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America’s Love Affair With Immoral And Mediocre-Ass White Men Will Be Its Downfall

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If we are to believe Bill Maher — and, for the record, I don’t — booking pig anus found in the bottom of a package of chitlins with sentience Milo Yiannopoulos was an elaborate bit of subterfuge intended to shine a light on how repugnant Yiannopoulos’s views and actions are.

From Dave Itzkoff’s interview with Maher in the New York Times:

Given all that has transpired since Friday’s show, how do you feel now about your decision to have Milo Yiannopoulos as a guest, and how those segments transpired?

Well, let’s recap. About a week ago, I went on Van Jones’s show, and somebody asked me about the booking. I hadn’t really gotten into the details of Milo yet. He was just getting on my radar. I said, specifically, sunlight is the best disinfectant. Then we had Milo on, despite the fact that many people said, “Oh, how dare you give a platform to this man.” What I think people saw was an emotionally needy Ann Coulter wannabe, trying to make a buck off of the left’s propensity for outrage. And by the end of the weekend, by dinnertime Monday, he’s dropped as a speaker at CPAC. Then he’s dropped by Breitbart, and his book deal falls through. As I say, sunlight is the best disinfectant. You’re welcome.

Later in the interview, Maher refers to Yiannopoulos as a brat. Who’s not a “monster” but someone who’s just a prankster.

You know what he is? He’s the little impish, bratty kid brother. And the liberals are his older teenager sisters who are having a sleepover and he puts a spider in their sleeping bag so he can watch them scream.

In a vacuum, Maher’s assertions would seem to be correct. Since his appearance on Real Time, Yiannopoulos has lost a prominent speaking engagement, a lucrative book deal, and his job. Mission accomplished. But if you actually watch the one-on-one interview, Maher doesn’t just provide a vindicating national platform for Yiannopoulos’s hate, he’s so aggressively convivial with him that it almost feels like flirtation. It’s two White men revealing in how their shameless immorality allows their pervasive mediocrity to flourish. The damage to Yiannopoulos’s career that followed was incidental, not intentional. You watch it and come away thinking that Maher believes he’s looking at and talking to a 30-years-younger version of himself. Which he was.

Of course, nothing that happened here — not Maher allowing Yiannopoulos to appear on his show, not Maher’s dalliance with Yiannopoulos, not Yiannopoulous only finally facing some sort of consequences for his actions after he was revealed to sympathetic to pedophilia — should surprise anyone. America is fucking head over heels in love with both the concept and the reality of mediocre and immoral White men. An immoral and mediocre White man became President by speaking directly to immoral and mediocre White men who just don’t happen to be as successful; allowing them space for their immorality and a platform to blame their mediocrity on Mexicans or Muslims or Blacks or gays or women instead of themselves. While the struggles of others — particularly Black people — are often attributed to some sort of internal deficit they possess, when mediocre White men fail, it’s the world, not them, to blame. This love affair with the mediocre White guy is so foundational that White women collectively voted against their own self interests to give them another hand; one of the hundreds of hands America has extended to the mediocre White guy in our history. Our Statue of Liberty should instead be a Monument to Mediocrity; with the image of Libertas replaced by Joe The Currently-Unemployed-Because-Mexicans Plumber.

It should also be no surprise that Maher is taking credit for Yiannopoulos demise. Because the only thing America loves more than the mediocre White guy is pretending that the shameless promotion of White mediocrity is a meritocracy.

Damon Young

Damon Young is the editor-in-chief of VSB. He is also a columnist for And he's working on a book of essays to be published by Ecco (HarperCollins). Damon is busy. He lives in Pittsburgh, and he really likes pancakes. Reach him at Or don't. Whatever.

  • Brina Payne

    Can I help re-phrase this?


    No shade to the non-melanin male but SUB-CONSCIOUSLY its a problem

    • Brother Mouzone

      WILL BE the downfall? It’s already a major part of ours( Black folks). The white messiah brainwashing is so pervasive in tv, movies, advertisements, religion, and everything else we (especially our women) consume on a daily basis, that it doesn’t even register in most peoples’ brains as something to reject. And before someone takes the 3 words in parentheses out of this comment and focuses on THAT instead of the main point, a substantial amount of the “good white guy” media propaganda is purposely and specifically DIRECTED towards women in those areas of media, Black AND white.

      • Brina Payne

        YEAH-A-YEAHEEE (c) Ice Cube

  • Okay but this last sentence though “Because the only thing America loves more than the mediocre White guy is pretending that the shameless promotion of White mediocrity is a meritocracy.” That is pure gold man. It’s amazing how small of a percentage of white men that white people actually view as horrid. You literally have to be on the level of a serial killer at the absolute very least to be unilaterally referred to as a horrible human being. Anything short of that white people will just try to rationalize you through complexes.

    • Glo

      A lot of people are in slight awe of white serial killers, too, tho.

      • KMN

        Jeffery Dahmer, Ted Bundy, Ed Gaines…and the rest of them…

        • Kas loves Jamaican Breakfast

          Yeah the Black guy from South Central is just a horrible person per the media (and me as well for that matter).

        • livingonapear

          We even invent brilliant killers who listen to classical music before chomping on someone’s face, then going to teach art history in Europe.

          • KMN

            Silence of the lambs fava beans with a nice Chianti game proper (insert side eye here)

      • Jennifer

        White serial killers have admirers.

        • Brother Mouzone

          They have GROUPIES!!!

          • Shanna

            The fascination with Charles Manson is ridiculous.

      • “M”
      • RaeRae

        And will even go so far as to describe some of them as charming. What the entire eff!!!

        • ?? KortAlmighty??

          I was on Tumblr and came across Dylann Roof’s fangirls aka “Roofies”. He was wearing white supremacist regalia and these bxxtches had the nerve to call him a “smol kitten”. I was ready to catch a flight & beat all of them.

      • grownandsexy2


      • Mary Burrell

        Lots of young white women send Dylan Roof love letters and think he’s cute. Such depravity just blows my mind.

    • Junegirl627

      White people think Hitler was the only/ worse white man ever. Everyone else is mentally ill, they’re not evil

      Not Jeffrey Dahmer the cannibal who ate black people
      Not the people behind the Tuskeegee airmen and the syphilis testing
      Not the guy who decided that Black people can only be counted as 3/5 human
      Not the people who fought and still fight til this day to keep/restor the 3/5 human rule
      Not the guy who shot the church up while they were praying for him in SC
      Not the guy who invented the Klan
      Not Daniel Holtzclaw.
      Not Daniel Pantaleo
      …. and the list goes on.

      • Kas loves Jamaican Breakfast
        • Nik White

          Great read Kaz

      • Glo

        Another thing about Hitler: he’s only the white man’s boogeyman because he advocated for the genocide of a group of white people. Had his focus been any other group, he’d be a “misunderstood but brilliant” man.

        • King Beauregard

          You know who was the first guy to recommend gassing the Kurds when they became unruly? It wasn’t Saddam Hussein, it was Winston Churchill, back when the British Empire won a chunk of the Middle East after WWI.

          • Tom Vaughan

            You make it sound like he planned concentration camps, when really it was the use of chemicals weapons during war time. And this was back when the use of chemical weapons wasn’t so controversial, everyone was doing it.

            • King Beauregard

              I thought the allusion to Saddam Hussein was clear on its own; “gassing Kurds” has always been a matter of chemical weapons attacks on villages, not concentration camps.

              And Parliament rejected Churchill’s proposal, do you know why? Because the trenches taught them that chemical weapons were a savage thing, it wasn’t like sprinkling people with itching powder so they’d have to drop their guns and scratch themselves. No, mustard gas destroyed a person’s lungs, Churchill knew it, Parliament knew it, and the difference is that Parliament understood that only a monster would use mustard gas on civilian populations.

              Parliament commanded Churchill to abandon his plan to use noxious vapors … to give up the funk, if you will.


              • Nik White

                For the P-Funk reference alone!

                • King Beauregard

                  It was a very very happy accident, I kept referencing Parliament and wondered if they had any songs that I could invoke. “Give up the Funk” was about as good as I could have hoped for, unless they have another song out there called “Stop trying to gas innocent Kurds you Limey cockscker”.

                  It’s like when I realized that “Yosemite Sam” would be the opposite of “Antisemite Sam” and waited MONTHS to use that.

            • saywhoandwhat?

              Looking at you proving everyone’s point about white men being immoral and mediocre. “Well all the other white guys were using chemical weapons too…” is exactly the point.

        • Brother Mouzone

          All the modern day evil wydudes get written off as “mentally ill”. Now if you want to talk about the most evil vicious non-mentally ill killer of modern times according to wypipo….of course it’s Orenthal.

          • Mary Burrell

            Leopold was a monster.

        • esa

          they might even give him a holiday where they can throw a parade in his name sorta like .. Christopher Columbus, the inventor of the transatlantic slave trade.

        • Charlito Brown

          Like King Leopold of Belgium, whom we rarely hear about when we talk about Holocaust-level genocide?

          • U.O.

            SAY IT AGAIN!

          • Duncan Frame

            The thing is, it wasn’t Leopold, it wasn’t Hitler, it wasn’t Cecil Rhodes, it was thousands and millions of white people who were equally hateful enough to carry out their orders. Hitler probably never killed a man in his life but the moment he directed people to, millions of white Germans were only too happy to jump to attention and do his bidding. This is the level of wickedness that we are facing. Not just powerful individuals, but an orchestrated evil insanity that pervades the very fabric of white societies that suck in vast numbers of equally guilty participants.

            • Charlito Brown

              I wish I could tell you you didn’t have a point, but I can’t. That just highlights to me how insidiously infectious and virulent white supremacy is. You take these masses of individuals, who I don’t believe at their core have any greater or lesser capacity for evil than any other human being, and infect them with this poisonous ideology. A racist ideology that suggests there is a racial hierarchy that their kind is at the top of and therefore must control and have the advantage over the others and, worst case scenario, exterminate if necessary.

              To add to your point, as much as we attribute extreme, extrajudicial racial violence to the KKK, in all of the photos I’ve seen of lynching victims with their murderers and spectators standing by, I haven’t seen not one white robe. Just regularly dressed white folks, some even in their Sunday best. Just an observation. Black folks don’t really need no Boogeyman.

              • Duncan Frame

                Exactly that. The point is we do create these boogeymen, then we kill them off or imprison them or vilify them, and nothing changes. When Germans outlawed even denying the holocaust it was as a result of their entire nation being comprehensively torn apart and rebuilt from the ground up. It’s almost like we need to utterly destroy the power structure created by white supremacy to even have a chance of destroying it’s wicked expression. The white psyche doesn’t even acknowledge the African holocaust.

                • Charlito Brown

                  “[W]e do create these boogeymen, then we kill them off or imprison them or vilify them…”

                  Word. Like, we got that bad boogeyman out of the way. Evil eradicated lol. Then we can attribute all the blame to them and not much to their agents and the masses who were willing and some even eager to be deputized so they can feel superior for once. How convenient.

                  Funny thing is, Black people in America–in the Americas, period, whose ancestors were subjected to chattel slavery–we don’t get a convenient boogeyman to project our collective loathing onto. The late Patrice O’Neal touched on this on an episode of Opie & Anthony. We don’t have a Hitler, all we have is “White” LOL. Messed up situation. We miss out on a specific psychological outlet. I mean, even our Indigenous/Native American brothers and sisters get Columbus (Colón/Colombo/Colomb, etc. You get me.) We try to lay claim to him as our boogeyman from time to time, but it ain’t the same because he precedes and is not directly connected to the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade for which his voyages would pave the way.

                  • Duncan Frame

                    To be able to create boogeymen, you have to have control of the narrative. And that requires a degree of cultural hegemony – this cultural hegemony is supported by structures such as language, religion, control of history, legacy, heroes. Unfortunately the forces of white supremacy are continually trying to undermine, destroy and create division and confusion with those pillars of unity.

                    And the people who control the direction of the forces of white supremacy are very well aware of the forces that might undermine them so they are super-vigilant when it comes to controlling the it’s expression.

                    I been read an interesting book called “American Slave Coast: A History of the Slave Breeding Industry” and one interesting aspect of the behaviour of white slavers, and indeed the vast majority of white people in the deep South was the development of an entire culture of paranoia within the white population in relation to how they viewed black people for generation after generation based originally on a combinations of fear- fear of uprising, fear of being lumped in with Africans, fear of losing power, fear of poverty but ultimately based on habitual, learned behaviour.

                    And it’s this paranoia that seems to turn on almost automatically every time any sense of black unity, unity of purpose even, seems to be establishing itself.

            • “M”
        • Here’s the gag though.. he killed us right along with them.

          • Glo

            They don’t think that’s important, which is why it’s never mentioned.

        • Let’s add Cecil Rhodes too.

          • Charlito Brown

            Thank goodness what was known as Rhodesia is now Zimbabwe, and what was called Léopoldville is called Kinshasa. Only in a world of white supremacy could you be a genocidal racist and have monuments, cities/capitals, and whole countries named after you. On the lands of the peoples you oppressed at that.

            • And let’s not forget that OUR ANCESTORS were the initial guinea pigs for the shyt they did during the Holocaust.

              • Charlito Brown

                Rats -> rabbits -> chimps -> Brown folks -> them. That’s the rough order.

            • bongo

              Hm, isn’t that the country that seized all the land from the “mediocre-ass” white farmers and then starved because it turns out they were mediocre at farming? Also, never found any evidence that Rhodes was a genocide practitioner, did you, or are are you just parroting?

              • Charlito Brown

                I ain’t parroting jack. (Rhodes a friend or relative of yours?) I wasn’t directly implying that Rhodes was a genocide practitioner. My comment was more about the absurd injustice of having monuments and such named after you on the lands of the people you’ve colonized and/or oppressed to be honored by them. If he got lumped in with genocide practitioners, hey… Not all racists are genocidal, but I’d be willing to bet all genocide practitioners are racist. Or something like that. Just a hunch. Any other questions?

      • King Beauregard

        Yeah, but bear in mind that Hitler killed Hitler. Surely that’s points in his favor.

      • Diego Duarte

        To the best of my understanding the “Founding Fathers” were all slaveowners, but whites treat them like they were visionaries or prophets and the nation they envisioned can’t be changed for the better good.

        • Bite a Republican

          So true!

        • lib1

          They were intelligent guys but it frustrates me when people say they knew exactly what they were doing when creating this nation. The “Founding Fathers” had no clue it would work and often disagreed with one another.

          Frankly, most of the folks that talk about what the “Founding Fathers” intended or envisioned about this nation have done little to no reading on the subject and heard the line on some conservative media outlet.

          • Charlito Brown

            They were white men, visionaries, luminaries. Of course they knew exactly what they were doing! Lol. Nah, but really. For some reason, the “Founding Fathers” have been canonized in such a way that they are never really examined critically the way other leaders are. As if they were not just as fallible and short-sighted as any other man, great or otherwise. Maybe because they were white men, maybe because they founded the United States of America as we know it (and we know America can do no wrong), or maybe both.

      • bming5

        that last line is the troubling one. Heartbreaking. Then there’s the ‘exploration of the Americas,’ …and all their women’ Continues there too.

    • King Beauregard

      “It’s amazing how small of a percentage of white men that white people actually view as horrid. You literally have to be on the level of a serial killer at the absolute very least to be unilaterally referred to as a horrible human being. Anything short of that white people will just try to rationalize you through complexes.”

      Holy smokes, that’s a keeper.

      I’m pleased to say, acquaintances of mine have started reacting to me with shock and dismay because I have been pretty open with them on Facebook and elsewhere: if you support this abhorrent policy or that abhorrent policy, you are a terrible person.

    • It was #blackexcellence in EVERY WAY.

    • jdizzle

      Are you serious? Do you realize how racist your comment is? To suggest that an entire ethnicity of people all think and act the same. Being racist against white people does not end racism or help prevent racism against minorities it only makes the problem worse.

      • La Que ‘Nchula

        They realize it and don’t care. The prevailing attitude here seems to be just by virtue of having been born and existing as a white person you are the enemy.

        We seem to fall into three categories here- actively, maliciously racist, ignorant and not “woke” and lastly those who try to soothe our consciences by pretending to give a fuck about their struggles but deep down are just as racist.

        If like me, you stumbled here looking for a deeper understanding of interracial dynamics or constructive dialog, you won’t find it here other than a fascinating glimpse into what the mirror image of white supremacist ideology actually looks like.

        • PadThai2

          You should try having a constructive dialogue with the white supremacists (or anti-Black racists) among you for a change and quit expecting Black people to always hold your hand and wipe your boogers. It’s great that you finally care about racial stereotypes but maybe you should look at the newspapers, cable new channels, and blogs which routinely stereotype Black people as criminals and have a nice chit-chat with their editors instead of getting up on your pedestal and whining. I mean FREE SPEECH amirite?

          • La Que ‘Nchula

            You assume a lot for someone who has exactly zero idea of how I live my life. You think I never shout down racism when I see it? I actually confront it all the time. I take friendship and camaraderie when and where I find it regardless of race and I live my life trying to be a decent human being to everyone I meet because that’s what my mama taught me to do. I don’t make it much more complicated than that. Have a nice day.

            • PadThai2

              All I know is that I’ve heard it all and usually I find people like you dull, predictable, and boring.

        • love123

          With all due respect, the ignorance in your comment is staggering La Que ‘Nchula. He is not making a blanket statement about white people here. He is articulating a very particular dynamic, which if you really cared about defeating White Supremacy you would want named and brought to light, even if you ARE White. If you feel you need to shun the space based on that, maybe you really are the person he is talking about. From your comment below, it seems like you are a good friend to those in your life, but if this is how you treat your friends of color when they come to trust you enough to express their thoughts unedited, then I feel bad for them. I hope you step it up, for their sake if not your own. You could start with this video.

        • Duncan Frame

          This is the best forum you are likely to find with respect to humanity, humour and understanding. Clearly you are looking for worship ;-)

      • Nimue

        He’s not talking about a specific white man or even white people as individuals, jdizzle. Rather than overall pattern of how different white and black violent criminals are perceived. I am not personally offended and I’m white. I’m just saddened by the whole thing.

      • Duncan Frame

        White people invented whiteness for the express purpose of being racist. That was the reason. To project a vision of supremacy. Caucasian was invented as the embodiment of white perfection by a German philosopher of the 18th century who related the remains of Caucasians, an middle Eastern Asian region, as the embodiment of a perfect white species.

        So that is your “white ethnicity” right there. Still think it is wrong to judge people who define themselves as white?

  • Yellow Tail

    Corporate America is one gargantuan mediocre white male circle jerkfest.

    I can’t help but feel guilty that in my grind of going to work, being a good employee, and making my mediocre white male bosses look good that I’m participating in the downfall of America.

  • FeeFee

    The core of the Republican party is rotten, and the infection will work its way from the inside out. This is only the beginning. God works in mysterious ways.

  • Brooklyn_Bruin

    He’s taking credit for the takedown?
    I been waiting all day to use this

    “Aww, how white of you”

    • esa

      opportunists have no shame.

      • Brooklyn_Bruin

        I need a little less shame…
        This high road I’m on ain’t bringing in that Benihana money

        • esa

          strategist over opportunist, when playing the long game, enables you to keep from having to compromise your integrity while building ends.

  • NomadaNare

    Maher went off the deep end of whiteness at least since Religulous

    I peeped who he was when he started coming from Muslims

    Does this Marty Yindianopolis stuff surprise you

    • Courtney Wheeler

      Just an internet troll who wears fake pearls

    • Kas loves Jamaican Breakfast

      The left’s version of Dennis Miller.

  • Courtney Wheeler

    Even thought Bill Maher got the press that he wanted initially, he should probably thank Larry Willmore for the proper tough lashing Milo deserved.

    But I’m sure Milo only pays attention to anything or anybody that isn’t a white powder substance..

    • I’m glad Larry defended Leslie Jones. Milo insulted her and Bill didn’t didn’t blink.

      • JulianWithTheRedCorvette

        Bill Mahr was too busy doing the Birdman hand rub, thinking about how his ratings are going up due to all the people who tuned in to hate-watch.

        • Deeds

          Very true, and I hate that I watched that interview, just to see what the h#ll everyone else was talking about.

          • Jennifer

            And, when Bill finally did take Milo to task he had to do it with homophobic language.

      • BrothasKeeper

        Yet and still, Larry is the one without a show.

        • Let me show you my feelings when the Nightly show got cancelled.

    • thasamiam

      True, but like only a white man could, Maher takes all the credit for “exposing” Milo when Willmore and Malcolm Nance did the actual work of exposing and challenging him.

  • Val

    Some White folks really like to infantalize horrid White folks. He’s a bratty little brother just pulling pranks? Really?

    And it’s amazing how the mainstream media will list what this guy has done and call him out as a misogynist, etc but stop short of calling him a racist. They really hate to call out White racists.

    • SaidTheTickTockMan

      White racial solidarity is the single most successful alliance in history. Doesn’t matter if their brother or uncle voted for a man about to destroy the world, they’ll always end up protecting their family. They’ll never call them racists, just stubborn, or old fashioned.

      • “M”

        This comment needs more recognition

      • “M”

        star for you

      • No Google

        Or my favorite, “economic anxiety.

    • PhlyyPhree

      Because THEY can’t find a way to insert themselves into those other issues so that they can empathize, therfore it doesn’t really matter.
      Someone vandalizing a Jewish cemetery? Their grandparents could be interred there.
      Men getting paid more than women? Becky works hard for the money
      Black lives matter? *record scratch* All lives matter
      Mainstream media knows that every other issue comes with a built in audience and with that audience comes dollars. They continually, habitually, intentionally discount black views, but not rating dollars and this is where we end up.

      • DoesItReallyMatterAnyway

        All of this ^

    • esa

      ~ He’s a bratty little brother just pulling pranks? Really?

      many white families act like this. they learn to rationalize sociopathic behavior at a very young age. that’s why they’re so defensive. they cannot tolerate the thought that they straight played themselves.

      ~ They really hate to call out White racists.

      also, far too close to home.

    • raul

      It’s analogy and a pretty decent one at that. Dude’s supposedly an openly gay Catholic who doesn’t support the gay “lifestyle”. That doesn’t even make any sense. He saw the Ann Coulters and Rush’s of the world getting PAID for this nonsense and went all in. Maher’s also right that it’s the outrage that he is or was anyway cashing in on. Yanowhateverhisnames “fans” aren’t there cause they generally agree with what he’s saying, they’re there for drama he gets into with the SJWs of the world. It’s real housewives for the conservative white crowd.

    • Diego Duarte

      Racist? The guy blew a fuse and went full natzee a while ago.

      (Yes, I know that word is horribly spelled but the word filter won’t let me do the original spelling).

  • Kas loves Jamaican Breakfast

    Why is Texas always on some fuckshit? It shouldn’t take a supreme Court ruling for this.

    • HouseOfBonnets

      It’s Texas friend……

      No shade.

      • Kas loves Jamaican Breakfast

        Right, silly me.

      • Kas loves Jamaican Breakfast

        Now that I know I can combine profane words and get them past bitchass disqus though . . .

        • Bitchass hoeass yay!!

          • Kas loves Jamaican Breakfast

            It’s really the dawn of a new Civilization! Imma try to use my newfound powers for good.

            • I’m not.

              • Kas loves Jamaican Breakfast

                Ying and Yang to keep the comment section in balance.

      • Kas loves Jamaican Breakfast

        Fucked is acceptable

        • Kas loves Jamaican Breakfast

          F u

    • JulianWithTheRedCorvette

      You know a situation’s fucked up when John Roberts is the one going “Whoa! This is clearly racist!”

      • BrothasKeeper

        And STILL Uncle Thomas dissented. This niqqa.

        • Kas loves Jamaican Breakfast

          He is at least consistent. He will go state’s rights everytime. Never will he factor in that we fought a civil war because of state’s rights. States left to their own devices have the potential to be pure evil as opposed to garden variety Murica evil.

        • JulianWithTheRedCorvette

          I really want somebody to punch that n!gga in his throat.

        • Tam

          He has to his wife is running the show. He is only the public persona

  • HouseOfBonnets

    Once again they know what they’re doing….. It comes down to ratings dollars and cents. Even in the age of the Cantaloupe you know white men find a way to prosper.

    Also this isn’t the first time Bill has done this.

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