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5 Reasons Why I’m Happy That Beyonce’s Pregnant

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Although I wasn’t as affected as some by the news that our favorite thundergoat is indeed with child, I have to say that my typically sardonic self was actually moved by her big baby bump reveal during the VMA’s. I couldn’t help but be elated by the look of sheer joy that beamed from her face. I even stopped tweeting the event because I couldn’t find it in me to continue to be snarky. (Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever been even half as happy about anything as she was on stage that night.)

It’s been three days since this happened. But, despite the fact that the Beyonce bliss has subsided a bit, the pop culture devotee in me still remains excited by this news. Why? Well…

1. We’ll finally get to see her take a gotdamn seat

I’m not quite sure why Beyonce hasn’t sat down in 15 years, but I’ve narrowed it down to three likely reasons:

A) While walking on the beach as a child, she accidentally kicked a giant sea shell. The genie inside was royally pissed, and cursed her to a lifelong paralyzing fear of seats, benches, couches, lawnchairs, bleachers, toilets, cardboard boxes, and anywhere else a person could possibly rest their behind.

B) She’s an alien from a planet where they don’t have knees

C) She just has very bad hemorrhoids.

Either way, I’m as curious as anyone to see what happens when Beyonce’s baby forces her to sit for the first time this century. If I had to guess, her meeting a chair for the first time will probably look something like this…

2. We’ll finally get to see her take a gotdamn seat…and we’ll finally get a chance to tell the person we all know who always says “The only reason why ***insert name of some other random R&B chick*** isn’t at the top of the game is because Beyonce won’t let anyone else shine” to shut the f*ck up

For all the criticism the thundergoat gets, the one that makes the least amount of sense is when people somehow make Beyonce responsible for the fact that their favorite moderately talented R&B chick isn’t more popular. And yes, I’m speaking directly to YOU, fan of Ciara, Keri Hilson, Kelly Rowland, Christina Milian and any other poor man’s Beyonce who somehow thinks that she’s the reason why your favorite artist’s albums always go double plywood.

But now, since Bey’s presumably going to be taking an extended break from the game, we’ll see if Michelle Williams, Teairra Mari, and Monica are finally able to release those multi-platinum, Grammy award-winning albums that Beyonce has been actively thwarting. Don’t hold your breath.

3. I’m curious to see whose genes will win

Whether you think Jay-Z is handsome or not, you can’t deny the fact that he has a couple very, um, “strong” features. And, since there might be no NBA season, the question of whether his genes will beat out the equally strong creole hybrid mutant Knowles genes might be the best one-on-one battle we’ll see all year. My money’s on Hov.

4. I might be able to renew my animus for parents who give their children hyphenated names

As I was telling a friend yesterday, I seriously get the urge to punch every parent who gives their child a gotdamn hyphenated last name. Why? Well, for the first 10 years of my life, I was a child with a gotdamn hyphenated last name. You have no idea how much confusion that causes children and how much it annoys and pisses off all the school administrators, doctors, school bus drivers, and lunchladies they’ll have to deal with. Why should a child have to go through years of agony just because their parents couldn’t decide on one gotdamn last name?

Anyway, all that to say that if they go ahead and curse this child with a Knowles-Carter moniker, I’ll definitely be ready and willing to mush the sh*t out of both of them too.

5. We’ll finally be able to give the media the ultimate racial litmus test

There has never been an famous African-American couple whose baby generated the type of attention and media coverage that Suri Cruise and Shiloh Jolie-Pitt received. Now, this is for good reason. Why? Well, there never has been an African-American couple who A) both were insanely rich and famous and B) were pregnant while they were household names. (No, Will and Jada don’t count. If you need to ask why, you probably need to be at another site)

In this regard, Jay-Z and Beyonce are pioneers, and it’ll be interesting to see if their baby attracts that same type of 24-7 media attention and affection. If it doesn’t, well, there will be a pretty prominent reason why it’s not getting the same love.

Actually, lemme rephrase that. There will be a pretty prominent reason why it’s not getting the same media love. But, if it comes out looking like this…

…the lack of love might be understandable

Anyway, people of How do you feel about the Beyonce pregnancy? Happy? Sad? Indifferent? Mad that people actually feel anything about the pregnancy of two people they’ll never, ever, ever, ever meet?

The carpet is yours.

—The Champ

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Damon Young

Damon Young is the editor-in-chief of VSB. He is also a contributing editor for He resides in Pittsburgh, and he really likes pancakes.

  • Boron the Negromancer

    Oh, baby!

    • Boron the Negromancer

      I’m not quite sure why Beyonce hasn’t sat down in 15 years.

      I posit that she is quite similar to her spouse: she wants to make an indelible mark. And she attempts to accomplish this by making musical breakthroughs and involving herself in film, fashion, and other pursuits. Jay-Z’s technique involves a lot more feigning retirement and more involvement in the business end of entertainment, but, as an artist, he has remained busy since his “Reasonable Doubt” debut album.

      Further, the masses have allowed her to have unfettered success because she caters to their desires. Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Kanye West comprise a hip-hop trinity of paradox, popular culture’s ultimate fixation: they wear their ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds as badges of honor at the same time that they transcend them. Thus, they represent what many African Americans aspire to achieve AND they earn the admiration of people of all ethnic groups. And, as they are the triune pinnacle of hip-hop culture, the fallen angel of their realm is named Curtis Jackson instead of Lucifer.

      In short, there is no need for Jay-Z to beget another child by Beyonce since they already have Kanye!

      • herbetteroption

        Memphis Bleek is not pleased.

      • Wild Cougar

        Who are you?

      • LSQ

        I pity the woman who wants to be beyonce

        • TheAnti-Cool

          As do I.

          • MicTheMessenger

            Word, TAC? You just gon kill me with this avi @ WORK???

            That is inconsiderate.

        • SunaoButterfly

          There are women who wanna be like Bey? o_O

          • Blacktrimony

            You’re kidding right?

            • SunaoButterfly

              Well maybe I should expound on that. I completely agree that she’s beautiful, talented and wealthy, and that these are all desirable characteristics. I just don’t see why I can’t want those things on my own without wanting them as a version of what she’s got. Then again, I feel that way about ALL famous people. I’ve never been one to project myself on them or covet what they have. I’ve also always considered gossip magazines and such that focus on presenting on these people’s lives for mass consumption an utter waste of time. Maybe if people spent less time reading about it and more time working at it… Of course we’re not all gonna become millionaires, but… *shrug*

              But you’re right, I know better, and there are people who wanna be like her. It’s all good, just not for me. :-)

        • WIP

          You pity women who want to be successful, married, mothers?

          • k-steez

            yeah…that’s what i thought Boron meant when he said they represent what people want to acheive. or maybe all the “who wanna be bey?” comments are a response to something else? color me confused :/

          • LSQ

            why: they don’t really want the be successful married mothers. they want to BE beyonce. they want her life (as a substitute for their own)

            beyonce ain’t got nothing nobody else has: she has a brain, arms, legs, voice.
            yesterday they said even homeless people get married, and it really isn’t that hard to get pregnant (as long as all the lady/man parts are working correctly).
            and success, well, that’s up to the person, work hard and that can be yours.

            but to sit around and wish I was someone else…. nah I’m good… I don’t sit around saying that I wish I was Obama.
            seems dum

    • http://blueivrey calisha harrison


  • missmajestic

    I think I mean hope (sorry, jay) the baby will look like Mama Tina like Solange’s son. have you seen him? looks nothing like Solange, not much like his daddy and everythang like Mama Tina. them some strong creole genes! In the interest of race relations and equality, I need this baby to get as much attention as Suri cruise.

    • The Champ

      yeah. those creole genes are stronger than anthony mason

      • LSQ

        On behalf of the creole nation, I hereby disavow Beyonce Knowles from our esteemed culture ( and her off-spring). Now can we call them genes ‘ houstonian’?

      • MicTheMessenger

        Yo, i met Anthony Mason once wen i was in high school. He was actually pretty nice. I was still scared he was gonna pick a fight with me in the middle of the store, though.

      • Cheekie

        Mmmhmm! And you can already tell Bey is gonna look JUST like Mama Knowles when she gets to be her age. The resemblance is uncanny!

    • angela

      Considering Jay and Beyonce keep their life private, they will make sure their child won’t get a lot of attention. They didn’t give out their wedding pictures, I doubt they’ll be posing for pictures [for the public] with their baby.

    • NubianEmpress

      Why are people so afraid for the baby to look like Jay-Z? what about him is unattractive? I feel like ‘creole’ is a code term….

  • ShellySaysSo

    You forgot my favorite reason – Beyonce already has the largest collection of onesies ever created. They just have to be tailored down to fit little Jayonce.

    • Yoles


      she does have onesies on lock though…

    • Mo-VSS


    • Geneva Girl

      Shhh with the Jayoncé! You know someone will name their child that! And, you are too funny with the onsies! Good one.

  • ChaoticDiva

    *dead* at ‘thundergoat’.

    I cannot…

    • The Champ

      yes you can!!! yes you can!!!

  • BisforBrittani

    I was happy for Bouncy and Jigga because they seemed so happy…and her reveal was cute…and I like cute things….

    That picture though…..bwahhahahah…I sincerely hope the child looks like Beyonce and has the business savvy of Jay-Z…that is the perfect mix of their genes…IMO

    • The Champ

      beyonce’s business savvy aint too shabby either

      • BooImhere

        You mean her parents Business Savvy.

  • TheAnti-Cool

    How do I feel about the Beyonce pregnancy? Guess.

    • Mo-VSS

      The same way I feel…which is like this type of sh*t happens everyday. They’re married, in love, successful and want kids. Viola. It happened.

      The big deal is???

      • TheAnti-Cool

        I knew you’d be there with me on this.:)

        As for understanding a stranger’s investment in what happens in another woman’s womb, I haven’t the faintest.

        Praise Beysus.

      • tdotmarie

        just a guess, but “the big deal” might be that they’re all those things, AND BLACK. And in our faces. It just feels good to see publicly.

        And Jay’s been wanting a child for a long time… Is it okay for some of us to enjoy seeing other people happy?

        • Innovative21

          JAY HAAAAS A CHILD Already! …let’s just be real about that…he just wants a legitimate one now.

          • Cheekie

            Yeah, I read about that after the announcement and I didn’t even know that! Or maybe I did and forgot. Either one is possible. Anyhow, if it IS true (that he’s keeping it a secret and providing child support under the table), that’s pretty sad. Like, if I were the kid, I’d feel some kinda way about that when I got old enough to realize that’s what my dad was doing to me. Especially now that he has another child that will surely be proudly paraded around. :-/

          • Nappy Mind

            He sure does!

        • k-steez

          i’m with u tdot. no one (don’t take that literally, our resident cool-headed vss’ Mo and TAC may have taken issue then too) was confused or annoyed about the warm feeling some people get when they see Michelle and Barack handling their business, raising children, and still looking at each other like they’re full of mutual love and lust. it’s just nice to see. it feels good. especially amidst the foolishness of Basketball “Wives” and the Black Marriageageddon media frenzy.

          it’s the same warm feeling, but a lil’ closer to home due to age and how long they’ve been in the public eye. a lot of people “grew up” with them. watching 2 young black folk date/court, get married, conceive (in that order!) while doing what they love (lucratively) at the same time is pretty cool. and like champ said, the joy on their faces! c’mon son!

          i can see if some people aren’t happy for them or just don’t care. but i don’t really get why people would be confused are annoyed that other people are.

    • The Champ

      when you all get your turds for the punchbowl, do you provide them yourselves or do you go to a special all-turds store to order them?

      • TheAnti-Cool


        • Wild Cougar

          Is that you, TAC? Funny and cute, too? I hate you.

          • TheAnti-Cool

            Who? This?———————————>

            That is another version of Jayonce, not me. Though you can continue to hate me if you like. There’s always room for one more. ;)

            • Wild Cougar

              Oh, good, cause I was bein generous with the cute.

              • TheAnti-Cool


                Yeah, no real avi’s for me.

                • LSQ

                  I luv the link to boondocks / mlk speech tho! (ashamed I never watched boondocks – don’t tell anyone)

                  • patchflower

                    you can catch reruns, you know

                • nillalatte

                  LOL… I was like … wait… what… TAC has a pic up?! (blink, blink… do I need new contacts?) LOL Good one!

              • The Champ

                “Oh, good, cause I was bein generous with the cute.”

                LOL, more proof that like 95% of the compliments women give each other are pure bullsh*t

                • Wild Cougar

                  You hush! This is how ladies make friends. And I wanna be TACs friend cause she’s hella funny. Funnier than me. Keep your frienemies close.

                  • MicTheMessenger

                    Dang, yall make friends with fake compliments? o_O

                    • Innovative21

                      it’s a form of giving respect. The taker generally tends to know exactly what the deal is, and from moments forth, said females would be considered acquaintances of mutual understanding.

                    • TheAnti-Cool

                      Yeah, I don’t do fake compliments. Might be why I don’t have many female friends.

                      Also might be I’m better off for it.

                    • Cheekie

                      “Dang, yall make friends with fake compliments? o_O”

                      Nawl. My compliments are genuine. If I don’t like something, I take the “if you can’t say something nice…” approach. lol

                    • Classy6ft5


                      “I take the ‘if you can’t say something nice’ approach”


                      That was you being facetious, right?

                    • Cheekie

                      “That was you being facetious, right?”

                      LOL, my (roasting) rep precedes me!

                      I mean, when making friends… to be specific.

                    • MicTheMessenger

                      Being a woman is an intricate dance of innuendos i’m GLAD i don’t have to participate in.

              • Cheekie

                LMFAO @ you thinking that was really TAC.

                • Wild Cougar

                  Yall done made mincemeat outta me. Lay off! I was tryna be nice. Nice is hard for me.

              • Classy6ft5

                Lmao! I hate you.

    • TWIsM

      #TeamIDGAF is in full force on this one. Sorry Champ, I was right there with TAC and Mo on this one. I was happy in a “that’s nice” kind of way, but to see the uproar that followed made me think “Damn, do y’all actually KNOW them?” Are people chillin’ with Bey and Jay at Starbucks just shootin’ the sh!t and drinking frappuccinos together? Sorry, it just wasn’t an Earth-shattering event for me.

      SN: Do blonde lace-fronts make people Creole now? ‘Cause I just thought Beyonce was just light skint.

      • BeBe Rich

        I stopped re-lurking just to agree with alla dis! (sorry ya’ll I got this grad school monkey on my back)…I need to see a family tree that goes waayyyy down into the swamps of Louisiana before I believe that she is creole. Most people don’t even know what being Creole means, but light skinned AIN’t it..

        I didn’t feel one way or the other about it. It was a cute little Awwww moment…but I have sense moved on. When I decide to have kids I want a post dedicated to me too! I’m special…ya’ll need to feel the love inside of me too doggone it.

        • Jen

          Damn. I didn’t know people were this desperate to hate on this woman!

          A simple web search reveals a page entitled: “Creole Ancestors of Beyonce Giselle Knowles”:


          If you can’t let Beyonce be great, can you at least let her be Creole??

          • LSQ


          • GypsyCurl

            “I didn’t know people were this desperate to hate on this woman!”
            Take a seat Jen —> \_ Having the nerve to try to set someone straight with lazy e-research, which shows that you don’t know what Creole means.

            Here is a real analysis of what Creole means (from someone who lived in New Orleans for years and had to take classes on Louisiana history).

            The term Creole stems from the French colonization of Louisiana. Early on, Creole was used to describe every native of Louisiana, white (who were mainly of French origin), black, black/white (French) mix, Cajun, Free People of Color, etc. Then, the whites dropped the use of Creole and it became predominantly used for blacks who were mixed with French (and sometimes also Native American), which has stuck until this day. So, Creole refers to blacks mixed with French. Therefore, Creole=Mixed and what black person isn’t mixed? Not necessarily with French but definitely with another European bloodline, Native American bloodline, etc. In the case of Beyonce’s maternal bloodline, she has ancestors who were mixed with black and French.

            Also, there are other uses of Creole to describe the mixing of the French with other cultures (ex- Haitian Creole language) during French colonization.

            One more thought: Nowadays, a black person who has a child with a French person would not be called/considered Creole. French blacks or blacks mixed with white (French) are not called/considered Creole.

            • Jen

              Girl, please. I’m glad you took a history course, but my family has been living in Louisiana for at least nine generations and well before the civil war. What you’re reading about in textbooks is written in my family Bible and I have pictures of it on my wall right now.

              Beyonce’s mama is Creole.

              Beyonce is Creole by the definition of 99% of the population of the State of Louisiana.

              In fact, one of Beyonce’s family’s surnames is one of the most popular surnames among Black Creoles in Louisiana (Broussard).

              BOO, BYE!

              • LSQ

                Beyonce is ‘claimed creole’, that is -> that vein of creole folks looking to promote ‘creole’ people, and thus pointing out and listing every famous person they can think of who could be called ‘creole’ ( literal translation: new world).

                For new orleans,
                Free people of color is a better indication of the culture known as creole. But to greatly confuse the issue, thousands of Haitians entered new Orleans ( back in the day ) and further confused the definition of creole ( language food culture ).

                I have seen ( and participated in ) epic debates on what is creole. While I won’t engage that here, I do believe that beyonce is a houstonian, and uses ‘creole’ as part of her hype-publicity machine.

                • Jen

                  I am sure I will regret even entertaining this train of thinking, but what characteristics must a person display to, in your mind, be “authentically” Creole?

                  At some point, it is just nitpicky, particularly given the level of ethnic intermixing that is the norm in Black families from Louisiana–many of whom, like mine and like Beyonce’s, also now have significant branches in East Texas.

                  • LSQ

                    wwl had a whole tv special on it.
                    at the end of it – I think the conclusion was that there is no definitive authentic ‘creole’ that belongs to just one culture.

                    which is poetic, in that the name ‘creole’ means “of the new world”.
                    that could include a lot of things in the 17th / 18th century louisiana purchase territory.

                    to be REAL REAL. native americans are the only ones that could be referred to as ‘creole’, as blacks, french, english, Spanish, were all from the old world.

                    one story I heard was that because the journey was so long to the new territories, frenchmen maintained dual families, and called the family back in louisiana their “creole family” – thus the tradition of people calling themselves ‘creole’.

                    I say all that to say ‘creole’ belongs to many people: new orleans creole is certainly different from new roads creole, from opelousas creole, from ‘white’ creole, and so on.

                    which is kinda why I kid my relatives that moved to houston….awww lawwd… they may be creole in genetics, and have that fancy last name, but they have lost the lagniappe that keeps em ‘creole.’

              • GypsyCurl

                “BOO, BYE!”

                You still think you made a point?

                “my family has been living in Louisiana for at least nine generations…What you’re reading about in textbooks is written in my family Bible and I have pictures of it on my wall right now.”

                Yet you still failed to articulate the history of the word Creole and why Beyonce’s maternal lineage is considered Creole. That lame link didn’t validate whatever nonsensical point you were trying to iterate when replying to @BeBeRich.

                Next time, set up the appropriate premise in order to reach a logical conclusion.

                • Jen

                  I believe I said, “bye,” boo.

            • LSQ

              Thank you gypsycurl!
              But are u sure that Cajuns ( Acadians) were called creole? I always thought there was little difference between the two.
              I.e. Creole food vs Cajun food

              • Jen

                A significant portion of the French-descended Black people in Louisiana widely considered Creole are actually of Acadian descent. I know of nobody Black who makes the distinction, though.

                • LSQ

                  I do. and so does my entire family. like I said above, creole is a superset, and acadian (Cajun) is a subset. There are some cajuns that do not want to be called creole (especially since the louisiana creole language is different from the cajun language)

                  • Jen

                    You know Black Cajun families that actually self-identify as Cajun?

                    • LSQ

                      I meant that I know of black families that distinguish creole from Cajun. Esp in Lafayette where they are in close proximity.
                      As far as black Cajuns, I guess there could be some, I haven’t run into them personally.

                      There is SO much genealogical evidence that traces all of these bloodlines (even DNA testing), that if one wants to know, they can.

              • GypsyCurl

                When Creole was first used, every citizen of Louisiana used the term Creole. It was dropped by whites and Cajuns. Also, cajun food is a marketing gimmick as authentic cajun foods did not evolve too many spices. Creole food has all of the spices but Cajuns began marketing what is actually Creole food as Cajun.

                • GypsyCurl

                  *involve* not evolve Sorry

                • Ms. Eye

                  I would have to mention to you both that Beyonce’s mother is of Creole descent but her father is NOT. She has creole ancestry and honestly, being called creole is nothing to be extra technical and proud of. It was just another way for whites to insult blacks because “creole” is just their way of saying french nigger. Also, Cajuns stole the spices from the Creole ppl of LA. Remember that Christopher Columbus was searching for spices and gold when he found the Carribean (Haiti, Cuba, Jamaica, Bermuda, etc)

                  • LSQ

                    uh no

                  • TWIsM

                    Columbus was looking for spices and gold… in India. I’m failing to see exactly what point you were going for there

        • LSQ

          ****Most people don’t even know what being Creole means****

          I know! I don’t even think wiki got it right.

      • j.ivy

        Apparently her mama n’ em are creole, from Louisianna, her name being a twist on her mothers maiden, creole, name of beyince….

        I don’t get involved when it comes to too many celebs, but I love me some bey! I’m happy for them. I was faaarr more excited when they got married. Her getting preggers was iminent, but still a happy moment. I can’t wait to see her trainers step up to the plate and whip her body back into shape after the birth, to hush the mouths of all the inferior women who have been looking forward to this day claiming that her body will be ruined and her career ended by bearing a child. Probably be making a music video in a brand new onsie with a built in place for the newborn on her back with in a coupld of weeks.

        • TheAnti-Cool

          “inferior women”

          Okay… o_O

        • LSQ

          Creole is a culture, genetics are part of it,( actually, even that is arguable) but tradition/history are the core.

          Many variations of creole there are. ( yoda voice)
          I consider B a ‘houstonian’.

          • TWIsM

            1000% Cosign, LSQ. Being born and raised in New Orleans, I can say I’ve seen the term used very liberally down there. But when you meet a Creole it has more to do with their culture than their skin tone. Being born and raised 6 hours away in Houston, I don’t consider Beyonce to be Creole anymore than I’d consider myself to be African.

            But of course I can only speak for myself.

            • Jen

              I’m sorry, but this is absurd. The term Creole is an ethnic identifier. If Beyonce had been adopted by Japanese people living in Germany, she would still be Creole. You don’t escape your ethnic heritage by moving four hours away.

              • LSQ

                How is creole ethnic?

        • Royal W. Cheese

          Getting back into pre-baby shape is a no-brainer, especially when you have money for personal trainers and plastic surgery. Sheeeeid, I’d do it.

      • MicTheMessenger


        Co-sign: I’m definitely glad to see black love and offspring, but please let them ppl BE. That’s just too much stress on them knowing that their seed will receive all that UNWANTED attention. Kneegrows is in awe and want pictures and details, but ain’t no one sending no baby shower gifts.

        Somebody send them a stroller that reflects camera flashes.

    • Classy6ft5


    • Tes


      Women get pregnant everyday. All day. Mostly at night. Point is, that sh*t stay happening.

      The only thing I thought with the full-court Twitter press over it was “I didn’t know robots could get pregnant…”

      • Classy6ft5

        I didn’t know robots could get pregnant….

        I said that via bbm to my friend!!!

        *goes off to find out if friend has a twitter account*

    • Royale W. Cheese

      That avi is all kinds of awesome.

      • TheAnti-Cool

        Thank you. Glad someone thinks so.

    • bumilla

      is it just me or does your avi look like lil’ mama in 15 years?

      • MicTheMessenger

        wait…is Lil Mama…Jay-Z JR???? Maybe that wold explain why she ran on stage last yr…she just wanted to be with her pops.

  •!/CamDeezi MizzCam

    I yell-laughed [very unattractively] for a good 45 sec when I scrolled down and saw that “What would our baby look like?” photo booth pic!

    •!/CamDeezi MizzCam

      But as for how I feel about her pregnancy… Her smile/attitude while rubbing her lil’ baby bump was infectious. Anyone who looks genuinely happy puts a smile on my face and makes me think, “I want some of whatever did that!”

      However, seeing as how I’m positive I won’t be receiving an invite to that baby shower – I couldn’t care less. =/ I’m completely unmoved about what goes on in celebrities’ lives. I don’t know them, and they shole don’t care about what’s goin’ on in my lil’ world.

      • The Champ

        “I’m completely unmoved about what goes on in celebrities’ lives”

        i don’t believe you

        •!/CamDeezi MizzCam

          Ok, I admit to being a little giddy when I found out The Rock got divorced back in 2008… but then it dawned on me that we’re still not together and I went back to not caring =/

          • Cayenne

            Oh girl you aint holla? #weaksauce

          • Chellycita

            Co-sign ALL over this!

  • Naturally Alise

    “cursed her to a lifelong paralyzing fear of seats, benches, couches, lawnchairs, bleachers, toilets, cardboard boxes…”

    tee hee… I think it is cute and joyous when anyone announces a pregnancy that they are happy about, past that, indifferent about the Jayonceness of it.

    • Yoles

      I think it is cute and joyous when anyone announces a pregnancy that they are happy about, past that, indifferent about the Jayonceness of it.

      we’ll just share this comment Alise… pls & thx

    • Cheekie

      “tee hee… I think it is cute and joyous when anyone announces a pregnancy that they are happy about, past that, indifferent about the Jayonceness of it.”

      Pretty much. While there are swarms of people who are super impressed with the celeb glam, I just think the only difference with Jay/Bey is that all of us get to SEE this joy publicly. Other than that, I’m just really happy for ‘em. I’m even gonna let ‘em finish.

  • naturalista88

    I can say that I’m happy for them, but I too will be glad when she sits her arse down & give the universe a break from her greatness. I just wanna know if she’ll be wearing some kind of bedazzled maternal onesie now? You kmow someone will happily make her one to parade around in if asked.

    • TheAnti-Cool

      Her mother has been making tacky clothes for her all this time, I’m sure she’ll customize a dozen or so onsies for this momentous occasion.

      Praise Beysus.

  • Kidsister

    I love them both individually and I love them as a couple. BUT for some strange reason, I wasn’t ready for her to be preggie, so I wasn’t as happy as the rest of America. HOWEVER, when I saw how happy she was while she was on that stage and that larger than life grin on Jay’s face while him and Ye were dappin each other up, I just couldn’t help but be happy for them….I think this kid is gonna be a senior citizen before the media gets to see him/her. They do a good job of keeping their business under wraps and I think they are gonna be super protective of this kid.

    • Yoles

      their happiness on the screen was beautiful.. that is the part that i loved.. she looked ecstatic, jay looked euphoric it was infectious!!!!!

      i also agree that so far they seem to be the A-list celebrities that know how to keep the media/paparazzi and everyone else out of their business until they are ready to unveil.. so baby Jayonce or BeyJay (pronounced BeeJay) will be a well guarded baby… they make sure their privacy is respected

      • Kidsister

        “…jay looked euphoric it was infectious!!!!!”

        I TOTALLY agree :-)

      • Cheekie

        “…jay looked euphoric it was infectious!!!!!”

        YES. It was SO good to see Joe Camel so happy. Like, he’s been a smiling fool recently. In the Otis video (part of the reason why I enjoy looking at it is because him and Kanye look like they’re having so much fun and just being boys, not necessarily because it’s an extra-special video or anything) and I thrive off genuine happiness. I can’t help but smile myself. It’s involuntary. And, hey, I welcome it.

    • xLadyTx

      +1 on not being ready for her to be preggie

      It wasn’t that I wasn’t “ready” per se, but I just wish I had a chance to catch her on tour for her new album. I’ve already seen her perform, the show was FAB, but I could only imagine how much better it would’ve been with songs from her new album. Ah well, I’m happy for ‘em either way!

      • thisistip

        That was my only disappointment I missed the last concert, but the Beyonce Experience was excellent and I was really looking forward to this concert as I love 4!

      • Kidsister

        I was ready for the 4 tour as well. For the B Experience, she sang and danced her butt off for two hours straight only leaving the stage for wardrobe changes. I was like YOU BETTER GO B!!!!!!

        • thisistip

          I was gone after the Crazy in Love intro. she was going hard! then the the curtain drop and she was like “we ain’t through yet” came back out and kept dancing. I had to sit down…hell I was tired

          • Kidsister

            LOL…I was tired too and I lost my voice foolin wit her.

            • xLadyTx

              YES!!! I went home hoarse and everything! Her showed hyped me and my friends up so much, we had to go to a club to work off the extra energy lol

        • thisistip

          Yes. I was tired by just her opening act. She did Crazy in Love, danced and sang her heart out…the curtain dropped…you thought the song was over…you heard “we ain’t through yet!”…she and the dancers came back on stage and started at it again. I was exhausted just watching her.

        • thisistip