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Angry Ninja Rhetoric and Best Practices

Take the exact opposite of every characteristic of this man in this picture and you've got an angry ninja. He did marry a white woman though.

If you know Black people that read, then you know an angry ninja. Chances are you’re looking at one right now…assuming you know that you’re looking at a ninja. But if you are, and they are angry, I’d suggest that you stop.

Because they’re angry.

Now, let me be upfront and clear about this. Every Black person has a right to be angry. And hostile. I watched The Rise Of The Planet of The Apes and got upset. That’s not true, but if I was an angry ninja, then it would be. Because angry ninjas are really just extremely loud versions of conspiracy theorists. The main difference is that instead of just stating what the conspiracy is, they also get mad at you while telling you what it is. Somehow everybody is at fault when an angry ninja is present. And there’s ALWAYS something to be mad about. It’s like the reverse Obama with a side of Al Sharpton.

And no, that didn’t make any sense.

You might be asking yourself: are angry ninjas dangerous? Absolutely. They pose a tremendous danger to peace and quiet. And your good time. While they can be tremendously fun, the angry ninja is much like the puma. Sleek and stealthy, and if you aren’t careful, they’ll end up getting their own shoe.

To be more clearer, I’m a fan of angry ninjas. Truth is, they bring that necessary amount of chaos to any and all conversations that keeps the mood interesting and all your Christmases bright. Though I’m not completely sure angry ninjas believe in Christmas. They tend to get mad at how much they have to spend supporting the white man’s businesses.

“You there, in the Huey Newton Goes To Malibu High t-shirt, do you have a question?”

“Yes, what are the signs of an angry ninja?”

“Glad you asked.”

1. They start every convesation with a hesitant but climactically built up…”Yooo…” or a very quick and shart…”Yo!” (no Kappa)

Real talk, that’s how you know you’re about to get an earful about something you didn’t know you were supposed to give a sh*t about. See, starting any convo off with a “Yo” means that something of immense importance is about to follow. Why? Good question. It’s an indicator of something that’s been on the angry ninjas mind. They just haven’t had the chance to explore it with you yet. Be careful, you’re about to get hit with the hee.

2. “F*ck you ni**a, I got passion!”

You ever notice how extra angry folks aren’t really angry…they’re just passionate? You could take the passion of the Christ, thug passion, passion fruit, throw in a side of mango and you STILL wouldn’t have as much “passion” as an angry ninja. They get so emotionally invested in whatever it is that pissed them off (usually something to do with the oppressive power structure…or something they saw in a Disney movie) and how the rest of us don’t care enough (which in a bit of non-irony, tends to make angry ninjas more angry if you blow their tirade off) that you could probably incite one into a felony if you push the right buttons. The interesting part is, a lot, if not most of that anger is misguided…

…in fact….

3. The most oddball beefs

You know, I actually applaud the angry ninjas efforts in racial reconciliation and reparatory comeuppance. If only these jokers didn’t get up in arms about the most non-sensical of sh*t. Like that article a few months ago written by the white chick about Black Twitter. Angry ninjas were LIVID that this white woman would have any say so about what us Blacks were doing on Twitter and how amused she seemed to be by it. Here’s the thing…WE’RE ALL AMUSED BY IT TOO. But she ain’t have the right to say it because she didn’t have proper context because she was white. Fair enough….except…my ni**a…THAT’s the battle you chose to fight? ‘Pac is gone and Brenda’s still throwing babies in the garbage. I’m not really sure what topics always set off angry Black people, but rarely do they have anything to do with something you’ll care about ten minutes later…like the economy.

4. Not angry, opinionated.

Similar to passion and equally ridiculous. This one, (like most of this in truth) is a general person thing. Folks who are mad but who don’t want to be know as being mad hate to be called mad. They’re just passionate, opinionated people. Okay. Alright.

5. Seem to be attracted to the very people they hate the most, in theory

Is it me, but has anybody else noticed how many angry Black people marry white people? Or date them…almost exclusively? Or how about date the most ignant sumamab*tches known to man? The people who incite the most rage are the very ones angry ninjas spend most of their time with. It is an odd little dance. Angry ninjas do the cat daddy.

Again, I love my angry ninjas.

Good people of VSB, what are the other signs of of the angry ninja?

Talk to me.


Damon Young

Panama Jackson is pretty fly for a light guy. He used to ship his frito to Tito in the District, but shipping prices increased so he moved there to save money. When he's not saving humanity with his words or making music with his mouth, you can find him at your mama's mama's house drinking her fine liquors. Most importantly, he believes the children are our future.

  • Amos Banks


    • nillalatte

      Would you be angry if you weren’t? ;)

      • Amos Banks

        Yo, first!

        • Please, No Photos

          Wow, your life must really have meaning now.

  • http://pinchmycheekie.wordpress.com Cheekie

    I’d love to be an angry black chick but I can’t at the moment because I’m too busy giggling at your typo, “shart” for “short.” Hee hee. Shart.

    • http://www.twitter.com/drrdb TWIsM

      Only you, Cheekie. lol

    • Telekendall

      Plus. . . people like to laugh at angry cute girls. . . which only makes us madder. . . so we might as well just laugh

      • CurlyTop

        I’ve been trying to be a mad black woman since Tyler Perry told me I could be one but every effort fails because I look so freaking harmless. I want them to quiver in fear. Instead they smile at me, curse them all.

        • http://pinchmycheekie.wordpress.com Cheekie

          I know this life. #AngryCutieStruggle

          • TheRealestLeo

            You? Angry?

            Naaaah. Can’t see it.

            • http://www.pinchmycheekie.wordpress.com Cheekie

              LOL, lawd do ya’ll think I’m a robot? #OGHumbleOneStruggle

              • TheRealestLeo

                Not a robot, per se, but I find it hard to picture you pissed off for extended durations of time. lol

          • http://www.twitter.com/IntnseRndmnss Alana

            You have not no damb potential to be angry. Chill out!

      • http://panamaenrique.wordpress.com Malik

        I’d pinch your cheeks if I saw you were mad.

        • http://www.pinchmycheekie.wordpress.com Cheekie

          I can’t lie… that would make me non-angry again. I will punch you in the arm with a smile, doe.

  • Rog

    Number 5 reminds me of that Martin episode where Russel (from Living Single) plays Pams militant date and at the end of the episode he gets with the white girl everybody though Tommy was with.

    • WayUPThere

      that martin episode was classic.

  • http://twitter.com/_boron Boron the Negromancer

    “We need to put an end to all this black-on-black crime. We need to call a truce.”

    “What about that time you shot Byron? Ain’t that black-on-black crime?”

    “No. Byron was light-skinned.”

    • http://www.twitter.com/drrdb TWIsM

      LOL. Let’s not start the #BeigeHate please.

      • xLadyTx

        Whaaaaat? We get to see the upper half of the face now?? :)

        • http://www.twitter.com/drrdb TWIsM

          LOL I’ve had this avi up before.

        • Mo-VSS

          Don’t be fooled, it’s still shadowy so he still hiding. LOL

          • xLadyTx

            Good point LOL

            • http://jouromeo.blogspot.com Sagey Bear

              I’m down with the Beige hate. I’m chocolatey brownie bear. Honey Badgers get no love with my expert level bruce lee cawk blawking

              • Ro

                i found this to be quite hilarious! +1

          • http://www.twitter.com/drrdb TWIsM

            Oh you didn’t know your @ss better call somebodyyyyyyyyyyy, I’m the phantom of the internets. I hide my face as to not scare little children.

            • xLadyTx

              I’m relatively new so I was just used to the bottom half of the face :)

          • Lina

            yep, i think he must have them Marley eyes lol

            • http://www.twitter.com/drrdb TWIsM

              Marley eyes? I’m lost.

              • Lina

                the eyes are said to be bewitching. e.g.Lauryn Hill and her six kids with Rohan Marley

                • MissB!

                  *dead from excessive laughter @ Marley eyes*

          • http://www.styleillusions.com WIP

            TWIsM is a face tease.

            • http://twitter.com/#!/_chunk_ chunk

              not anymore, lmao

        • http://twitter.com/#!/_chunk_ chunk

          I know, first the unveil on twitter, now this… brothas get bold even before they _get_ to Bmore! umph!

          • http://www.twitter.com/drrdb TWIsM

            I’ve switched pics before. I try to rotate them every so often. It’s got nothing to do with newfound boldness. LOL

            • http://twitter.com/#!/_chunk_ chunk

              I hear you, but it’s so fun to tease you :)

              • http://www.twitter.com/drrdb TWIsM

                If I had a nickel for everytime….

    • http://twitter.com/_boron Boron the Negromancer

      I dismantled the Civil Rights Movement through various FBI operations (COINTELPRO, NASETRO, DONTTASEMEBRO). That nuisance quelled, my Angry Negro operatives have used their inane jeremiads to drown out the Black community’s valid, denouncing voices. Is it such a surprise that my agents end up with White women?

      • Squeak

        Dog, u are hilarious. and on point.

      • randomeffery

        i love you

      • http://wildcougarconfessions.com Wild Cougar

        Why are you so funny?

        • Justmetheguy

          LMAO @ DONTTASEMEBRO hahaha, that’s such a classic line. I wish I knew that dude

  • Kidsister

    The topic in general reminds me of Angry Man from Martin. “Man! SITCHO AZZ DOWN!”

    • kiki

      hilarious. love those episodes lol

  • Amos Banks

    Changing jobs is a sign of an angry ninja. An angry ninja is rarely a long-time-on-the-job ninja because they always have a “The man’s trying to keep a brotha down” reason for why they left their job.

    • http://www.styleillusions.com WIP

      Yes, angry ninjas are always losing their jobs because someone was out to get them.

    • GypsyCurl

      Or they refuse to get a job or do anything with their life but want to tell you what you should be doing.
      #WavesToEveryone #TheNewGirl

      • HarlemWorld4eva

        So in essence he should be a good negro and work like a slave and be happy with the scrap the “white man” is tossing him. Gotcha!

  • Mo-VSS

    Why are some of the most militant black men with non-black women? Oh, you’ve never seen them? Me neither. In fact, I don’t actually know anyone like this in real life, but there’s always those 2.7 black folks that swears their racist cousin/brother/schoolmate from the Bayou is with some white chick. Who are these folks? And where do they live, like really?

    Anyway, angry black men are dangerous because they’re emotional. And, if Pac was any type of example/role model for the angry black man, they all die a violent death in the end.

    Seriously though, angry men are worse than angry women. Women are emotional (most of us) by nature so we have a whole lifetime of experience have in how to deal with our emotions. The few times we do flip out is because we want to (basically…either that or we’re just silently suffering from mental illness, but I digress). Men aren’t taught how to process their emotions so them being angry all the time is just a cover for feeling insecure, sad, disappointed, hungry, sleepy, or tired (sounds a lot like a baby, lol).

    The worst type of angry man is the one who thinks he’s owed something, either by the world or women. Men who think women owe it to them to fcuk them, service all their needs or cater to them in anyway they deem necessary are the worst offenders. They usually are the wife beaters, rapists, emotional abusers and all around sucky people. We have a few of them here, but you know…they’ll remain nameless cuz they’re angry and pissing them off further may cause them be further emotional and no one wants that.

    • Mo-VSS

      Clarifying point: I don’t know that the angry black men here (on VSB) are rapists, woman beaters or emotionally abusive…I just think any angry black men (or any man for that matter) who have outright anger and hatred for women have the capability to be all of those types of folks (and conversely, none of them…they just may stay angry and that’s all)

      • nillalatte

        Agree with all you said! Angry men = no bueno.

      • http://jouromeo.blogspot.com Sagey Bear

        I forgot everything you said after “Seriously, angry men are worse than angry women…”

        Mo, that is bull.

        I’ll ask that you cease the denigration of my phallic brethren. You have no idea how many women were standing behind that man, manipulating him from the shadows; planting seeds of aggression in his mind. It is an unreasonable aspect to defend. May we not throw stones into the unknown as you may hit a friend. Right now, I’m screamin’ outch.

        • nillalatte

          Why bull? I’d rather deal with an angry woman as a woman any day of the week than deal with an angry man. An angry man can bring out the crazy in me, and crazy ain’t a good look. Just sayin

          • http://jouromeo.blogspot.com Sagey Bear

            Yeah, Angry dudes are simple. Find a simple chick to give him head and problem solved. Angry women want to take your soul, roll it in H.ell fire, marinate it in molten lava, chill it with dry ice and serve on a platter of your flesh just because she had a bad day. This would bring out the man tears. Typically, when a man cries, somebody had to have died or is about to.

            Angry women are so much worse because she can keep you reeled in with the super good good(cause everyone know angry stuff is better stuff) and punish you slowly while enjoying you quietly. And you’d be burning at both ends and never even know it. Angry women are indeed worse. Stones thrown. Return Volley. I guess, this means WAR…but what is it good for???

            • nillalatte

              I think Mo was right on point. I have typically seen 2 kinds of anger from men. One that Mo described and the other “I don’t give a flip” and walks away. Maybe in reality they do give a flip, but they’ve decided to deal with their emotions differently than the former. The kind Mo described are dangerous and even more so when they seek vengeance. Couple rage with vengeance and ability to be conniving — phew… that’s some sick arse shyt brewing.

              However, can’t disagree with you on the angry woman. Yeah, we gon’ give you the super good good and you gon’ love being punished until you realize we were just doing to phuck with your mind. But, you know what Sagey, if a woman is doing that she’s already dismissed you emotionally and you ain’t got a snowball’s chance in hell of changing that direction. The war was over before it even got started.

              • HarlemWorld4eva


            • LSQ

              yea man, “hell hath no fury” was never spoken about men. History is on your side on that one. One thing I have found about Angry Black Women: they are proud of being angry and doing angry things, and will brag on it (twitter, Facebook, parties, etc) like its a badge of honor/strength/whatever. Brothers typically don’t do that (although I have seen a couple here on the VSB comments pop up -> but they young).

              anyway, “Angry” Men and Women just seem to be folks that throw temper tantrums when things don’t go their way. Best just to put distance between you and them, and all is well.

              • Todd

                Is someone referring to someone named Adonis? ;-) LOL

                • LSQ

                  Yea- but even @adonis still seems more reasonable like @sagey says, if we sit him down – i am sure a convo could ensue. The ladies seem to amplify anger amongst themselves. I get it, they are emotionally centered, and half the “high-fivin” they do to each other is more about the expression, and less about the expressed.

                  But hey! Get yo ( no Kappa) man hate on this AM!
                  LSQ owt.

                  • Mo-VSS

                    Adonis spouts douchy talk and sitting him down would do nothing because he’s not ready to receive anything. He seems to feel that all women are _________ and anyone who think all anyone is all anythig isn’t ready…

                    I don’t dislike him, I just don’t feel that he’s teachable at this point. He needs to live more and actually fall in love and maybe actually LIKE a woman to begin with. Only then could he be reached.

              • http://jouromeo.blogspot.com Sagey Bear

                I still don’t see how angry men could be worse. Pull a card sit em down and reason usually prevails. With women, logic aint part of it. They just….berserk. I’m so tired of angry women….ykw, I’m tired of this convp…doubt I’ll be back….tis re ta rd ed

                • Mo-VSS

                  Y’all missed the ENTIRE part of the post where I said angry men are worse than angry women because for the majority of the time, angry men are EMOTIONAL MEN. I’m sorry, but team dude logic says that overly emotional men aren’t repsonding to a “talking to.” They’re not. Dudes angry at life because they got dealt a bad hand aren’t responsive to a man-to-man talk over a beer while watching the game. Why? BECAUSE THEY ARE EMOTIONAL! Reason is NOT their friend. Which is why they are more dangerous, in my opinion, because men in general are stronger and act out more physically than do women.

                  • nillalatte


                  • http://jouromeo.blogspot.com Sagey Bear

                    I think you all missed the point. Men have more emotions…period. It is how we are built.
                    Now, you saying emotional. Dudes don’t know how to deal with their emotions and typically do nothing while watching the people around them. Does this click? Case and point, when I was 19 everything set me off but nobody knew and thought I didn’t care about anything because it was on the inside. Easy to keep going. My lil bro is 19 and I ask him why he doesn’t express his frustration….because he doesn’t know what to do.

                    Men freeze or refuse to react to the emotion. For whatever reason you are taking it like expression is the in all be all to feeling something. I think you are so lost on your own experiences that the truths of the science behind what emotion is pointless to you. Yeah, I mean this. It ain’t about what you see…because that is usually not what gets you.

                    Matter of fact, I shouldn’t bother with this discussion because you gon’ feel how you wanna feel and there is nothing wrong with that. I ain’t giving you no bs…I’m giving you the realest I know. A verifiable perspective. But since I didn’t pull an Obsidian and bombard you with the information you just repeating…and so do I…to a pointless end.

                    So instead of telling you all to see beyond the jade in ya veins…I’ll see beyond the pain in the reverberating pangs of the thangs you say. It’s still all love.
                    P.S. I’m an angry ninja(literally)

                    • nillalatte

                      “Does this click? Case and point, when I was 19 everything set me off but nobody knew and thought I didn’t care about anything because it was on the inside.”

                      It does click Sagey. Oh how well does it click. But, see that’s the part we’re talking about. The dude that you think doesn’t care & does, but he doesn’t know what to do so he keeps the emotions pent up until there is one huge explosion. Then, like with dude’s when females go off the deep end, women are blind sided with ‘where the hell did all that come from’ ‘he normally doesn’t give a flip’. I guess some dudes need to learn to process their emotions better and speak on it before the atomic explosion. Maybe that’s why so many end up in anger management; to learn how to deal with their emotions.

                      I’m dealing with this now from my 10yo son. He’s a sweetie, but man can he go into some wild mood swings. Doesn’t make it any easier that his sister aggravates him, but he has to learn to deal with it, dare I say like a man. In that I mean, he needs to learn to talk to her and tell her she is being unreasonable and annoying. When that doesn’t work, ignore her (girls typically hate being ignored, but it works to help change bad behavior). She, on the other hand, needs to recognize her behavior and improve.

                      Got nothing but love for ya Sagey. ;) It’s all good.

                    • http://jouromeo.blogspot.com Sagey Bear

                      I know. I don’t take anything you or Mo say personally because I know you have great intentions but I must call you on what I see as BS.

                      And I’m saying, that the tell tale signs of a angry man ain’t anger or outspoken emotional dissent. That mess is necessary. It’s not the pent up rage explosion you say neither.

                      It’s deeper than all of that. And I feel like it is different for every dude. But that if any dude just flies off the deep end for no reason…it’s because people keep ishtting on him without realizing they ain’t the only one ishtting on dude. Alls it takes is one person and a angry dude is fine…especially if that one person is giving him a slice of heaven rolled up in a taco. I’m just sayin…been there and people are alive because of Heaven’s tacos.

                  • LSQ

                    is there something bad about men being emotional? aren’t we all emotional? I see a lot of guys in sports (and other places) being very emotional. So I am not sure how to qualify your “EMOTIONAL MEN” thing with a characteristic that makes them unreasonable.

                    help LSQ out.

                    • nillalatte

                      No, not at all ~ UNLESS they become violent behind the emotion because they don’t know how to deal with it. Then, yes, there is a lot wrong with it.

                    • Mo-VSS

                      Emotional (in a bad way)men=Tupac. That dude who talks all the time, always has to be the center of attention, wants to be “tested” so he can prove his manhood, talks down about/to women and generally has an “I hate the man” attitude.

                      Those type of men are emotional in a bad way. Hmmmm…a better term? Emotionally unstable. Because yes, all people are emotional, but those who don’t know what to do with their emotions and have to constantly react based on what they feel, those are the people (regardless of sex) who are most dangerous in society.

                    • http://jouromeo.blogspot.com Sagey Bear

                      You using Tupac….\__ —— __/ either side of the booth but please, take a seat.

                      Feel how you will. You are wrong for lacking the necessary description. Too vague and you cast a net the touches too many. Your thoughts are too trigger happy. SMH.

                      I’m sure there are a bunch of reckless dudes but more than reckless women? I want numbers. Prove it…don’t just say it. Otherwise….love….otherwise…..take a bow and bend at the knees.

                  • http://wildcougarconfessions.com Wild Cougar


            • http://twitter.com/#!/_chunk_ chunk

              “Angry women want to take your soul, roll it in H.ell fire, marinate it in molten lava, chill it with dry ice and serve on a platter of your flesh just because she had a bad day.”

              I just wanted to highlight that right there. It’s quotable.

              Notice I didn’t say true….

              Well, I didn’t say false, either, lol, but still…

              Anyway, it’s quotable.

        • Justmetheguy

          Dead @ “phallic brethren”

          that’s all lol

      • http://wildcougarconfessions.com Wild Cougar

        No comment. (I agree 100%) (I don’t know how to strikethrough) Don’t want to get them riled up.

        • Justmetheguy

          @Wild Cougar- I thought I was the only one that didn’t know how to strikethrough. But I would have to agree with the term “emotionally unstable” though. Those people (notice how I didn’t say men) are dangerous. The word angry is intellectually lazy though imo

    • Royale W. Cheese

      One of Marcus Garvey’s sons is married to a white woman. That’s first hand info from my landlord who met him and his wife in person. Yes, Marcus Garvey’s son…who does follow hid dad’s beliefs.

    • Royale W. Cheese

      I disagree with the (dangerous) assertion that male anger is more destructive than female anger. Acting out just to cause others harm is wrong, be it acting out physically or verbally. Black women’s anger often manifests as verbal abuse (I prefer the term “verbally abusive” over the cutesy term “attitudinal”).

  • http://jouromeo.blogspot.com Sagey Bear

    Perhaps I’ll be an angry Black. I just care.

    Despite the clear tone, there is just something about not caring enough that bothers me to the core. Unfortunately, most people swear I’m angry. I’d swear I was happier than most others. Expression can be animated without being the utmost of visceral, right?

    Well, even if I am the angry Black guy, I’ll make sure to be more on point so that when I argue with you nonchalant types I can ascertain the cause of your disconnect from issues that implement subtle changes to your everyday life. It cannot simply be weakness, cowardice or selfishness.

    Angry ninjas. I’m the friggin hokage of Angry Ninjas. I use a dojutsu; the Evil eye.

    • Aleyah the Great

      honestly i think a lot of people think black people are angry when they’re really not. i used to hear that a lot anytime i’d get animated about anything.

      • http://jouromeo.blogspot.com Sagey Bear

        yeah, they told me I didn’t smile enough. It got to the point I was smiling 12 hrs a day and it still wasn’t enough. That’s when people started getting cursed out and threatened. I was 100mph’s on blades on ice back then. LOL…Definitely got angry then. Hahaha

      • GypsyCurl

        Don’t get me started on this topic. Random [black male] strangers saying, “Smile, baby/sexy/sweetheart/honey.” or “Smile. Why you looking mad?” ….Um, I wasn’t mad until a random stranger interrupted my thoughts of the millions of things I need to do before the day is over, as I am walking to my car, minding my own business.

        Random black male stranger = Angry black man??? Possibly.

    • http://twitter.com/kjnetic peter parker

      word, you settin’ up a new Akatsuki? lol

      • http://mrweethomas.wordpress.com Mr. Wee Thomas


        I was just scrolling through and something pinged my subconscious – did I really just see Akatsuki on VSB? One minute of searching, 3 seconds of remembering that my browser has a built in search tool, and I found that yeah, I did see it.

        • http://jouromeo.blogspot.com Sagey Bear

          And I thought I was reaching a new level of dorkity. Meh…at least I’m not alone.

      • http://jouromeo.blogspot.com Sagey Bear

        That would be the none angry peoples….I, the Hokage, have no affiliation to the Akatsuki(Semantic Translation: Red Moon. Pragmatically Translated: Daybreak).

    • SunaoButterfly

      “Angry ninjas. I’m the friggin hokage of Angry Ninjas. I use a dojutsu; the Evil eye.”

      YASSSSS! Sagey, just add the Table Flip and Drunken Fist, and some Sexy no Jutsu just to phuck with their minds, and I’m sold.

      • A Woman’s Eyes

        I thought only angry women did the table flip.

      • http://jouromeo.blogspot.com Sagey Bear

        I like that…Drunken fist. Table flip though!? And in no way, shape or form can we do a sexy jutsu just because of that “men of vsb” photo a few weeks back. Those dudes had enough failed sexy for a lifetime of sexy attempts.

        How about a pron star peen no jutsu (bwaha)?

  • Aleyah the Great

    they need some sort of public forum. angry ninjas tend to write and/or do public speaking to get their word out to everyone

  • Around the Way Girl

    Panama’s posts are extremely fun to read when intoxicated.

    I love angry ninjas. I had some angry ninja in me back in college- which is also when I dated a couple white dudes lol, there’s some truth to that one. No idea why or how this works, but I think it has something to do with them wanting to prove you wrong. They know that you aren’t checking for them on principle, and they’re drawn to that like moths to flames. Kinda like some women are drawn to guys who treat them like sh!t. They like you and dig your passion, and ultimately want to “change” you, so they pursue the hell out of you. Then, in getting to know them, you realize that people are people, and love is love, and you relent a little. Just for that person. You still dislike that white folks (or whoever you dislike) generally, but the one you’re with gets a pass.

    My angry ninja stage has passed, but it still comes out from time to time. I wouldn’t wanna live in a world without angry ninjas. We need them, both to entertain us and to make us think. Btw, the most fun angry ninjas are a) that one uncle who’s always F-ed up at family functions and b) homeless people. Cheers to them.

    • nillalatte

      “Panama’s posts are extremely fun to read when intoxicated.”

      LOL… Imma gon’ try that! (goes to the kitchen to make a drink)

    • http://pinchmycheekie.wordpress.com Cheekie

      “Panama’s posts are extremely fun to read when intoxicated.”

      LOL, if this ain’t a motherlovin’ Panama tagline, I don’t know what is. True dinna mug!