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Anniversary Deez: Songs That Done Been Ruint

By most accounts, Tony!Toni!Tone!’s song “Anniversary” is a great song. It was a top 10 song on both the Billboard Pop Charts and the R&B charts when it was released back in 1993 (!). It was on their double platinum album, Sons of Soul, a multi-platinum album which, again, by most accounts was pretty doggone good.

Except I hate both. I own every album by the group except that one. When I found out DJ Quik had produced their song, “Let’s Get Down” I was totally sold. Of course, “Let’s Get Down” sounds a lot like the MC Eiht diss track, “Dollaz + $en$e” but that’s neither here nor there.

Fact is, I HATE “Anniversary”. And considering how that song gets played on people’s anniversaries probably daily at this point doesn’t help. It’s like a stake being driven through my heart, every time.

You want to know why, don’t you?

Of course you do.

Have you seen my copy editor? No?

F*ck it. Mo’ for me.

It was 1993 and I’d just moved to a new school in a new community and had begun gathering friends. Well the best friend of my sister’s new best friend’s cousin’s homegirl had said that she had had a girl that would be great for me to meet. Now, me being the 3 that I am wasn’t always such a hot commodity. Like I said yesterday, I had a little Urkel thing going on. Plus I was short. Like Skeelo’s song “I Wish” was my theme music on some Shaft sh*t.

But I was confident. She went to our rival high school but I wanted to meet her and since I was new, I was still riding high of the new kid buzz. So I meet this young lady, and man is she hot. I was flabbergasted at just how hot she was (turns out she later ended up marrying a very popular Dallas Cowboy). I’m guessing she was less than enthused with yours truly (perhaps I was  2 back then), but she thought I was nice and sweet and all the things little lap dogs are. And her birthday was coming up. So I, Prince Charming, asked her what she wanted and it was that TonyX3 album.

While I may be rich in friends, love, and baseball cards, money has always been a struggle. Basically, I had none but I was determined to get that CD for her. So I begged my parents for the $15 bucks and stole my parents car and drove to the mall to buy the album. On the night of a big football game between our school and hers I planned to give it to her. I’d heard the song “Anniversary” but I’d never really listened to it. Everybody comes back to my house after the game, ole girl included, with my crew of dudes (all football players…sans moi, Urkel) and in show of chivalrous generosity, I give her the CD with a big grin on my face.

She smiled. I smiled. She tore open the wrapping popped in the album to the song, “Anniversary” and played it and began singing. Sounded like an angel to my ears. Until…

…she proceeded to run up to my boy (who she apparently had a huge crush on) and tells him, “one day this will be our song!” and kisses him on the lips.

In my house. In my motherf*cking establishment.

So yeah, f*ck the song “Anniversary” and f*ck Sons of Soul.

At least God, Allah, or whoever you pray too wasn’t messing with me, they went on to date for at least five years.

Well, you’ve heard my story, what songs have been ruined for you because of relationships, love, and alcohol?

Talk to me.


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Damon Young

Panama Jackson is pretty fly for a light guy. He used to ship his frito to Tito in the District, but shipping prices increased so he moved there to save money. When he's not saving humanity with his words or making music with his mouth, you can find him at your mama's mama's house drinking her fine liquors. Most importantly, he believes the children are our future.

  • Ash

    1) I laughed inappropriately hard @ “ruint.” Still giggling…I’m sleepy.

    2) Usher’s “Can You Handle It” is totally ruint. it was “our song” to me and the ex boo. We were at a DST/APhiA ball in 2004 and danced to it, after which he asked for my number. It was all magical at the time, but four years (and a failed engagement) later, the relationship went down in flames.

    I’m mad about it cause the song is still really good, but it inevitably makes me think of the ex. I’m over the relationship, but the song still makes that ninja pop up in my head. Sigh…

    • Panama Jackson

      @Ash, Usher’s “Can You Handle It” is totally ruint. it was “our song” to me and the ex boo. We were at a DST/APhiA ball in 2004 and danced to it, after which he asked for my number.

      they was playing nasty songs at your ball!

      • Ash

        @Panama Jackson,

        LOL! It was 2004 and “Confessions” that deal. Don’t act…

  • WonderWoman

    The song I hate is ” Tender Love by the Force MD’s”….
    I met a guy at my church and we became boyfriend and girlfriend even though I was not allowed to date so we only saw each other at church and youth group functions…long story short he dedicated the song to me, but showed up to a church function with another girl and they were wearing matching shirts with their names airbrushed on them! When we got in the van to go on our youth group trip he pops in a mixed tape he made and that was the first song….she turns to him and says “awwwwww its our song!” I wanted to choke the life outta’ them both right there in front of Jesus!

    • Anike Love

      @WonderWoman, oooh, that’s just evil! And lmbo @ those airbrush shirts, whewwww, semi-tragic!

      • WonderWoman

        @Anike Love, It was evil…but, it turns out F.J. was a straight up buster! He lied and said we slept together when I was still a virgin…Still hate the song though….Lol

    • Anike Love

      Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” for no other reason except it being played out and conjuring images of poor Leo freezing to death and the old couple holding each other as their cabin fills with water.


      And VIvian Green’s Perfect Decision. This song seemed so appropriate when I was dating an ex-friend turned ex-lover, but now it makes my skin crawl to hear this song cuz I think back to those moments. Yep, I pretty much loathe him now.

      • Anike Love

        Ooops, that was an accident!

    • overit

      @WonderWoman, that is my SONG. i would be so heated if someone ruined it for me.

      grrrrrrrrr! lmao @ the airbrushed shirts. i had a few myself, and was so excited about them i learned how to airbrush…anyone want an airbrushed tee? lol

      • WonderWoman

        @overit, Yes I do! For real!

    • Panama Jackson

      @WonderWoman, wouldn’t nobody make me hate that song. NOBODY I TELL YOU!!!!

      i wish a motherf*cker would!!!!!

      • WonderWoman

        @Panama Jackson,At least I can still listen to “Love is a house”……

  • Brando

    First time commenter, long time reader and always inspired to go in on some of ya’ll’s subjects.

    But my “ruint’ song?

    “If It Isn’t Love” by New Edition.

    The fact that this was the song playing in my head during the end of my first college romance kinda stuck. So I made it my ex’s ringtone. Only problem was, my boys heard the song and then proceeded to put me through what we always will forever term an extended period of time in a car and somebody’s iPod is in the hands of another person and they play all the “relationship songs”: iPod Hell.

    Imagine getting beaten down by not only New Edition, but Usher and Blackstreet and all the other sangin’ ass negroes for an extended period of time.

    Of course I’m over it now and the song is now a karaoke staple for me and my boys. But from 2007-08, every time I heard Ralph T. begin, “I don’t love her…” I immediately wanted to sock him, Johnny Gill for doing backup and then the rest of the dudes for doing the bridge part.

    Ugh. f*ckin’ Ronnie, Ricky, Johnny, Ralph & Mike…

    • overit

      @Brando, Ugh. f*ckin’ Ronnie, Ricky, Johnny, Ralph & Mike…

      lmao, this whole comment had me dying. sorry, boo.

    • Panama Jackson

      @Brando, welcome and sh*t

      man, i might have to kill a woman who ruint New Edition for me. i just couldn’t live with that kind of heartache.

    • IJstDntUnderstand

      @Brando, This is HE-LARI-US! I had to let out a laugh on that one!
      That is all :)

    • Miss Patterson

      @Brando, that’s terrible, because i love that song.i played that cassette so much that i wore it out. i daggone near memorized the choreography in the video. (but not really)

  • Beez

    I love how everyone’s story deals with some sort of “forbidden love.” Mine starts along the same vein, where I was “talm to” this boy for a while and basically went out with him under the guise of “group outings.” Yeah, they were there too, but we sat behind everyone else (No below the neck contact- first rule of Beez Club). Enntehwehhh…

    There was a sweetheart dance and I was all primed and ready to go, then Mama Beez tried to change the game RAHT befo’ I was posed to go. Being the obedient middle child I am, I calmly assured her I’d have a ride there and back (his sis) and that we’d be home right after (well, after a meal). After a threat of rebellion she never seent coming, she agreed to my terms. *cue angel wings*

    At the dance, we were connected at the hip, and Ron Isley’s “Contagious” came on, and I SWORE it was advanced like. He looked me in the eyes so intently, we sung along to the song, we were great… Until he found someone who went further than the 1st rule of Beez Club, and thought he’d keep me along for the good look (I did have a lot going for myself).

    Now, I hear that song, and I wanna punch a baby in the stomach, and eat it’s candy in it’s face while doing the Sanctified Slide. :-) *head tilt*

    • Gem of the Ocean


      NOT advanced like!! bwahahahaha uber-advance like it!

    • Newbie99

      @Beez, lol @ the sanctified slide.

  • shay-d-lady

    Kissing you by faith. Dating a wack a** wackster who tried to lock me in a trunk…literally
    I never felt this way by brian mcknight dated a “singer” he sang the song @ a talent show supposedly to me but I think it was prob the dude behind me

    • lulu

      “who tried to lock me in a trunk…literally”

      I know this is not funny but .. i simply couldn’t help myself?

    • keisha brown


      *plays role of annoying ass teacher: expand and elaborate your answer for 10 points. Dooble-vay-tay-eff? (WTF???)

      • Sula

        @keisha brown,


        Gotta love the french spelling. Hilarious!

        But for the new VSBers, please refer to old VSB entries for tales of the Shay-d-lady herself… or just go on to her blog. She is HIGHlarious! :lol:

        • Keisha Brown


          lol. have to put my years of french immersion education to use! my girl and i will buss out in french every so often..sometimes things just sound so much better in french (or spanish).

          *goes to google shay-d-lady…

    • KayBeezy

      Yes, um, If it’s not too traumatic, you could elaborate…a TRUNK?

    • bajanflchick

      @shay-d-lady, I’m sorry, you can’t just put some ish like this out here & then leave us hangin & whatnot….PLEASE…this will bother me for the rest of the day..UNLESS of course, it still gives you flashbacks & well it should!

    • Plain Ole Peyso


      You really have to get a book written. The sh*t u be saying is outlandish

      • Gem of the Ocean

        @Plain Ole Peyso,

        lol yes, like ASAP. me and my girls are starting a book club and shay-d’s collection of “series of unfortunate yet ridiculously, outlandishly, couldnt-be-true-from-anyone-else-but-shayd, wild and hood events” is at the TOP of my list of suggested books.

        so um yeah, get on that. please and thank you.

    • AliLaine4

      ***College friend/Part-Time Roommate Alert -***
      I would think that song when you were d*mn near choked by a strawberry at that talent show LMAO!!!

    • BlkBond


      LOL! Your comments always make me smile. The wankster was singing to another dude?!?! WOOOW…..

      What’s up with dude trying to lock you in the trunk?!

    • overit

      @shay-d-lady, i effing love you.

      the end.

      ps) write that book.

    • Made In Hawaii


      Not the dude behind you?!

  • bittersweet’s baby

    Daaamn! That was thoroughly enternaing. Painful for you – comical as hell to me, though. Time’s sposed to heal all wounds, but methinks you need a hug…

    And ya betnot say hug deez cuz I just might reply, ” O-tay!”

  • Blacklaw

    Robin Harris once joked that you never want to get beat to a soundtrack (in his case, a skipping record) cuz it never ends, well, Vol. 3… Life And Times of S. Carter, was big in Spring 2000, I cant listen to that cd without flashbacks……smh

    • DG

      I see you Sandz…
      I see your Vol 3: Life and Times and raise you several Dungeon Fam albums (Kast, Goodie Mob, etc.)…gotta admit tho, I eventually stopped hearing music altogether while I focused on a certain point on the wall.*shudders*

  • chaoticdiva

    Any and everything by Floetry.

    So serious.

    I had this boyfriend, who I fell in love with, who was in love with his ex, who left me for his ex, and then after she rejected him, he wanted to marry me. Yeah, right.

    But yea. Our song was “Have Faith”, and essentially the only thing we could ever agree on to listen to in the car was Floetry. To this day, I can’t listen to them without clenching my teeth and wanting to do a drive by on a military base where he resides.

    So yeah. F*ck Floetry and f*ck him.

    …did I mention that he was cheating on me with her during half the relationship? He figured the best way to apologize would be to dump me the day before my birthday (which coincidentally was his birthday too), and try to still be my friend. When he dumped me, I was visiting friends in STL. Talk about a damper.

    So yeah. One of many relationships that left a sour taste in my mouth. And I will never discuss this again.

    • MissingBerlin

      @chaoticdiva, I have to co-sign on your story. I can not listen to Tyrese’s “One” or Keisha Cole & Jaheim’s ” I’ve Changed for You” because it reminds me of my ex, who had a plan to get me pregnant the entire we were together. (like seriously, my BC pills would have fewer each month or condoms breaking every time, I got an IUD without telling him.) He proposes to me at a family event only to dump me the day before we were going to the justice of the peace because his “heart wasn’t with me.”

      Oh and now I cant listen to Mary J Blige’s, “Not Gonna Cry” because it reminds of me later on that day….throwing clothes over a balcony and urged some junkies to steal his playstation etc.

      • bittersweet’s baby


        So it’s folks like you that I can truly thank for my best crackie come ups? Thankcha!!!

        Sorry so traumatic, tho. Thank God he ain’t get you a baby before he bounced…

  • Shay

    Save Room- John Legend. An engagement gone wrong claims a good song.

    Love hurts sometimes when you do it right? No f*cking kidding.

  • Made In Hawaii

    OH MY GAWD, Panama!! Your story broke my heart. That was just….
    WOW! The nerve of her!

    Just like an entire album has been “ruint” for you, since 2003 Who Is Jill Scott? Words and Sounds Vol. 1 is pretty much unlistenable for me now. And I loved that album too… *pout* {Thanx a lot, Aaron!}.

    • Yonnie3k

      @Made In Hawaii, Yeah, I feel you. You pretty much gotta be in love or indifferent to listen to this album. But if you are heart broken or longing to be in a relationship, you’re better off drinking hot bleach. This is one of my favs, but I couldn’t listen to this album for a long time. Then she got divorced and I was thinking, “Yeah, now Jill is gonna pour her heart and soul into some heartbreak music.” And what did she give us? Crown Royal and Epiphany. smh