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Seven Thoughts On The Ghost Of Cornel West

A look at Michael Eric Dyson's scathing critique of Cornel West

On Being A Diehard Sports Fan…And Marrying Someone Who Doesn’t Give A Shit About Sports

I have no idea how I managed to find and marry one of the 16 women in Pittsburgh who are NOT sports fans. But I did.

10 Things About New York City From A Guy Who’s Definitely Not From New York City

I was in New York City for two days last week. This makes me a New York City expert.

It’s Tax Day, So If You Believe In Prayer, Say One For Your Favorite Bloggers Today

If you don't believe in prayer, find one and buy them a drink

100 Days As A Black Man In Silicon Valley

I’d like to see more Blacks in tech, so I started with myself

How “Coon” Became The New “Female”

For whatever reason, coon and all its variations has become a go-to word for Black people who have aint-shit thoughts and opinions about race

Madonna Sucks The Everlasting Living Human Spirit Soul Out Of Drake

I can't help but wonder what a kiss from Madonna must taste like. Gluten-free Rolaids? A Martian accent?

I’m A Music Snob…And I’m Somehow Obsessed With Ciara’s “I Bet”

I never saw it coming. It's like walking into a spider web and standing no chance of ever getting rid of all the silky threads. But then kinda liking it.

The Psychic Toll Of Existing While Black

This is fucking exhausting

Love & Hip Hop NY Season 5 Reunion Recap (Part 1): Who Asked You, Erica?

Round 1 of the LHHNY Reunion took place and, well, things happened.

Burger King To Pay For “Burger-King” Wedding

Whenever I think of God's sense of humor, I think of things like a couple with the respective su...

Is Furious 7 A “Black” Movie? (Hint: Yes)

Furious 7 has a cast so Black that I wouldn't be surprised if Clifton Powell was in a deleted scene, as Tyrese's aint shit Uncle Man-Man or something

10 Ways To Prevent Getting Profiled By The Police If Driving While Black

It's crucial to make sure you're not Black anymore before you get back behind the wheel. Do not cut corners here.