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A Very Special Thank You from VSB and Solo Journey Productions

I don’t know how to say this like a real OG would do, so I’ll just say it as a reformed G would say it…

…from the bottom of my heart, I almost teared up a bit. The generosity of everybody who donated and supported our dream and vision nearly broke me down. On the real, when we began this process, the piece that I feared most was the fundraising part. That was for a very simple reason: while we know we have one of the absolute best communities on the Internet, asking for money presents a whole new side of the game. It’s easy for people to show up everyday and leave their mark, good or bad. But when you decide to bring folks into your vision and goals and need to ask for help…well that’s when *CENSORED* gets real.

It’s like that moment when everybody’s joking and somebody pulls out a knife. Terrible analogy aside, asking people for money is one thing. Asking people to collectively cough up $20,000 is another.

My ninja, that’s a car.

So while I was optimistic, it’s still scary to ask for such a large amount of money. But then we dropped the campaign. And folks started donating. Then we got some rather large donations. That first large donation from the homey Derek…let me tell you, I almost didn’t believe Champ when he told me that we had somebody who wanted to drop $5(000) on it. I actually laughed in my car as I almost ran over a senior citizen. Her fault though. Real talk.

And when we crossed the $10K plateau, I was in total amazement. Champ can attest to this. We had these convos daily and even the fact that in the last 48 hours we raised almost $10,000 to cross the bridge. Point is, I’m in total awe and appreciation at the group of people we have here who think enough of our output and believe in all of us enough to hitch their wagon to the VSB brand, financially. If I could hug every person, I would. I do feel this need to personally thank everybody for every donation, no matter how big or small. It means that much to me. I’m not a person who is used to having to ask people things so my own independent issues came into play. So to see the community we have at VSB and the family and friends we have individually come through for us…well it just strengthens the resolve to deliver the absolute best product available.

Believe me when I say that our own standards here are high and we ain’t exactly the take no for an answer personality types. With that in mind, I would like to personally say thank you for believing in VSB. Thank you for sleepwalking with the kids as long as you have and being willing to take a chance on us. We won’t let you down. We can’t let you down. Your mama don’t wear no drawz? Well my mama didn’t raise no fools. From my hood to your hood, bangin’…bangin’…we are going to go hard in the paint.

Like R. Kelly said, “real talk”.

Thank you.


-Panama Jackson

Although I was outwardly optimistic about the fundraising campaign, I honestly didn’t think we’d reach our goal. I’m flabbergasted and shit. That was the first and will be the last time I ever doubt VSB nation.


VSPeeps! I’ve been coming to this site for the past few years and I honestly believe there is no place like it on the internet. Never have I come across a community of more intelligent, accomplished, fun, and hilarious people. You all have made this place special and if not for the VSB comment section I don’t know if I would have become so attached to this site. I’m so grateful to Champ, Panama, and Liz for creating this place, but I’m just as grateful to you all for making it what it is.

Thank you for being my e-sises, e-bros, and e-boos. Thank you teaching me new slang and new ways to recommend that someone have a seat. Thank you waiting up with me like a maniac till midnight and refreshing constantly in order to be first. Thank you for eating e-popcorn and e-snacks with me as we watch e-drama unfold. Thank you for engaging in delightfully flirtatious e-courtships. Thank you for the glitter. Thank for being resilient and for coming back even if you don’t always agree. Thank you for being awesome. And finally, thank you for donating and supporting this project. We won’t let you down. I love you all.

– <3 Andi

Thank you to everyone that contributed your time and money to help us produce this project and follow our dreams. The past 30 days have been an exciting experience. It will be my honor to bring you all a fantastic finished product to view on your computer screens.

-Earl Bolden, Jr. – Producer, Solo Journey Productions, LLC
For the DMV VSBs: Next Saturday night, November 3rd is another edition of Reminisce. You already know what it is by now. All 90s hiphop/r&b all night long. Sounds by Supa Qool DJ Quartermaine and FREE entry before 11pm with RSVP ($10 otherwise)/OPEN BAR from 930-1030PM/and NO DRESS CODE! RSVP here:



  • iamnotakata

    Congrats Guys!

  • naturalista88

    All of this to say congrats!!

    • Rewind

      *gives a childish chuckle*

      That was cute.

      • I fully enjoyed this as well. ( ^_^ )

    • naturalista88

      *Takes a bow*.

  • Yoles

    i am so happy for us you guys… this is so BIG i can’t even come up with words to write… Congratulations, Best Wishes, Much Success and all that

    • Rewind

      Where’s the glitter Yoles? This calls for a Thanksgiving Parade version of your glitter fest.

  • Congratulations. I am humbled by the power of community. This has really given me hope for the things I want to accomplish.

  • Imperfect

    I am so proud of all you guys! This is huge! I’m so excited about the finished product! Glad I could be a part of ths dream! Wishing you all the very best of luck!

  • African Mami

    Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please consider in your future castings, a dreadlocked rasta, thanks much!!!!

    • African Mami


      Which one would you save from falling off a cliff? Your son that tried to kill you, or your nephew?

      This was a question I read, and my homegirl thought my answer was crazy……..Would love to hear yours.

      -My new avi boiiiii is just phakkin delicious. He and I would breed on first meet! Good nite!! CONGGGGGGGGGRATS,again!!!!!

      • KMN

        I’m saving Frodo lol…he stay on a damn cliff between gollum and maucaly culkin…wait they’re the same person aren’t them nowadays?


        • African Mami

          who or what is a frodo?????

          • KMN

            lmao…the example you gave is from the movie the good son, the nephew was played by elijah wood who also played frodo in lord of the ring…


    • KMN

      Chile I might have to fight you for that man in that avi…i can’t make mac b’ cheese for another month (surgery) but i think i just got pregnant thinking about the nasty things that would be done to him…yes lawud i did.

      • African Mami

        Get well soooooon!!!!!!

        LMAO @your kompuyuuuuura auto pregnancy. He FOIIIINE doe.

        • KMN

          and thank you! i’m healing just no relations for me for a while…and yes i got pregnant with my sterilized self just looking at him..who is he and where can i get one lmao


          • Rewind

            I could grill a steak with all this sexual tension.

            Yall made my morning.

            • KMN

              LMAOOOOOOOOO I’m glad someone is getting something out of it…throw me a NY Strip on there…well done please :D


              • Rewind

                NO problem. How you like it, medium rare & extra juicy or well done, nice & firm?

                Yea….I really need to get back to work.

  • Beautifullyhuman

    Congratulations!!! I can’t wait until you bless us with the final product! Definitely will be watching and also waiting for the second book.

    VSB nation goes hard in the paint and we got the evidence to prove it. :-)

  • Rayne

    Sadly I didn’t get the chance to donate as I’m currently out of work but I hope to donate in the future!!


  • KMN


    I am so proud of the VSB nation and their fundraising abilities. Even though some of us (me) were only able to donate a nickel bag of funk, it feels good to know that it went towards something that will hopefully flourish and go on to be bigger better and not on BET (holla at TVOne though).

    I hope that this next step in your VSB lives will be everything that you dreamed it to be and that you continue making your dreams come true. Congrats, thanks and you’re welcome and ish :)


  • That Ugly Kid

    Congratulations! I wish you much success! If you need a light skinned, charming, humorous, frequently referred to as sexy cast member…well…call Will Smith. But if you need an average kid from Chicago who was the first to discover that “racecar” is spelled exactly the same both forwards and backward, I’m your guy. Oh and if there are any scenes which require a male to kiss and do other cool stuff, I will gladly make that sacrifice for the good of the show.

    • That Ugly Kid

      *kiss a beautiful woman

      Making sure I clear that up..

      • African Mami

        My crater inducing lover,

        I am here for your kisses. Imma show you how we do it Nollywood style, mbamby!!! You better be prepared, for you will be shocked, utterly and confusedly so!

        • Ah, Nollywood…where the characters where their own clothes from home, insult each other horribly in a way that would get you shot in the US, then laugh.

          Someone needs to have Hollywood do a big-budget Nollywood film. The results would be like watching a car crash. :)

          • Rewind

            And I’ll be at the corner of Nostrand & Flatbush copping them joints 2 for $5

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