her employer.

        • Here’s my +2 as well.

      • i do think it’s good that employers provide such amenities. though i wonder if she got her own fridge bc other people, who likely have kids of their own, dont want their food getting mixed in with breast milk (an actual convo i had with somebody at my office who felt that way). its easier to avoide the issue altogether (and smart) by providing a simple solution like that.

  • Tes

    No. Just no.

    If you have a teacher’s aid there, why not have the aid, you know, aid you with fully babysitting the kid in another room? A baby is a distraction in a classroom unless it’s in a classroom with other babies.

    If you’re trying to be a business professional, you don’t breast-feed and lecture. It’s just common sense and logic.

    • JessicaL

      Exactly! I don’t know, I could see if she had an office job or something with a little more privacy. The fact of the matter is that she has a job where eyes are on her. It is extremely distracting for a woman to just start breastfeeding during a lecture. I mean it just sounds like a bad joke. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for a womans right to breastfeed her child in public just not when you are a public speaker. I feel it takes away from what you have to talk about.

    • LMNOP

      “If you have a teacher’s aid there, why not have the aid, you know, aid you with fully babysitting the kid in another room?”


      I’ve brought my kid to work occasionally, so I kind of feel like who am I to judge? but it seems like she had other options, and I don’t understand why she didn’t just let people who were there to help help. Like couldn’t the TA have passed out the syllabus while she stayed home with her sick child?

    • I can’t say that I’d recomment you put your TA on babysitting duty – that actually sounds like it could lead to a labor grievance – you obviously have one and should exercise the option of having the TA conduct the lecture or something.

    • “If you’re trying to be a business professional, you don’t breast-feed and lecture. It’s just common sense and logic.”

      Apparenty, she was on that Future- trying to prove that she was capable of doing two different things at the SAME DAMN TIME, LMAO!!!

  • No Judging

    I’m one of the people who thinks it is not ok to breastfeed in public.

    But, I understand the single mother struggle. While universities have leave/absence policies, they are sometimes too restrictive. For example, I can only miss 9 days of class per semester. I save those days for when my son is really sick or there are teacher’s conferences at his school. If he randomly has to miss school when I can’t miss school, then he has to come with me. I’ve only brought him to class twice though. He’s cute, so my friends have watched him for me while I go to class all of the other random times that he’s missed school. I love friends.

    • A baby with a fever would qualify as really sick though no? I know babies get them, but its part of the parent gig. Somebody stays home. If you’re a single parent that’s one of them times, me thinks.

      I’m with you, being a single parent with no other options has to be extremely difficult, but I think sometimes you do just have to take the L.

    • Cree

      “Only 9 days…” Are you serious?? A traditional semester is four months, no?? I don’t know where else anyone could miss even CLOSE to that if they are working in a span of four months….9 days is more than plenty of people’s ANNUAL vacation time.

      Really??? Really???

  • Keisha Brown

    What in the what??
    Ugh. This is very similar to the couple who took their babies to tdkr midnight movie.
    Some parents are indignant about their right to do whatever and others were appalled by their parenting choice.
    Sometimes people just go too far to prove or support a point.
    C’mon now, there is reasonable and unreasonable. This is unreasonable. All of it was inappropriate. She could’ve cancelled and made up the class at a later date.
    You are not being a good parent as your baby plays with paper clips a d you are not being a good teacher while whipping out your tittie. She makes it seem like she just simply gave her a bottle. They are not the same.
    Hell – I went to a breast feeding class just last week and was in a room where babies/kids were breast fed in the middle of the discussion. It was distracting to me, but no judgement because that is the safe/reasonable place to do it.

    Yes breasts primary function is nourishment and such and we should de-sexualize them, but that’s not realistically happening any time soon. Can we employ common sense for once please???

    • Marshal

      I didn’t fully read the article, but since it’s American University, I’m sure there was at least a few male students in the class. Then Again, it IS College, so one would think that there would be some Maturity expectations of the students and understanding. It’s not like this was a High School or Middle School teacher doing this. I have no personal opinion on the matter and I’ve never seen a woman breastfeed in public-or breastfeed in general (must be a Haley’s Comet complex)

      • Huh Bruh

        Maturity in college? So you’re telling me that the average random undergrad male sitting in class on the 1st day of school would sit patiently while their professor pops out the good boob (as my ex would call it) to feed a sick, loud, paper clip eating baby? That sounds like the screenplay for the Hangover 3. I wonder how many twitter/facebook/instagram updates occurred during that class.

        • From what the linked articles implied, that’s exactly what happened. It blew up on Twitter and FB among the students, and that’s what led to the student newspaper and the Washington Post getting on the story. I think the Washington Post story even mentions the tweet in question.

          • LMNOP

            Forget the sick baby for a minute… why in the world is she allowing her students to be on their phones during class?!?!?!

            I have been a student, professors can completely say “no phones in class.” and enforce that.

            • This woman also copped to removing paper clips out of her baby’s mouth and shooing the child away from electrical outlets. Methinks she wasn’t exactly paying rapt attention to the class, even if she had a policy like that.

              • LMNOP

                good call, lol. maybe she can work on a cell phone policy for next year (assuming she lasts that long).

              • Britico Chick

                real talk! LMAO

        • WIP

          LOL, it does sound like a scene from Bad Teacher 2…

      • lol…the maturity in college point got lost on me too.

        If i see a boob now i pay attention. period.

    • Rewind

      What doesn’t make sense in the end is despite the breast incident….THIS IS THE FIRST DAY OF CLASS. Whatever she displayed on that day was going to be the idea of what kind of teacher she would be for the rest of the semester. Sometimes people only see their actions in the immediate sense and refuse to pay attention to the long lasting effects their actions will have. I don’t care who was in the class or what the student body is complied of, she’s now known as that “bad mother who whipped out a tiddy during class” for the rest of the semester, but the only thing she feels is justified for breastfeeding her kid, despite handling business like she was supposed to.

      I don’t get people sometimes, their visions are truly limited when more important things are on the line.

      • mellow.

        cosign. i certainly would’ve church fingered my azz out of the class straight to the registrar’s office.

        • Rewind

          Same to me, and dropped that class in a heartbeat.

      • Britico Chick

        you’re very right and more disturbing when you think this is a professor who is theorizing all the time – supposedly looking at the longer term vision for whatever framework you are debating! i still don’t understand why she couldn’t reschedule. Worst case scenario, you do a skype or webex session if you can’t get that room again!!!

  • Marshal

    I’ve learned alot being a commenter in here, so asa Guy, I’m gonna TRY and Not Touch this at all. The whole Rape Redux “debate” doesn’t really allow Healthy and Mutual Discussion about topics where Women are more affected between the genders. I see Nothing but Bad Things coming out of this, Panama….

    Don’t say I didn’t warn the Fellas about this, it’s a No-Win topic

    • healthy debate is possible.
      if people choose to be respectful. it’s when people don’t when it goes left, right and all the way left again.
      everyone is entitled to have an opinion. sadly, everyone is entitled to share it.
      what happens after that…

      • Marshal

        Your Right. I can’t speak for others, especially seasoned VSB commenters. I only cosign to valid points, not ideologies. And I’m not tryna get involved in another Men vs Women beef or or go at it with the usual folks

        • i understand.
          dont know how long you’ve been a member of VSB nation, but dissenters and s#it disturbers have been around for a while. they eventually get bored and move on.

          don’t let people stop YOU from giving YOUR opinion. if a convo is gonna to the #ell in a handbasket – it will with or without you.
          (that made sense in my head).

          • African Mami

            @ keisha

            You have me tapping my fro, snapping ma fingers, and amening to alla dat!! Yes, speak YOUR mind!! So long as it is respectful, go right ahead.

            • demondog06

              ooh Mami, you have a fro!? i dig chicks with fros…’s time to stop bullspitting and let the vsb nation see the real african behind the mami (or would that be the mami behind the african? )

              • African Mami

                yes, I does. Oh, no….you’ll just have to use your imagination to create a mental image of how I look!! :)

      • msdebbs

        “healthy debate is possible.”

        I totally agree but these internet thugs make it hard to voice your opinion without being verbally slaughtered by using big words from their thesauruses.

        And I personally don’t think breast feeding in public is okay…yeah I said it.

        • nillalatte

          Believe me… I’d rather a mother nurse her baby in public modestly than have a baby crying and screaming bloody murder because it’s hungry.

          • Exactly. A stranger’s discomfort vs my baby’s discomfort is a no brainer to me.

          • msdebbs

            “Believe me… I’d rather a mother nurse her baby in public modestly than have a baby crying and screaming bloody murder because it’s hungry.”

            I might have to change my opinion on public breastfeeding then cause there is nothing more annoying than a screaming baby.

            • Kidsister

              Screaming babies bother me too, especially on airplanes. I just feel like there has to be a common ground here. Just like there are designated areas for smokers in public there should be designated breastfeesing areas. I was really impressed when I went to the mall a few weeks ago and there was a breastfeeding area with curtains!!! I understand that breastfeeding is natural but nobody wants to see that. Be considerate.

              • annette_b

                I understand that breastfeeding is natural but nobody wants to see that. Be considerate.

                ^^^^ This.

                • Yonnie 3000

                  SEE what? You don’t “see” anything. All you see is a mother with a baby’s face pressed against her chest. You act like women are walking around restaurants and malls all National Geographic. You shouldn’t breastfeed anywhere that you yourself wouldn’t eat. That means the bathroom is not an option. Do you suggest women just stay in the house until their kids are on solid foods?

                  • Kidsister

                    I don’t want to SEE a baby latched on to his mother’s boob, period. I didn’t say women should have to breastfeed in the bathroom but I do think it should be done in private. Not every woman is walking around all National Geographic but some are AND I DON’T WANNA SEE IT.

                    • demondog06

                      ^^^yessir this right here^^^

                    • African Mami

                      oh shiid!

                      I’m one of those “National Geographic” women…sowwwweey kid sis!!

          • LMNOP

            yeah, if the baby’s got to eat, the baby’s got to eat. Since she was the professor, I feel like she could have easily called a 5-10 minute bathroom break, fed her baby and gone back to the lecture. The fact that she didn’t think of it at the time is not really a big deal to me, I mean she’s human, and it sounds like she had a stressful morning. I know I do dumb sht all the time, that in hindsight was not the best way to handle a situation. It’s a shame that instead of someone pulling her aside and talking about better ways she could have dealt with the situation it became news and everyone is getting backed into a corner of being defensive and rigid.

            • well i think what happened is that folks started talking about it on twitter which created a discussion where one didn’t exist. i mean, i dont think any student is going to tell a teacher in class “yo…you really should exercise better decision making”

              you’re probably right…it was a normal case of a mother having a stressful moment that went viral b/c of social networking.

              • LMNOP

                No, I wouldn’t expect a student to do that, but maybe one of the other professors. I’m assuming this one was pretty new, and a helpful chat with a co-worker might make a difference.

                • Rewind

                  New or old doesn’t matter. There comes a time during any day when you have to relaize the situation you’re involved in is not about you. She’s a teacher at a university. That means people paid to be educated by her, which means SHE HAS TO MAKE BETTER DECISIONS.

          • I agree with that. just cover up. they make things specifically for that purpose. i know…ive bought some.

      • Healthy debate among Black folks? Only in the land of Utopia…

  • AfroPetite

    But why was she lecturing the first day of class anyway? Everyone knows the first week of college is reserved for handing out the syllabus, chilling on the yard, and general bullsh!tin’ *shakes head in disgust*

    • Marshal

      Not everywhere, especially here at Howard. I had homework in 2 out of my 5 classes and a Pop Quiz the second week, didn’t even care if people didn’t have the textbook yet. Some Profs aren’t playing out here…..

      • AfroPetite

        *does Howard hand*

        Now you know good and well you were in and out of your classes within 15 minutes the first week. We both know the yard is absolutely ridiculous those first 5 days back……

        • Marshal

          Trust me, I wasn’t. This the Last Year for me and my career ambition doesn’t warrant me to be pocrastinating and skipping classes

      • Rewind

        Yea I barely remember a first week at Howard without assignments, lessons, and HW. At least they make you work for that degree besides all the craziness over there.

    • y’all need to go to better schools.

      • What’s better than the best?

      • AfroPetite

        Perhaps, but honestly the first day of classes don’t really contribute much towards your semester aside from the general course outline, what’s expected, grading, etc. I’m not saying ALL professors refrain from actually teaching the first day but I ran into quite a few who definitely didn’t start going in depth with their lessons until day 2.

  • I think she was unprofessional. Your baby has a fever, and your solution is to bring the child to class, let said child crawl on the public floor, and then whip out a nipple. I’m all for nursing in public, but when you are teaching, you’re “on.” Pump some milk, whip out a bottle.

    But I’m honestly side-eyeing bringing the sick baby out period more than anything else. Unless you were going to the doctor, you should be in the house.

    • JessicaL

      Honestly, I think she should have stayed home. A classroom is probably the worst place for a sick baby to be crawling around in the first damb place. All those germs*shudders*. Also it doesn’t sound safe with all those choking hazards around. Digging a paper clip out of your child’s mouth is not the business. I know they put things in their mouths but potentially paper clips staples and other sharp objects on the floor of classrooms.

      • LMNOP

        exactly this.

    • that’s what stood out to me most too. the baby is sick. keep your baby at home and in comfortable surroundings. plus…this happened in August in DC. IT WAS HOT. you’re bringing a feverish baby outside in the heat. it was just a bad call on her part all around to me.

    • Rewind

      Agreed. The breastfeeding is merely a sensational topic. The real issue is her lack of professionalism and poor choice for regarding what’s more important; saving face for work or her kid’s health.

  • nillalatte

    The professor should have cancelled the class. Yes, her actions were highly unprofessional and distracting for the students, I’m sure.

    Children need to be at home when sick. But, that said, I have taken my sick child to my office and put him in an empty office to rest while I wrapped up a meeting, and then took him straight home. No breast feeding tho. He was a bit old for that!

    I never nursed my children in public. I always found a private place to nurse them. Even when I was at my parents house or other family members home, I learned ways to cover and no one could see anything.

    Nursing a baby in public is fairly common in the Middle East and no one has a cow over it, but women are really modest about how they do it. You’d think a religiously conservative place would be more up in arms about public nursing. But, it seems like here in the more ‘liberal’ country some folks just act totally backwards. It’s kinda weird.

    • nillalatte

      Additionally, why would anyone let their sick BABY crawl around on a nasty arse floor?! This lady might have a degree, but when common sense was being dispensed she missed roll call!

      • Val

        I agree about the floor, Nilla. WTF.

      • +1
        im more angry about THAT!!!

        • LMNOP

          The college students are grown, they can complain for themselves.
          That she’s not looking out for her baby is what bothers me.

      • msdebbs

        Yeah those class room floors are so dusty and dirty as hell…she just exposed the kid to even more germs. And I agree education does not always equal common sense.

      • +1

      • WIP

        Build up his/her immune system?

        • LMNOP

          lol, that’s what I always used to say when my baby put random things from the floor in her mouth, but seriously, you should keep a sick baby away from things that could make them sicker. and I know this despite not having a PhD.

        • lol. you only do that mess when they aint sick.

    • I think that’s b/c here everybody gets in a huff about how other people’s views are being violated. if a woman is breastfeeding, people immediately revert to, “well now you’re infringing upon my peace by bringing your issues and stands into my life”

      that whole we the people stuff is really, we the people as long as you arent’ stepping on my toes.

      • nillalatte

        I’m gonna back track here a moment… all the hoopla about breastfeeding is when women choose not to do it modestly. Unfortunately, breastfeeding went out of ‘style’ in the early 60’s, I think, and a majority of the US population was bottle fed. Fortunately, my family has pretty good genes and I’ve rarely ever been sick and, thank God, only hospitalized for child birth.

        By the 90’s, when I had my first child, all the rave was breast milk was nutritionally better than bottle, particularly in the first few days after delivery because of the colostrum contained in breast milk which provides needed anti-bodies not yet produced in a baby for a health immune & digestive system. I breastfed my child to the scoffs of my mother who absolutely thinks breastfeeding is disgusting. I didn’t care. I know that natural mother’s milk is better for baby and eases their digestive processes. That and my ex is Arab and in his country this is a widely acceptable practice.

        My sister-in-law sat on a public beach in Q8 and breastfed her child and she was completely covered. The difference I’ve noticed is this 1- women in the US are not as modest with nursing as they could be. Maybe it is because so many haven’t been properly ‘trained’ , 2- some want to publicized that shyt as an in your face kind of action when that is really unnecessary, 3- it ain’t about whipping a tit out in public as much as should be about the nutrition issue for the baby.

        On that note, maybe this is the wrong crowd, but for those that have been with a woman when she is lactating, how many of you grown arse men have tasted mother’s milk? :D

        • Aly

          I breastfed my child to the scoffs of my mother who absolutely thinks breastfeeding is disgusting

          Yes Nilla! I distinctly remember my mother looking at me like I had two heads when I told her that I would be breastfeeding. She just didn’t get it! Definitely a generation gap there.

        • demondog06

          ” , how many of you grown arse men have tasted mother’s milk? ”


          • Ms. Bridget

            I heard it’s kinda sweet. Smells a little like ice-cream…

          • nillalatte

            Wait, what? You gonna “ick” mama’s milk, but you’d go downtown for joy juice? Betta think about that one playa. ;)

            • Marshal

              Did the Both of you just tried to compare Breastmilk to Nani Juices???? >_<

        • Rae

          Most of the mothers I know who breastfeed in public (in the US) cover themselves with a blanket. Yet the mere fact that there is breastfeeding going on seems to upset others ‘modesty’. It’s not always possible for a mother to duck into a more private space.
          I’m curious if the professor really just whipped a tit out while she was lecturing, or if she was sitting down or at the back of the class while breastfeeding, but students were still sensationalized by it.

          LOL I’m fascinated by the idea of breastmilk as disgusting. It’s just milk!.

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