The Dos And Donts Of Throwing A Bachelor Party

This is not the time to force him to do something he doesn’t really want to do. That’s what the wedding and marriage are for.

DC: The Love Jones Cafe – Monday, July 28th

A discussion about love and dating featuring Panama Jackson, Enitan Bereola II, Miss Lena Chase, and special live performance by VSB favorite, Teedra Moses!

GET ON UP Screening Passes (Baltimore – Wednesday, July 23| DC Coming Soon!)

VSB is giving out free movies passes to see Get On Up at Arundel Mills (near Baltimore)! Find out more information inside!

There’s Nothing Wrong With Being A Bandwagon Fan

As Chuck Klosterman once put it, when you’re rooting a particular sports team, you’re basically just rooting for laundry.

VSB Roundtable: How Fake Deep Was Your Fake Deep?

if you had a fake deep stage -- like every. single. one. of. us. did somewhere between 1998 and 2005 -- how deep was it? How far did you go?

Ray Nagin Gets 10 Years, The Legacy Of Clay Davis Continues

Is this the time and the place to have the "What the fuck is up with all these corrupt Black politicians in big cities? Does every single one have to be Clay Davis?" conversation yet?

VSB Investigative Report: Who Actually Bought Robin Thicke’s Album?

25,000 units moved means that 25,000 actual people thought it was a good idea to spend their actual money on an album that might actually be the 3rd step in a 12 step program no one will actually complete.

Leaked: An Email Exchange Between Wale and Meek Mill

Meek Mill came at Wale today even though Wale did not send for him. VSB happened into an alleged email exchange between the two following the Twitter rant heard around the Kool-Aid Cooler.

Brunch, Deconstructed

Damn the selfies and White pants. Give me the mimosas, french toast, cheese grits, chicken, steak, well-priced, socially-accepted, brunchy gluttony, and hard-ass pants-free naps under the fan.

#PhillySoReal That Robbers Are Jacking Dudes For Guns At Gun Ranges

I ain't saying Philly is the realest city in America. But I am saying that if you have a competition...

Internet Troll Lebron James Opts Out, Heat Fans Pawn Jerseys

The top three likely destinations for Lebron James, new free agent, basketball icon, and maven i...

Why I’m Glad The Chappelle Show Ended

Considering our 24-hour outrage cycle, would some of Chappelle’s bits even fly today? Would the time and energy he’d have to devote to apologizing and responding to thinkpieces take away from his creative process?

Horace Silver Dies, Song For My Father Lives Forever

As I write this, YouTube is open in another window. I'm listening to Song for My Father. If it were ...

Aaliyah’s Family Says “No” To Aaliyah Biopic, For…Reasons

Obviously not privy to everything going on behind-the-scenes, but after reading why Aaliyah's family...

REMINISCE | Panama Jackson & Gemini Birthday Bash! – Saturday, June 7th

Come celebrate birthday shenanigans with PANAMA JACKSON and any and all GEMINIS, as he adds anot...