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Darren Wilson Is A Dick. Literally

Joke's on us, apparently

On Bill Cosby And Living Through The Gray

Bill Cosby is apparently a much better actor than we've given him credit for.


Get well, Meechy Monroe

Rapper Drops Mixtape. Just May Pay For It With His Life

If you're thinking about dropping a mixtape you may want to think about who your friends are first. Especially if you live in California. It may cost you your freedom.

My Big K.R.I.T. Conundrum

Panama wants to like Big K.R.I.T.'s music. He really does. He just doesn't.

Shit Bougie Black People Love: 25. Natural Hair

While the day party is the Bougie Black Person's shrewdest invention, the natural hair movement is their best

Beyond The Lights: Here’s Why I Go To Movie Screenings

Movie screenings happen all the time. Some of us are lucky enough to attend regularly. Every so often you get some real good scoop about the movie that changes the game. Beyond The Lights was one of those times.

Boycotting Bill Cosby Means A Different World Too

The shadow of hypocrisy looming over The Cosby Show also shades A Different World

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Man Buys 99 iPhones To Propose; Girlfriend Says “iDon’t”

We might as well get the obvious joke out of the way. My man has 99 iProblems and a bitch aint one. That felt good. Apparently, a du...

When “Taking A Picture” With A Black Man Means You’re “Throwing Gang Signs”

Taking pictures while next to Black is a crime now, apparently

T-Pain Outchea Singin’ Without Auto-Tune And Sounding Good!

T-Pain sings. Without auto-tune. See what happens.

When White People Attack…Pumpkins

This past Saturday, a riot broke out during the New Hampshire Pumpkin Festival, resulting in police releasing tear gas and pepper spray into ...

Spiders The Size of Puppies? Fuck Nature, Yo.

"The South American Goliath birdeater (real name!) has a footlong legspan and two-inch fangs. Its body is about the size of a fist and it is the ...

ELLE Magazine “Discovers” Timberland Trend; The Entire 1990s Says “Discover Deez”

Social media was all aflutter when ELLE Magazine's (Blackity Black Black Black ya'll) fashion editor, Danielle Prescod took it upon herself t...

VSB Contributor Tunde Akinyeke Named On List Of Black Dudes In STEM And Shit

You might remember Kyla McMullen's original list of 73 sexy sistas in science, which won points for alliteration and for exposing us to so many B...