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A Final Word On This Tyler Perry/Love Jones Mess

10 days ago I decided to write a “screenplay” based on my vision of what a Tyler Perry produced remake of “Love Jones” would look like. Titled “A Sneak-Peek Into “Tyler Perry’s Love Jones”, it gave the first 10 minutes of “Love Jones” the complete Tyler Perry treatment (i.e.: the first scene was set in an Atlanta strip club/hair salon instead of a Chicago poetry spot, the idea of Christianity was beat into the audience’s head, etc).

Now, people familiar with VSB know I’ll occasionally throw out a completely satirical article from time to time — “10 dating and relationship tips from drake” and “the transcript (from every piece ever televised about “successful, but single” black women)” the most notable examples — and most immediately realized this was a joke. I don’t know exactly what gave it away, but if I had to guess, it would have been the very first paragraph of the “screenplay.”

Opening Scene:

Setting: “The Mortuary” — a popular hair salon/male strip club in Atlanta, Georgia.

As Walter Hawkins’ version of “Goin’ Up Yonder” plays in the backdrop, the camera pans over the highly engaged and eclectic crowd. Peach Snapple, an blaxican male stripper who vaguely resembles a much happier Scottie Pippen, dances on stage while the women sitting in the salon chairs — many of whom still have curlers in their hair — sway to the rhythmic claps of Peach Snapple’s muscular man booty.

But, not everyone came to this same realization, and within several hours, a “Tyler Perry is remaking Love Jones!!!!!!!!!!! No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” meme began to spread.¹

It started on Twitter.

Then a few message boards picked it up.

Rihanna, Chris Brown, Tyler Perry, Love Jones Remake?!?

Tyler Perry to remake…

After the message boards came the blogs.

Rumor Mill: Tyler Perry to Remake Iconic Black Romance Movie ‘Love Jones’


After the blogs came the videos.

Tyler Perry and the Remake of Love Jones

Some well-intentioned and unfortunate soul even started a freakin’ petition!

Stop Tyler Perry’s remake of Love Jones

By the end of last week, places where people actually get paid to vet and investigate the source and validity of rumors even began to report on it.

The Truth About Tyler Perry Doing ‘Love Jones’ Remake

(Out of all of the tweets, blogs, and articles, this one was easily the most disappointing. Wilson Morales — the author of this report — didn’t contact VSB, the ONLY source of this rumor, so this quote from his article “… has learned through sources how true the rumor is.” is a f*cking lie. )

The ‘Love Jones’ Remake: Is Tyler Perry Really Involved?

(To Jenée Desmond-Harris’s credit, she merely reported on BV On Movies’ report, and she cited VSB in her article as well. Still, I was puzzled why she didn’t just name VSB as the source of the rumor.)

Anyway, while reflecting on this entire farce, four thoughts came to mind.

1. The prevalence of the Derek Zoolander-ass n*ggas — people who either can’t or just refuse to actually read — has become pandemic

Last Tuesday, I went on a bit of a rant on Twitter denouncing those who believed this rumor to be true.


irony — people who believed the T.Perry/Love Jones rumor possessed the same traits (ie: not “getting” nuance or humor) they hate Perry for.

and yes, if you thought that shit was true, #shotsfired at you.

sorry about the rant. just had to get it off my chest. and by “get it off my chest” i mean “remind you all why dumb n*ggas need to die!!!”

An hour or so after posting it, I re-read this rant and immediately started to feel uneasy. It seemed elitist, judgmental, and mean. And, while I, um, am elitist, judgmental, and (occasionally) mean, I thought I’d gone too far; harshly mocking people who weren’t as well-read as I am.

I then re-read the original entry, and all thoughts of being too harsh flew out the window.

Seriously, how the f*ck can anyone read that and think it was real???

A movie set in a strip club/hair salon??? A character named Vaseline Williams??? Chris Brown and Rihanna as the leads??? Loretta Devine cast as Rihanna’s Puerto Rican homegirl???

Also, do you know how many major motion pictures have been released where the movie opens to a male stripper bootyclapping while the appreciative crowd nods on rhythm?

(No rush. Take whatever time you need to Google this answer.)

Okay. time’s up. The answer? ZERO!

Why zero? Because it can’t happen!

Why not? Because if you were to put a scene like that in movie, it would immediately go from “major motion picture” to “porno.There’s no way in hell that anyone, Tyler Perry included, would even consider putting a scene like this in an “R” rated movie.

Anyway, after seeing how far the rumor has gone, it makes perfect sense why a there’s a better chance of Muammar Gaddafi winning a WNBA dunk contest than a black movie winning an Oscar today. While there are pockets of very smart brothas and sistas, we’re either too small in number or too apathetic to drown out the never ending cacophony of idiocy emitting from our brethren and sistren. As long as this is true, the vast majority of our art will continue to pander to this audience. I weep for the young.

2. “Black people” and “satire” just don’t seem to mix very well

Maybe it’s because of the fact that this whole living in America thing has made us hyper-sensitive to any slights, real or perceived. Maybe it’s a bit of a chicken-egg phenomenon — we’re used to a certain type of “call in response” type art, art meant to induce crowd participation, and the only way satire works is if you pay absolutely no attention to the audience and give them no indication that you’re not serious. And, well, maybe the topics near and dear us are satire-proof. (Think about it: Out of the six most prominent cinematic examples of satire produced by black people — “Hollywood Shuffle,” “I’m Gonna Git You Sucka,” “Don’t Be A Menace…,” “Bamboozled,” the underrated “Undercover Brother,” and “Black Dynamite” — three of them parodied the same topic — the blaxploitation era. Maybe there’s really no other “black” era you can safety satirize without trepidation.)

Regardless of the reason, it seems like we tend to like our humor to be a little less subtle and less controversial and uncomfortable. While this by itself isn’t a major issue, I do think this need to be winked at and have stuff spelled out ruins our bullshit detectors as well; leaving us unable to sniff out what’s real and who we need to believe.

I won’t say that believing R. Kelly’s not a pedophile and believing that “The Maintenance Men” were a real group are definitely related, but believing R. Kelly’s not a pedophile and believing that “The Maintenance Men” were a real group are definitely related.

3. Tyler Perry is black America’s Rorschach test

While I’ll continue to chide those who actually read the original entry and still thought it to be true, I can’t really fault a person for seeing a “Tyler Perry is remaking Love Jones” tweet or link and forwarding it before investigating. The level of feeling (positive and/or negative) Perry produces in many black people is indisputably palpable, and it’s understandable that the mere mention he’d remake a movie so near and dear to so many would have people seeing red.

I’ve written before about our angst-ridden discussions about Tyler Perry, so there’s no need to have another one now. But, is there another entertainer who could not only could produce a firestorm by just the thought of their name being attached to a classic, but also have people think he’s crazy/ambitious/unscrupulous/tone deaf/powerful enough to actually do it?²

(My answer? R. Kelly. I might be wrong, but I think if I wrote about the R-uh remaking Marvin Gaye’s  “What’s Going On,” the rumor would have spread just as quickly)

4. We really seem to love us some “Love Jones”

I have to admit, the amount of people so adamant about protecting this movie from Perry’s claws surprised me.³ While I know I was 14 years late in seeing it, I thought I had an accurate grasp on how much resonance it still held with people who have. I was wrong.

We will kill for “Love Jones.” Now, we just need to find a way to kill for “reading comprehension” and “fact-checking” so another Love Jones-like movie can be made.

¹I have to admit that although I wasn’t attempting to start a rumor, once I realized some people actually believed this screenplay to be true, we (Liz, Panama, and I) did everything we could to fan the flames. I think I even signed that damn petition.

²As Panama joked to me last week, the whole “Tyler Perry remaking an iconic black classic” thing isn’t completely out of the realm of possibility. Wouldn’t that be something if he heard the rumor and then thought to himself “Sh*t. Why not? I can do this” and actually did it? If that did actually happen — and my blog was the impetus behind it — would Australia or Antarctica be the best place for me to hide from the millions of bespectacled blacks who’d want to kill me?

³I was also surprised that so many people were surprised I hadn’t seen it until now. I mean, Love Jones made 12 million at the theater. It’s not like the entire country went to go see it, and it’s not like it’s exactly easy to find it on HBO or even TNT. Y’all n*ggas need to get a grip.

—The Champ

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Damon Young

Damon Young is the editor-in-chief of VSB. He is also a contributing editor for He resides in Pittsburgh, and he really likes pancakes.

  • Cali

    I don’t even care about being first, but I guess I’m iz… love the Rorschach test reference! LOL @ this even being a controversy!

  • Christina White

    turquoise. jeep.

    • Christina White

      lightweight juiced cuz… if i were a dude, and the VSB comment board were a batch, i wouldn’t be gay according to the train order slash ratio of gayness calculation formula, given i leave the room immediately after.
      k bye.

    • HuhBruh

      = guilty pleasure. Keep the jeep rollin!

    • Terribke

      Yung Humma….mmmmmmmmmmmm. *tummy-scratch beatz!* LOL

    • Gem of the Ocean
  • Naturally Alise

    I was genuinely amused an disturbed by the whole “spectacle” I wanted to smack some of the commenters with Flynt Flossy’s beard and scream MESSAGE!

    • The Champ

      i think a smack from star jones — al reynolds’s long-time beard — would be even worse

      • Cheekie


    • Gem of the Ocean

      or Whatchymacallit’s mustache. either would have sufficed for me

      • Cheekie

        Yeah, that trapezoid mustache is a deadly weapon.

        • DQ

          Trapezoid? What in the Waka Flocka are you talking about? Someone has a deadly trapezoidal mustache? *Goes to rant on Twitter without reading details*

          • Cheekie


    • stlunatic

      yo . . i’m off teh twitterz, but I still need to see you on the domino table ma’am. I can’t talk sh1t like I want to with the normal (read: 2520) players in there.

  • Wu Young, Agent of M.E.

    ““Black people” and “satire” just don’t seem to mix very well”

    Neither does “black people” and fact checking.

    • Tezzybaby

      Game….Blouses. Lol

    • Jhane Sez

      ““Black people” and “satire” just don’t seem to mix very well”
      Neither does “black people” and fact checking.”

      The reality is that we live in a world where Beyonce will star in the remake of ‘The Bodyguard’ and Clint Eastwood is directing

      Which if I am not mistaken is the first sign of the Apocalypse… I ain’t mad cause I keep sugar cubes on me at all times…

      So if we now see that hell is indeed full and the dam.ned are walking the planet, is it a far stretch that Tyler Perry would attempt ‘Love Jones’

      I will admit to reading the headline and being over come with a sense of dread that gave me physical chills…

      In truth it took me a good 30 minutes or so to actually read the original post because just the thought terrified me so I had to phone a friend for comfort.

      And while I eventually read it and got it, it scared me in a Stephen King kinda way… because it really could happen.

      I now know how Orson Wells created mass hysteria with the original ‘War of the Worlds…

      You Champ tapped into the dark place of what if, and gave us a glimpse of what could be.

      It wasn’t illiteracy or a lack of verification that drove knee grow blogsphere insane…

      It was the blind fear of the real possibility ~JS

      • DQ

        Good point. It’s like sometimes folks believe “the horror” precisely because it is so horrible. It doesn’t make sense, but when fear is involved, it doesn’t have to make sense… just has to seem plausible.

        • Wu Young, Agent of M.E.

          “Good point. It’s like sometimes folks believe “the horror” precisely because it is so horrible.”

          Yes, when people believe silly horrors things like National Socialism, The Tea Party, and Glee become popular.

          • WestPointProper

            unnecessary #shotsfired @ GLEE!!

            • Wu Young, Agent of M.E.


              I think you mean unnecessary #barragefired @GLEE! #shotsfired are just tools for ninjas whose hearts really aren’t into the hate.

              • DQ

                LOL, that’s what I’m talking about. Own that. It aint shots fired when you declared war.

            • Sula

              unnecessary #shotsfired @ GLEE!!

              So unnecessary!

              • DQ

                What is so great about Glee? #iontgetit

                • Racqs

                  Glee is the best satirical show about high school on television! over the top hilarious with a touch of drama to connect you to the characters. label me gleeky.

                • Sula

                  What Racqs said!

                  It’s poignant satire… well done poignant satire… with good music! What’s not to like? :)

      • The Champ

        “The reality is that we live in a world where Beyonce will star in the remake of ‘The Bodyguard’ and Clint Eastwood is directing

        Which if I am not mistaken is the first sign of the Apocalypse… I ain’t mad cause I keep sugar cubes on me at all times… ”

        wait…this is a bad thing? I mean, it’s not exactly like “the bodyguard” was “the deer hunter” or something, and it’s not exactly like whitney houston was meryl streep either

        • WIP

          If Clint is directing I feel it has a chance. B isn’t Meryl either so I’m not expecting much. But I feel u on this; who picks the remakes?? Why are we remaking The Bodyguard? 0_0

          • Girl Kanyeshrug

            I agree if Clint is directing then I may breathe easier. With respect to acting I may take a bigger chance with Rihanna (or anybody else)over Beyonce (but I prefer a lip-synching Zoe Saldana) with Gerard Butler as the bodyguard.

        • Wu Young, Agent of M.E.

          Speaking of “The Deer Hunter”, I would actually watch a remake of “The Bodyguard” (never watched the original “Bodyguard”) starring Christopher Walken.

          • Cheekie

            I just pictured Christopher Walken in Whitney Houston’s role. For some reason, though, I’m thinkin’ you meant to cast him in Kevin Costner’s.

            • Wu Young, Agent of M.E.

              Walken would mos def get Costner’s role. Walken in Whitney’s role actually sounds like a bad Mad TV skit.

              • TheAnti-Cool

                I’d watch it.

        • TrackStar

          Since we are talking about fact checking, I feel the need to correct the OP… Beyonce is staring in a remake of A Star Is Born, not The Bodyguard…and yes it still will be directed by Clint Eastwood.

          • shannon

            Rhianna is starring in the remake of the bodyguard!

        • Gem of the Ocean

          wait…this is a bad thing?

          exactly. The Bodyguard isnt exactly held in high esteem in any culture’s regards.

          i dont think i even know anyone who owns it on DVD. *shrugs*

          so remake away…. maybe then itll actually be worth talking about

          • WIP

            Can I get a remake of Labyrinth or Legend? How about a live action version of Jem? Why The Bodyguard?? I just don’t get it. *frown*

            • Gem of the Ocean

              The Labyrinth is BOMB!!!! i dont think it can be remade. the 80s style and music and David Bowie are what made TL so awesome. i would slit a wrist if some one tried to remake this movie….

              ummmm i would def love to see a live action version of Jem. and itd only be fitting that i play her — becuz im TRULY OUTRAGEOUS, TRULY TRULY TRULY OUTRAGEOUS!!!! where is keisha b????

              • WIP

                LOL, I agree with u and DQ, but I’m just saying if somebody said “They’re remaking Labyrinth” I’d understand why. The Bodyguard- whose idea was this? Iono. I guess a lot of people liked it more than I did.

                • WIP

                  And (I’m ranting at this point) wasn’t it regarded as a huge flop when it came out? I realize the making of this movie won’t affect me at all but I’m just annoyed by the whole happening, LOL.

              • keisha brown

                right here!
                singing along to Gemmie’s theme song..

            • DQ

              A remake of Legend? No I don’t think so. That was Tom Cruise before Scientology (I think). We’ll never see him in his uncorrupted form again. His portrayal of Jack was from a more innocent time, a time we can only visit in memories. Let’s no ruin it by stuffing it with Avatar grade CGI. #leaveLegendAlone

        • Cheekie

          Yeah, critically acclaimed movie, it was not. I mean it has its famous moments in pop culture (the kiss scene, the song), but I don’t know any diehard Bodyguard stans lol

          • TheAnti-Cool

            The best thing about “The Bodyguard” was the soundtrack.

            If you’re not going to to do that right, don’t bother doing it at all.

      • shannon

        this was exactly my thoughts…upon seeing that title….i nearly fell out of my chair at work, i went straight to the comments and demanded a big NO………………………………………………………………………………………………………
        but then after breathing into a brown paper bag for a few, I actually read the post, and realized it was a joke, and commented such…..but come on after that for colored girls mess…..its not a far fetched thought that T. Pain(tyler perry) can get his hands on any script! frightening!

      • TINA

        It was the blind fear of the real possibility No…. it wasnt IT WAS BS ALL DAY LONG!!! ALLLLLLLL DAYYYYYYYYYYY LONG. BS BOO, CALL IT WHAT IT IS/WAS.

      • Black Movies

        Actually, you know what it was, people think that Tyler has the ego to attempt such a thing. And they’d probably be right. But “Love Jones” is too new!


    • tgtaggie

      +1. It also shows how much impact a blog can have….kinda of like the Pres. Obama birthers and muslim lies.

      But really, ni**gas can be real dumb at times. Real dumb. When I saw Tyler Perry + Love Jones= Remake I knew it wasn’t true. lol.

    • Geneva Girl

      So true! Every time I get those emails “boycott so-and-so company” I fact check. There are sites that fact check rumors. Everyone of those stupid emails was wrong.

      • Wu Young, Agent of M.E.

        Those “mythical” boycotts crack me up. My personal favs are:
        1. Boycott all petroleum companies on this day are the best.
        2. Starbucks not sending the Marine Corps coffee because they were against the wars was a goodie too.
        3. These weren’t E-mails but Tommy Hilfiger and the Timberland not making their clothes for “us” was another set of unfounded rumors.

        • The Champ

          i once had a woman i was dating start an argument with me because i told her i wore tommy hilfiger in college. she didnt even want to entertain the thought that tommy hilfiger had never even been on oprah (where those rumors circulated)

          moral of the story? don’t date deltas, especially not ones you met in cleveland greyhound stations

          • ThisisTip

            Champ for real. You need to leave us Deltas alone. #Unnecessaryshotsfired

            • Gem of the Ocean

              lol in all fairness, for awhile he went in on AKAs. i guess its to balance it out he come for us Reds.

              maybe the Zetas for SGRhos are next….

              • Panama Jackson

                what are zetas and SGRhos?

                • Nicole N

                  :( no hating on my sorority Panama

                • Gem of the Ocean

                  if one gets hated on, we all get hated on!

                • LSQ


        • Amilka

          Exactly, the rumor about Tommy Hilfiger was not true. Most people know it, but if you find someone who still believes in the old rumor, you can send them to these sites I am copying here. In case the links get deleted, they are links to the Anti-Defamation League and to Oprah’s site where she says he didn’t say those things………..

      • Yonnie 3000

        Girl Yes! If I get another “did you know your water bottle can give you cancer” or “dial 211 in case of an emergency” email… If I’m bored, I promptly go to, check it, and reply back to the sender w/ the link and one word – False. Sometimes I’m an ass like that.

        • whykendra

          be careful of viruses though.

    • jenifer daniels

      ding ding ding. do you know how many times i had to left folks on Facebook know “it’s a joke”….


    • keisha brown


    • Yeah…So


  • Be On It

    Hahahahaha, that was funny.

    Anywho, I don’t have much to say about the foolishness you commented on, except that someone of Loretta Devine’s complexion could very well be Puerto Rican (or Cuban, or Colombian, or Brazilian, etc). My boo-thang’s ‘rican grandma, er, abuela, is a dark brown woman. Now, it remains to be seen if Loretta Devine can do anything besides that down-home accent.

    • The Champ

      see, its not so much that she was a puerto rican, but that this 50-something actress would be cast as rihanna’s club-hopping homegirl.

      • Be On It

        To paraphrase Chris Rock, “If a child calls his grandma mommy, and his mother Pam, he is going to end in jail”. I see chicks in the club that need to be at home at a quilting bee or something. Club hoppers and dustyfoots don’t know their expiration date.

        • WIP

          Chris Rock quotes FTW. It’s happening more than we like to accept.

        • Eb

          “club hoppers and dusty foots”


        • SmartFoxGirl


        • DQ

          Adding to his collection, DQ adds “dustyfoots”. #noRoyalties

    • Gem of the Ocean

      LOL @ boo-thang. i like that. i personally use boo-piece but im adding boo-thang to the vocab.


      • Be On It

        You are very welcome!

  • A Boy Named Art

    Y’know, I think it also speaks to Perry entering the Charlie Sheen Zone – really, nothing he does from here on out would be that surprising, would it?

    (Aside from retiring, of course.)

    • Leonie UK

      “Charlie Sheen is high on Charlie Sheen” He is the best source of entertainment right now, he took the crown of madness and uped the ante, long may he reign.

      • DQ

        And long shall he, for heavy is the head that wears the crown, but high is the brain inside it. So let it be written so let it be so.

        • NubianEmpress

          OMG….love it. *curtsy*

          • DQ

            *bows respectfully in return*

        • Muze

          i love your comments. lol.

          • DQ


  • Tes

    *blinks* You can’t be serious. People took it AND ran with it? If this ain’t the most non-reading nation…unless it’s140 characters or less that is. SmH

    • http://leastabookaweek Betamale

      I read at least a book a week. AA nation IS quite sad when it comes to reading. Thanks pops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Tes

        Rare breed you are Beta. I chatted up a dude the other day and casually told him the last book I read was a poetry book by Pablo Neruda, and he said the last thing he read was a Kanye West tweet. *blinks* I can’t eem…

        • Betamale

          If you were older I would stalk you

          • Tes

            Oddly enough that turns me on ;)
            *walks away whistling*

      • whykendra

        yall should donate to my fund im tryna get mo liberries da hood!!

        • Tes

          *sends my five dollars*

        • Gem of the Ocean

          liberry is my fave kool-aid brand!!!!!

          • SmartFoxGirl


          • Tes

            lmao! Mine too, girl!

    • Anastasia!!!

      Girl Agreeeed!!! I was like how can anyone, if they read anything, think this was real???!?!


      • Tes

        When I was reading it I thought “Could this be…? No this can’t be real life,” and to know that somebody just…I rebuke it. lol

        • WayUPThere

          How you rebuking people for ignorance? lmao

          • Tes

            iRebuke it in the name of sanity for the literate! Matter of fact, somebody get me a pulpit, an Eddie Long wig and a T.D. Jakes sweat handkerchief. #youareordained

            • j.ivy


            • DQ

              A Sweat handkerchief? Who are you touching with that? #youaresoiled

              • Tes

                Who wouldn’t love some sanctified sweat? Isn’t that what the front pew is all about, that pure potent perspiration of the preacher? lol

                • DQ

                  *SMH* Now you got the Pastor making it rain on? Where does it end? Where I ask?

            • ThisisTip

              “iRebuke it in the name of sanity for the literate! Matter of fact, somebody get me a pulpit, an Eddie Long wig and a T.D. Jakes sweat handkerchief. #youareordained”

              I loves this ^^^^^ y’all are going to be too funny today. I hope I don’t get fired.

            • Yeah…So

              an Eddie Long wig
              -Chile don’t forget your muscle shirt

              • Tes

                And just for good measure, somebody get me some lycra biking shorts; it’s bout to get real.

                • Yeah…So

                  we are >here<

          • Cheekie

            If she rebuked them, they wouldn’t know anyway. ‘Cuz they ignorant.

            *stifled giggle*

  • S Emm

    All I’m saying is that yes, obviously it was a joke. But if T. Perry even caught wind of this and thinks: “hmm, this may not be a bad idea after all”, I’m coming to Pittsburgh to kick your ass Champ. #thatisall. Happy Monday folks, lol.

    • http://leastabookaweek Betamale

      I will hold him down for you!

      • The Champ

        “I will hold him down for you!”

        this is gay. (nttawwt)

        that is all.

        • Betamale

          Only if your name is Fleece Johnson.

      • Yeah…So

        Oh MY! lol

    • Tes


    • Jhane Sez

      If I can stop the shakes and thumb sucking… then I am down ~JS

      • Leonie UK

        Like an Oletta Adams classic I will be there also Betamale .
        The best and worse things are said in jest. Never did I belive it, but the image followed me through the day. Yes I too saw the mentions on other blogs and got an email, which made me relaise if people still don’t get “Life of Brian” Why bother try to make them overstand the satire behind the original statement.

    • fixedwater

      I’m playing catch up on my lunch and lunch has just gotten extended cause i’m messin aroung up here

  • alana

    Yeah, the whole thing got out of control! I must admit, I was originally deceived by the post, but I didn’t go and do an interview about it!

    • Drew-Shane

      I agree! Everyone was talking about it. Everyone. That’s the power of the interest. At least people believe what you guys are saying…

      • The Champ

        “That’s the power of the interest. At least people believe what you guys are saying…”

        yea. i guess this is one of those good problems. marlo and chris

        • WIP

          pretty blog problems

          • TheAnti-Cool


          • SmartFoxGirl

            LOL yep it’s a compliment

          • Cayenne

            LOL! exactly

            • Drew-Shane

              Great issue to have! Power…

  • V.E.G.

    I am gobsmacked that so many people thought that this was real.
    Someone I’m FB friends with posted it, outraged at Perry remaking Love Jones.
    I had to tell her it was a joke.
    I even heard about this on the radio!!!
    But kudos to you guys! The ish was hilarious.

    • The Champ

      “I even heard about this on the radio!!!”


      • SmartFoxGirl

        One of my facebook friends commented about it. Ya’ll getting BIG lol

      • V.E.G.

        Yes…Doug Banks and crew were talking about this on the radio, reporting it as fact.

    • keisha brown

      too bad vsb wasn’t getting the mentions and then somehow turn it into book sales..
      “word is tp got inspiration to do the remake after reading your degrees wont keep you warm at night..”

      *puts on PR hat…

      • Alana

        Word to yo mutha! I’d hire!

    • Cheekie

      “I even heard about this on the radio!!!”

      WAIT. WHAT?!

      *falls out laughing*