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8 New Year’s Resolutions You Might Actually Keep

You know the drill. On Wednesday, we begin another new year and most of us will come up with some resolutions that are well-intentioned but go the way of the condor a few weeks into the year. Not even because we don’t want to be the better people we resolved to be, but mostly because they all require lifestyle choices. Face it, having to buy a new calendar rarely motivates a lifestyle change.

Since I’m one of those people, I feel like I can speak on this. Hell, I even stopped making resolutions for this purpose and just decided to hopefully have a better year than the year before. Simple enough. Well, because people will continue to make resolutions (good luck!) I figured I’d drop an oncho on a ‘em with 8 that you might actually keep.

1. Go to the gym once per month

Unless you’re already doing it OR have been motivated by some life-altering experience, you are probably not going to the gym three to five times a week. It sounds like a great idea; trust me, I know. I have a gym membership too. That I rarely use.

2. Volunteer more than you did in the previous year

I’ve heard people resolve to volunteer once a month. Some people manage to knock this out and that’s great. You can NEVER give too much of your time to help those in need. I firmly believe this. Just be realistic about how much you really intend to make it happen. Just do better than the year before.

3. Cook sometimes

I have a friend who I swear eats out every single day. She told me recently she resolved to stop going out and will cook every day. I looked at her like she had three breasts (she did not). We both know that wasn’t going to happen. I know parents who don’t cook every day. I told her to just cook more than she currently does. Like…sometimes and turn that goal into a habit and maybe she’ll just start cooking more by default.

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  • Racquel t

    lol yall definitely kept it real with this one. i was expecting a list of 10-20 cliche resolutions and u hit me with 3. i love it! first time reading,

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