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5 movies that will end your half-assed relationship

come on, maaaan! you know this is some bullshit.

we’ve all been there before:

obnoxiously bow-tied boy at urban league happy hour approaches girl.

girl, already tipsy and unusually horny because of a rabbit mishap that morning (she wanted to use it before work, but forgot that she needed new batteries), grabs boy’s hand before he has a chance to speak, and leads him to the dance floor.

boy and girl dance in an awkwardly familiar manner, meet later at 24-hour oyster house, leave, and have aggressively mediocre sex in girl’s cat-infested duplex, fully initiating the first steps of the half-assed forced relationship dance usually done by people too decent to just have a one night stand and bounce.

the bullshit romantic relationship —where “nice” people stay in dead-end relationships much longer than they should because, well, they’re pussies— is as much of a staple in the young urban professional community as gap body spray and gentrification.

since their manners won’t let them break up on their own, those in half-assed couplings sometimes need outside forces (whether its an attractive new neighbor, an anniversary, or the threat of a nuclear war) to convince them to end this endless coital agony, and no other avenue is as efficient at reminding them how bad their relationship is than a movie.

without further ado, here’s five movies you should watch if you want out of your half-assed relationship:

1. a history of violence

why you should watch it: in the middle of a fight, tom and edie stall (viggo mortensen and maria bello) have the type of passionate, violent, nasty, monkey-matrix sex (on wooden freakin stairs!!!) your half-assed relationship ass probably hasn’t had since the first season of house. if this doesn’t make you want to get out of your self-imposed pussy-ass relationship purgatory, nothing will.

2. 50 first dates

why you should watch it: [spoiler alert] henry roth (played by some lesbian woman impersonating adam sandler) is so in love with lucy whitmore (drew barrymore) that he 1. deads his completely implausible practice of boning random hot chicks on vacation, 2. comes up with approximately 50 elaborate schemes to repeatedly woo a woman who loses her memory every 24 hours, 3. wins over said woman’s dad, brother, and best friends, and 4. marries and impregnates said woman despite the fact that she’ll need to be remind of who he and their kid is every day for the rest of their life.

he did all that for her, and the guy you have apathetic unprotected sex with twice a month can’t even remember to pull out half the time.

3. unfaithful

why you should watch it: the plot revolves around every man’s biggest nightmare —a seemingly content girlfriend/wife having an affair with a guy much younger, handsomer, and europeaner than you are— a storyline that will undoubtedly be your future if you don’t burn that bullshit ass bridge as soon as f*cking possible.

4. chris rock: never scared

why you should watch it: the only thing more awkward than being in a half-assed relationship is sitting on the couch with your melancholy mate while you’re watching a comedian talk sh*t about half-assed relationships.

5. zombieland

why you should watch it: 1. to remind you of what you two look like to your mutual friends (a zombie), and 2. to remind you of what your mutual friends are tempted to do to you every time your lifeless, depressing ass duo invites itself to an event (chop your f*cking head off).

anyway, people of i’m sure i’m missing a few. can you think of any other movies that would literally force someone to end their half-assed relationship if they happened to watch them?

—the champ

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Damon Young

Damon Young is the editor-in-chief of VSB. He is also a contributing editor for He resides in Pittsburgh, and he really likes pancakes.

  • charli skipper

    aw, i didn’t know the gap still made those body sprays. in other news, i think this guy i’m seeing has a madonna/whore complex. can we talk about that? and this is dead on topic because i ended my half a*s relationship for his weird little self. okay…no i didn’t.

    • The Champ

      @charli skipper,

      i think this guy i’m seeing has a madonna/whore complex. can we talk about that?

      sure. madonna and whores are two of my favorite topics

  • charli skipper

    plus, “why did i get married,” is a good one to see (no tyler perry fan). because something about the way that jerk treats his chunky jill scott of a wife just drives you to action and makes you ready to cuss a ho that don’t love you out. because your prince is out there.

    • The Champ

      @charli skipper,

      because your prince is out there.

      or not. for some people, the pot of the end of the rainbow will always be filled with shit

      • BourgieBama

        @The Champ,

        Dang, So harsh?! LOL

  • charli skipper

    oh, where is everybody? i am just running all up and through it today, honey.

    • The Champ

      @charli skipper,

      “i am just running all up and through it today, honey.”

      thats what she said. and by “she” i mean “the champ”

      • 8th Wonder

        @The Champ,

        You just called yourself a girl. No need to point out the obvious.

        • Yeah…SO!?!

          @8th Wonder, lol

  • WonderWoman

    @charli skipper
    I cant think of anything….We are all alone…

  • chaoticdiva

    “I Think I Love My Wife”. Why? Because it helps the man gauge what he’d do if he had Kerry Washington trying to bed him. And it helps the woman gauge how comfortable she would be if her man had a much hotter female friend from the past.

    We all know, around your people, the guys would be lying about your responses, but eventually, you’d be honest with yourself. After all, we all know that the only person who could handle Kerry’s “white girl crazy” is John Mayer.

    • nolagirl

      how come white girls were not all mad and such @ John Mayer about that statement?… what is white girl crazy?

      • The Champ


        what is white girl crazy?

        i think it refers to a planned crazy (like getting hired as a temp somewhere just so you have access to social security numbers), instead of a sistas spontaneous crazy

        • nolagirl

          @The Champ,
          K, so I asked other men friends they also pointed to the Astronaut riding around in the diaper crazy as “white girl crazy” who knew?

        • kidSistah

          @The Champ,

          I think that calculated, planned crazy *cue Snapped* is something like white crazy altogether, not just white girl crazy.

          Think Columbine. And how no one was expecting John Malveaux.

      • chaoticdiva


        You know, I wondered that. Black women got mad because John Mayer says he only gets turned on by a couple of our actresses, then his penis gets flaccid at the sight of the rest of the populus. But he hoes the life of several white women, and coins this “white girl crazy” phrase that we know we’ll hear Plies use on his next album.

    • Classic


  • naturallyalise1

    I think the key is to watch some stalkerish type of movie… [i.e. Fatal Attraction, Single White Female, that bullsh*t Beysus/Idris Elba flick] and say stuff like:

    “I could see why someone would flip out like that”
    “I see a lot of that crazy chick’s personality in me”
    “Ooooh, this movie reminds me of my last relationship”

    I think that could unseal a deal nicely…

    • The Champ


      “I see a lot of that crazy chick’s personality in me”

      ***filed under “important statements a big butt and a smile can make you ignore”***

      • atltx

        @The Champ,

        Yeah…they’re really trying to confide in you…and won’t let you leave…and then the knowledge comes and then the big butt…ooooh weee the BIG butt. Resistance is futile…just hope your neighbors don’t call the police when she hits you and you grab her and fall on the bed to keep from getting hit again…her crazy azz is strong too…but she’s so damn sweet…

        “now I’m realizing that I love her”

        “Mind Playing Tricks On Me” by Scarface

  • JamaicanGirl

    Not having batteries is the worst…..

    Major co-sign on 50 first Dates… If I have to constantly remind you that I am your wife…Then its def time to let it go!

    • bajanflchick

      @JamaicanGirl, actually i think this could be kind of fun in a weird kind of could tell his a$$ anything and have him believing all kinds of ish, and at least he has a reason, I think you’re in real trouble when your SO can’t effin remember an effin thing and you have to remind him of every effin thing any way …hmmm….*sorry, um i have a “friend” who has that problem with her SO,,,:-)

      • thatchic

        @bajanflchick, I’m with you…you mean to tell me I can wake up today and if I don’t feel like being married I don’t have to.

        “Eff it I don’t feel like being married today…I’ll see you tomorrow.”

    • The Champ


      “Major co-sign on 50 first Dates… If I have to constantly remind you that I am your wife…Then its def time to let it go!”

      although i think you missed the point of me putting 50 first dates in there, i agree and sh*t

      • Sula

        @The Champ,

        although i think you missed the point of me putting 50 first dates in there

        I thought the same. :)

        p.s: the site has been buggy, y’all. It took fifty eleven attempts to see the comments.

  • Tiffany

    LMAO!!!! Thank you for that.


    • The Champ


      we didnt sleep together last night, did we?

  • Depressed

    Is it bad that I saw none of the movies mentioned. But, I don’t have a half assed relationship, just a half assed marriage.

    • JumpOnIt


      I’m gonna need you to go seek some help, and not in the form of a movie. More like Dr. Phil without the celebrity.

    • RocktheCatbox

      at least you get a tax break.

      • Muze



    • Ivy St.

      Damn not a half a$$ed marriage! I assume this means the relationship in the beginning was half a$$es also?

    • The Champ


      welcome and sh*t.

      and, considering your half-assed marriage, you should probably add each of these movies to your netflix que

  • Dash

    I saw Chris Rock’s “Good Hair” end three relationships simultaneously.

    • Superior Motherload

      LOL! Chris Rock is like Cupid’s opposite.

    • Muze


      LOL “there’s a lack of intimacy because you can’t run your fingers through a black woman’s hair..”

      that’s why i told women to not take their man to this movie. lol

    • The Champ


      “seeing a chris rock performance/movie together” should be a litmus test for anyone in a relationship. if you can survive that without any “damn, is he talking about me?” awkwardness, then youre good to go

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