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Key & Peele Take The Blackness Challenge With VSB

This week features part two of the Blackness Challenge, a clip that prominently features Kool-Aid, Black church ladies, semantics, and "motherfucking shark movies."

Why This Seagram’s Gin With A Complimentary Du-Rag Is The Blackest Thing We’ve Ever Seen This Week

Regardless of who you are, if you willingly purchase and consume a bottle of Seagram's gin, you have become Dolemite

Thug Kitchen’s Brand Of Technicolor Blackness

It’s less important to argue whether or not Holloway and Davis could have gotten this deal if they were Black; rather, it’s important to recognize that they got it because no one knew for sure

The One Great Thing About Moving? Getting Rid Of Old Shit

We're all shit collectors. Some of us collect more shit, some collect less. But we all collect shit. And a sizable percentage of the shit we collect has passed its point of usefulness

When Did Miles Per Gallon Become So Sexy?

At some point, I stopped looking at the car's body and started looking at the car's MPG. That's that new sexy.

REMINISCE | Saturday, October 4th

Oooooooooooooooh, on the R&B tip!

The Definitive List Of The 10 Most Under-Appreciated Black People

Some Black people just don't get any love from other Black people. Here's 10 who should.

Growing To Appreciate Steve Harvey’s Shuckey Jivey Charm On Family Feud

But for all his charlatanly ways, I like Steve Harvey on Family Feud. It’s like watching your favorite old, quick-talking drinky-churchy uncle tap dance around the living room in a 39-button suit with his favorite moonshine flask.

On Believing In “Black Love” But Not Really Liking Black People

We (collectively) believe in Black Love. Or, want to believe, rather. But we (collectively) don't seem to like each other very much.

VSB Meets Key & Peele

Naturally, when Damon & Panama and Key & Peele happened to be in the same room, hilarity ensued.

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Why You Don’t Want To Be Dale Decker: The Guy Who Can’t Stop Having Orgasms

Wisconsin man Dale Decker is pretty much on self-inflicted house arrest because he suffers from persistent genital arousal syndrome, which o...

Tyler Perry Expecting Human Baby: Written, Directed, Produced By And Starring Tyler Perry

Apparently, Tyler Perry announced at his 45th birthday party that he was expecting his first child. Naturally, I figured this meant a mini-Tyler ...

Love And Hip Hop Presents: Bow Wow And Erica Mena Are Engaged For Some Reason

No, they're really engaged. Like, seriously. But, we can't help but think this is Mona Scott-Young's doing. Erica needs another storyline...

Poussey Too Bomb: Orange Is The New Black Writer Divorces Husband; Dates Samira Wiley

I've had many conversations about the Poussey Effect, which is basically the voodoo that Samira do so well that puts even straight girls in a...

Paul George Got On Twitter This Morning. He Shouldn’t Have.

Paul George decided to share his thoughts on the Ray Rice situation. You know how this ends.

Proof That God Really Does Exist: Carlton Banks Is On Dancing With The Stars

Although I belong to a church, I wouldn't call myself a "church person." Still, I do believe in God, who always manages to quell any doubts a...

Bill O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly Argue About White Privilege, And Kelly…Surprises

Ladies and gentlemen, hell has frozen over. Heathens 'bout to let it go and build snowmen up in this piece. Bill O'Reilly recently invit...