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An Exclusive (Totally Real) Interview With Shanda (Willie’s Wife) From LHH Hollywood About Getting Back On The Pole

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One thing we have here at VSB is amazing connections. After last night’s airing of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’s Episode 9 (we’ll get to a full episode recap later), we we were able to reach out to Willie’s wife, Shanda, to see if we could talk to her about her decision to get back on that pole and strip for her kids futures. Yes, this interview is totally real. As a quick recap, Willie had been trying to get out of a record deal, and lied to his wife when she asked if he had. Upon finding out that he lied, she walked right out the door and into one of the strip clubs owned by the family of El Plastique, Nikki.

Peep the interview below.

VSB: Hey, Shanda, thank you for sitting down and talking to us. I have lots of questions. Like, lots.

Shanda: That’s no problem. I always take my interviews between my turns on stage, so fire away. We have lots of time. A lot more women work the 2-8pm shift than you’d think. Plus, “Antidote” is a much longer song than it seems like, so Tisha Emerald will be out there for a while.

VSB: I see. You really enjoy this life, don’t you?

Shanda: I don’t know what you’re talking about. What do you mean?

VSB: I mean, stripping. Like, you don’t feel ANY tad bit weird about the fact that you’re a stripping mother of two, who is married to a man who is trying to get his R&B career off the ground so he can provide for his family? Like, the more I watch the more it seemed like you were just WAITING for your opportunity to get on the pole. Do you just like poles? I feel like you have to really like stripping to be in your position.

Shanda: First off, get it right. I’m a provider for my kids! I do what I need to in order for them to have the things they should have. Willie lied to me about our situation so I had to take matters into my own hands.

VSB: Did you mean that pun?

Shanda: Nigga, Big Pun is dead. Don’t you read Wikipedia?

VSB: Never mind. Look, I get the provider angle. But don’t you have ANY other skills you could use?

Shanda: There’s nothing wrong with stripping. It puts food on the table and isn’t that the most important thing?

VSB: Sure, if you’re a single woman with kids who can’t read. But you’re not. You’re a married woman whose husband is vehemently –

Shanda: Vehe-what?

VSB: Vehemently. You know, like, like really strongly…

Shanda: Why didn’t you just say that then, nigga?

VSB: My bad. I don’t want you to take my language as a sign of disrespect. So let’s try again…your husband strongly opposes you stripping. Yet, and still, you keep trying to make a case as to why you should. Don’t take this the wrong way, but you’re not helping the “you can’t turn a ho into a housewife” truthers.

Shanda: I’ve never been a ho. Who told you that? Zola. I never trapped! I mean, that one time but it wasn’t just me. Fuck her. Bitch writes ONE story on Twitter and everybody is taking her word for shit.

VSB: Shanda, I don’t know her.

Shanda: I’m just saying, Zola be yappin. Anyway, look, my man couldn’t provide and we have bills to pay so I did what I had to do. Plus, I like stripping.

VSB: That much is obvious. I’ve never seen a single person make SUCH an issue out of her husband’s desire for her NOT to strip. It seemed to piss you off. Can you at least understand why he wouldn’t want his wife on the pole? Being ogled as she shares the parts she promised to her husband to any strange man who wants to see them?

Shanda: No. Look, Willie knows who he married. I got off the pole for him but it ain’t like I wanted to. My body is still on fire and, fuck, I like the attention. It’s just shaking my ass in a stranger’s face or putting my titties in his face. Who hasn’t seen titties. Willie needs to get over it. IM A STRIPPER!

VSB: Real talk, you talkin’ mad greasy right now. I feel sorry for your husband.

Shanda: What about our kids? Do you feel sorry for them and the Velveeta cheese they have to use in their macaraoni? Huh, nigga? There’s a lot of judgement coming. Don’t judge me nigga. That nigga lied to me and put us in a bad spot.

VSB: Look, I agree about that. Willie shouldn’t have lied. I get why he did, but it was a dumb lie. Especially since the manager can’t hold water and likes to talk about his client’s business to their spouses when they’re not around. So yeah, it was a dumb lie considering all of the facts. However, that’s not really a good reason to hit the pole. Do you care how your kids will view having their mother be a stripper? You realize LHH is, like, on television.

Shanda: They’ll be fine.

VSB: Word? That’s all you have.

Shanda: Them lil niggas ain’t eating air are they? And sure Willie got out of his deal, but he ain’t putting food on the table right now. You know who is? Katrina.

VSB: Who is Katrina.

Shanda: *points between her legs* She turns niggas into refugees…from their homes.

VSB: Dammit. As a family unit, y’all are married, and all, why not respect your husband’s wishes to NOT strip and get another job. Maybe it doesn’t pay as much, but couldn’t you find steady, respectable work? At least from Willie’s perspective. It sounds like you’re willing to risk your marriage for your right to…strip.

Shanda: He ain’t going anywhere. Plus, if he’d get his shit together we wouldn’t have this problem, now would we. Bills are getting paid. Niggas strip everyday, b.

VSB: So Willie is being unreasonable, given you all’s financial situation? Is that what I take from this?

Shanda: Yes. I been saying that. Listen.

VSB: Well, look. I don’t live y’alls life and I just watch and laugh because y’all make weird decisions.

Shanda: But you’re here talking to me so who’s losing here? It’s almost my time to get on the pole. Watch me work and see if Willie is trippin’. Peace, nigga.

VSB: Peace, indeed. *throws crumpled up dollar on stage*


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  • Guest

    This woman wants to strip and enjoys it. This isn’t about money. I am not sure why her husband does not understand this.

    • QuirlyGirly

      I think he understands, he just doesn’t approve of it because they go kids. And Hollywood is a small place. Her kids gonna get teased because mommy takes off her clothes for money. Kids are vicious

      • fxd8424

        And the other kids’ daddies putting money in her G-string.

      • Guest

        Baby, none of these people live in the slums of Hollywood with the scary meth bums or the multiple Starbucks baristas all packed into one small apartment…..and none of them are rich enough to live in the Hollywood hills or would want to….since all the old stars from back in the day live there. These people live in the Valley. Karraine Stephens kids went to my kids school, along with a few video hoes and rich porn stars…and the kids do not care. That being said, I am only pointing out her intent, I made no judgement of whether it was right or wrong. She is pretending it is about money but it’s about something totally different.

    • Keisha

      One word: EGO! He still wants to believe that he came along and “saved” her.

      • The world would be much better if people just accepted others for who they are.

        • Keisha

          True. That’s too much like right though…

  • Junegirl627

    I watched that whole scene and was waiting for this post. Because I needed to know what your reaction was.

  • MissG

    She was WAY-TING!! To hit that pole WAAAAY-TING!!! We short .50 on a loaf of bread?! *starts putting on G-string*

    • panamajackson

      Yeah. She was looking for any reason.

      • QuirlyGirly

        Oh yeah- any reason.. She did a stripper sprint to the pole once she found out Willie lied.

      • Melissa

        Do we think she just likes the attention or *sinister organ music* is she doing some Fan Duel sh*t and stacking her benches just in case?

    • PDL – Cape Girl


    • That’s usually how it works. It’s like dudes and drugs. The money AND the power trip that comes with it is addictive.

    • Junegirl627

      We short .50 on a loaf of bread?! #DEAD

  • I’m not for shaming women for their decisions but I get so tired of the “I do this to provide for my kids” crap. There are too many single moms out there working other jobs that have managed. Just say you want to strip. That’s ok. Leave it at that.

    • panamajackson

      Which real talk, is where I’m at with it. You want to strip, then just strip. Quit pretending like you are out here on some worthy cause mission.

    • Mika

      Like yes, beloved, you like the pole. you like the money, you like the attention. Point blank and the period.

    • Keisha

      Doesn’t she get some credit for trying to work smarter, not harder??? ;-) She’ll make way more money stripping than she would with a “regular” job. From what I can tell, she doesn’t have any real skills so she’d be stuck working minimum wage…not that I support her decision, but it does make more sense/cents. Money talks and she needs those dolla dolla bills y’all.

      • I know plenty who raised kids on minimum wage jobs. My mom raised 5 kids earning $20,000. I have two of my own and survived (barely) on minimum wage at one point as well. It’s hard. But it’s possible. I just wish she would say she wants to strip instead of saying she’s trying to support her family.

        • Keisha

          The problem is she’s trying to maintain appearances. Now THAT will get you every time. Not only that, but she probably has no idea of the true meaning of the word “budget”.

          • Appearances may be an issue as well. However, once you know you can get that much money off of thirsty motherf*ckers, that’s a rush in and of itself. She could he clipping coupons and buying in bulk at Sam’s Club, yet still wanna strip.

            • QuirlyGirly

              Quick money is attractive to some- morals be damned

          • I would suggest she apply for financial aid and enroll at a community college. She can get loans that will cover household expenses too. Life has options. There’s too many stigmas on single moms (which she ain’t even) to say you strip to support your family.

            • Keisha

              True…assuming she graduated from high school…or has a GED. You’d be surprised… :-/

            • Sigma_Since 93

              She gotta explain her income on the FAFSA and I’m betting the club didn’t give her a 1099

              • Keisha

                LOL…good one!

          • panamajackson

            I don’t know if you’re trying to maintain appearances…when you’re stripping.

            • It’s maintaining appearances in terms of lifestyle. Like living in a fly house, driving an ill whip with nice clothes, stuff like that. They aren’t thinking of the moral part of the equation.

              • Guest

                A one bedroom apt in LA is 1600 a month, and that’s not the nice spots. Minimum wage can’t hang with that.

            • Sigma_Since 93

              Strippers have maintenance costs….clear platform boots, lace fronts, and outfits cost money!!

              • Keisha

                Don’t forget baby oil, perfume, antibiotics, etc.

                • QuirlyGirly

                  See I was with you until the antibiotics- I mean I laughed but I also had to shake my head..

                  • Keisha

                    LOL. IJS…

                • Sigma_Since 93

                  Soo they treatin’ ol girl like Tara in the champagne room? #morningafterpills

      • Pinks

        I think this is more about her feeling like as the wife of a G-list star, she has to uphold a certain standard, especially being in Hollywood the land of the ballers. It’s like when these celebrity women be asking for $5k a month child support for one child – what does one child NEED that costs that much?

        • Word. Between child support and other spending for 2 kids, my brother spends a little over a grand a month. What are these broads doing with that paper? And do I need to get on the K Fed plan so I can get like them?

          • Keisha

            Naw…more like Gabriel Aubrey’s plan. Dream Big! ;-)

          • rent? bills? doctor’s visits? clothes” food? children cost a lot of of money.

          • Leila

            Kids are expensive and 1 grand for 2 kids is not a lot especially when paying for food, clothing, childcare/school, healthcare, etc. I spend $1500-2000/mth on 1.

            • You’re speaking to someone who gets a grand total of $100 a month, and nothing else. No extra clothes, no sitter when I need, no healthcare, no services, nothing but that $100. In fairness, I do make a lot more than my ex, but still… I’d rather have that $500-600 a month to pay for food and childcare.

              • Guest

                You are such a cry baby. Toughen up.

        • Keisha

          I agree completely! People are greedy though…that’s never gonna change. That alone should be enough motivation to wrap it up! Speaking of which, Breezy got off easy with $2500 a month. I thought he would end up paying much more…getting joint custody helped him ot a lot though…plus he gets to see his daughter.

      • no. because in most societies women who flaunt their sexuality, or don’t use it in the way men have dictated, are whores and deemed lower than other women. *insert eyeroll

  • LMAO I kinda wish I watched the show so I could have a reference on what her personality is like. Because THIS character is about as wretched as they come LOL

    • QuirlyGirly

      PJ nailed her.That is exactly how she talks. Especially this line right here

      I’m a provider for my kids! I do what I need to in order for them to have the things they should have.

      She said that so many times throughout a previous show, I thought it was her name.

    • ??Jessica??

      Nah she pretty chill….. But the emphasis on wanting to go bk to the club is accurate

  • haute_coutoy

    Why not take the route of other former “famous” strippers? So many things that she could do that don’t require talent…

    1. be an “urban model”
    2. sell waist trainers
    3. start an ig boutique
    4. push detox tea
    5. weave/wig line

    • Keisha

      Please…no more IG boutiques. Everyone is selling the same cheaply made overpriced stuff I can go get on Amazon…with free 2 day shipping. :-/

      • haute_coutoy


    • Pinks

      You forgot teeth whitening systems

      • haute_coutoy

        lmao!!! good catch. how could i forget that one. sigh.

    • Guest

      She can do whatever she wants just as we do what we want. All I am saying is you don’t have to lie to kick it.

  • After all this sage, if I did happen to be in Hollywood, I would have to go see her strip. She might just be a better marketer than stripper.

    • Sigma_Since 93

      Nah, we need for her to do the local strip club tour like the rest of the cast members do at the hole in the wall club in your city.

      • She about to make 7 figures next year off those 2 drink minimums.

    • Guest

      If she was stripping in Hollywood it would be for drug needles or something. It’s a filthy slum.

  • Rose

    ahaha Big Pun is dead..font you look at Wikipedia….ROLLINGGG..She def was waiting

  • PDL – Cape Girl


  • PDL – Cape Girl

    I’m more disturbed by the story line and how it didnt play out too well. I’m not here for the judgement tho. Shoot just a couple posts ago folks were getting the box beat out, bleeding all over the place and sniffing stuff while having schex. Soooo, I agree

    • Guest

      Church and tabernacle.

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