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An R&B Playlist For Colored Girls Who Listened To The Toni Braxton Secrets Album Too Soon And Have Yet To Recover

I’ve been voluntarily flailing from irrational emotion to irrational emotion for over a week now because Jazmine Sullivan has released a new album. Jazmine’s songwriting on Reality Show is so specific and raw, “Brand New” really had me ready to ugly cry like I paid for bae’s studio time and he just up and left me for a beaded bracelet model. It is the 2015 Angela Bofill “I Try” and I was not ready.

Between Mary J. Blige’s My Life and The Waiting to Exhale Soundtrack, I had the emotional capacity of a divorcee by seventh grade. Your blues ain’t like my blues if your grandmother didn’t make you hand-write Colombia House an apology letter for not being able to pay for your Changing Faces All Day All Night cassette. My heartbreak clairvoyance for the 99 and 2000 is TEW MUCH.

I literally have to collect my livelihood every time Monica’s “Love All Over Me” video comes on Vh1 Soul and she marries Shannon Brown even though she loves Maino and he just got done with his bid but he made her promise she would live her life while she was gone. Pause.

This is why Jazmine is dangerous. “Forever Don’t Last” tests my self control to not get a curved acrylic full set painted Pecan Frost just to point my index fingernail in my confused husband’s face for emphasis while I lip-synch. “Dumb” is Fresh Flat Iron 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse Stakeout Music. So for the sake of my covenant, I must take her and her all-encompassing z off repeat.


Nivea’s “Complicated” (Until I know if this song is supposed to make me happy or sad it is a matrimonial hazard. Also, this song KEEPS Twitter in its feelings.)

Tweet’s “Drunk”/”Smoking Cigarettes” (Maya and I will soon to a complete ode to Tweet as deserved soon as I can keep it vicarious.)

Brandy’s “Focus”

Algebra Blessett’s “Run & Hide”

Corinne Bailey Rae’s “Till It Happens To You”

Deborah Cox and RL “We Can’t Be Friends” (OMGGGGGGGG)

Did I miss anything?

Christina E

Christina E. is an East Oakland native currently working on her memoir hella. She spends her free time getting fresher fades than your boyfriend. You can read Christina's personal blog at

  • thatGal

    no deb cox nobody’s supposed to be here, or who do you love??
    no en vogue ‘don’t let go’??
    brandy’s ‘i wanna be down….remix.’
    not even a jill scott ‘cross my mind’ or ‘my love’???

  • Skegeeaces

    “Between Mary J. Blige’s My Life and The Waiting to Exhale Soundtrack, I had the emotional capacity of a divorcee by seventh grade.”

    Oh, good. It wasn’t just me. LOL

    • Rachmo

      I really though I innerstood and didn’t see it for ninjas at 13.

      • -_____-

        Stuff like this is why so many high school and college dudes spend weekends looking for pr0n BitTorrent trackers. Seriously? LOL Though I may start recruiting to the dark side like John Calipari does for talented small forwards…but I digress

        • Rachmo

          I didn’t really start dating until I was 19. I couldn’t seriously get into HS dudes at all.

  • BeautifullyHuman

    Ex-factor – Lauryn Hill

    • LadyIbaka

      Colgate wrote you a check or nah?

      • BeautifullyHuman

        Girl, I wish. I could use some Colgate checks to pay off Navient.

    • Val

      Nice avi!

      • BeautifullyHuman

        Thank you!

    • Amber

      I LOVE that Marvin Gaye song and yes it will have you in your feelings.

    • Sahel

      Indeed,won’t mind turning your lights down low

  • “Before You Walk Out of My Life” by Monica used to make me teary. I still get misty if it trots its little sad sack of teen love angst across Pandora. Rude.

    However, I really do have a Spotify playlist called “Let’s Get Sad!” peep it if you want to feel like someone just stole your bike you weren’t supposed to let anyone ride. —>

    • “”Before You Walk Out of My Life” by Monica used to make me teary. I still get misty if it trots its little sad sack of teen love angst across Pandora. Rude.”

      That Pete Rock Remix though? (Yes, Pete Rock did the remix…)

      • I still f*cks with this remix to this very day. CLASSIC! Mount Vernon STAND UP!

        • I would love to hear Pete Rock do more remixes of R&B songs. We both know what he’s capable of when it comes to remixing hip hop tracks.

          • afronica

            He could do a couple volumes of those. I’d download that!

  • MeridianBurst

    It’s kind of hard for me think of specific songs off the top of my head. I know sometimes when I’m going through it, certain soundscapes will soothe that fluctuating emotional state. A certain genre. I don’t really have go to songs but depending on what I’m going through it’ll just be a certain type of music that suits me. Jazmine Sullivan is a spectacular sound though. She sings like a fresh breakup every time she opens her mouth and I am here for all of it.

    These are songs that aren’t necessarily romance oriented but whenever I hear them it just takes me to a whole ‘nother place.

    Beyoncé – Speechless
    TLC – Hands Up
    Christina Aguilera – Walk Away
    Christina Aguilera – Make Over
    Beyoncé – I Was Here
    Miguel – Girl With the Tattoos
    Nina Simone – Four Women
    Juicy J ft. The Weeknd – One of Those Nights
    Whitney Houston ft. Mariah Carey – When You Believe
    Justin Timberlake – Amnesia
    Justin Timberlake – Don’t Hold the Wall
    Boys 2 Men – Water Runs Dry
    Brandy’s “Never Say never” album
    the Soul Food soundtrack

    • Christina’s Lovin me 4 me almost made me forget shes a lil lightskint mickey mouse club girl and not a heavyset black woman in love from Montgomery lol

      • Christina Aguilera got some pipes on the low. She just breaks them out just to mess around. Plus, she did a song with Preemo, so there’s that…

        • “Christina Aguilera got some pipes on the low.”

          That what she said…

        • MeridianBurst

          Yeah she does. She used to anyway, now her voice is kinda gone so you have to live off her greatest hits albums.

      • MeridianBurst

        I was gonna put ‘Stripped’ on there. She put her foot all up and through that album.

    • “Brandy’s “Never Say never” album”

      Brandy & Rodney Jerkins made a classic album out of left field. No one saw that one coming at all.

      • Rodney Jerkins is a talent producer. He just has no common sense when it comes to dating.

    • ooohhh and The Dream’s Abyss makes me wanna date an instagram model just so she can dump me and I pen a song mad about it

      • Lea Thrace

        Right Side of My Brain – Dream

        ALWAYS puts me in my feelings. EVRYTIM!

      • MeridianBurst

        I like this song. It’s sad but you can still dance to it and I like listening to somewhat upbeat stuff when I’m going through it. Pump myself up lol.

    • camilleblu

      i am here for Speechless

  • LadyIbaka

    I be Draking to, “the one that got away” by this balded gifted singer/songwriter from the ATL. His name escapes me, because he doesn’t have dark skin privileges, that would have his name permanently etched in my mind.
    My feelings also start to innerstand themselves thoroughly, when listening to my sister in prayer, K.Michelle’s new album, “Anyone wanna buy a heart”. That Idris curve had her sanging the heck out of her feels. I even started to feel for her feels. #itsroughouthurrwhenyougetcurvedtothesidelikeadessertafteraheavymeal. #teamgetchosenotcurved2015.

  • YASSSS to this entire concept! Thank you for reminding me to buy Jazmine Sullivan’s new album. My sister always makes fun of my “depressing” taste in music. I can’t help it, I love passion and drama in my music. However, In my opinion this list needs more Tamia.

    Songs that will always have me in my feelings:

    “Officially Missing You” and “Things I’ve Collected”- Tamia (the girl literally had tears in ears from crying herself to sleep)
    Tamia! (Entire Album) -Tamia
    “Good Man”-RL (I cried REAL tears after seeing the video)
    “Bump What Your Friends Say”-Fantasia
    “Leaf”- Elle Varner
    “Welcome Home”- Elle Varner
    “I Don’t Care”-Elle Varner
    “When U Cry”-SWV
    “Death By Chocolate”-Sia
    “Until It’s Gone”-Monica
    “Good Man” –India Arie
    “You’ll Just Never Know”-702

    • “Tamia (Entire Album) -Tamia”

      Despite the upbeat production, her debut album was depressing on a lyrical slant. Only the singles were the happy songs, LOL!

      Sidenote: Tim & Bob were killing it from 1998 to 2001:

      Jon B. – They Don’t Know
      Tamia – So Into You
      Sisqo – Thong Song
      Joe – So Beautiful
      Case – Missing You

      • Didn’t know the same squad was behind all of them. Good look!

        • Tim & Bob also produced all of these songs as well:

          • Wow…I never heard of these cats at all. Good work!

            Now if the Beatnuts would EVER get a crossover record…

            • “Watch Out Now” was a crossover record. It got regular rotation on BET and MTV- also, they were eating real good after Jennifer Lopez sampled it for “Jenny On The Block”, LOL!

              • “Watch Out Now” got them mainstream hip-hop play, not Top 40. I think they got a Top 40 hit in them. Then again, I’m a stan of Psycho Les and Juju since high school. Shout out to Corona AND I’M OUT!

      • Kim

        Jagged Edge-True Man.

        • Believe it or not, that’s not a Tim & Bob production- it was produced by Gary “Gizzo” Smith.

          • Kim

            Hmm I never heard of Gizzo, I’ll have to check out some of his hits. Tim and Bob had it hands down though.

            • That first album by Bobby Valentino that they did? Straight flames from beginning to end!

      • Andrea

        I love “So Into You”. I loved running to it sooo much. The combo with running would always make me think of the Lawddd.

        • That cold instrumental- with that Commodores sample though:

          • Andrea

            I love that Commodores song too!

          • Now you got me thinking of Oh Yeah by Rottin Razkals. I say hello…EVERYBODY! *throws on backpack*

          • you with the musical production knowledge today, sir >>>>>>>>> greatness.

            • Perverted is the reigning KANG of musicality in these VSB streets.

              • I read this as masculinity and was like “with all this great competition…”

                • *cleans your eyeglasses*

            • Lea Thrace

              He is in his element. Post was written just for him!

          • Andrea
        • TeeChantel

          Aww, I’m late but I’m so happyyou put this on the list. My favorite Tamia song of all time. This song is classic. Just classic.

      • camilleblu

        thong song just cracked me up

      • Speaking of Case, I don’t think this was a Tim & Bob production but “Faded Pictures”.

        • Rachmo

          …in a bro-ken glaaaaaass

          • i hated Case, for everything lol

            • Lea Thrace

              Just like I hated Donell Jones. See we agree. :-D

        • Correct- Joe wrote and produced that one, actually.

    • Jazmine’s In Love With Another Man…….shiiiiiiiidddd *faints*

    • StillSuga

      mutha muthin Welcome Home!! Elle V is so slept on!

  • Liz

    Love Jazmine’s album! Been playing it out the last week.

  • No who hurt you playlist is complete without a K Michelle or Keyshia Cole, not a fan of either but I’m sure one of them applies

    • K. Michelle and Keyshia Cole: Same sh*t…different toilet…

      • But their accountants will never be without work. They’re mediocre, but they have more money than you do!

        • And that’s still not going to make me like them! Also, judging from their record sales, their accountants may not be doing that much…

          • I’m not a huge fan of them either. I’m just not hating their hustle. And Keyshia Cole EATS off the road. She doesn’t really have to sell records at this rate.

            • I don’t hate their hustle at all- their music just doesn’t click with me. There’s nothing there that makes me want to listen to them.

    • Rachmo

      I hate to admit this, but K Michelle’s new album is actually really good. *goes off to do bird activities*

      • i give credit where credit is due *draws eyebrows in* and K michelle’s album is good *puts electric bill in my toddler’s name* the tracks are versatile, its produced well *posts meme on IG about being a real b*tch* and we have to admit that she has pipes on her *books tix for Urban Ski Trip featuring Jaheim*

      • Hey now….i give credit where credit is due *draws eyebrows in* and K michelle’s album is good *puts electric bill in my toddler’s name* the tracks are versatile, its produced well *posts meme on IG about being a real bish* and we have to admit that she has pipes on her *books tix for Urban Ski Trip featuring Jaheim*

        • The parts in between the asteriks have me DYING!!!!! I still don’t know how people put bills in toddler’s names though. Don’t they realize that the person on the bill goes to daycare, and that the account outlasts that person’s life? LOL

          • What’s crazy is that for that child to have that removed from their credit record they have to press charges against their parent(s).

        • Rachmo

          DYING! I listened to it and was genuinely surprised that I enjoyed it. I felt so unsure of myself. Like should I get dressed up to fight my best friend or nah?

        • camilleblu

          lol…yew stoopid

        • She Who Reads

          But about your life choices as a result to the album’s tracks… LOL. I’m dying.

        • Epsilonicus

          Jaheim had some good albums!!

  • Those songs are what would be considered to be “happy” songs. I think this is the hurt alert music post, LMAO!

    • thatGal

      lol outside of brandy’s remix, them ain’t odes of joy

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