Damon Young

Damon Young

Damon Young is the editor-in-chief of VSB. He is also a contributing editor for EBONY.com. He resides in Pittsburgh, and he really likes pancakes.

10 Things Less Predictable Than Chief Keef Getting Dropped From His Label

Chief Keef dropped from Interscope. Water is still wet

A Second-By-Second Breakdown Of President Obama Reminding Us He Can Take Your Girlfriend

00:24: President Obama says "There's an example of a brother just embarrassing me. Just for no reason whatsoever" which you can totally imagine him saying about Ben Carson

Why This Kid’s YMCA Membership Card Pic Is The Blackest (And Cutest) Thing We’ve Ever Seen This Week

Even though this is a pretend jumpshot with pretend form, his smirk clearly lets you know that his pretend jumpshot went in

The #PostBadBeards Struggle Is REAL: Why I’m Not Mad At Fake Beards

Although "light-skinned points," "big booty points," "long hair points," "tall points," "big dick points," and "he has a job points" are well established within our community, "man hair points" -- where men are given extra attractiveness points just for having a full beard or long dreadlocks -- are just as common.

Why The “Unmasking” Of Viola Davis On HTGAWM Is The Blackest Thing We’ve Ever Seen This Week

Because nothing is Blacker than a Black person "fixing their face" right before a confrontation

I Just Want To Talk To My Mom Today

My mom died October 18th. Today, October 16th, marks a year since the day I knew I'd never hear her voice again.

A Ranking Of The 10 Whitest Guys Rashida Jones Has Been Romantically Paired With On Screen

In this context, "White guy" is defined as "guy who is White."

A Ranking Of The 25 Best Black Television Shows Of All-Time

I (obviously) created the list, so the list is (obviously) right. Still, feel free to disagree.

How To Celebrate Columbus Day In The Most Columbus Day Way Possible

Go to Facebook. Write and publish a status message telling all of your friends -- who are already on Facebook, obviously -- that you just discovered a great new website called "Facebook."

Shit Bougie Black People Love: 23. Thinkpieces

The thinkpiece -- when a writer articulates a smart-sounding angle on either a topic everyone is talking about or a topic no one has ever talked about -- only ranks behind "the bottomless mimosa" and "Melissa Harris-Perry" when listing inventions most crucial to Bougie Black life

Our Dangerous Definition Of Manhood

While I know what I've learned and what I've been told, I wonder what being a "man" actually means

Eight Dumb-Ass Sexual Myths (Some) People Somehow Still Believe

There are people who actually do believe making extended eye contact with a gay person will somehow turn them gay too, like gays have the vampire worms from The Strain shooting from their eyelids

The Levels Of The Friend Zone, Brought To You By Scandal’s Jake Ballard

With each episode of Scandal, Jake Ballard is discovering new levels of the friend zone. Levels we didn't know were possible to exist. Levels that disrupt our understanding of the friend zone, and force us to reassess our concepts of time, space, dimensions, and cunnilingus

Black-ish Is Cute And Cuddly, Not Controversial

It's called Black-ish, but it could very easily be called Everyone Hates My Wife And Kids After Dad Got A Promotion. What has been marketed and reviewed as subversive and politically incorrect looks and feels like a 26-minute-long "urban" IKEA spot