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A Ranking Of The 10 Whitest Guys Rashida Jones Has Been Romantically Paired With On Screen

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While watching Parks and Recreation with the wife person, I mentioned something about Rashida Jones being Quincy Jones’ daughter. To my surprise, the wife person had no idea. This segued into a discussion about Jones as an actress (we agreed she’s likable, has great timing, and plays the “normal woman” to the manic surrounding characters pretty well), which then subsegued into “she always seems to be paired with White guys” which then subsubsequed into “Hmm. I wonder who’d be the Whitest of her White love interests?” which then, well, you get the point.

10. Jack Black (The Big Year)

jack black

9. Paul Rudd (I Love You, Man)

8. Chris Pratt (Parks and Recreation)

7. Chris Messina (Monogamy)


6. Rob Lowe (Parks and Recreation)

5. John Krasinski (The Office)

4. Paul Schneider (Parks and Recreation)


3. Joey Slotnick (Boston Public)

2. Stephen Moyer (NY-LON)


1. Andy Samberg (Celeste and Jesse Forever)

Andy Samberg and Rashida Jones

Damon Young

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  • Meridian

    Who? lol, I haven’t seen one thing on this list.

    • celinad6

      You have to see I Love You, Man!

    • Damon Young

      you never seen parks and recreation either?

      • st george doesnt exist

        i havent watched one episode… i watch my white comedies once they are in syndication

  • LOL I was just watching Parks and Rec on my break. They really hook her up with the dorkiest white boys.

  • Jen

    Now do one with Kidada

    • cakes_and_pies

      Was it ever cleared up if she was in fact Tupac’s fiance?

      • Val

        Yes, they were engaged when he was killed.

        • cakes_and_pies

          I thought so, but the Interwebs likes to make of stuff.

    • Amber

      Yeah it’s interesting because I remember reading somewhere that she was primarily raised with her mom and her sister with Quincy and they talked about how each identify culturally because of that.

  • Jay

    Used to have a huge crush on her. Read her bio, she is pretty accomplished. In my last relationship Rashida Jones occupied the role of “she whose name I dare not speak”.

    • IcePrincess

      I hate it when a real-life mate gets jealous of a famous person that you will never, ever end up with lol. It just makes them look like the lamest, most psycho person ever.

      • Jay

        Me and Rashida Jones… Hey, it could happen.


        • IcePrincess

          How do I post a gif? I already sent the one I wanna use to my email, so now what do I do?

          • Jay

            lol… you overcomplicating it. I find one, copy the url and then paste it into the comment block. I actually have a lot of them that I like bookmarked.

            • IcePrincess

              Aite well I tried it, don’t kno if I did it rite or whatev. Anywayz the moment is ruined cuz I had to ask you how to do it looool.

              • Jay
                • IcePrincess

                  *sigh* I’m over it for tonight. I’m like the least tech-savvy person in the world. Mite try this gif voodoo sh*t again tmrw lol. Nite nite jay, preciate cha!

              • Jay

                Make sure you have the url of the picture itself not the website that you got it from. SMH, Just like a woman to make me actively participate in my own abuse…

        • IcePrincess
      • st george doesnt exist

        I know i have that kerry washington fantasy while watching scandal. my wife dropped the show. I aint leaving until kerry stops being so fine. If I have to put up with cyrus um adventures then I should be enjoy the one constanst on that show… pope’s ass and her giving up some

  • kidvideo

    It’s probably in her contract that her on-screen bf/husbands
    are a “certain type”, and she is seen as racially ambiguous.

    • Angel Baby

      I really hope it’s not that deep! smh

  • Val

    Does anyone know if Rashida has ever been paired with a Black guy in a film or on TV?

    • Jay

      Tracy Morgan in Cop Out

      • kidvideo

        And (Wu Wear CEO/Actor) Oli”Power” Grant in “Black&White”.

        My bad…i was talking about Kiddada.

    • cakes_and_pies

      The Chappelle Show…if that counts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIgHVlb151c

      • Mayborn7

        Nah. That sh*t don’t count. The question should be has Rashida Jones ever *played* a Black chick in a film or on TV. Ann Perkins my ass…

  • Paradigm

    This don’t got nothing to do w/ nothing but how come you and the wife wasn’t sittin’ on the couch a few days ago discussin’ a list of the 25 Best Black Shows of All Time that included Goodtimes.. I fool w/ you but I don’t want to see no mo’ damn list for a week! Do I make myself clear!


    • BreezyX2

      Champ is sprung. He just sits at his wife’s feet and writes everything she says. Expect to get a list of:

      1. Top 10 dished to carry to a house warming party.
      2. 10 essential items needed in a married man’s bathroom.
      3. 33 ways to make your wife happy every day all day…and enjoy yourself at the same d@mn time.

      We just gonna keep getting list of shid…*sigh*

      • Shark Week aint got shidd on List Week…..

        i give you the list we’ve all been waiting for…..

        10 Things that Champ and His Wife Do that Prompt Posts:
        1) Get engaged
        2) Plan a wedding
        3) Have a wedding
        4) Be married
        5) Get up and get ready for work
        6) Live in Pittsburgh
        7) Brainstorm Pop Culture happenstances that parallel their marriage to each other
        8) Inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide
        9) Reminisce about Frank’s Place
        10)Enjoy the big piece of chicken

      • Agatha Guilluame

        I like fuckshyt, lemme play.

        Dear VSB,

        It’s me Champ. I’s engaged. I’s gon’ be a husband. She said YES! Tuh me. “The Hills are ALIVE with the sound of Muuuusic!” *spins around frantically*.

        P.S. All the lights have gone out in the city.

        Dear VSB,

        It’s me Champ. I’s still engaged. The gay reindeer got me new pants! Should I still call her the gay reindeer. She’s so beautiful when she’s sleeping. I watch her sleeping all the time.

        P.S. Now there’s a water shortage and fires raging.

        Dear VSB,

        It’s me Champ. I’s married now. It’s been 23 minutes. GAH! Someone said “How’s your wife?” and I realized I had a wife. Me! I’s a husband.

        P.S. Factions are forming in the city. Lines have been drawn. Millions are dead. Blood in out blood out.

        Dear VSB,

        It’s me Champ. I’s on my honeymoon. I rolled over and she was still there because she kind of has to be. I love her. I’s her husband.

        P.S. Food is scarce. The dead are rising. Our Gracious Leader has armed us for war.

        Dear VSB,

        It’s me Champ. My wife and I were talking this morning. Wife…that still sounds strange to my ear. I have a wife. I’m someone’s husband. She loves me. She said the funniest thing last night and we laughed and laughed and laughed.

        P.S. Our Gracious Leader is dead. Our new overlord has cut our rations. We’re a band of nomads wandering the abandoned train tunnels. Armed to the teeth and killing all who oppose us. Sidenote, Pumpkin Spice latte’s are back at Starbucks #brightside. I’m gonna take bae.

        • BreezyX2

          ROTFLMBO!!!! I am in so much pain from laughing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But THIS is what the past year has been like with Champ fa realsies.

        • *weeps*
          And the award for best heffalump to Play Dozens on a Dreary Thursday goes to…..YEW HEAUX.

          *waits for Champ to clapback to the ‘Control’ beat*

          • BreezyX2

            Champ is not going to clap back. He played sports but he’s a poor sport. If it was PeeJ, he would gladly partake in this here dragging.

            • *pouts*

            • Paradigm

              This is goin’ to sound harsh but you right.. Champ you gotta eat this entire L we serving up.. We still got luh’ for ya and you movin’ product but cut it out actin’ like this info got you bewildered or sumthin’ .. That denial ‘ish aint cool #ThisIsAnIntervention


        • Paradigm

          Dang A.G.. I had to go back and read this to THE beat.. No further explanation necessary.


  • Kozy

    I was JUST talking about stuff like this with a friend the other day. Light-skinned actors/actresses that can “pass” as (and get mistaken for) white.
    1. Meghan Markle (Rachel from Suits)
    2. Troian Pratt-Bellasario ( Pretty Little Liars)
    3. Mark Vincent aka Vin Diesel
    4. Wentworth Miller (Michael from “Prison Break)

    • Val

      Jennifer Beals
      Felisha Terrell (Photo below) – Days of Our Lives
      Mica Hughes – Blood Sweat and Heels


    • Sigma_Since 93

      To Meghan’s credit, she does let folks know she’s black
      and had it woven into her Suits story.

      • Damon Young

        this is true

    • Angel Baby

      I don’t even feel like googling these people. But I believe you…. LOL

    • st george doesnt exist

      for the longest I had no idea she was quincy’s daughter or that she was black. I swear I hear the rashida jones, I was looking around for the thickest and sexiest dark skinned sisters ever. Then I put it together. I was like I need to google this chick. Still she cute though..at times.

  • Asiyah

    I was just thinking the other day how I don’t like what they’ve done with her character on Parks. They make her seem like this pathetic woman thirsty for a man and a baby.

    Rob Lowe should be #1, with Aziz Ansari #2 because he’s pretty “white” on that show.

    • Val

      She was kind of thirsty on The Office too.

  • Guest

    When do you get your balls back?

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