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Who Are Your Writer Crushes?

Because people never get the flowers while they can still smell em.

Why I Want T-Pain To Sing At My Wedding

Tell me about a party you have been to in the last 10 years where a T-Pain song wasn’t played so I can hear about the most boring party ever

For The Love Of God, Stop What You’re Doing And Caption This Pic

Pretty please, with ice cream and cake and sprinkles and shit.

A Letter To The People Who Share News On The Deaths Of Celebs Who Already Died Years Ago

Please stop doing this. And by "please stop doing this" I mean "don't ever fucking do this again."

Cheekie Does SXSW: Part 3

Cheekie is done doing Austin. Cheekie is sore now.

Vote Republican? Nah…I’m Good (Sorry, Stephen A)

There is no law that states that we must have only two major parties. Multiple parties would bring more ideas to the fore.

Someone Please Tell That White Folks Gonna Be Alright

Despite its oft-publicized recent increase in diversity, both on screen and behind-the-scenes, TV is still overwhelmingly -- and, some would argue, intentionally -- White

It’s 2015. Which Means It’s The Future. So, Where Are The Flying Cars???

Forget accidentally running over squirrels. I want to sideswipe a sparrow. I want wings, motherfucker.

It’s A Boy!

Yesterday afternoon, the newest and youngest member of Team VSB was welcomed into the world.

It’s Great Mo’ne Davis Had It In Her To Forgive That Guy. But Still, Fuck That Guy

There's nothing to be happy about -- no feel-good takeaways -- when a middle school girl gets insulted by a man and has to be the "bigger person."

Intimacy Compatibility: The Most Underrated Part Of A Happy Relationship

Because the only thing worse than an interrupted shit is a shit interrupted by a bottle of Pantene thrown at your spleen.

Why Baltimore Raven/Mathematician John Urschel Is The Blackest Person Who Ever Existed This Week

Math isn't here for your post-racial bullshit. And neither is Blackness.

Cheekie Does SXSW: Part 2

Cheekie is still doing Austin. Cheekie is very busy.

The Empire Season Finale Was Fuckin’ Fantastic

Last night, Empire's season finale came on. Lawdhafmercy.

R.I.P. To The Album Release Date. You Will Not Be Missed

If we don’t know you or don’t care about your music career, generation Y will walk into your studio, connect to your wi-fi, and download your latest. (And then tweet the link.)

No News Story Has Ever Made Me Happier Than The News About Leah Still

Sometimes things just make you very happy, and sometimes all that's needed to be said about it is how great the news is and how happy it's made you

Chance The Rapper Might Be The Pettiest Dude Of All Time.

Robin Hood and Little John running through the forest towards pettiness.