Panama Jackson

Panama Jackson

Panama Jackson is pretty fly for a light guy. When he's not saving humanity with his words or making music with his mouth, you can find him at your mama's mama's house drinking her fine liquors. He believes the children are our future and is waiting to find out if he is the 2nd most interesting man in the world.

And They Wonder Why We Say “F*ck The Police”

A police officer decided to tell it like it is from an officer's point of view. If you don't want to get shot, just do what a cop says and all will be well. All the time!

Ray J Reduced To “Kardashian Sex Tape Partner”. Probably Doesn’t Like That Sh*t.

Hey Wait A Minute Ain't That Brandy's Brother has managed to somehow stay relevant on his own merits. Some folks aren't recognizing this.

Yep, Guys Really Are Just As Messy As We Claim Women Are

There are lots of things we learn from ratchets on reality television. One is that men can be messy as hell too.

Video: John Oliver’s Take On What’s Happening in Ferguson, MO

Watch John Oliver's take on Ferguson, Missouri, via his show, Last Week Tonight.

Lessons (Thus Far) from Ferguson: How Not To Handle Any Situation Ever

The happenings in Ferguson have taught us a few things. And all of them are what not to do.

Police Assassinate Michael Brown’s Character. Then Say They’re Not Assassinating His Character.

Ferguson Police decide to release information that has nothing to do with anything. Because the "media" asked for it. Thanks.

White Guy Acts A Fool, Black Guy Gets Maced For Being In The Vicinity

Because its been that kind of week, a Black man in Seattle gets maced, cuffed, and detained for ?????? Who cares. He's Black.

Recap: The Naturalista Hair Show “Men’s Perspective Panel”

Panama was recently a panelist during the Naturalista Hair Show in Silver Spring, MD a few weeks back. Here's a quick recap and video.

Why Gospel Rap Struggles for Acceptance

Gospel rap never quite gets the respect it wants. Even good gospel rappers. Why? Lord knows its complicated.

Swagger Wagon: Here’s How I Like My Cultural Appropriation

Toyota brought back its "Swagger Wagon" video commercial with Busta Rhymes in tow. Swagger jackin' at its finest or nah?

10 Thoughts About Beyoncé’s Remix of “Flawless”

Beyoncé dropped a Nicki Minaj-assisted remix to her self-esteem anthem "Flawless". We listened. We had thoughts.

Why I Love Natural Hair

One man's opinion about natural hair. Naturally.

The Thing About Relationship Panels

Last night, Panama was a panelist on a relationship panel. It caused him to ruminate on the point of it all.

Tony Dungy and Things That Sound Bad No Matter What You Mean

Tony Dungy made some controversial comments about drafting Michael Sam recently. Is it a controversy or a non-troversy? Weigh in.

Hi. I’m A Writer. And I Suck at Scrabble.

Just because you have a way with words doesn't mean that words will let you have it your way. A writer struggles with Scrabble. Heaven, he needs a hug.